First Timers Beware!

Monday, May 14th

Tommy thinks he can handle going camping with no prior training... This isn't something you should attempt without doing your research first!


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This one of those things where if you didn't do a growing up. You probably shouldn't start bringing about some of this everything has to start somewhere killings are now that family traditions that's weakened the hand did well in right and this one of those things that it's handed down because you need a lot of stuff to danger you know be successful doing this. That you say to how complicated and you have a break much is classic rock and 65 to BC a map they're doing this again stayed at New York. It's just it was successful in other ways now not taking anything they tax first time camper weekends in the State of New York thirteen parks. Around the state throughout the summer to joke at all so you campers on tuna. To give candidates. Down to protect their provider with a tent for family that helps sleeping bags sleeping pads camping chairs camp still winter even fire. There are also been greeted by a quote camping ambassador to help you get everything set up. And it's strictly for your state residents space is limited you sign up and then participatory every vacation yeah goal okay. What do you rate up to be on your own yet allow blade it's not like they set things up for yet so I know your daily is out Lewis and Clark. Again it'd be out of this savages in drag on the going to be aiming at a crime. Okay distill style politics then Luke good wildlife Fiat or about it. Your he had to go to. You can huge down debated it I don't coma after you might guided gonna get her do you think you go camping and nurtures us. Joke about so I every day when it's that easy. Finally don't like you who you do Wear boots on the will have to vote to yes as you look at my boot to the dissect Lewis and Clark wilderness. You can five literature which is an issue where those points to that gay club. The wilderness. To I don't know is warm less than amount yo momma. Lecture owed Joseph. Are you kidding me even a simple he the camping has its DS and I'm not a fan of it. But Jesus you put a tent Debbie cook and Hague. Have a couple of copies smoke a joint goal. Factors like over a bad weather there's a thunder lady all my got a ring when bud it's as simple as poison 98 yeah or the fact that you got to start finally you don't put a fight all the money supporting I'll fight you bring. The letter does not get through your coffee on at the end of the united due to regular scary stories either you go. What what what's scary story to tell I'm new to me you know Ted I worked McGraw what time nobody can. They're her. He had never seen a brush this network talking RV camp but when I talk to pull all my mail we're just special. There were at ten sleeping bag extolled player but I didn't every summer and we did summer camp and we was had we had to go on and do this summer camp where you have to pitch a tent do that one OK so you've done it before I did it when I was eleven you could do it adults to deal. Haven't I. You guys know. What do the job to shake Itochu camp now we have we learn how to hunt and track yet our children via. Kill me a buyer I was only three on me you to move recruited. You do I have secret. I'm proudest agers is actually ridiculous how many campaign debts to you hear about a year zero. Opel as a kid grew camping debts in America 880 what do you do to bear shows. Usually require you. And don't personally user to donning Regula OK you don't show fear and don't turn your back on. It just goes over the ball you could easily still. Still. It is big doorway apparently you if you actually make a noise like Europe apparently you'll go our. Foreign debt I get understandably are looking you would take there's the bear a smaller speedier. Talented all of their prayer details are finally caught me heresy that during this state maybe five. State of jet also draw hang out or kick me. It's a vote. All summer long we don't hear about one person getting dragged editor Ted and hit by a bear. Mentally you know did he might get hit by an old topic on home grown U wives series of nothing to tell you that it doesn't happen by it. Do you like South Florida by Greg grew up yet poisonous snakes gators all and so he abducting I hear. Maybe the of some fat ass Beers gonna show and you're gonna hear him common can't. America last year two shots Monroe sits at somewhere between 12140. People typically diet national parks each year that's not counting suicide. And like a senator Jack the clip plus. How owners not colleagues about the cliffs on the factors are stings you winning it big Malick are the accidents okay Letterman backed over my eighty. I got it yet. Animal tax a lightning strikes against is a dateline comedy animal impacts that a man a hundred phone 120 changed any evidence that a billion people out there in night when he got the description that says it again. 280 million people visit parks each year 280 million. And he got twenty deaths a 101. This week. So the total money pool lake and get. No merit. No job the best I could. See you this government I. Just go candidate by the way if you bring a gun with you you'll be fine IG. Got into national as you can actually. I don't think it may prompt or we can't. You do you bring a pistol god. Or rifle regiment. When you can rely Agassi eight there's congress proved a new law allowing. Loaded firearms in national parks like to bring a gun you bring a knife. Bring your loud wipe at a mostly loud Weisel keep most. Forest animals a date because they fear that loud piercing noise. At her head it chipped it day. I think that walking into the situation to get we're talking about the program to do wanted to get in New York State where if you never go camping before you wanna go oral Lee camp but you can sign up to be part of a lottery if you win. You provide the tense sleeping bags sleeping pads gay preachers can't still Blanchard even firewood you're greeted by camp ambassador of set everything up and then you were now on you're. Did you learn how to shoot Boehner are you going to continuity on a kayak and he's got to kayak and where you. You can bring you good rent their kayak ago kayak Arcandor Uga ran it in new OK I use so scared of the what are you can't go canoeing and looked in the face he greater America okay its eggs in case you're in DC he wouldn't be this disease itself like hey wait you at least don't campground where there's extort these national heart yeah it's huge in the forest high morals is an apparatus general store there's stuff around there's sciences park Rangers are spotter how do you -- To latch worth ass. The last. We went down I assure the world look at the legal lightly at all sucked the ball as much worth. Stomach could joke you don't mess devices slam what people you can go what are you afraid of tiger with a canoe. Could get a god gave canoes are Rory. You can rent them. There's a rental place. Heidi you know you gotta tell me if I go and had a runner yet. They are what are the toxic parts of it in this state yes. I can't rent a canoes are saying all my god is a million things you can rent. David how do you think they make money to keep the trees don't you said that not danger not knowing how to keep operations going do it I didn't do it since day one focus accompany Peters a wc about KP you might. Eight. I see you're an idiot. I can't start the year what people don't indicate that day she walked out at the U don't know I'll pick it copy it onto hot. Ultimately they're Q what about the baby I know there's there are guys that killed. Ordinary don't have like idiot idiot but at the. No. I just want to know I didn't say that's a tight three area I've no doubt that the did you baby coyote. Is tiring you start mess voter pops is gonna take you handle. Pool Ol recruits. Being McConnell. It's been there I've made it difficult whatever they wanted to autistic Kyle and arousal with three of the public school connote future. Worst well he's doctor molesting coyotes. Took it to you said he had a half coyote can unite here. According to update their lead five bears the state. Five they don't want anybody to get better from all over what you said you can't get that gets a fish out of the creek Jim's NC a map page eight. Event we will actually we're opening Adirondacks and hurt and dampen and we actually had to come right indicate that you don't like you to pick the best way. All I mean at least you can ask him I want to restrict output I remembered my good solid training. And just like Tommy sell and up and it's a bit and you're gonna try. And it. You push your wife and all the run up to. Escape training which actually care the bear was that handed down for you from family members or does that give it to you by the ambassador. At the camp that set you up what you don't you tied for. Jim takes an echo bush did it Tuesday evidently a little common sense goes a long way it when you're in the world of terrorists which is why you shouldn't go out there on you can go on to just use your head. You're the last person that I Hilton that would sleep attempt to get a you don't afraid that is sort of being comfortable in the big it's about being afraid if you know what you're doing go have fun I just think this idea that give you all the stuff have a guy should get a setup and Levy euros a look at dangers that are real as they don't have any different than it was six. Okay okay not a very get a tech. Gets you land hey I figure it cadets like the first thing that can and nine but it did dangers of camping to say in answering your and idiot. You know it takes them as deadly as animals out there a way it is not really animals you. He'll be aware of ticks but there's did you think you know wonder no problem. Gigabyte ticket swell up now it's not that by Bayer your minutes ago. Did you did 6000. David concealment they gave me Kim Crockett. At the Davis about it. I. A statement put Davis holds it with our era mauled by a bear. I did better mileage thing happening New York State we can look up that is second to give it extra base during a bear mauling you gonna get bit by rattle snake and they like ticks. And raccoons may be a little bit and and you coyote you look just Google real quick last year how many bear attacks were Wednesday you're all just as you gotta be completely and I know this attack I turn the other news every day's weekend it was Eric taxpayers don't. Oh that's a conveyor that you see the pair any two dozen cupcakes. Is a car. Current. About it that was just we can't keep bear got laid Baker's no credit Tommy an 82 dozen cookies the board of the bear got a car he even knew that Clark when he figured out it's police smashed the window at the open the door artery diligently that it got to the owner's manual. I wanted to hit there was always the kid this Abby thumbs get open of the card or he smashed the window the car over OK we think gingerly walked in. I think heating QB he their tax year to list. Zero or visit says there's lull then a lot more bear sightings I don't see anything salary to taxes that he the only. Known fatal bear attacked New York State occurred 2002. Oh my god you gotta go back to 9/11 brightly for a bear attack. Forget it. If there to hook it. What's go outside all very SA NC AK Pittsburgh. We get your next project coyote to via we have fox. A thought that. Yeah fox coyote jobs world getting. Yeah it's. I think you talk a global news struck a globe in home crowd who do you use all the alphabet.