Football Friday with Buffalo Bills Rookie CB Tre'Davious White

Friday, October 6th

Buffalo Bills rookie cornerback Tre'Davious White has been lighting the league on fire in the first few weeks of the NFL season.

He joined the Break Room for Football Friday!


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Let's welcome our body rookie corner. Two Davis like today it expects the time this ornament. I appreciate it doesn't happen. I broke let's talk about that play against Atlanta that crazy fumble recovery play you are the only guy it seems odd that field. That thought something was happy that reach for that ball you go what you scored a touchdown what is that feeling knowing that you are clear for the end though it's a first NFL touchdown if you do when it against arguably the best team in the league. Our what do. Over the that I would use you know is you know some didn't practice this Egypt dated back to school this group that works in directly. In total insulin and not follow the progress we have that was rightly so. I do it was and and I keep it. So easy running just waiting to hear a whistle to go back into another alien yeah. So even when you're doing that you watch the replay there in the stadium at Mercedes and stadium did you think it was gonna stick relentless. Yeah did because once you're used again aren't. It got to bust book on loose well the well being. It's a first NFL touchdown to keep the ball to David he's got to. Yeah yeah give what I wanna. They had to come to this kind of shoot that ball at all. Could it plummeted hitting on me that's also immediately hit a couple of. A recently why don't you get it right away sort of finished it needs to be stopped and thought you should. I think. I think it on decorated birds that like first. And then. I give it to make sure you don't switch it out on nearly doomed to restore about angles it's a good day as they take its own take on a right. No way what is what is world. Try to use. It for you here Richard. Yeah well I hope. Oh yeah brown and spread well. Davis when you get that ball are you the kind of that's gonna put it up liking your house on the TV pretty tucked away in a closet to you Don client. Were. A proud to get away and let them and playing Mecca if your bank goes to my my plot. Is based in initial you know that is speaking up in I guess how well how's it what victory looks like. Okay let me give you huge tip you single right now. Not so well you know girlfriend he just yeah. Because what you got out you'll have no say where you can put that football right now he had an apartment you can escalated the wherever you want many completed on the kitchen table. That are about how about it to a big enough to. Does well. Marvell. Apartment. It's like we exit Tommy Michaels and averages haven't discussion of the two babies about what you're allowed to put applicants Tommy's got estate about guys who had accolades hang stuff up at their house to honor them but it's your first and a touchdown Tommy's is that OK I don't like it here. Professional guy yet you can hang I don't need to see you lately crap that your. To ABC Justin up when you what you're can't like I've football baseball doubling that. That. Actually plant LaMont have all corner in the end of the we'll have the plight of pop Warner football so it's a high school in the content it is small corner where the guy. So many trophies and play action. Goes I think it like this. Yet Mohamed in you know not in the. Richard Davey is like bills rookie quarterback out with a straight. Need to put the ball way to buy a house collecting all these rookie accolades this season top rated rookie corner the NFL you're actually rated as one of the top five overall orders in the whole league but you stayed super humble look at her brother and amuse you doing guys bring this up and it does it gets no big deal. How does a guy like you having this much success this early not say yeah polygamy and do pretty damn good job. Saying there is there's no need only days before it can be stripped away from hitting. This sort of take their votes in little. Every game that I go. So I think there are opposed to threaten my admiration we outlets. We have a lot eat. You know what some are going sweeping up like this so it this sort of this the way out care of myself up with the Asia and so much on the mitigate prepare for AT and. I've but every guy no matter how humble they are in secret has somebody to kind of wanna remedy to write my brother's friend's cousin's trade you have someone you call at TD so well a big agency but I did you like that. Are you not a good and Great Britain in the mine Adam Clayton did it. All so you know we talk each almost every bit of mutual and obviously you can't compete against each other. Indian relations with an because you know he he won the people want it both hoping he could go out and cut it with like a post double into an outcome you know an out pitch well thought it was. Couldn't choke it has so we ought to have that type of things that we did compete to get tickets so we talked a lot. In the wee bit Wikipedia it's that in the heat heat eagle putt uphill it on data outlets in the they thought I'd caught and and by the bad trade he would. I today do you see your guy from Louisiana you played in the SEC so it's always warm and Tommy Europe us know your god it was living in the warm full time to hear. It's only October but we had some cold days as the cold got into you yet should debuts. Not to. But I know some days when I go out. In the morning wouldn't it be sort of so so called flat seats and I bit. I think they want it looked like it is cold it's a bit robbed me. That read a lot of it. When it went and it adult it is cold and so. Yeah stick it out. Well organized at southern blunt about what's next November 2 Davies the multi day above fifty until April. There's. Them. So we're kind of what I'm hoping. That a little oil went up close I got a little suburb of clothing. See you have a job yet you haven't on the way to close shop yeah Richard Davies well not well okay we're gonna give it to appear is looking out for you man all right. Wait you don't. When you go go with someone who is that it buffalo for the U gotta go with another guy he's done this before this sink. These guys in the south he's like coat hat and gloves but it's more complicated and Jim can. Leadership on these islands are volatile organic we. Look at. Davis can't go with a fat guy because that guys are actually warm EP one I don't yet again that yet. Look out of not any big ball OK it's a lot of students there don't hang overs got. Yeah about it that it not. Quite a bit I don't think it's it's. Looking. If I get out does it regulates enough so. There are folks that say that transition from corner in college to the NFL. Is the hardest position to do it but. But so far you've done pretty well how much different has it been for you play at LSU beat tiger cubs a ball the coming into it here in the NFL. Is is is totally different you know a lot of got say the chances on the ACC into the innocent that it is. That is as big of itself but it is definitely. At this app and I did what you have to have a great points if they give up quite a bit. So they have all got sick in April ballclub with a thick trail so. Are critical to vote because they have to make in the way way about. I am a few. You exaggerate your knees and mr. Christie might tell you stop. Great big super humble it's that everybody else. Well. Eight two you know I'll I'll like get him to do well. You know I always think they oppose lays never admitted any means that every advantage it is so I always had in mind. If I play it did in popularity it was something that at the wrong out. But let that he would be at all you know who bombed at the Kodak wanna they'll want to pursue it. Mistake free game well and they could not going to be good that murky won't try to. If it's it was a. I should maybe it's you played against a lot of big name last couple weeks can't do Julio Jones Matt Ryan Von Miller stars of this week's heavy you Betty star struck at any point yet. I'm not I can't the united at a are out there with old dad who you know 1000. Light lit up around the town last year if I'd say this out duplicate little guy has been. I would pick people you're joking it's not like it without it appears I got to sort of negative ads up approach to try to play my best each and every bit. Our Tommy have you heard about this Jersey trading saying the guys started ago. So at the end it didn't guide the plane and JS at the end of the game whoever you play and he got a buddy until decider guy you would might or you go asked to treat jerseys with them on his status what you'll walk ship and then you keep it is apparently and that's it. Trey have you attempted to Jersey trade with anybody yet. To the table and look forward. Once yeah you know my Bob by the Morris Claiborne he plays for the day at a trade who have been deferred gain. A traitor within my team may let me do. Well we kind of stole that one yeah. This was probably yesterday hit the governor ball look at you've done a. Well let such as saturated as some oh my other team made it aptly it's he would then it would eat a recent ratcheted up so I got three. Beat Jerry and so forth. A hot item and not much Latin man would do Jarrett. Because I'm in an apartment. Audited saints do the security betcha it was Sunday. He had a locker souls those minutes so bad right now so happens that today erected a. Texans call Matt McGill why should forget about it. Thought about this but I don't meet technique start at least age you'll hear it certainly had my head has not pay like a close up. The next statement that he picked me he says bill who is close could pretty abide Jersey and in a bad week with some clothing after the game's definitely vote not take effect October yet you didn't have my whole Marcus Banks. Yeah. David's my bills on. Rookie seasons but Richard it is. Question for you and we've been asking everybody this season this question. Do you have a sister Troy Davis. Or more sister OK so here's the question Davies. If you found out. When your bills teammates was dating one of your sisters. Or who would be the last. The last guy you would want to date when your sister today. Part of in about it seems Saturday dip in depth look at their two it yet underage. But. But. It is down in that I would that you'd have to look back that day is a lot because he's what he's his blockers so bad. He's wanted to what are bet he's been. The fact she is clean keeps him wait for your sister's. Modem. A great way to judge you're able to cleans your mister McDougal has. It's. You would want to check out doc anybody takes over the top go have fun and us it's an eighty's we can are meant. I appreciate your high today is like bills corner of their care these how all these funny he's tired he's southern man you gotta love southern people.