The Emergency Money Plan

Thursday, May 24th

An alarming amount of people don't have the money to cover a big emergency in your lives... So, who are you going to for that money?

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You are gonna need money it's a fact Illinois man outside emergency money something happens I eat a bunch of cash turns out. We EU you don't have a re read that buys tact and when you needed. We get. And written making noise you're not gonna do we need to put these guys and you can do what you're struggling against our guest you. Yeah that breaker let's classic Iraq many 65 WC IMF four in ten Americans for tech Americans. Do not have 400 dollars cash for emergency well. He's done enough for him yet that almost half of us don't have 400 dollars cash and I'll think about when I was coming up Ryan yet. I never had to pick a shy guy I blew through our critic of the it was a make it any church manages all want to let me lastly to there's a lot of young people don't have the money right OK but if you would take millennial that's used only millennia some on the into the aged 35 that only accounts for about 20% of our population in America and I write so that means there's another two point percent out there it's a three ago yeah. Yeah 35 that don't have this money. You don't say anything about like you're just living expenses you ain't doing no images league. Trying to get through your day your. Break in this most of us live paycheck to paycheck you're right I understand it and when I was a kid my family 400 dollars might have what is the Big Ten grand you know I understand them. You need money at some point as auto ago what that's the question the car's gonna break down not gonna happen in my house mighty new refrigerator you're gonna need 400 dollars and when you need that cash in an emergency where does that cash. Come from. A blank and I got a steal it or create some kind of job okay so the steely look at me stability we can steal by somebody though. Lindsay apparently started babies crime needs note sell something. And why well if all your stuff crap you tell furniture you don't know I mean I understand as number kind of ever Reese has like some kind of jewelry united mean like it could be from a family member or something artery and I think like you did you ever got anything past Downey that was worth so don't junk. I'm a parent I mean while it isn't you laying Harlem's of the Mueller of them for a good thing about this but what they did your parents had a week earlier brother thought was broken again was second and third hand right. And let's say you sold it and it may not even float the boat not excessive the only thing my parents could have sold and I think most people that they old anything of value if you own one is more. You up to this I need a culprit get the warts I can't sell it can't necessarily. Are you to work or you kinda do you use the bus if it goes that way and haven't worked for that bust every day well. Go ahead of being where everybody goes over there but yeah I mean in this weather. Let's see got a job in Webster wrote it yet but let's see you I mean does I don't think a bus goes all the way to Xerox and see the kind of stops immigrated red. A mile how tough it really and saying to say hello I have Beauceron all the time I listen I do in the bus okay sell my car so you're desperate. Yeah in what they want to or not buying into third hand second hand beat up furniture it there's a lot of ways to sell it mega seller on FaceBook know once it there's a Holden like FaceBook marketplace enabled by Kraft. Old like. Yelled I was injured garage sale. You do a derisive. Yes actually. What is right there are apps other essentially crisis yet Craig's does he get he he got FaceBook there's this thing called let go it's an app you can use yet so maybe that's an option but Tommy's right I think that most people don't own with the exception of a Clark anything of Dallas at let's say you need a thousand dollars. William bureau used furniture in your crouching giving yearning get a grant for new couch the number one response to when people would do with they needed money shows you how much trouble we're in great. Bottles and hands in and collect them out or else bottles knives. Retain his stories so a real show does serial Blackwood it was an issue over funnily. Our big thing was. She would collect all the cans and bottles from news from radio station over and then. My job once a week days I used to give us your right home I dissolution that car herb Geo Metro. And little tiny colored you know because he's sick of 300 pound black woman in Maine. I it'd take all those guys dame cans and bottles for her overweight humans sushi you get her money. Sure gonna crash the boards it was like. My whole car be stopped for described was legal replaced she shove it all lender she get like fifteen boxes and that was a week's worth of lake. Everybody in the building thrown older cans and bottles and their fifteen bucks. That's your number one go to that is the number one go to for finish gonna do so that's just that's a problem so if you make it a steel couldn't be real most of us can steal if the bottles and cans are working if you nothing of value the only other option you have worked. Borrowing money. Then the other day here's the on borrowing money I only got a couple options and being. As you gotta go to friends of them okay that's all you can go to does banking giving you crap so let's break down friends and family and look I've done this twice and got shipped dole you say let money and oh yeah yeah I don't. Matter is when you're buyer is money you know that you probably finish after all these people because I got the 400 dollars now you have a year no kidding but desperation seeps in and he gets to point I don't care you gotta go ask your parents okay so if your parents live parents would be number Florida grandparents deserve bigger circus OK but to your grandparents -- -- for 130 years yet so that's not an option for you raise your mile mail is I give you money. So your druthers would be your best option right now. Yeah yeah. And I would now wanna make a phone call but it would be so cut him humiliating but what I age. PS in my brother for a couple nobody wants to ask anybody know why but I mean is that by this issue when he would be my age. But my age you should Havel a little something. You know recourse to years he just don't make you but when I was dumb and they can't like it is getting care about money is it his way. Now I know I gotta have a little cushion over here just for problems. But I wonder though I mean yeah I guess you would know what. Divorce site that really says a lot of people back to that aspect of yet it yet so able scout shoes yet you say I liked it it can be split even you let's say you have a couple of kitten and when you that your divorce and even if you were smarter not had the opportunity when you wake him it's gonna your rate does the child support a much pain for the kids and the alimony you possibly possibly even. Happy with all the seat that cash it's possible to not there so if you're parenting there and if you've got no siblings. And your grandparents are dead there is one more option and it's the world is whisper I know you Wheaties. Nobody wants that you can. Some who wanted to Lesnar. Asking your kids. No my guide daisy Dolores. Three in ten Americans over the age of fifty. Say that they had asked their children for money in. That is said business trip there but his day label as the kids probably gained added I don't know how sad people think it would be eaten. 2226000 now gone public because like I think there is a sense of entitlement. From guys your age I raised you. I'm put a roof over your head I think you you only weakness memory sister had a movement prices was always broke worker to jog oilman try to help round she's still screwed all of Barrett. Since hole. It's up but take a three kids borrowed my sister would take from the kids and openly do so so and a guy. Birthday money or Christmas money in all whined to the family could she goes you live oddities I'm working two jobs. That money's our money now you're mice she would take. Their birthday and Christmas money and put it towards the house kind of understand the man she was even nice about it city kids it was like F fuel and take. When he was it tonight on the job she was like I'm killing myself so no. Ewing keep enough money so she could pay the electric bill and the bills would have been. That's cold blooded man when you were just telling your kid they Hague memory Manning gave them money but now it's mine. That's if you'd tell your kid because I mean if your parent your probably petroleum to debate counsel at what they're not nearly yes and I know like one in my. A person I grew up with their mother had been like kind of tapping into their savings and time. I think like her her intention was one scan taking here and then pay it back only ours but you know and then. Half that was gone by the time they graduated ice. Well I don't think it's uncommon what you brought up and parents take you from their kids I don't think the folks feel guilty about it we work with the guy. Did dismiss essentially stealing his kids' money and then went like this is wrong you know everybody does and we really know. We don't. You get a fillings such as does but again they contributor can't add that failure available at a piece of crap when desperation Sino Amanda did but there but the even. I get doing it but that justified by god I'll everybody does that you are your huge scum tackled on. Talk about how 04 in ten Americans the most tablets don't have 400 dollars cash interest of an emergency writes if you need that money where you go and the most likely option for folks was returning bottles cans was the number one response duly get reported but so do gold backed by our money with kids and everything. When you are busted and we have both been no matter what's gummy thing you're doing. You'll justified you'll find a way to I don't know whether he'll back command so that you just know this is bad now with the larger kid element there are some release gummy things I did Wear at the time I felt no guilt is in my head I needed it. Back in the day when they she could do and you really can't do it anymore is you could ask for an advance in your paycheck. And then of course you do that and in next week no paycheck so we you can do that bag and today the exhibit to skew the cash. The worst place you can do that antibodies do really well. But you know you're just barring from yourself. Oh sure I get the Mets hold the funniest part about this is barring that money that you need you're not immediately you're gonna be under thumb forever parades about getting my money. You said it's not okay Tommy to ask kids for money you should be Bear's well it's pretty low I'd Jim disagrees with you he's antsy and that's how you generate. Mentality that it's not blogging my record as it retirement PL a Y La La toward shore I'm near bunch and I award shouldn't have a lot and she. They just awkward at all what she called me ask you attention volley. Then absolutely I mean I think they. I wouldn't even question that they they wouldn't mean very observant but for me it's not the lowest lowest in your kids for. Right desert country to how. Hollinger to eat their lack installer. And come out and Ghanaian. Who is. Who would 83 I mean just because what you need to. I mean. Pulled a hole and you are shocked that it. And street you'll like crap being aided a whole line. College she was 83. I need to be get a J. D. Drew crystal your money boards giving debts or whether Q1 report why. All are all older pilots Jimmy. All men I wasted my money on an 83 rules mounts you know two boat people sometimes your particular about all I'm drive and. Marta I haven't. I think that's exactly we have to separate argument that really doesn't even realize that jet I get that you would have no problem giving your mother Monica because you love your mother couldn't put your mother. Guess Jim do you have kids yourself. Because I think that having to pick up the phone and make that call the American Arab. We came to your mother I can't speak Jimmy Utley Jimmy did tell me you or hurt my bucket plus boat got him he tees TV you can bet we'll get him to go to a goat and that would not Alter your grip I think and I clicked OK okay QB should. Yeah I tell you that you don't summon in the lead role. Terrible hardship of let's go thanks have a good rest of the day I get that as a child you may feel you know prepare it's almost got a pretty apparent that as that kid man. In Europe the ignorance in your rope. But again to resume very what can you do and you know. Sometimes a solution creates bigger problem like we say you borrow that money when others bigger apartment on the road I can't pay it back many more eventually and.