First Time School Lunch Offense

Wednesday, June 20th

Duffy and his wife reached a parenting milestone.. but does the punishment fit the crime?

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Other book with rules on what to do with parenting parents trial and they're there and if you who have kids any two parent home a united front is crucial. To your children understanding while entries ago. Mike girls cross the boundary this rule violated Bobby gates to visit the kids at a border. My wife and I did something. We have never done where their kids because of what happened. And if we backed out. It sets a tone for the rest of their lives because everyone and listening to the show remembers the first major punishment they got and how your parents handled it. It shaped you as a human being beaten. It's a monumental day of the big and really do anything you pay at the breaker much describes it racked and he should not to be seen a map so I girls traditional school you know grace in my life is about what they eat him to my wife packed lunch every day for school. Right a's they combine but there's a rule right you cannot buy junk food despite what does the web pledges Mets were. Over the last week of school my elect decided because we really busy I girls they're five and seven and you can buy lunch. No cookies no lights Greek. That's our skin how one cookie cook he's always hazards no snacks no snack food to buy lunch but no snack food that we we said. Girls down and soon we have a moment that we illicit we put in a trusted right trusting you and we will find out. Will will now so don't violate a trust both of yet biggest advocates record. Well. No blow hole but life goes to school on Monday. And find out the girls have beaten every ice creek on a cookie did the school. But all they've all been doing just like ice cream and cookies that is so hammered okay yes again. The violated our Charleston we gave them responsibility and people who so while I was taking my nap on Monday my wife dropped that camera. Routed for a week. TV. Electronics just books for entertainment for the rest well my guide. Seven days he violated our trust dot. And I woke up to the devastation of my two Gordon I was actually relieve pressure might like because she's usually the softy of the two of us but the law was laid out. He's bats. Except we have cracks form Africa already well here's the thing. My wife needs to understand. That we need to stay united. Because if we set this punishment up but it's the first major punishment we've ever laid down and we back down. Our daughters will understand. That we are able to be manipulated. And it will Alter their record the course of their life you. You're gonna lose this you not to lose may not use an NL all this hard ass and then that you parents do like on oh and they this. Eight daisy it's gonna come back is the united special girls hustle these girls of this weapon which rebellion. Endure rebellion. To me is of the you don't and I don't understand. The poets government. Is what happened but it's immigrant can. Why why you Wolfson disagreeing now well underway what's gonna disagree so it's what the girls did it might like girls are they make little evil things my seven year old decide to go the nuclear should do. You care about AQ what is B for no reason why she says repeatedly that I miss the days when you loved me. Hard core stuff set result I had two little sisters growing up watch this happen all the time bounces off of me doesn't bother me earn my wife I'd seeger started crap out of every dollar love me noted to get that. That deterred yelled too deep Jesus and I'm too young black I am getting worried my weight is going to ought to be out I am lactose intolerant. The MiFi girls going to different route or should she. And I had yet they're saying I guess at that might tiger Earl and I told her disappoint us this was at least a point negotiate she named GA don't know looking less and this is like. Mean getting men it is like get me getting men in my dog has a syndicate larger dog food is too much to do it all he did. It's only example I got well but I mean they're the little opal by the way. Little ones are little one yes and you know I sooner but I trust my dog but if I leave the dog food over he's gonna put us down the dog food. My daughter's not at all I understand happened. Used to know but I will say it is a five year old. Child NN eleven year old animal about the same how. UC might play tonight you don't tell. I got our kids. Fought. It takes an art you're used to. This part of our five girl like nobody would have to go double would disciplined okay Michael I told the dog the commanding you know he's. X around any gunmen Dodgers say do the daughter. Sources tell my fighter teller I'm disappointed this was like instead of going nuclear like my seven year old and she goes to afraid. She grabs a photo and he. Reading to class that's been on the fridge for like three months ago as she goes daddy did you see this. Did you notice the refrigerator like remember the good time to remember these things radio your daughter they don't. No my wife is weak when it comes to want them to be happy and they are trying to its friends of mine sir I wanna see between the white because this was her decision and I wanna be condescending mind stick to her guns right. And that's what you have to do was mom and dad stick to guns trust a big deal for kids and if they realized that they can lie. He can cheat. There's no punishment. You will make my journal annals girls they ate cookies eases right. But what I'm cool like Iran and or. Amid the he's the punishment has already been set audits via but the thing nearly twenty that the punishment or not it's already happened tonight Carolyn battle of the probably the cookies for a I say that is we that they let them do that. Badly done teachers are the that your money. I'd say all of the extreme of the game like forty Obama just haven't won would have Miley and I ask you this Tom and I ask this of all you listen to the show 2226. Number the first major punishment you were handed down. Erica okay which did. No what I I remember when I wasn't allowed to watch what is that all it is the for the premiere. Of a TV show that it was waiting all summer port to start in the day I got in trouble was the night of the premier of bad. Next 66. That's all I could think about glad all the bad man suffering and all the idea that chiding can Maya had that I know stuff right so like. I eat I forgot I didn't school but don't that man. This is like if you missed revenue was a rerun. That Nancy best there was no hate hate this a bad man. So like I was doing everything I could. It to negotiate Batman. And they said no. That's God's yes. This. Other stories you've got older your parents were punished harshly image back off immediately right but this was an easy one because. It was alike is don't bat and it. So is it a Clio had a bad no bad man died but like my out by by the would do these other ones and they try to ground UN aid they would cave and. My first punishment okay I've broken toys and my brother played hide secrets I aidid or pushed it he went into it doesn't throw us. Long story short my go to bed my dad had changed at all about the talk that shattered sliced his hand open and he missed the bills and astonishingly his last game and dolphins coach guy. My bother the lips don't resort to escort him. He had hit it applies to talk to work on its hands and just up right so my parents going to pay for the toilet new ground for two weeks and in a matter of three days my mother buckled and that's I learned. 78 years old that I could manipulate my mother. Into letting me do political skill of people if you're gonna be in sales if you're gonna be a manager OK you got to know how to turn the screws and make people do what you wanna do. It's OK I don't want my seven year old learned that because I turned to a horrible person who treated my parents like garbage was able to move them like chess pieces because I realized at a young age I can do that and I don't want my daughters to have that kind of anti dictators start. These are not dictators you go bright man the American market like I expression could adorable little girl I denied. They can't I can't I can't yell I can't be mean to that'll give us. The site is Miguel about a puppy and it compares sciences same thing and that aid not this. The visit the biggest deal to Catholic said it's the first time so this says it's this sets the precedent for it. Every other time you ground them big and you're gonna need to ground them Hampshire grunts. Seven there are Grupo data had not like prime grounding a ultimately she is devastated like her little world she can't listen Taylor Swift. She can't watch with a retailers Sri check out with the guys that TVY took no TV no electronics books only. Sports soccer. He did he every one put to rent a mall got Tribune Mike blue kids to end up like you pick the week is an ascetic fight or flight that. Elegant like they're 5% of your lifetime like Talladega dog on the set every week is like seven years compared to underdog again I'm not just think children in general. You also IC has little to do that you'll also find a lot of out a poacher kids during their first big punishment and that scary new part of it and just like tiger is doing everything she can't make us happy that we not wait to give us a kiss is asking about how our occasional wet in dinner last night. LG Sherrod whole bunch of stuff that happened at school all the good that she did and seven year old. Not so much from usually grunt social militant silent treatment being very short she's pissed and that's also making me nervous because. We're seeing a small glimpse into the future in Stella maybe the problem. So yeah you gotta say here that I want to see it happen with my little sisters age could tell very early on based on developing personalities. Who was going to be the massive headache and it worked out. Polaroid. So easy deal was gonna have have a darker side to her. The I think so until the other one has to pave the way too. Since the scandal like you know asking a deal with more. She's more dependent I think like it's funny let my seven year old does not care that we're mad at punishing MiFi girl just needs to split cool moment. She doesn't care the men to reject it she spoke for so Lankan weird. With a tool that the clients. To do it is it's about the we'll take one more before bond dog that CMF how are you done. Margaret so I mean it is Batman which became the or longer anyway that it's. You raise kids touts how important uses. I met this Q. It's adorable. And I yeah you can't show that they are there weren't average treatment act stock. Yes at the end of the world for cereal I know what's. He's right I think your that you don't make this one the most and yeah you're certain to sit out again at. At that. I would. And you know what some peace agreement or the bucket the FB is epic it will. Race. And it is funny dog is yeah you're older and give grandkids. So it's Don I was in your daughters are so that was my age now because the Shelby yeah you do a great that you held at the new kid. You guys get so soft is you get older you stomachs and no hair are you what's up today and a cute. Nanny about to keep the peace and screaming island. It's it is interesting stat. Is there really that big a deal. It is saying it is to meet those of us was them trying to raise. Genius little children hopefully there are so I think it is separate. Acknowledged earn epic its tutors people. It's. Safe you see what they dirty mouth you know stated that it is that it. It's like that she's doing wrong tonight Laura and a little. Well I tell them don't kid you'd be here I go out there and don't kid over did did the daughter ads and is saying like. The disciplines kind of the same when they're little. There is nothing more infuriating to apparent someone who believes that raising eight dog is it seems reason I'm no it's typical because they April up and they leave why. When it's little. Dog and disciplined about the same yet. Well but. Are well.