False Alarm Leads To Life Changing Confession

Tuesday, January 16th

You never know the guilt you are going to feel when you think your time on Earth has come to an end..

Unfortunately for one man, that guilt led to a very ugly confession...

38 minutes later, he found out it wasn't his time yet...


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It was a terrifying moment for everybody that lives on his vacation in Hawaii over the weekend because for around thirty minutes. They were convinced. That we were all going to be instantly vaporized. Go stick your good. It'll comes from the government that aid ballistic missile is on its way to Hawaii take shelter like take shelter does any good nuclear weapons and hit where you're state. It makes you think what am I going to do. If I have 1530 minutes left to live at its story that Tommy told us this morning kitty preface by saying. This story is so crazy it's almost unbelievable. Yes. What these guy did you pay the breaker boxes by scrap many 65 to BC and absolutely ballistics welterweight Hawaii yes accept people for half an hour thought they were going to be siren. I was getting alert on the phone in flip and all right they can sit inbound missile take shelter not a drill you're gonna die what do you do with your last 5030 minutes on earth don't we discuss it. Yes some IA half brother has a neighbor. He's one of these business guys at work slate Tony our days. Turns seventy years old never takes a day off for one of those capturing made a lot of money in the insurance business. Soul. His wife for his seventieth birthday. Two of a lifetime. Trip to Hawaii. All expenses top shelf the whole way. First class right but he's got his guys like a multi millionaire Canada parent because it. So they go and there have been like that time in her life because this guy doesn't take days off he works six days a week 1015 hour days as a businessman in any. Thank his wife would travel. I can go places that he stayed and worked either wanna go so she would go there girlfriend sealed these rich prize and it would go to these plays eating care it was all about the dollar. There airline. That alert says hey missile comment. But lovable but you're gonna die and the place de hotel rent is in complete chaos people are screaming and Brian hall and people they're trying to take shelter but that. Nobody's prepared for this like they don't know where don't like people right coroner Ron go go here go there. But they don't know like people it's is complete. Bedlam and how would you prepare. For some people are crying calling people I love you both of the above I'm so this dude. In my Britain hosts. As they come to Jesus moment when his wife of some forty something years. It starts confessing to all this horrible stuff that he is done behind her back for. Years and horrible stuff we also don't forget he worked his ass up all the time 1015 hour days six days a week in the insurance business. He say go take go have fun I like to work so she's taken trips he's paying for Riddick. Money laundering. So that's why debates it was funny years. Old. He liked young girls all these young outraged about like he was like. Party in cheat in honor if he'd there was slight children involved that he had had this is all about that he and she got Elliot it's bad. It's so bad that it wide right. So he compresses the plus all this stuff. And then they don't know that that was a fault so long. I'm 38 minutes PH and destroy his entire life. A lot to adults and 38 now how to light note this story see colors the bride is so pissed off. From Hawaii. She gets on her phone she starts calling lawyers she starts calling neighbors what did you see what I was not there Mike he's been doing this did you see people at the house what's going on did you know. She's like so like she's calling everybody in the neighborhood because like he was happened like broads on there that nobody knew about it. Bad bad bad old anything going on for years and apparently he was involved. In this money laundering paying against the people that he was taking his money from a really bad people. And laundering the money. So they would notes on guessing drug dealers I don't know at least people are. If it's organized crime and and so yes he completely. Made his life. In 38 minutes like so yes one thing to get describe that missile this two's entire life sentence of pick about this also. The flight home from whites fairly long but I'll take an I don't know what they flew home together America's I would probably say don't let baby and take that. I mean to stay here in Hawaii island but the feds come formal. Executive it's true that the guys looked at a prison. Seven. That's like thinking like. It might would you significant others like last thoughts on earth to be paid. I'm a yellow actually I think that Gil got to the guy I get a life I realize like she was total was nice stuff form and like I guess. He really thought he was gonna die and I guess he wanted to add off his chest and he he says the men I don't like it wouldn't panic you just don't know what you gonna do this is officially ask his. Little edgy feel better but now my whole life's been around I guess that's kind of what this guy is he's been all about himself is so lightly. His whole life has been selfish like he created this life ending created this others the wheel side lifers capitalist fine. And needed what the two to me and I think she did this chick had no clue man too no clue that agency and by the way so people think the second see this guy in the elated when they come back there's like. It's a small read it's a semi retirement community relive rate. God. It's aged yes I guess. It's like this peel disguise its years of being. It's comfortable and at some point you know things like. Getting that alert. Think he'd be a relief like I got away with Elvis. Nobody's ever gonna find I'm never gonna get trouble for this terrible bitches don't know what. We're gonna Billick when the guns and your head you really don't know how you're gonna react as he really thought he was gonna die like you're gonna get incinerated by the spot rate. Ewing year old lady hey here's is a thing about this guy. And as some people might have a hard to understood that he may actually really love her. Based would you describe your probably right in his head times in his warped mind he still may lover like I mean there's guys that can do all these things it's still love the whys yet those guys who called guys like himself the Italians. But I I think this is have a more that I -- think about people that the only deathbed confession great you dying in bed again today you know I did this terrible thing I'm sorry I did the state. It has to happen. You know. And let everybody checks out with their secrets what if you're lucid all of that and it'll be on drugs to meet confession your your cigar jumpers are also scared to death the year the ache at least it's common quick break right now the death hammers comments on your piece of garbage for these terrible but he is he's our. Did you 6000. Story's unbelievable and and I either load the Bosnia because it comes down to how you know we at fifteen to thirty minutes to live bird. He's the last thirty minutes yes you talking to you call it what the talent we're getting probably secrets when they hit everything you would tell you before we check out. Player Joe's at the break a brilliant guy and together to don't forget this is a unique situation because things are both giving incinerated and about ten minutes this thing's gonna fall in your head. Tell Ali what's going on. I hear a situation once and don't forget or are you know require. Can I go away over my head no by myself where FBI a mile priority. And I brought this there are O Eric insists oil and makes a pitcher legislation prior. To it. I remembers seeing Mike cute cute bore and I remember you know player in high school football I remember your first corporate and you've seen pictures Allred Ben and I but it's not this. I'm gonna dike. And also not the stairs from the sky by lieutenant. Beat Bradley by the hour old now and I'll never forget there never forget that minority. So you went to tell that you cheated on advocate that you embezzle money for possible monsters didn't. Into. Roads. Like what Jerry. Each make fifty. I don't understand where toward a rehearsal millions every girl's. Well the columns underneath. All I heard nothing. I mean sooner or. Whole ignored it took the kiddies at the desk. Just be a big blob of life issues that he Rio or jolt big glove a joke out. It through the called joked units of the day but Viktor. Yeah I hole. I guess your right you don't know how he reacted and how much Gil your harbor Mueller friend just what is this guy believe an afterlife is that's why is at least tell me how this developed. Maybe does I mean maybe he felt guilty about it the whole time but he also had the Jones for. The highlight freight is a forget he's live in this highlight if he has a wife at home and a nice little community and everybody thinks is a good guy. Any guess to be the secret piece of crap and have oldest on the young girls and all this cash and drugs and everything else used donor and so he had hit the best of both worlds he had his life and his fantasy life and get the little ball out. But to your point how you said. A guy like that convince himself and he loves what I think also bigger guy like that can convince himself that he's not doing anything wrong yeah would you still like. Where does that Gil come from a figured if you quit doing this like I what are how late helped guilty really to govern are you gonna feel until like you know you're really faced put. You know the end Leo it's interesting if you're just joining us to be they they edit ballistic it's scary Hawaii over the weekend. Through some channels of Britain of a threat of Oprah what are we fight of the story guys in Hawaii seven years old with his wife and thus it is asked lots of money he beat up that we're gonna gotten to this missile thing. He confesses to embezzling money cheated on her having kids outside of marriage she didn't know about deaths and at state wrestle sorry. But look. Never make you moved to zoom Beirut I mean if you're gonna do this time you have to hope you have at least like two hours to confess all of the time. A disk at the top and again you noticed it says it thinks you could have done well knowing this guy dabbled sell that information my head geely. What percent of the people there doing the same thing I. Like that you people that I that. And another urgent question. Do we wanna be round your significant other in the end is coming because like most stymied that's a good. I death that. I'd anyway if there are new kids analysts say that offends you never ever happens will rarely hear him say it. No wait that there's the potential for all this stuff to beat secrets of music and my wife is like harboring these crazy secrets and is connected guilty important. My wife we know that I'd rather live. AA yeah public at a one and I'll likely be so when you care about risks fight this dirty little secrets go away it is very with the person yeah. That would be the best case scenario I would much rather be like maybe now if this that it can happen if we find a good diet next to a rod is hard as I can't wait for her so I don't hear terrible eggs. Yeah. I was finding your wife was messing around you. We never know what's gonna come out of people when they think it's the end men guys faced a massive company can we get is at the BC MF or the break room FaceBook page. Public my dad. It was dying. He made a whole bunch of deathbed confession but it is high on drugs we don't know which ones were true and which ones were just eat his imagination. It devastated my mother but. It's I'm glad that I go as he's child's guitar and avoids pitfalls it comes to our experts mailman in the heart attack was in Tacoma news loopy. We did all with what he was saying what was true is true anchor so really complicate the situation but that's just do you have someone dying of terminal illness rendered in a loopy yeah themselves what Dallas to. Which is it's tough to ignore what they're saying like you gotta think in the document that must be some truth to what's coming out of the golf because my dad. Just personal experience. One day he told C a letter from the NHL he was roughing the Stanley Cup next week he's got to get out of that here he was a Big Brother is also a chronic. Library to still be user types of yesterday's he's so in his mind now maybe it's like something they can roll his lies in the drugs that. In his edit pro who is happening I guess but it's now. We're different is gonna go to see the cup it was funny imaginary Stanley Cup so that if you had a family members liked and Freddie better than doctors that was the data to list you have to correct him on his lot OK so we can go all out what's he that's ST it until it's not happened. Dead we think it. Which a company goes tweet us at the BC MF break room. It president guy in line. From that state current dispute should be able to sue the government for Rudy is like Newton. It's an interesting thought about this guy particularly. But what other people did if they got hurt running if there's good BC CB. They're lowering case it did manhole like they were pulled up manhole covers. Which I don't put it time and drop in her kids down and didn't even know what the hell's delta but they disagree get underground and be incinerated some but you don't even know what to how your lord your kid down in two. I did it needs these in the guy was well. I guess the panic was is like and seen on that island for thirty minutes. There is nobody rulers. Robs bring his vacations. To make. It. These eight children should be able agreed story and I know. I've shot trigger a play that role but then again. It'll Islam then she's got the colonel Randall primary because you don't know where earthquakes comparable. To that one question how it got. Was so he had a very successful insurance company and it'll. But now they tell IV but he's on top of that obviously. He was money laundering for years so that's where they've been to he would just come over you know businesses really got a guy you know and he's worked all the time he wasn't. He was out screw brides party in into a Souza but she daddy was at the office you know busts and possess. My dad like my dad for years my mother did all my father did the officers and other rhetoric of brand in bid. Run wild shear. It. We knew what you opponent page trio. You'd have to. Repeal of the Caribbean at their house. I disagree I call I appreciate it this was a woman that her whole life for us it was an executive that made money so she stayed at home raised the kids. And he made the bank and he's a super rich guys so. If you're rich you can control the of the message and even further than that mean you'll see which ones red eye and your holiday fun in the money's there like at the go off and have fun. Why would save one who disrupt that I've I've got to believe the jive to. Everything appears okay from the outside by what I question. Exactly it's like who cook. Oldest buddies cheetah the lions but honey I would have reduced to Little League. That was my dad's in my dad all his buddies for cheaters. It was always faithful to your mother can be a global re Dolan has definitely. Hold on prayer service when a story this if you missed it left me put this story up by W CNET tech guys are going unit. Well so I don't know the guy is disobeying guy I mean. It's a neighbor of mine in the oval relative peace he only 1% of his latest business to their stories in 2000 boots that I have a BC that that comment to the show seat you can play reckless but it's by no.