The Expense of Being A Bills Fan

Wednesday, August 29th

According to a recent study, being a Bills fan isn't as affordable as it is for other franchises… and we're calling BS!

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I hate studies like this because there super misleading the way they did this is wrong because as a matter of fact if you are bills fan eating is beat most affordable without question NFL team to be a fan of yet. Across the country today gonna turn on shows and other cities maybe even in this town for folks been excellent look at the study and go who. It's scripts it is exit tip record. Today the breaker rosters class act that is it's not that BC MF kitty and a bigger share terrible time to be run on the board to dig up from thirteen plants ports to an and a stakes at the time and circuit there and dirt in there it would you go to college right to -- and you have children that Wendy I'm assuming you hope will go to title for it. Perfect but a government. Jody I know you're here just after 8 o'clock here at the break group on C I am so here's the stuff. According to hole to go dot com. The most expensive team to be a fan of it is all word Buffalo Bills. Burst question. One is on I would go to guide to stud they did did this study that went national yesterday this is a major story of good making fun of the Buffalo Bills doing so damaged goods and mute and bird. So here's a big did you calculate. The calculated how much it would cost to go to all sixteen regular season games this. And then they edited the cost of deer and a ticket and hot dogs now. The bills crisscrossing the country this year raise expensive to fly at a western new York and you're playing. In New York in Boston beat Miami every single year where flights to and price of hotel is astronomical so that's gonna make it look like being appeals fan is very expensive. When in fact it is the exact opposite of being expensive. The one thing I know about every regular average Joseph bills fan as that they go to every single recruit aim instead a luxury hotels that. That's of goofy study. That is there I thought initially it was going to be because that we have so many players leaving all the leaving all the time like Sammy Watkins up jerseys no good anymore got to get to know what Marcel arias note got to get a new one. We'll be right about a lot on the gear up but I can't imagine that that still outweighs. Ain't going to see eighteen every week in New York City or writer d.s yeah. And the thing about all these other teams did their costs their travel costs Miami gets to come to buffalo to suggest yeah or the travel and the hotels little bit cheaper than at other apps. Lee Ellis and here's the thing that lets you lived in another city or gone to another CDC's sporting event you do not understand how inexpensive it is that it could go to bill's game. It's the parking parking alone in our cities' asked her puck McCarty like you're it's baby twenty bucks tops. Right to park and assert a stadium like this your believes 35 dollar 35 still to be guided edit it lets you can get a twenty dollar parking spot. Anywhere else somebody's on right not only that. On average those tickets are the cheapest in the NFL I have seats for rose from the field and it cost me 68 dollars a game. 68 dollars a gain it with your ticket like airmen are you kind of like grandfathered in lowered their prices lower note about the I'd donate that they need to go up one of the rest of Google like I've told a story before but two seasons ago patriots can I got a two patriots fans sitting behind me from Foxboro to get that stupid accent. And a basket look what he does don't you were talking. And they said it was cheaper for them. To get a flight to buffalo spent two nights and hotel bite two seats five should have failed. That it wants for them to buy two tickets it'll lower level of the patriots game that's how inexpensive it is to be bills for. Get a studies on this total nonsense I. I go to a pretty good amount rode him go to Baltimore this year tournament yet. He felt I've gotten. You guys don't get I've always wanted to do it I don't care plans for myself and I've always wanted to do not sell us a little bit but that's. Like your phase I saw your stupid face a new. It's but I don't I think we ought to pay for parking at a Q another crew with you want to. It's not just as a revealer now but I'll see decides I'm driving around and and I'm I'm Poland and a mile up for the media LC like parking fifty dollars. Fifty dollars just park your car. And they have like an birthing you can taken over but that's usually eat miles from the stadium to walk to that I've seen at least. And it does make you realize. Pretty good here wonder what it would be like if the bills move downtown I would guess that some of that change because at a brand new stadium everything's gonna go up on that new stadium and on in the old city. Oh and your park in the middle of you know blunted giant empty space on the lot cheaper games. Actually yeah that's 1 thing I am scared of we've talked about this on the show before that when they eventually move the stadium downtown which seems like an inevitability at this point. You lose all learn the regulars righteous my I don't know maybe people budget for that still. But I'd assume that they're going to be people that can't afford to have their season. And tickets. Clearly budget if you have the money to budget right like the reason I get my season tickets is because it's so dirt cheap at Mike c.s say David say you talk about your dad you probably couldn't afford this season to get back in the day but they make it work somehow that fits the bill he did that make you work we didn't have. The result hole in the roof when it re. Close that was making it work. That was big hit their regular work with a bucket or I ended dub that bucket in the same demand put it back that's making it worse the bush era double B dig it. Thirteen web sit every Tommy did they were talking about a study that went nationally yesterday the most expensive team to be a fan over the NFL as the Buffalo Bills they did figure this out by calculating how much it would cost to fly. I take it to get out talent every city that their team is playing in but didn't really break that down into you look Eden to the study the wrong. It's extremely affordable to be bills fan Mike is on C a map that Mike away brother. Do you guys have any idea how much it cost in them fold up tables to smash everybody's yeah. Mike you rate and tailgating or how much alcohol is required to get appoint or elect Biden not mentioned at able. The much alcohol. You know much alcohol at next round of style or another bit. That's a valid point yet but that America is brow and with the browns number two that the browns are right the middle there at fifteen now beat Houston Texas candidate to raiders three but I can beat you up a point actually why it's affordable to tell gated makes it affordable the fact that the tell dating scene is a big -- I am waiting as long as I can before I go one of the stadium I'm spending less on beer inside because I mean their fur less amount of time and let's be real the food options inside the stadium not fantastic right there's much better food the parking lot so I'm not really buying food inside either. Yeah they are idled by the study there's no way that it's more expensive to get bills and edited Tuesday via Dallas Cowboys. Yeah we probably see this big ticket prices for that really is what it cost about Mike thanks for the call but it really appreciate that honey. Gotta be majority of that braces and has to be flights yeah and that's the only thing I can think that would drive up that much more out of Western New York. You've got the old stadium you're gonna get cheaper tickets that's going to be the trade off that's always when people. Talk about you know how much it can attacks and ordered him to totally different bucket here but. When you talk about funding a stadium like taxpayer money in helping build it do and downtown. So you're already paying for the stadium. But then the cost of the new stadium gets passed on a ticket prices and parking pressure and all these things enter and that's always that kind of tricky balance it's like guards how much we can actually fund this for people who already have billions of dollars and better we gonna have to. Funded again by doubling the ticket prices so they can maintain a I was kind of attribute your. Percent right Eddie the proof of that is even sabres tickets right I loved the Buffalo Sabres I can only go to to a three games a year first of all there's 181000 seats there as opposed to 72000 at the Ralph for January fields who's been. And like if you're gonna buy from the box office the cheapest ticket you're gonna find in the lower level is gonna be 6070 dollars or at least air which is. Little more expects the magic stick fighting lower at a girls' game you Natalie got a letter to gain the seas and its downtown at the parking is more expensive and terrorist less waste is it just an engine not getting black out drunk in a parking lot before you want to speak for yourself. That's what they want more gobble horde about to did you 6000 Cali got the last word on C a map alike. Hey guys I know and ai had traveled out of out the country here and met up with a New England Spain and Carolina and I'm not even taken all these guys were Q and they could not. Believe. The prices. And I paid for my bill. There is exactly for a fifty dollar. And you know I'm I'm you know I see my house for a month from buffalo. I'm up high but there are important 500 dollars in new England and he won 500 dollar Kurt he's. Talk my. That's half the cost of tool of icy to. Wrote the real. They want it written that and it got pretty. Look forward to go to all the little pick and choose a couple gain and then sell the Iraq. We got the best deal in the NFL no doubt about. I agree with us I mean I know it was there is the hardy to beat the bills I even when they're bad the experience of going to the stadium is just fun and always have a good time accessible. BL maybe not but a meaty I do and I talk about a statement. Not the tailgate is what made that they wanted they wanted this city down. Now that particular product and he'll beat the don't want to go right now Broncos party. Care and let's just cross my my I think I'm late but but thank you for the call I really appreciate it yet you take the tailgate which. Is a possibility because the bills aren't too keen on what people are pretty sad Candace up there already is happening in the parking lot and again that's just before the show. People indicted and all that stuff it's a very small section of the stadium the majority of the parking lot his family friendly fine I never feel unsafe and a place to go looking for it right. But because of those people those people getting national attention it seems like the bills wanna stop that from happening have you met the Internet yeah exactly hello Internet you look like the puberty gradation of the I don't know what that means the thing. It up.