Final Exam Pampering

Wednesday, May 16th

One bad day could shape your kid’s future. So how far are you willing to go to make sure they’re relaxed and ready to go when it matters most?


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You may be argued this is pampering. Maybe this is no. It is every airs they'll arguing about maybe it's a little over the top but a little extra motivation never heard of legality motivation what so Ramirez in the mommy do it this is very teenage child eight to save it 151617. Years old were policing our kids' futures and legitimate futures in their hands in 8122. Day state organic test and see what you got junior you couldn't tell us doing he's not we won't get to weather an all trust to do what you want school. This is going to be a don't rule you have got the break rutz has classic rock but it's expired to BC and a by the way that was amiss Edgar SATs developers now word the senate missed -- slam -- Peru stop that. All right so AP testing. And final exams for high school kids commitment AP test is this week it started last week and this is a huge moment for these kids if you're not for. Are you with advanced placement rich kids doesn't strain god I guess girls I know you got a patriotic he is a little different regions exams most. It's always felt that final exam so if you're not. Familiar with the advanced placement exams that are happening this week kitty is the one person and his group went I hate peak last you can explain why there's such a big deal if it's still this. Amen so basically take college level exam for the subject and back when I took it acting they raided it. Michael wander 55 being the best score and I think most colleges Ickes will accept that credit if you get a public every so if you fail the CP robbery and if you please failed CP Isiah pretty much where I mean you can still aced that class but you don't get the college I hear you Petit name on it tastes good too so we're talking about a difference in thousands of dollars out Burke class and turn east on this one. Tendencies so easy and we're worried about whether it's 80000 dollars in college tuition or something as simple as having your kid graduate high school regents exams and new party like your kid needs to be ready to go for these tests and parents this week. Going above and beyond their kids to perform at a high level were to Merrill pointing AP pampering to 226 doubts I wanna hear it you're doing something what you're doing. To take the stress out your kids light so they can be a forty minute it would. It's a job the real Debian it'd take that stress was he telling you get married annual ladies that I'm in a month and you gotta go to work here is who mommy did it to me too big game your grown man at that point we're talking about 151617. When you go learn some time junior would you. Yeah I mean there. Could teach you to pamper yourself like for these events to keep your stressful to have every day at 2 o'clock to separate themselves so FaceBook giving and I thank you BI noticeably weakened a FaceBook or mother post a pic of her dropping her daughter off at a high end spot locally motivation to get lazy spoiled by the way what are you doing with these girls caption. My girl relaxed and ready for EP exams this week's meeting like massage pedicure or something like you got any kids on. I'm wedges are dead issue now in the college she's going back and forth their family members telling them how she needs her daughter in the right frame of mind to do as well as possible. On these task what you're supposed to do your homework in the attack site another one we saw Monday night a high school kid. Ease up post he's closed with a picture of steak and potatoes his mother made for and edits his quote eat free AP exam meals. Because it is briefly yesterday via the show we asked parents are you doing something like this for your kit. David email us is David Dillon I'm offering my daughter of 100 dollars each AP exam she gets a full war or above on the telephone. Yet pays kids. To do it is supposed to do she has the opportunity to make 300 dollars her mother and I also make her favorite meals every day was on a loyal prostitution few weeks as her exam day early doing tonight. And is restoring. Rebecca writes us yesterday and I insisted my son who will be taking to AP exams take the last two weeks off of work to study. I will be giving him the money all day out of my only. It's a welfare prostitution. Hopefully your kids is starting before you judge me. If he passes it to CB three to 5000 dollars. College class each totally worth it. Unreal how do you buckle down the tubes men. A high end stakes in. I'll pay it pay to play and I don't know if it's it's not you're not driving your kid to study at that point your kids probably already done their studying and hardening if it's a day before. And he's Smart kid yet they're offering money for days. Let's pay him. I mean. Gina yeah yeah. That's a hollow. Saying it AP hello there but but yeah how inaugurate Nicklaus idol lucky to get a got a whole group got a hold does did you get a male and Alan. Zero. You're about the like the relax like I did your daughter can managers think like that's more just like Kate take your mind off of it per second get your mind right before you take it easy over these parents when outcome Williams will fail in your parent now I. It's pretty different here we don't buy thank god damn boat. Things I needed to that was spent thousands of dollars just to try to ditch you do steady. Q school yes you up writing your kid your what are spent 8197203. Series should this have before and what was per year for your private education. The base was 5000 is more than that but 5000 dollars or to permit your militant that was 72. It did or didn't stick and over these kids get paid it's what they did serve my country yeah in Atlanta hey. No Vietnamese problems in Atlanta Georgia one I served. At that time. We tease AP exit what's right you of the cost of college hanging in the balance can't keep he's taking a peek into just taking finals this could count for twentieth 30%. I don't know I can't wait a militia push him a little bit Lauren. And state dinners and no I didn't. Brazilian waxes Jimmy you well we lets you pick. Which subjects he wanted to market so we have. Questions from AP history easy we have questions from eight. And we have questions AP statistics love me some stats are so tough lady lake mr. this is easy stuff you need it should be able to do it. Are you ready for your eight PU real burden I'd go ahead you begin to. Overdid AP history personally it he has a never got our US history. Many supporters of the declaration of 1848. Broke ranks with which of the following groups by the 1870s. A social are nests. Seats supporters of the fifteenth amendment org T isolationist. I say this is sessions. You don't be. Intercede supporters of the fifteenth and and that's a secession people. I think people they what was it fifteenth amendment secession. Alan you know I was and I just plug it that was easiest one was wrong economic one it's talked about the slaves actually your kind of right about that. Don't below what do what is taught about stops later nope that's not so it's like about the war want to know. Slavery slavery always you're getting at the pillow great doubts about how did you get quite got the question sell off that's finally when the easier questions eap. And on for like them at a shorter questioned okay let's try APR we have a cartels are I got one the first one any agreement so I got one until you got zero I L one because I was Khloe got zero RE plagued city ever want the first one obviously is the easiest ones when it teaches you one rights and again it anyone any piece I've asked. Which of the following is the least likely to be an effect of global warming. Day lots of further fertile delta regions for apps agriculture. Be changing global patterns of precipitation. Seat extinction of some species that have narrowed temperature requirements. And we waits causing global warming would know noted the following his lead slightly to rid. Okay it's a movie stand easily. Perkins. No dancers deed Deke trees rate a father photos and the end Astaro. It came to your old for two RE caseloads of plants around I'm not even TV the statistics quest because that's by far the hardest one there's no body knows too. Tommy about a way so far been pretty good damn near on bolt that you got a letter that was close to you or even close the answer body particularly listening to hit her. So Alcatel she read it wrong all right it's is this faked science crap which has been debut by god to you tin. Dubuque Iowa there. Debunked the same thing to puke in the bunker and our. Perot want him row at home unless you want the last time I can be suggested just excellent. I would expressions are crap the Phillies wrap our war. That he would've had to write out Bernie good news that's why would anyone that's multiple choice and let him. Consider aid data set of positive values for at least two of which are not equal which of the following sample statistics will be changed. When each value in this data set is multiplied. By constant. Whose absolute value is greater than one. Hey can mean only. Beat the median only. Seed. Did your DIE can't every lap race and try to concentrate. C the standard deviation. Altering. I got married let's see it was the. So you just can't teach us down. Yeah I don't want to like get one right 'cause I'm very got a man got a wide latitude to medium with them with the mine is with it is denied equal to three things are looking for. Which looks quite understand that you got there I don't like to go through my process. Are here to tell you would ruled out. I don't want it right give you credit to sell. You we want oil 30% of XX at three don't know Ernie. You're right at 32 out of 33 out of 50 did I get dirty parent these are three and 32 to address extends is that I got it through you didn't get gradually. We are real the first night dude dude you're the only my wrists it's a pomp and circumstance. Few students are you bothered him for getting your mother. Loved kids they. Psych guy passed. And by the way artists what I crushed due to do 6000 were talking about eight. 25% chance to be illegal entry of the right annual. Only need one no beauty in college you know there is percentages work site do AP exams this week we're talking about the up shot and sent parents. Have their kids making dinner for their kids one we saw on FaceBook senator kit was spotter ought to get ready for AP exam this goes for Regis obtain money. And paying a sec but I can we be cool here because we Decatur was about to take these exit article American help to get out area on is on C a map area on how Loria. I'm Harry and why are you listening to this. Finally I looked at us every single morning Emily tells the students in that area you. I don't have a war and against UEP. Are actually going out there eight he helped you look at them. That they'll you don't need as. Are all okay yeah of course Carta. The cup is so hard that you literally only need to. Like a 69%. In order to get outside. When you got to learn to hunt for. I think it is in the union's. And I tell area but you're telling me like this stress that you feel as legitimate stress like this do you like it forever it Tommy really does understand is which tell me area. Our objective is very simple area I think you could call it Virginia Democrat at that. You have to admit Tommy. The pressure on these kids to day is way more the pressure we have we were kids pat. Pressure is all in your head. Everybody's under pressure. And a guy who shines shoes on the streets and Garrett is CNC over company everybody's an approach everybody everybody has skin in the game OK all right.