Football Friday with Buffalo Bills Guard Richie Incognito

Friday, October 27th


 Buffalo Bills guard Richie Incognito joined Tommy, Duffy and Kimmy on the Break Room for Football Friday.


Word of advice: If you're thinking about trick-or-treating in Buffalo, don't take your kids to Richie's house!


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There's dancing on all the time and I have been having an argument all board about what I said his future man it's not gonna work he didn't know were these her baby bird is a bad is the rock solid. Piece of this bills buffet line exit earlier stone he shoot mad at eight it was joining us in the breaker a football Friday Richie got veto it. And it's gonna meant. What are not good our first let's get this out of the way it's been little banged up it's the ankle feel OK you're gonna be ready to go on Sunday. I ankle. Improving day by day so it appear to be game time decision from Opel on a purity. How many guys is it take to actually work on your ankles. A level seen as a figures definitely a lot of work there yeah. Richie Regis at an argument. Tommy and I've been having in the commercial break we're like yelling at each other in just a suggestion for your post career job cuts the movie's Hollywood. I'd like I say it. Is there's a movie what Howie Long and John Travolta it was called Broken Arrow today and he said our little football guy to do this and I think it was how long okay so are we do. But here's the problem Richie you the largest human being I've ever seen in person like a Tommy's a he can be. Army guy but it looks are important because you couldn't fit and ready to play due to be that they couldn't put him on the way too big for that it on the front lines he would die immediately because of the size of three people. Drug that is what this cyber. What's. Most errors all the times Richie easier if you. It's great idea we should go step Iran won't let you decide about. The correct. Reggie you foreign to so far this season most national experts had you guys winning for all season long Richie beyond its just between us here this has to be a little bit surprising the success right. You know it's it's not surprising unless we put our work day by day. Is but we don't we got here even minus foundation. And you know. Although all that hard work and all that. Work we put in the offseason is coming true where were get wins earlier this cute. I but he does. I believe because you look at the guys around to all the organs say yeah we're we can do this work. Do you believe because every this every NFL player and any NFL team believed that they're team has the potential make the playoffs in the middle training camp. Of course of course you know earlier in the years the bigger the playoff hopes. But you know there's this team just. Who works hard goes about his business and down you were talking were were top out in. It's. Make it tough to come play appear buffalo used in enough regular fuel as so popular anti special analytic chart hit back here on. And it's great it's so we appreciate and we look forward to you know. Knock on the door a politician. But some of these guys they had never even heard of before so are you meeting them for the first time in the huddle she's. Right now interesting name tags were no brain. Yeah right we need you we have. Eight Prosser held more prone guys who. The neutral body isn't so you look at a mental out of the linebackers and his team all season but he comes out of nowhere last game of the and I sat at that every receivers and running backs Taiwan Jones guy he's been an amount but he's making huge plays Richie. You have every once in awhile look at the Google who the hell was that open. No not at all and you know the guys that have been brought. Have been room turning to make plays and many more autos stepped in. He injury and he really played vitality yet in ball last game for playing so well. It's great that cookie yet. That's up like that but note that mental approach where we are a bunch accountable guys that were part and you know world war hungry went. Richie got veto bills of its alignment hang out with us here in the breaker on CNN so like -- afford to now. You're actually four into it at this exact point last season as well why is this for two different than last year's foreign to. Are absolutely different issues and all that repeal you know lecture we charter our own chew it and rip off or row. And value that we have in Iraq actual drop 11. Dropped one would want our white pictures you like our focus or mindset and I don't. Really our whole approach is different this year. And we go to battle our way out to a 42. Record and are you also uses the week at a time bit. The wintertime. And when he starts to act well like that it's in a sharp pain went. Richie last week Tommy familiar with the Richie spike right from the richest by Ayatollah when shady scores and you'll and the ball Richie. And then you get what's called the Richie spike gets spikes the ball and it's great Richie to see effect agony and n.'s own celebration we love that. But I think we might be ready for something different. Which is what we've been we we even have to bring some meetings we've been out been discussed. England first worried about just getting into a purse and then the celebration. OK but I mean would you set yourself you have to be prepared to be successful we know you're gonna Gideon's army it's gonna happen Richie but. But you know Tommy they've they've made it legal to do. Choreographed celebrations. So Richie I mean you have the talent with Eric wouldn't like duke hospital the other guys on the off it's like to give a legitimate. Choreographed celebration if necessary. Yeah we get in the count executed just comes down preparing and practicing a group. And then excuse them and. We'll tell you owed even don't yeah. You ever urine ago could hit the. Richie guy beat of those lebed's eleven you know this here in the breaker it's a bit of a slow start reading it this season but you guys were limited new system and last week. You look great is that he step forward for this offense Richey or is that and a defense that was susceptible to the run that you guys took advantage of last week. I think it was a preview of the offense that are forward and continue to run here going forward I think the auto week seemed at a perfect time for us trying to. I we will do well we're not doing so well the run game came back up after the I would much more clear concise running plan. China catering to to our tort francs. And out went out there at the box and actually well in this talented because of front. And we're just looking at you know build off that actually will get to Oakland. Richard you hand out candy to the Jerker traders where you live. I do not. A term like well you know so rich he. I don't I don't title like Indians had their handouts India two bit and get into this and last year. That that that is very much troops you can't have in this here. It was excellent listener drinking it for five miles around commander is and that's what everybody's house could tell when he made an enemy. To me. You know he's gonna spike in knowing him and he. No ending boom it. Richie. We hope there's a reason the great this week tie him to please one of the best games of his career in fact. Practically every cheek let's catch you guys in a lot of games all season long yet there are still people calling for the backed up. Quarterback is Tyrod being treated unfairly European. No matter Tyrod has been. He's a plane while he's been used any leader this team. And Joliet is not just our entire attitude needs are often doesn't as a as a whole we we didn't start out as fast as we. We will be Hollywood. Why not me no doubt aware after the bye week and we're getting into. The leader mark that he really find it. Root in the run game helps iiroc iiroc passing the ball helps run so it all working you'd. Don't don't don't want person deserves it. Unreadable I guess what I'm asking is it Tyrod he does things that other NFL quarterbacks cannot do it are a couple of juke moves last week one in particular remember that passing nick O'Leary for the 25 yard first down gained widest Tyrod. In this town would get such a bad rap with folks watching the game can you figure out. No idea American Peres at a great wrap for us. You know where the guys on the election you'd and we believe it Tyrod election special unique grooved at this speed and elusive guest. Com you're just making him look Gary Hart quarterback to depend. It really speaks pressure opera should be off balance went deep as after the cal in game I have for him and we like it or shut down. I bill's office like Richie Anita before let's go Reggie we asked this question that everybody every week that we talked to do you sister Richie. OK I need you to stay with me for a second if you did have a sister female cousin whatever it is. Who is the last one of your teammates you would want to find out is eating that imaginary sister or female cousin. Oh man. Now keep my everybody we've talked to so far this regular season has answered this question. Oh really other guys routine incidents axiom we can at everybody's. I I would have to go live chat call me like Shaq. Type train. Not a lot of love shack. The piece on Robert sister Cheryl check out. Our Richie who was at that said they didn't want them and third sister Dee opposite one because remember off the top your head and it was a defense that was it today but no I wish it was one of the defense of amid us Davis but Richie. The one of the guys that he didn't want his sister did in the office of light because you guys more attractive and gives reputation as being as he called them up big ugly it's. Yeah right well that double troop for a lot of offensive ones but not much else. Received at eleven we really appreciate that I'd go have fun this week about being protect ankle till Sunday. Our.