Embarrassed by My Wife

Friday, November 17th

She can tell you that YOU look like an idiot, but it will never be the other way around!


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My wife says I'm embarrassing moment which happens often and I understand I get it for guys to write. It's fine I have to take to go so we're gonna change and but on the rare occasion rare occasion or did that my wife is doing something that is embarrassing eighty. And I do something to stop that. I'm a Dick Cook or what exactly he sent us it's just weird the goofs men of the groups in the relationship right so under what we'll do something we go. Are you how right she's doing something embarrassing. To tell it to stop stop her from doing it you don't see this this week. I still. I would think you would be with her on the snout against her. Here's the thing about women. So when you do something wrong and eighties stupid you were not thinking your review you don't care Yi -- you've you don't even think about our marriage you know you just don't care. She does something wrong. It's can IQ who say it's screwed. It's really needed the adorable being awake you know but I trained so well ordered even called is doing something wrong there was wrong. The breaker let's classic rock many 65 BC MF so much likely out for drinks appetizers and stuff. Knives which helped. My wife is really easy to. Huge gust and it's like rap music apparently boys but it's like he admits it's a hardcore rap music. Reject and an Iranian oil Tony lately London based foods I got back. I pilot did the speaker system and at the ups so my wife has were driving home. East or Andrea has is the quake. Right aren't I need to will be the so it matters closer to a higher Coulson. And she turn on music and join. And Ingraham. We're about to terminate each in my neighborhood Murray got to turn it scare the neighbors to music down or you can't have that music blared in a white neighborhood it's finally neighbors and I took. I know well. And immature all right so there's you're the only black folk don't. The globe like there's a lot of black folk listen my point is this words to music downturn in medical cycling public looks at what you do you just can't now I have the could be my car got. Volume on the steering wheel. Who on. But that is the master volume control so as long as upholding the volume Dow action you call it master control ozone and smoothly run a plantation and CNET as woody area and preventing her from turning your back. He had it coming as control so she got pissed it didn't talk to me she. I told the neighborhood it's 1030. I don't wake anybody up I don't need to have that. Kind of horrible music blank economies black. And what that noise it you have something nice and pleasant rat does that play as a New York Beach Boys at 1030 at night. Yes. I think you know get a beach party in front and a few get that rap music you get a drive by. Please donate to have that kind of ghetto music blasting it now I think all of the guys that Honda did do because. That kind of music that rap music every time you guys put her on you got to crank it up his ties that go. Joining here that pay usually hear the N word you all think keep cool well. That's what you doing. These ball. Security Edwards you change your at a car by yourself that rap comes and you always have a top volume. Yes I want my. I do think it absolutely has some big do the music is unit my neighbors to think a certain way right because I don't. It's just you know to listen to it. Black treasuries now that is not doing that as I listen all music that I listen to top level obelisk collegiate Camry the Foo Fighters or whatever. Those are all rap band that. Black. So by editor got a black diamond. Black guy you tell me what they've what's the food hard. They slew was it will work to talk to me boo okay. I'd say I will turn out what ever music as I turn my neighborhood I don't think you will forget about it bothered you at the base everything in the way that it is as I teach your neighbor and I think and I think this is what I think. She thought you did hear black chamber. But you say that went just just throw she's not gonna tell you this but. Maybe she thinks. You're ashamed of the black music inside a a very conservative neighborhood not a symbol white. But maybe get a warning that kind of music is its gonna send like Khamese said the Ramesh doubling cells rather neatly tied you see what I got to blog URL there. He's afraid of the way his neighbors will view and wreck which is like rap music is bad music. Hi where my tiny west T shirts in the yard I put on my old dirty bastard but he give him like hardly to my neighbors and has nothing to do with the music and everything to do with disturb my neighbors and my wife got so what is your resources he's just because I was embarrassed by it turned out her culture I was embarrassed by wanting to make that is and it's funny. Because like you said yeah right. I will do digs you do things Everyman older days to embarrass the wife out of your wife looks Julie goes stopped that you'll stop. There will be no fight and it's the end of it. But if I what I might do just like it's a big act because apparently I don't know she gets pissed because one how dare you embarrass you once every seat month. Some. You because when they don't think they ever screw up. Every mom every wife they think they're nailing it all the time they're great you can't tell many different. And if you look out of sideways they didn't you just roll in there today so you just got to basically women just what their asses cares 24 sevenths and if you don't. God help you would like to you or your boyfriend and. And I don't know I don't know if you tell me aside there he can't. Be sure gonna get you're gonna get all that face right there you're making right now as the basal start way. But yeah I don't think you atomic would you be tested he said we stop this current year there have a body would be mad if if somebody told you what you were doing was wrong or. Like portly viewed I think you'd have. Automatically you're feeling would be well why wait tight about it I know you feel that way no you don't you don't act like you feel that way but do you feel that look at I think he. How can you not get a little bit upset when some additional we're doing is and I can't show at all what you feel that way right but winning could show it taken voices. I think it's probably more thick had been beat down by marriage so much talent I like to say stop. Okay good bearish. Was it completely crush you. They crucial to Seoul a huge risk of marriage like I don't you feel the same way because I watched due to the bears did you like just looks that you stopped at the end of it and you don't feel it ever okay WDs out of that Mecca of the arguments is that I'm too lazy I'd just give up I just don't understand how they don't give up. As women and configuring fallible I'll I as a husband can't when the occasion you are embarrassingly Dick oh please stop. But they do this with everything so. I don't guy who got divorced aren't. And it turns out they weren't really having any kind of loops. Relationships over regular succeed on him. So what the price setters going. Well he's I think he's gay. And that would neighbors and is he hasn't touched payments this must he must be gay. Maybe he doesn't find you attractive. Place story to it because they can't wrap their head around the fact that they may not be desirable he must like dude it's 'cause every guy would find me bankable. So it's that's why today politely heat we can't understand why I would be doing something embarrassing something is obviously wrong with you re right you must beat you must like guys is every guy. That's in the women would one this is all about deflection yes. I that's how they think he should trait. Easy to Jaycee really really where we're pride I just think it's when you get into a marriage how the hell we let it get this far out how we got every man was like embarrassing five broken bone groups. Taylor because we're not prepared. For anything on the merits he would better prepared. They know what they're doing and when they're gonna pull the triggers and sent the traps. Special literally stupidity brought such a big dump there is walking around in all aside if it's cut to better track the united. Arab yeah. While playing an antique store on his utter total wash goes global. President. That trip partly good credit their trip addressed. I didn't do it to the guys there two I don't. I like to 1030 at night having drinks and a couple appetizer she's listening to music it's quite all top in my car stereo es mouth. Our call sat iTunes music doubt he's not to disturb my neighbors but it looks at me and tries to forget got a master control the volume but still we'll announce holed it out actually you know Amanda invented that. Who yeah that is a clutch boom. But she got me because I was embarrassed by how there are you embarrassed by it you know I think. It's kind of a little bit insulting to her too because she's thinking like why would anybody think poorly of me for doing that I'm a topic I've. An up and light Brett feel like I should be able to do this freely nobody should judge. Arrogance there would pick except I really think it she didn't understand why anyone would be upset by loud music Richmond went by. Another point that you they've never get never. Upset neighbors before so why would they be upset with you now. Maybe that's. Well. Still the just stick your husband's advice I would like Steve you aren't at the break at CM I think Brett rather. I'll go about it we are talking about and urging girlfriend and I'd like forty storage for your shot law. If you didn't you guys remember the commercials from smoking Eagles. So. Well the guys in the commercial says commodity futures smoking deal. What was put my girlfriend were at stores that sold like apple are stopped short courses and neglect there Eric Schmidt like wrote. Performers of all times usually can't Beers and actually want to banks in aggregate can't were all up yourself or put an option on the screen for a while commodities as smoking and you'll see less to distort and it was hard. The embarrassed her and yeah. Okay this is really impressed let anybody think listening really appreciated all. Important thank you can't get a shot at that store you just. Or store particularly evident as the demon take it is it was here. And QB material at him here by the worst is likely see a guy what did you pull leading restaurant trying to get out of there could right. She elicit strong she's rational. Row at iso one of the cool those moves in my life was so there's giant upon in the lake that I festive Cotto coming I would do Webster. Go under one night does an older guy is in a jacket and high rate is easy that's easy news banner that's in a Friday night. And he said there by himself but there's another plate of food to. And it's like you know if it's in a boost so he's in a chair and get a sense of Booth you don't send your. So but I don't seem to racer Danica hasn't for a long time rice has the bartenders had to receive a guy sitting by him so please your plate of food. There's not as only Spanish down issues on the bench below him. She got so drunk she fell asleep he letters that yeah. How nice killing while he couldn't sustain it. The sky is my hero and hope your way it's what do we she tells us it but he was so beaten down there he goes you know what have had a Tuscany distinct manly shorts. She's drawn particular editor let her sleep it off was the coolest thing.