Football Friday with Buffalo Bills Kicker Stephen Hauschka

Friday, December 1st

He's a man of many nicknames, and one of the biggest free agent signings this offseason!

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Bills patriots clocked at home all sat right. BC metric it starts at nine at the end of your head out to game against eaten up on a new way to buffalo so when do illegal if you are at a buffalo he secretly joke. He's our sister station WGR 550 so this week range of C about the pop on by fifty make the jump you got. Joining us even the bright group. A man who arguably is the best offseason addition about a man who like you said Tommy has been brought hope to Western New York he's been winning games of the bills without him. It may come down to him yes the end yes. A man making his debut appearance the breaker but never more excited and talked to kicker in my life please welcome kicker Stephen how Scott stevens' house adult brother. Mario I go before we get the focal stuff I had my cohost here Tommy you know I know you have this great nickname. How bush money and where we stood upon everybody loves it Tommy you're she's come up with a better nickname for you and we'd like you to have the final word on it before we are using patents that house money is that okay can you judge that for us. Okay and it it was brick pouch. Rick how should. Like object that it does seem to Steve and I feel like you're not data into it by the week I'd like it is right now we're excited about it and it. You think you're the first I've heard that. Oh now I'm filling up the original. I am and how much you know of course have heard that the the public that you're adult. I can't IT kick a couple of that the matters I get and it's. Ha ha ha ha well we Essex seed order this it must be more needs to be getting your whole life that we haven't heard. No. I don't know Ito. The U particular. Could conclude that. About it. What could. You've heard of stupid ticker right. Steve if you are. Arguably the biggest bills offseason addition this year Seattle that you walk and their kicking themselves for that you're having one of the best seasons of your career. Are you confident enough in your performance this season. To walk up to a guy like corner. I don't know that we've got a long way ago at the and then undertaken at one minute I'm honest I'm unhappy that it. You know this is there's a lot he's. You know it's I'm trying to try to finish strong. See the brick house would have been like absolutely the greatest reasons it. Steve let's budget yesterday uniquely football in high school in fact. You went to college to play soccer and somebody talked you into play football when he got to. Yeah well I mean the that it was plant then I who'll. How is on. I was on kick a ball that are all eyes are well. But it and he's. Soccer. So it was until I thought your college. I've played soccer my fresh air and didn't really the a lot of playing time so. You know just animated as an amateur. Try out for the football team might I remit for football players and make it in the good news though. And I get you're right look at it. You know just look at that soccer you get a bit in Toledo now playing in front lake. Thirteen hundred people. Could happen. Yeah and I'd I got as well. You know but I I got a kick the ball well also economic transferred well I was fortunate now accused coach. He Walt who has been Rutland Vermont and would drive up half hour. You know every week to work in an economic everything. You know he catalog now but I didn't know what I was doing it and so. I know a lot an Akita now the basics and I still can't touch them today. Steven B soccer lacrosse did you watch a lot of football work it like grown up. Yeah. You know. Built and are on here that without the huge pat and he's. Vinatieri and depart they will like it here that I no longer like the patriots. So yeah. We kind of have to do that now stiffen. Oh like I mean if you look back at this Super Bowl where about the patriot. Oddly you know I've got my period the pitchers now let the now it even stronger plan to develop a. Steven Bochco bills kicker and a that was here in the break room unseat and that's the guys are playing without Stephen they grew up on the football field do you find it essentially as a grown man you remember the first football hit utopian live action. Our man I don't remember the first I remember the first company comptroller pat. And just I had out my body how to put Aman and Mike are they. You know I looked pretty operative majority here I think they've got to give me linebacker pat is something because there. They're about my years. I've got a good look they look pretty if the. Right so you guys gonna shy away from pocket and he played across his contact there but you have legitimate 350 pound men that 14940. Yard dash is flying at you when you're out there to kick offs. You can Google. How to lake. It curses tight or some bank and if you just watch that you understand why don't really get an act anymore. If I thought back at. Steven or kill the ball this year you know on the record for most consecutive field goals over fifty yards congratulations for that. I do you know what. You know what you're distance light is like the farthest you you're pretty sure you can pull on through the operates. Obvious that that the game time situation and and sometimes. About its allies unity unity and cleaner and furthers. I don't know if Arctic compare practice what actually on in the game situation. I'll have you waved off a coach like Mike I I'm pretty sure this is too long I don't wanna put you in that situation. Yeah there's there's situation that at its game with the Seahawks. I think you. If he brie and I was and a little when the ball was on January. So. Kind of told judge I don't wanna pick this line you do you know the -- I'd have bet that reform like courier. The trust him and we ended up in a touchdown on app lets those. Big they buy it for a. Does that mean you get credit as the offensive coordinator for the play. Past. I don't know but yet but. He's our. You know you know it will be in that situation here buffalo by Turks are socialists in. Besides you know hey you want to honor not. When it's about fringe area. Steven much Cuba's kicker in Dallas I don't here's had so much say in whether or not they keep the Google and I got to be the guy just take out there and do it no no if ands or buts. Yet out of he'll thank you com. In it depends on the game situation it depends on. Whether it's at now appealing though. These guys. It's out trust yourself and make note that decision. I'd Stephen you might call us Tommy here you actually have something in common. Yeah eighties it's got the ladies could you do regulated Stephen didn't care. Stephen we heard from so you'd teammates at training camp Warner broadcast live there that you are you take a lot of writing your hair you're really in the air. Really. It's. Yeah I don't know. I get lazy. I guess I. Do whatever it wants to allow I don't know it's pretty met here and now. Okay now my Michael Russert Tom team he takes pride is here you go to tell me when I'm wrong Tommy a salon that is actually for women go to openings and it's the unisex during OK mostly Borough okay. I I also Stephen. He's losing his Harry's they Caroline's receiving a little bit. But he's not going shaved he's gonna stick with what he's got are you a shaven bald Michael bald guy or let it all didn't live with that kind of guys Stephen. I'll ma'am you know that that that's the tough it is. I hope I don't have to make that decision at a time. I've been fortunate I doubt delegate at a there. Yeah I don't know that that you like a battle well for a lot of guys a yet potentially one except that it brought better shape. Huge this year that I'm against nature and only god it's on. The head of trusting god with your head movement phase and lower. To hear the advice for younger man whose is into his parents you might be moving forward. Yet don't don't take any crap from young people about. Yeah yeah seeded Tommy carries a brush with him at all times. Yeah I don't I don't know I've I have yeah I'm not a bad admire. Or. Deductibles kicker and outside so we hear all the time Steve we talk to these guys on the team that they have like routines during the week right through meetings there is get together for different positions all that stuff. I mean is it the same per kicker was a disrespectful but I mean. You kick the ball you have to sit in meetings all week also. Yeah we have we have lots of meetings and in. It's different than it is our position players blog I'm not as much as sugar every you know let. It's important for me to the end there could be its order. Note on on in case they get the help and it is at the evidence I've got to collected the ball here on here. Cute idea right now. But our work is done out on the practice field. There are they talked about what. On tape. That's weird is this the one plague. It always looks the same to me no matter where you're on the feeling that's the play late everybody's kind of lined up the same way every single time. Yet there's a lot of beat you know stood. We didn't like so what nautilus and it is and. There's a lot of situations that come up here and you. You know at the end of the day your ideas and bank but. I get to practice with this situation so that you can. You know be confident to perform. You know regardless of each of those situations come up. Steve does it frustrate you guys who carry their own columns and that what you do was to save every time you do it. I my co host say it just looks to save every single to meet with every guy takes pride in their job there are little nuances that we don't seat at every job right it has to get a little frustrated with a guy comes a kick our ticket. Yeah I've and a anybody who says that it's ever I'm yours ever but he. Have their own place of work not a heap of rubble. Other people would understand it it's the same way were kicking and the more you learn about it. You know the more eat you know you realize that there are. You know a bit that's why you have that we have somebody who literally. It's all dog it to be accurate approach. You know that that that that bang and. And our job art it can be kicking arguments can't disguise yellow paying. For a medal. I. If you hit the pipe you're fired. Steve before I let you go it's a lot with one final question we asked everybody at the air odds aspire. On the team this question everybody has answered so far to say you know connect. Okay Steven sister. Yeah okay. Help meet the guy on the bills' roster right now who you would least like to find out is DD your sister. Man we got dog he. Cause it Steven you wouldn't let me. Illicit Lorenzo answer to you know what a nice guy the rental is Kyle Williams answered and he's one of the tightest guys the planet you can't be the first guy not to answer it Steven. Many sisters second look at. And I am I'm big and I sit out a practice pilgrim now on them and a appeal today. And I am looking Pirro. It got to me lie with the OK I answer them. Well. Most of them married that I would want them because they're. Are right now it was the it's not the best answer but it's a bit of tape at Stephen will take it okay well I've been about I had it and I did Barry got. David is the time and good luck this weekend we really appreciate it seriously thank you. Keep it here. I dig up bills page it's 1 o'clock live on CN apps so they can be had shooters shooter only six fair port Rhode delicious to BC met its ways IP anti. I am tickets to giveaway pregame starts at nine David do Americans feel.