The Fatherly Advice That Stuck

Friday, August 10th

No kid LIKES to get advice from their parents; but is there a piece of information your parent gave you as a child that stuck with you for the rest of your life?

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I think to some point your program there's been a time where your father statue down and gave you advice that stuck with you for ever. To dad's job to do that. It awkward as when you was a man are supposed to give that advice but the one you're giving me advice to ease your own flesh and blood. On the perfect guy a million. Step parents play a big role the lives of there's a stepfather we all know laden who was gonna need a little bit helpful words of wisdom he's going to have gotten this united dude it's. You hanging out the breaker much just classic rock and he's tied at UC apps so the commercial bring yeah and Tommy delisting on FaceBook he'd is that you also said to get emotional gross shocking what you're saying things that we can't hear the video to get a phone but why. It's a war miss. This video you found some other steps social. Wedding ceremony and I guess they're standing there and to secure on this. Under an altar and he's crying and is very attractive woman she's in her wedding and she's reading a speech to the kid directly as a whole crowd of people. About she's becoming his stepmother. And night what that process attorneys going to be like and it gets pretty in a most of the kid is calling his eyes are pretty much everybody's decent video Tommy fell in love with. And there's room. You understand it and I currently done in the past and. We will treated. Like. X 60 yeah so you're you're supposed to react Armenia. Is not this something you normally I don't know we Kenya so let's keep and I cannot figure out why it is affecting Tom legally it is and then it all hits us. It's gonna be you a couple of easy. Steps it has gotten bad now you tasked with giving a speech at rehearsal dinner and that's going to be really. Odeo literature it's not know. You're gonna have some time alone with your stepson. On the day of the beaten. And you're gonna have to give him some advice. Of wisdom easy okay. Pro. What he knew he thought what you gonna say yeah this is really late. Admittedly you've had it rough romantic road price on the best and give advice and his wedding dress. But that likely yeah that's what give advice to you got the best what are we giving advice marriage. Is awesome and yes our island merit or did it three times. And it's all about trust. Love understanding of what she could trickle through those appear Patrick cakewalk. Tommy needs help. 2226 miles lean it's happened is in the oceans are due late this what you gonna tell you are better shape but it wasn't okay eternity. And you can't be that radio you don't have to give him just advice on what marriages and he's lucky he's a man it's a man to man taught them a taste and in my marriage. I've always done rate. After it tried to go. It doesn't have to be marriage advice can be man advice could you tell it to keep your proud of him right like you are. You eat. His father stepfather and you don't have a father son relationship purse say Gloria because I came late to show you the closest thing is just that day like it is not the best. This situation say Kate sets for you. It got me is what you got I don't know what did your past that deserved this is the here's what I want to did you 6000 every man has a sentence a story something in his head that his father sat him down and told him to do to six Dow's I want those for about marriage and doctor look at just life in general doesn't have to just be about Byron black. What I liked in general 2226 down tough. That fatherly advice about dictated the advice you got your father's a kid that stuck with you from the rest of the rescue like because I. Never got that from your fault. I don't what would you want anything from my Falwell probably what your father my father have horrible horrible advice that's like five Richard. I've heard the stories what it would jam. Nobody thought is not right for resides when he said good bye for is much of it tools is my daddy isn't as much they make fun that we got our problems he's things I was a kid that stuck out for example in the one thing that he gets mind. It needs and written. One thing that sticks out my head forever and he always told me no matter how much you take someone's piece of dark action a step back and there's someone else in this world that things are the greatest person ever exist was he talking about you this. That's okay follow advice six a realistic here that on her wedding day no I don't out wedding date but the point in general the point I'm trying to make is they are pieces go vote there. Somebody's bag in her. Look at this is why I know that you're gonna be good to discus. Just trying to do here from a few jokes like that the mood are young we never knew who dice clay once you're steps on the I guy I showed him and he never to dice clay why does that. But it blew me away so maybe I'll showed some guys but these are you know well this and dice for bro don't do that she's got to meet and greet the greet death. Ideally you let's go to the phones to two to 6000 John please help Tommy. Hope but help guide but it. Just. Good yakking Gary. Yeah. Pledged by Yevgeny our sellers stuck in my had let. In our if you're lost yet to be lost virtually binders now and the way I took dead air. All you don't know who you truly are and Lester in the nitty gritty you band spoon better everything you've spent any eating light. You know virtually been tested the don't know hot and now. How to go about. Great story really our academy. These days amount O'Donnell noted our community tennis already to analyze your. A busy game. It broke in your track and you're you're you're lost you like crap I don't know what do well I I don't know what I am Butler on the street you're you're let Al what do you do. You do see us and that you view it puts you just find ways to survive to get where you wanna be at Johnny grant you needed someone out to marry someone authority. Another low. And don't give it turns out right elegant as the date that ties a knight's gonna Nike down. Yeah I get back up to your chips are down palace. Direct our gun out wide and I I you're telling Iraqis would deficit. I know you're making fun at John but he got it tastes great that was that it. It's their that I think kids and when he hears this creme I think. When you sit there and you bring peace preachy they don't wanna hear that they'll remember yeah. I don't need a moment do you any good it does hit it harder this kid doesn't want. Right now what's the here I don't wanna hear you know when I hear this kid is kidding and easy it is funny yet what I was when I was in my twenties and you. Just passenger didn't hear that your father in twenty it came out he recently entered give you some might you be role when your QB coming in here to order a bad impression of him. I moved. Charity give me your budget. I don't need that maybe don't need illegal are gonna come a couple of dice jokes you know our our you know it up and hobbled by a speedy exit numbers on the greatest in the sends an important moment between you and your steps on me most importantly it was a little right. And so far I've socks which got to get back up. I enjoyed that that's good advice and that's really good advice is this the happy stay away Harry daughter I know he does it is that college erotic got to read ten times over this is happy is the it was like and that was on the wedding you can't imagine your beverage ever being hard you love each other you're happy I mean that is advice to give him right like. At this marriage group group. Were all you monopoly that's what scares because you're any of this there's not a sentence or father told you in like Tommy that sticks with you this debt. Yeah what pays general from barbecue. I'm telling you about what I always. If he did I tuned it out that's my point I tuned it all out away here it's really sad that it's not in his first thing I Hubert did. Does that give me any advice he shared these it was a given her Bennett disaster. His marriage was as disaster his kids were disasters you listen to one. But your marriage also ended up being disaster the first 20 yeah. TJ because nobody warming up your dad and to answer that maybe you would have learned something from him had given you that I wish I did does that is whoever might be allayed day. Do the opposite of tweets accommodating and always get is that a BC evaporate group or the street yet to be snipers using for Scott Walker fatherly advice. Go where you wanted now we want to be. Whether its obsession mean whether it's a relationship or job because if you are we wanted they will do anything to make sure you're happy that he's really. Commuted by president Maynard says. Go where you wonder how I don't want it to like get there global sell like they don't want you you don't know because that would ever wanted you anyway that's life is hard to reason that some of that BS twisted as fancy main stuff is so finally they said oh my guy go Ryo wondered how I know okay. Well you can be so dense you don't know where you wondered. This all of I needed job. Are you live updates edit field once it this is going to be disaster. How is so confident and so easy notes are ethnic beat Tommy should just stick with the aids. Is has set that he's gone with because a ticket he hits too emotional. And might be awkward for the room democratic get off. But that's OK I think something like that would that shakes you when you wedding days of good did especially BC's site if you he's never seen before. That that side I've never seen before rates at the new for both of us OK but I don't know all gonna handle it. I had about a variety freely back you don't have to be touchy feeling like I had no you know I got to be a warm and Fuzzy. But actually got a lot of that but it's touchy Feely advice it's like it is solid light's advice and go where your 13 guess that's good advice and brought less and you looked very unique life right you've had. Regular blue collar S job you live ditch or child that with a three boat that is unique job re important to have people like you. This late experienced a pulled from jet you're completely moronic can't grouped together and give it to the kid so maybe that's the speech. I. This is gonna affect your relationship with your white you need to do this right. Wiry got to give the speech at the rehearsal better. She's very worried about that yeah so much cheaper to audio restrictions are my set what is what. It's not set its speech to your stepson and I know but it's going to be you know set starting early jokes written. Who. Maybe you just keep it short and sweet and if you're not gonna give advice called to pets that. Yet short sweet cup not long and paper group. All right I. You know you're gonna know I. And indicted to re black OK I played loose man and I don't write things down you know under the literate I just kept. I asked I don't like she does what he got there I go I read the room routes and I'll I'll work as ago. Mean how do the right listen you boy beaten bloody death. Be on time and that's why he fails it'll record up Noah you know manage or run in my mouth and it's always worked out well from godless everybody it's gonna beat this would god bless your stepson. It is what he's gonna get for mail failed was edited in 20.