Failing Your New Year's Resolution? This Might Be Why!

Tuesday, January 2nd

You don't WANT to be the guy who brags about what he's got going on... but maybe you should be!


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And go to. Why it's that USA UI no me that's nice and as usual has always been that bad issue it is my New Year's resolution currency. After really not entirely. Breaker that's glass cracked the six other duties that we are back we live and we just everybody but Tommy. Yeah stubborn hasn't done well that's do you have a New Year's resolution. To be the best Munich and possibly receive already bloated user it is thought he yes it is funny like when you see people getting like teasing you see it on trash day. Make exercise equipment with the boxes troubled us is somebody got like this thing investigate you know they're not gonna use. Right the New Year's resolution it's pretty standard just like eat healthier. Exercise more Hogan and a better pitches sixty. That I just like every 'cause like in your talking about waffle Fries. After like holidays you just feel gross that's like at a and like detox says that you must CD new news as a way to stick to what he has he's to is that aware of the option. The key to succeed discipline is to tell as many people as possible what's your view for his vision and drive everybody crazy what is it multiple studies show that when you hold yourself accountable when you tell other people that you know this is my news or should one fail there. I'll give it any are also giving that. The calorie Dick in your office that opportunity. Really that you don't want that guy you know. I don't wanna be that guy just awful fried it's. Like. Why I had to help Kim I hope Jimmy I guess of around giving you think it helps me I'm your chubby chaser. Keep you from getting job Internet use of that great and complete since LBJ and I easily to bank and on and on now expect the day you were like. It's from the movies matzo. That you help that purses they were from the battle like we re going to chicken wings are you or did this 500 calories and insulate the chicken and look at generic but I just Tommy brings it up. The Jewish trend is too heavy for it keeps you accountable wild pitch ridiculous and a non frank did you like what that prayer rug telling you. Only a handful of the data Egypt is gonna get that we played what you're gonna get upset with that friend actually take on responsibility to if you who's going to be accountable guy. Do you want the responsibility of watching or bloodied W doings as sucks now. And you're simply you know thinking about. A senior white what's going to die of it. And she does I want you to help me can't you. And can SE a war a man like she was eat a whole bag of potato chips. Ellen Page watch some real house wives or who gives a crap you get to go baby and a great he gets saving daylight. Enemy and yet either way you can't tell any woman. This is Kenyan not a woman. What each. This can't go freaked out you think about it group that that they can't. That's a sucks like eight years resolution we'll be just a couple hours stay away you can't keep you away. If she falls off the wagon. And shot 88 again it's your fault not stepping into the yours gets your citizenship. To guide buddy let's say I New Year's resolution was lose certain and I sit Tommy would you help I can help you know keep an -- Ken. Which would you want to I do it all the time I don't want you to do that. I most normal guys are not a violent torture uses sex to avoid it at all costs the idea that this is even at that it's happening is kind of different you know why none of this works again nobody loses weight all these guys fail. Is that about this. All your buddies are fat and disgusting to. They don't know what's helping if you are thinking to attend a sandwich what do half a cup of mayonnaise it is healthy injury phase they have no they think either fish fry a big fish or should be those who play. But I think guys are fat and discuss it like nodding your friends are in shape so these guys are gonna help you know what they're doing. The server out of my budget fat idiot but it's an overall budget that idiots are. In reality and losing weight is not that hardly be obvious to. The big deal with the idea of how to lose weight is definitely sticking to it. Like he knows how to who's latest nobody wants to deal could be a million which is your money always even simpler than that it ready sporadic. Eat less calories that you use that's all afternoon in Atlanta on I am music. You used typical excuse of people use Atlantic. Last time. But lately if you lose weight rate. Get a leg eat healthy. Which he's got to prepare food yet horse torture and eat healthy prepared who's got either time or money. You just talk about driving down Jefferson road and you can have every panic conceivable food from around the world cheap yet. Yet they even get out your car your. Well despite occasionally go home and chopped lettuce could dance in the beginning people do. Do that though like don't get caught up wire time and then I can stick to that schedule this is the easiest and like you know one little changeup happened and he kind of just revert to Google it. I've it's gonna go and I'd juice kick but the June decision to go by inference there is senators that up. Registers. To the basement it's been there for about two years it's funny bring up the Jews and like yesterday's sage once or Jews and mark it pulls out food processor makes Jews are and he would write them carrots and beets and it's looks like. Hell says she gives you a cup she accused she meets we try to tell irritates like. It tastes like if you scooped everything out of the lawnmower cash area. And cooked it. It is like the lawn so then. Then she puts a big container for attention and I open the fridge this morning and it's separated. So let's get. Yeah finally got to shake it up it's green it's so I throws his attrition is that is our. Gaza's sole. Rose. Only. By the way your guy you could be threatened discussing it literally caters. Amanda literally players. But if you're a guy like pat who's had some big scare them into caring bed and yet you're gonna change hasn't at least try to change housing which is second brick we talked about today. Chickens and 35 back alleys and well you very much because it almost scared to do to assist in jeans on now parlance a Tivo it and my skinny jeans. Rice did he physically and mentally. Skinny I did. Whatever but nobody cares. But is it that I think he'll lose with the world and are ready to be circuit modeling gig stick it differently if indeed she is it too enthralled broads. If it's definitely a couple of my naked body at its first it's ever definitely should trust your naked body even if you lost it's still you lay your head is attached to your gross naked body. That's second it's dangerous it's. This is a thinner version of gross. But also gotta just decide equipment Abbott a fat naked guy and a bit with the naked guy that did make any difference to you Zach you're just ugly he beat salary heroes Fulmer knows better luckily I'm an island. Skin gets quick aside the ugly is picture of all gotten to the man is and I realized this yesterday habit. Eight and wearing a teacher and nothing else is the most eloquent merely gives Peres sang and I visit Tibet was added a couple of things though to get Teixeira but that does yeah I comments are barely edged all switched with just to feel like a proper place it's a tough perverts stress discussed. When you look like a fat disgusting pervert duty as you're down forty parents. But it. Tick tick that's. The key here in New Year's resolution is to everybody you know about it but it makes the illusion that that's going to be beat calorie diet water cooler talk this needs to be the bills in the playoffs and you know to be about a person's so here's. To call an earlier drop like a science bomb on me but long story short I guess the more people you'd tell of year. Resolution if I'm losing waiter and doing this. It's trigger something where you figure actually doing it when you're not that can be counterproductive. Because you're like well I feel good that told somebody that so I had not yet. I'll pick and I don't wanna diet though Doug. Resolution accomplish. These deals have this were to you went back to the gym and start thinking about going back to digit makes you definite yet but I thought about it today. I just thought. Egyptian. Okay back right think about. A couple of squats DDD 6000 Tom expensive and hundreds it is to you deals if you're gonna be is that something. Prepped Dick let's see if they're too cryptic you know and every Eric is a cryptic hey Eric it's up eight. A guy so you know I spent prepping mules probably the past two and happy years. You. Break on it's not that I'm in it takes about two hours I do. Allergy spray and two hours gunfight at a Jacksonville's the bills play you chopping carrots and leaks. I don't have to see that those well guys do it on TV I could save money. I'm not spending and the money eating out talk about. You don't have a girlfriend to join Boris. Oh boy here right. Brooke I am so he's probably some body builder exercise guru. Sure actually. We're wait. You have to be your local professional wrestler. Well I traveled the odd country mostly East Coast in the. Do tell it to say you're on television. Not on television well. I'm unaware it would deter quit baseball. He's just glad about it place. Street rustling up around the country I know that he'd like to read this room. And then boom that money is right I mean. Apology it. Eric delivered there it is enough they cynical let's inducted I'm a professional wrestler kind of he's a meal prep guy that's a coup but daddy if you're gonna go into that industry insure your body's like you're number one priorities on things and even higher wrestler on me thinks he's a wrestler but that's what he's pursuing start somewhere. That. The is coveted. You always get us at BC left or the break and FaceBook page I actually it's weird but I I've seen is a lot of FaceBook its its my New Year's resolution is to be religious elect George take it church. I've been slacking and I feel guilty for my children not having. What is funny because on a watching college football on Saturday is Sunderland of the bowl games front. They have Lou Holtz. Doing and Ed. Four of the Catholic Church yes but he does so with Blake football relates. And yet get back on the week at a place on the bench story come back to know we take trying to get back in the game back to cap the beneath the Catholic Church that I go. I know he's a Catholic to discuss it coast to Notre Dame I guess they gave him the A stress like a motivational but it's cattle like he's in a Catholic. Locker room yeah just kind of like the coach should expect project which makes perfect sense now that like hey it's their new America you better get back to cheeseburger Fries your. I've seen it on social media for the last couple days ought ton of people there on New Year's resolution was connected richer keep them is your church guy even slackened. You don't burn in hell Ebert it's stressing here I can't call other years and I this is the immediate nuclear war how do people think about tired yes they use the religion get people back in the that you see people say it could be obliterated any moment I don't wanna go to hell some bread church yeah. Better get your respective for Jesus come back what every new years resolutions. Tell everybody go or don't based on the two conflicting studies it was him.