Duffy's Beer Budget (Part Two)

Wednesday, May 23rd

Duffy must now abide by new rules at the Roc City Rib Fest... This is the only way he'll keep the peace at home.

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It's a tough I think easy sale the times on the you put your foot down all the stuff you are huge speech when it comes to financials and I'm shocked the EU and the editor reacting to this. Have just decided to your wife gets control the money. And hardest swing and a miss it man it's a poetic about on get on a phone book trying to broker pay another breaker rods and classic rock that is a type WC IMF well long story short. Last year if you listen to the show you know I spent 300 unit for two dollars. Add beer or Roxy repressive before Dayton my wife does not want that to happen again seeing is a proxy group passes out punitive entered drug cracker ass stumble and end on Monday she has told me that she wants me to give her. My debit card surrender and she will give me a hundred dollars cash to budget over the weekend spend on beer percent sorry Jerry just not happening this week. Not happening happened. And when we decide when did we resigned in the fact that. All Adidas matter who makes it belongs to your wife is not how I could say the exact moment woods when you say I do not and I would go to and I mean old as mankind. Is nobody's fighting this is can't we can't. Can't do it is too much of a bitch to do it yet I am. Can pick it so why can't he has no idea once and. But I didn't size listen you're young and you're you're you know you're young and foolish. Lot of people been waiting patiently to did you 6000 remember how much you think about the number B a lot of money that you have to ask her life to spend right. If you wanna buy something for war ideology to call it like a hundred dollars what is that money Danny is on C imagine the waiting for ten minutes hour. I don't. I'm I have an idea and I kicked a perfect solution Mario. Taking your belt aren't at your money you're great at a site it's it's that important kick it out of there. Blanton gave no official Super Bowl it would have been edited. I mean they drew up a ball they'd barely made the play out during except the really bad art schools which. I don't like that. Me I'm. Cool now. Did you hear tennis okay this is what's your fighting for this is what you wearily I feel like hey and ideally security hello it's your wife that you. That you liked it you know you have this money set aside all doubt she's from a bills that woman doesn't hate idea where woman holds power ones yeah. But if you wanna make an argument your wife that would be where it comes I'm gonna spend it anyways on build steps when a disease now because. You know what Petit takes a real man to listen to his wife so I mean you're wrong. Like I do not wrong you can't spend 350 dollars on alcohol. By yourself watch me and violate beards very inexpensive usually stripped Beers advertisements. These are 350 dollars and net so late you don't even have a decent argument over what should do we'd use my argument my money Hispanic. You guys so before I moved in. With my wife yeah it was Mother's Day and she had against girl that I sort of goes and kills me is shot flames out the bugs you wanna get rid of operational hold onto it forever as she goes it's fine I know the planes are coming at the bottom it's not supposed to do. So before able then. Still my money I have not moved in with a renowned married nothing from Mother's Day. Go to Home Depot and a buyer Brenner Castro have it delivered at a house agree she's pissed. How much you spend on that we still got to get thank. She was this stuff that I spent my money before we're even moved in together. She thought that that Castro should stay select close before I move then choose yours are reasonably looked appearance at listen we're not even living together this is my money allowed a decent connection said that right. Now Corso went out iPad argument is your little bit yes yes you know a little bitches get to do little peace and quiet hole. Ole. What happened etiquette is big daddy learn in my life is at ten. When she's not mad at me she's Taiwanese. I'm saying she goes up ten points which is that this stop to make it started I liken cool her jets. I kept peace in the valley thank god we had ancestors that when it came over England stick he's got his face it. You can't shoot the orderly way. I got a bang indicating England. That I could make you look like you are tempted to 6000 he's been on hold for ten minutes amended. Well. At. I salute you let them out. Oh she's brilliant. And I don't think he's doing it yeah late. All the heat get. Out here. Mate. You're sixty crappy now what went. Co workers are called I just does not sir you're getting circle right now this is. Yet receive likened those Animal Planet shows British Jose zebra run and and but this Hebert thinks he's got a right yeah I think they realize like this like twenty line behind you idiot you dead. But he still keeps run and within like it always giving I think. She's got him bro you're going to I started. I appreciate the call nice to get it I bloody carcass by Monday lights are at work it's different like that shows up at home. Yeah. She's done dilution to Jimmy's race 08. Eight big bet you. It does that do but he takes the call. Budget have a good rest of the day but this garbage look at discover you've brought it on yourself why is going well a child can't fight there were all the bad bank yes it must -- brides laid out laid out like a little bit shall we I try to staff each of the future this is why don't you are I crisis across right now yeah you're going to be crucified. You know if you arm. He's human old Serb but the world war tomb. So there's this one yeah yeah over the world who want it to this is one gentle one of these small islands that never got the message that you know the war was cheering and so for like forty years at the domicile Ani the top of the war still going on and he was still fight the good fight even now orbiting a Beagle moved on jerk -- that (%expletive) and that island and it just never got the message to the war's over bro not now not only honorable it's honorable of him to defend what are you washing machine Charlie. So we ask this question and I see guys on eighteen just. What is deep minimum a lot of money you have to ask it to spend when you are out on yourself okay soul I get yelled at for against grow that was a 350 bucks. What's that that much as standard gas group. Thirty burners self ignited. Police some part of what it. Felt so I got so that to be less than that guy so probably. If I get up over a 150 blocks. I'm assuming I should probably make the call tell the numbers 150 east too high the numbers a hundred dollars Erica. Anything a hundred dollars or over you need to sit attacks or at least give your wife a heads up as to what is erratic and technology is killing us and you realize that trying. My wife can instantly see what's coming out of the bank account jerk I could also. I can't put my credit card she could see that two way he has the ability I. I have the ability to contact her at any moment any time in the day so it's not like I could use the excuse of I couldn't reach you like Ed to make a decision now we can't quite see what I'm doing and demand a phone call she can't in real time go on Google or Amazon and find out how much money it but I want cost crow Eva cost less of oracle leash because of this buying things with your late Heath has become a total nightmare it's in multiple day process what's the cheapest way to best quality why. Why don't some would have bought this tape did we gonna call its which research. You like that definitely you know it's part of the game man didn't have to be a Sedaris. Is it you wrote something down but you don't have a plan I do have a plan with all the way I'm gonna beat me and you. Did you deal with it is not your husband your my wife and I would never ask you to do something like this I would never say it work I was at wake is on Friday night written by FC coat cheese and Earl great heat and what it would it is a paste. BitHead. It's a must remember Tea Party. Or getting that much from Princeton we need to pasted you enter chromium teases activists say do you few dollars we. It'll. Paced keep us commitment from life. Now for you a good news for patients and point is that was stupid unnecessary and a lot of money did I say anything I know you don't like because I respect my wife and I expect that same respect Ronald towards me it stiff very got to treat people differently got to feature lady with the delicate glow as many can't believe bullet China to show up everything you'd Tuesday. Thank you everything. I just wanna know what's going on in your alert seriously look at the feel the need to to binge drink like maybe we can help you out it. What's what's going on hope patently these these static in Tokyo what stress I could have that would cause injury collide on a weekend. What's the harm quits her job beyond the Tonight Show. Andre and John as well. I guess stare at the white chest hair. Role in one more of God's sakes. Not an iron out. It's summertime or a breeze to you look like us anytime eight I live there. Early. As a human and you look like he did every day. Really hairy man. Play different and Harry and our guys are. Find them for you rent about a player I've ever met yeah I had I don't. It brought out again that have a deep veeco right now but if you're white silent apology Glen lime if your wife likes it which apparently you leave everything in your life and that's fine. So good luck all you men. Mama don't let them know she'll let you did you wait give you permission to play safety commission and Bob jokes out. I think everybody felt like coat and.