Football Friday with Buffalo Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander

Friday, November 17th

The Break Room was joined by a man who says he doesn't trust any of his teammates to date his sister.


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Order I we wanna get the unpleasantness out of the way first year in the breaker Lorenzo are you still upset with Kenny but she said you dress like a data to softball game and over the. Not I'm not gigabyte bad luck led up. Who went on and on. Either read so the news of the week right Nathan and Peter may is the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills what is the vibe in the locker room right now after that news that he's playing anti rubble. I mean absolutely and I mean how rotten it at the right way with the word watch Leno. About we have no way of looking at quarterback off the leadership role you'd take most of blank when everything that went in there just because of which you've been doing. Our but the bank topical support Nate in really at as a eat at the unit what I deftly. Up our performance in and obviously is in the ball and have a place you know this opportunity and give him the ball back ball signed by a great eternal war. What are your cap on his team Lorenzo Tyrod is also a captain do you go what are your way to see something to Tyrod after some like that happened still. I'm not new automated never really can't damage Tyrod as a pro I mean. I think Osama or did a great job and at the sparked talk Iraq are seeing now. We have our European Union or the chicken like all. Right within your organization. Com so not at all yet do you help make air out and eat it up the game but it I read that you know talk about it. You gotta come at the move won't give you part of rocked the crime in in the come like every now. I deputy said averaging a veto yesterday quoted as saying he'd pulled the Peterman aside and told him to death of which he really did this recession. Well I can't advise us wondering aren't that. It was at its August about it. I guess that's critical cabinet personality in a excellent and a great respect that you get rid of work if one could repeat that we brought it. In a lot happening here. I am and ask you 1 morning academic question that we won't talk about AP given for the rest of the time they are promising -- okay sure I'll get so eight said he was quoted as saying on Wednesday when he found out he was starting quarterback for Sunday he called his wife to teller and that he called his parents to teller and we had a massive argument in the ruling yesterday about this. Tommy believes call your wife usually you take care of the lady birds but see here's the thing the right. Revenue according yeah. Here's did you know needs dad and mother insurer sacrificed as sports parents to drive him places take money out of their pocket. It got the matter is forty years. Leave equally as a matter that it's all right want popped up on the back because I rate market the right way. If they're gonna apply it. Thank you. Meaning it would it work the big daddy right. I live like a he's been calling you dig down ideal week he is asking is not doing that mar are my bad about that across. It's definitely one of them got. Angela redolent you've got a couple of kids you look very much is out with a buffalo you have parents rightly. You gonna tell you and sacrifice all this stuff to educate to position and they succeed at the highest level possible you don't want the first phone call from it. Not to be married now I understand it I mean that that now so I'm and I get. Hitler from the and a it's the first thing you do that early in the gable the lord god and talk about two parents. Yeah that's. What it's. Kind of guided. Quote now all eyes got YEX. You know I'm not doing that it had equity. Well let's be fair Tommy's wife gees he's got to do it just puts off very well I Iran that would. Apparently these you can walk on walk her through her appointment with the I don't like back. Back at their end Alexander hanging out with us on a football. Friday to break let's see a map so what is Thanksgiving like double talk about football our offense about family the critical player because like. You have to stay in buffalo you don't have to deal he written laws that's going to be pretty sweet. Elect I love my analog mop my father quality and that we need all blew it out actually at year. In Erie to buffalo also is sort of Vietnam if there are Republicans have the hang out in the epic it is that they are there really didn't. You know what outgrown. Am. There's a you know every every win we in the room. We've been talking only about the anxiety that goes in the having to get the meal ready inhabited deal with a everybody feel what topics are gonna come up whenever we get to drinker to win them but. Are you there god at your home this is what we're talking about this what you don't talk about just enjoy the league to get out loud your Lorenzo Alexander. No I'm not trying to do a lot of mental paradigm here a couple that I had that conversation yet their data challenged him. If there are a lot like are you saw like it would not be on as Powell. Other than everybody has bad days of work doesn't seem to go right rough deep for the game glad you brought into the deal last our second game how does he team like yours it. Hats what happened you guys last week. That would just about moved forward can't hold or two I don't let it go and I think. Log you can lead he realized that type game and happy and that the work the way. I've walked him admire from this is the game mean to we're not at our public art it back out are the really it's clear that sparked by the middle is now blocked in tackling. On at the collective in the it would be just like you did that occur in the these aren't they of course he got the attack at. People run the ball people other people did not block in helping guide that guy out old struck late that urgency at the net but we really get it back to. Otherwise your vet obviously Kyle Williams got some vets and they defense you guys are mentally tough I mean do you look around the room after what happened last week at some of the younger guys to make sure that there had is in it and they know they have to let go. Yet most replica of a lot of guys you know especially from rookie it all the way to unite them do it. If you didn't have a lock on it muscle up or talked to god for about that that we will would or. In you know each individual individual had a little bit differently. But Iraqi I'll also got back out. And all of you know our top spot makes an Aetna beat. And get out there apparently united think about that. I this has got to be a weird game only for because you're going to a soccer stadium to play afoot yeah. You have never been apart it is we'll see. Well he would like I hear built for soccer player out with a certain Bankrate let you know we'll make do it out in all these. What you gotta realize it's all European rules you guys about this. I hope. You got them. It's only to use new era her. I. Wanna ask question I think our guys want to ask this question as to ask you guys this question would you might be asking question here. We go at it anyway let's get your your bag you know and is. Let the rental with Tyrod not playing this week and you know the defense with what happened defense last two weeks is there any guilt. From your defense of players. See is how Tyrod got sent down is there any responsibility that falls on your shoulders and your opinion for what happened. I wouldn't call it feel directed these in his situation I would say just disappointment that we've never seen down organization expand that other way. Probably late obviously we want most of gains. I dropped out of the Arctic. So if we had a huge part of an apple in the candidate directed at him more entities. I'm not hold up our end of the bargain that we feel like that he would lead and I lead level com. It didn't matter who the hell we're going to be able to win a lot of games that you get the ball back great turn over port report that way as well. The release it to five and four right now you own that last wild card spot as we sit here saying record at one point last season why is this season different Lorenzo. All I think we're gonna go to our way out of I'm obviously if you look blog ET fifteen. That are able to overcome. I get these type of streaked with Bennett he's had. Other war that he obviously make it play out pickle they want but don't bet try to become. Obviously we don't have anything or economic that we did actually you or anything like that which the coach and have a integral what they've got the focus. Battleground absolute street in it would make that game that you have a car. Complete eke out folk or. On the target right now whether alcohol so I'll get a lot improve that in the date so that knocked it made it re worried about it a lot or at. Why do this Sunday out California. And drugs and it goes linebacker before we let you go and we've asked everybody talked to. All right did you have a sister. I have. OK here's the question. So who is the team mate. On this team right now you would least like to find out was DD one of your sister's. Release at least the guy you would not want to eating when your sister's. I'll Maine and the whole what you do in this rules. Two out snack Los that. You know adopt. It's the kind of guy. A little too little bit here. Metastatic may I am to have high standard may not act. Is the second Shaq lots and executed. Great editorial in the hope what you got walker ran the it guys are better able or. Right by looking at right now need to that they opted that are I don't know about. Israel Likud. Yeah at all yeah thank god. Mr. Johnson actually you know neat that they. Problems. There that that that. I thought right now tied it at a lot lot. The reds a man we love that we've recently sent. Our present I'm gonna say chip outlets good luck this week and art art art that.