Football Friday with Buffalo Bills QB Joe Webb III

Friday, December 15th

According to Tommy Mule, he's "The Joesen One"...


He helped lead the Buffalo Bills to a victory over the Colts last Sunday, this week, and earlier today he joined the Break Room!


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And sitting on hold and when I've never seen Tommy this excite Alexi in the future manner like this it's guy he's not okay. He's he's like in east you know it is it's tonic this guy's got to. Joseph mocked. Tommy is we might be his biggest fan of the Clinton and let's. Please welcome the break where buffalo is a place emergency quarterback wide receiver special teams ace Jack of all trades Joseph Webb the third gel right nobody. Although early. You know good and I before we get into the football stuff I want to make you aware that I'm sitting across from the coast here who is the biggest Joseph Webb the third fanned on the planet right now. That's representative. Other that believes deputies at W. We found out we're going to be talking media day he got all excited he's been coming up of nicknames for you look for the last couple of days late. See Joseph. And also. The Joes and one. If these are using them and because you know you that is Stewart on overtime victory. Greatly increased mainly. I joke is it okay for Amanda chooses own McNealy did you hang. And up with a asking you go in the locker room and say I want you guys and I'll call me the Joe's and one and expect people to do that. Are they pro screw it up all the major air. Okay by writing a couple of sizes this week. A corporate. He goes. With it. Yeah. I joke take it back to Sunday you know Pete takes it he's not get out the coaches turn two used to tell you you're going to quarterback you haven't played full time quarterback in the NFL in like. For years what is going through your head. Well opposed all know yet if you do we will be in the playoffs are. Soleil badly built the first by a little bit about not typically you know Matta how we got we do. And now you know it and it was before so was that the new movie saw a Baylor great things were. Did you listen there are guys that play QB in the NFL full time and he gets full training camps they get every rep at practice all season and even some of those guys struggle on a weekly basis. What an impossible situation you succeeded but you can't tell me Joseph that there wasn't a little bit eggs aideed jogging out on the field are quarterback. Little bit you know but other backing him. All while all well explicit. Even though it was like I was taught completely and duke who it but the cup a player to receive them well. Coconut they're not their man who predicted that. Okay us your Joseph Webb the third is there a Joseph Webb the fourth yet. There's your. Well. Over or easy. Our little OK at what age do you start telling him that there has to eventually be Joseph Webb the fifth. Are out of a hole where he who have. Under a bit. A league and they're kind of know mama try to keep more weight on Byrd beat got what they spoke it. So let's talk about that outfit after the win on Sunday where the Marv Levy error sweater. You got the old school deals coat on it looked like he walked out of in 1988 deals tell people. And you have merit and ability. You've got to think they are colorful little play. Oh but both where Opel but hopefully it's so many and then you know multiple remote years. That has a little where they're here so Pittman partner. What's weird because like you dressing like in 1988 guy you were actually dress like my cohost addresses every single day or fiscal two. I guess I gotta. And also. You know and a little bit. It's current in my whole body. I. All right Joseph you're drafted his QB played wide receiver in NFL even a special teams start if you had George choice coach comes to you which position would you like to play full time of the NFL which one would agree. Well Cordoba golf abatement if my natural position publicly that quote they know most of my entire life author so that it. Put me at a position where quota but if I'm not just by. We didn't bring that up Logan Thomas another guy tight end for the bills who play quarterback in the NFL and college for a little while. Be honest in how hard was it for you when you leaving Minnesota when our guys to do we want to one our team. But we don't want you to throw the ball was it tough to swallow your pride and take another position like that. Your vote on some you've got what you. In and do what's best for the pinging. That's what are these you know what you're don't look this change. On the Primakov and their positions. Below their career in Nam in the late years they. Handled it well. Joseph the third hang out with us here in the breaker Muncie MF unlike co host here Tommy is a man who believes it should never spoil your children nearly wanna talk to your children obviously have anybody to Kramer yeah. Joseph do you feel the pressure. Every you don't you're an NFL star people though we you are your family knows what you make do you feel leak holiday present. Pressure where if you don't get something good they're gonna think you're cheap you don't want. If clearly you do give a look for a simpler and no. When about opposite. And in no damper on October after a hate to recruit a prison but I just order a familiar at all. But you have a wife. I have a beer and analyze it as the shot. Yeah it here and her the only. Odd that it throughout the year. And monitor in my grip you'll have a little query. It. They look a look lining. What Joseph around this time last year we talk to former Eagles wide receiver Sammy lock ins and he admitted highest seeded deal with a deed is that he just got a bunch of 3-D S doesn't they gave that up for Christmas I know you guys have connections do you start grabbing bill's stuff for free and handed out his presence to family. I'll are going to be to a man. At a period. That a bit out of view here. This is that if you from originally from Alabama. Abnormal amount object so if I am from Alabama and Alyssa I get a Merry Christmas deals lectured Joseph I know PDT for that and. At age doubtful that Google and other. Show whether it's Thursday it out when it's here in the breaker Muncie and aren't so your Jack of all trades offensively but if you play. As he defense of player. They are simply look at their. Is there anything you haven't done just had to. All. I can't let. They're about William looked a little note or not. It's a a blow up all the little bit up and play and go on a couple of. And guess and there's little those positions when you're done you should coach. Are the other but my computer in my view it. Through retirement plan. Well it's evident to think it with a guy original series I'm not at all and a guy would you acknowledge that and the coaching staff has to be leaning on you now go to be taken young guys under the weight you can tell only deep versatile he couldn't have this career that I act. Yes there's there. Almost put does our locker and up first haven't been in a barely saw the morning news. Their figures in the brand we. And Manning at the outpost so more. Judge you're over the age of thirty now which relatively meat for like that young by the NFL it's getting up there I sit across a man who is he's getting older himself and he's having a hard time transitioning. Into everyone dinky he's dole. Has it been tough for you inside the locker room joking with like young fun guy to lick now you wanted to grant was a Kyle Williams and the runs are. Now a dispute on you know you got. Split it you know the deck no they're like. Those people a lot of hours straight it'll walk with a cane hey Alec and kept the Munich aired out there that authority. Bring it up Buddy Guy Tommy hunter's video of jolt yesterday it's gonna kick ass air guitar battle with a good but there are Yarborough aren't accurate had a seizure as of the Jimi. Hendrix in an actual artists. Our heroes you know. You know he's a great note this. So Joseph it's like a guy who likes to have a good time on the other hand you have this head coach. It Sean McDermott who seems like he's all business all the time how does a guide like you. Not only fitted with McDermott but I mean McDermott and be GM they went out and not shoot when you became available it just doesn't seem like a combination that would work GO. Yeah I know on the dummies know you've got a terrible you know you got out. On a brain expert and there will McDermott blue. And you got to doesn't we'll support it that much you know Michigan out of groups and open have fun in Britain Coke. I did you see teams can be like a mullet haircut oh its easiest right there can't party in. It's not kidding Joseph I think that's like illegitimate to say this it. Joseph the third of the Joseph won this time released so Joseph cook who is going to be a better. Job. Before I let you go we ask what should we ask every. Bills play we sit down with every week this question and up to this point nobody. Has refused to answer before I ask you what lets you know okay. Did you do you have a sister. Okay here's what I need review I want you to tell me which one of your bills teammates you would least like to find out. Is dating your sister. Our merit but we'll. CC do you say that a lot of guys it was net conflict between trees. Really. Yeah when you least want to find out what you technologies do you stay in. All of rare might over. The fullback Mike Tolbert wired so we gotta give us a reason why GO. My you know by Pope was well short ball small bank in 08 height of the height on the but he muffled the remote and the beat her. They vehicle but on property in the. Rubbed his Birmingham when I can't. Like a well let me. This oh Mike Tolbert is superior athlete he's an NFL player that would target like keep him on the street looks like every guy his age was that guy in NFL player. I'll may have Hartman and music great toughness you know he noted game clue where. In a micro minis utter around. Aren't they go. Joseph Jones at one Saint Joseph to have fun as we get whatever it is definitely one on the field where we're confident he can do just great glee we appreciate the time. All right a war may take care. Our bills dolphins 1 o'clock live here on Sunday C metric insights and I can be it shooters shooter moved 26 he really opened the extent to chew him. Ethic to an organ intact reasonable. To listen to BC the bit where its IP stuff to get away with idiot shooter took. Totally it's extra courtroom. It's a report on sedate start at 1 o'clock.