Explaining a Past Relationship to your Kid

Friday, January 12th

Duffy's daughter has recently taken an interest in his ex girlfriends... How much detail should he give?


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Publicity the show went BBC Bob if I notice keep in mind everything you do your children will find out about me and ask you. Right because the days curiosity there's pictures of everything. Most of social media. It sort of dealing with in my house right now because my daughter for whatever reason and is obsessed. The former love lives of my wife and he triggered on and she wants and everything that your. It's pretty pointed power everything you just gloss over like you don't know fairy tales and relive their. Questions Ariana questions lead of their questions and I wanna have discussed with my kid like feels like it's wonderfully healthy can't. How much did your kid know. A much ex girlfriend Debbie about that next eighteen abated and date you know the breaker boxes class racked many 65 to BC and Epps. Like six months ago and I did my seven year old daughter figured. My wife and I were together via. She just recently realized we dated other people aren't cute but it's got to consider how little mine worker. She's still and the twice a week. Like speaks up about Aaron and I would you say they're pushing it into the simplest questions the other day. Might ask you style and I'd daddy. How many girls it's did you have before mom and two. You tell me you only had two bitchy people mama you laugh. Why attack would you be pictures of them I'd like to seek low cut down to wait no no he's a pitching I don't why a box of photos. Yeah it's kind of weird the first thing I destroy it's just it's called evidence he always destroy evidence I don't have any pitchers prior year. So my wife and my wife and I shorted Pritchard is my would depiction of the box of did you showed did you get the picture but is it should be more capitalist exemplar was that real low for you better even pay bro all look who's talking grown units of knuckled dread yeah I did try to wait that was you you dated a woman vitro. I watched putting your conference peeled banana at her feet. My wife thinks. That we should talk to our daughter my seven year old about the relationships we had. Bush or weeks it will cleavage is coming and understand at all Hillary but I would fix it what is feasible what did you marry them did you love them. But those questions I'm gonna have to amber how do you best out of the process at all I don't I can't. I don't understand how it works you don't understand how would have the mental capacity was seven Euro. Seat because yeah go ahead genius. Until he is once you say. What did you like or did you Loper and Ugoh William Bennett. Wool wire to wire two with her away with mommy are eagerly mommy is where you left them did you say you love mommy but now. Whatever is if you find somebody that you don't leave better than mommy but all that you can't answer your going into this pit of hell you know I might do it because of valid one. That the letter I don't know whether she had this discussion it's from site violate what do those girls don't look like mommy. Isn't. A white she's lacks a lot I mean that might be a quite an avid sailor might be a question why. Articulate black women what do body which is why I. Lightning quick 70 daughters get a stadium such editor juggle being of Tibetan. The biggest issue I have with us is with most of the relationships I was in executed program. It I was the reason that they end Europe's her. Person yes I did digs at my daughter about to get a ticket to kick it questions anymore I teach and be sharp enough to understand why. Which you don't go that far with the explanation just like she'd be able to figure all of them died. There and haven't. All my other girlfriend died during why can't she say that seriously it's a long day it's all a lie to any one to all of your. Right. We all hate themselves to death. Found out we didn't have that much in common so we didn't each other and more simple. Even that's hard to death that it does go to two to 6000 bitch exploded. What. Digit. And met. The way I do people like like what are try to fit in Tokyo. Literally tube like on 2226000. What do your kids know lecture x.s and when did you start sharing stuff with the launch anything adult sized. Demand will consider it venture down that road by president wanna know. It's more growth and a relic is it love BW relationship mommy daddy don't get married in debating. What sport I think she wants my daughter understand if she is a crush on somebody that she's not gonna marry someone at seven years old closet don't be upset if something happens or doesn't how to do the same and still it's a lot of adults stop the donor a little ahead and I. I kicks kitchen with the stuff faster with every where they get it from on the Internet previously not proxy Internet you know hot went on the Internet lately and the all over the place and our CNN's costs and all of what is controls don't know decides can be did you ever wonder about your parents taxes as a kid I don't remember being curious about it like it was something that. Guess over time like things that come up to my parents and tell me about but it wasn't like ever like went seeking the information reader or Renault Louis pork in your mom. I don't have a dozen additional like that. Activities pilot if you're thirteen area is as you articulate your mother having relationships with them somebody other than your father and you think a night of issues make it out with other. Men assets of the most people to think about your mom hung in another dude yeah. And I know it's hard trio. If Tommy functions that I guess us. The benefit of this would be in my daughter finds out it was this bad person what don't I don't know. If my daughter finds out it was his peppers. Entities that she will see that even guys that she digs are nice and attractive less salt content whose strident. Have the potential to do opera he's going to be. Are annoyed at a young age and all men are bad. They are just better she does that they didn't know there are my daughter with information maybe later when she's of eighty study updating it I just. I mean I can see you're having this conversation when she's thirteen fourteen when the guys can step in around to my now I'm a lot. Have that data that's exit two Q here you're as curious wants to tell you this information when she gets old enough matters she's not going to your creating a very negative atmosphere about dating him boys and girls at a young age you're not going to be able to fix. And there's no room for nick have attacked a matter stat did you do 6000 New York kids know a bunch x.s relays in the break let's see MF. Well and com. Aggregate and I had a child and I'll help you and I are really at an eye out and buried. And my Arctic you're out well. My one might I other is it dirty side. And my daughter. It went 80 are and that we have a well. She app mommy now what about in out brother. Arie out on. App and like I. You know I thought it might rain out getting married people are mommy and mommy what married people like eight. And that you know an MD got married I mean. Our heads. Prodigy explains that the giants and more consumers just like this doing Matt yeah. A lot of people and Renee situation now where if you are married before it got to be even more complicate OK yeah yeah yeah daddy can't yet apart she's offered no help here. She's given his background story bridge the slot. But what are and it on my relationship. Don't pat in and do it might trial in on them bang my. And answer questions. She's saying don't say. Don't give details rate that we are supplement hats saying is that it might have a parent I don't want to. In my hot little island red meat while. I what we got an. Eight or. Why he beat me. Yeah. At that point but that's a whole other can hours yeah caller really present cycle you started dating somebody you start asking questions that you get deeper into our relationship and what. Who you are what you did I wouldn't know before it settled down would you and a woman tells me it's not your business yeah I go okay prison must we showed up here past a red flag red black in east man. Yeah so that's estate section made it worse you. You're concerned about my daughter fighting this stuff outrage at the two fastest concerns and I have because like you know the faster this information comes and the faster information comes app. After it comes. Curious update which linking ramadi. The the initial question isn't that hard to handle. It's all the follower questions she's Tennessee would do to cancer yes did you love I'd make a baby with that are. Did you did you did you wanna marry her kids you see a naked. I've kissed seacoast I don't understand Lee. Late people together see each other see what you're doing right narrow people hoping that question doesn't come out CEO I'm thinking but you don't know what's going honor and it's it was she's it would reduce your naked. Yes it is and what area you would say you can't to yesterday and that that's gonna lead down a road. I don't straight. What are you say we add dates together during your kid to go to schools are taught about all the naked. We've been my daddy's Atlanta. Might make my daughter's teacher Dick gets back to. That's Apollo courses they figure mine don't think they're gonna happen but can't you don't know that's what they caller coming out of left field that's you just you're not prepared. Did you suggest he go on which you would never ask you don't know that it. Yeah now what she's seeing in TV is processed and her little head that's gonna come out of her mouth right. Did you do 6000 how much the world without kids. Because guidance I selected the right now because I get explain how this crap works against is them on the outside. Really helping either you're distinct don't say that don't say that don't do that. Right which I'm not saying. Paint a rosy picture right now she's not going to be able to understand adult situations it's haven't. I don't kitty at my age you don't get as you have just that. Is you don't get. It was his company to get always get a set the BC an up or break and FaceBook page I don't see anything wrong with what your wife wants to do so is Greg. Do you support our children as much information as possible if Tommy is concerned that kids are growing up immature and lazy this would be something to. Does that count any of that it would mean it's my daughter's seven year old there's a need to know about. Sex in intimate sat at the beach and asking sex signing. Get out right let's let's talk about lead to that TV I saw that on TV were boy it's a tong and Grossman did you do that affect Tina. I feel like you're asking me these questions because like it's turning on I was around and nothing to him about it in God's sakes. It's it was a garbage plate would brass UT did Trout growth efforts to break down and she immediately. Spot givers hip fat fish. The state then they eat fish. Your eat there is a knows very well prepared in a case could be your daughter. She's nasty. Chi ho coming out of date. Q did you. Gotta be awkward too because I mean this outsiders generally Utley it's that there's nothing to tell. Justin just a relatively small county could run into it acts here there and then that means you're gonna have to answer questions about that you know no woman. Agassi final note I met the woman she she met. Yeah I thought about that either be just as an Internet opposite of the dumbest before our. My daughter had these questions I might set it Eddie went and data and dates with and he was younger but now it will never seen actually my daughter look at this woman in the compared to life a deputy did Elena. Take debris here. Fit if this was open subdural and have a great tactics rather helped push.