Duffy's Beer Budget (Part One)

Wednesday, May 23rd

Duffy must now abide by new rules at the Roc City Rib Fest... This is the only way he'll keep the peace at home.

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What hardest thing you ever do and I'm Eric Chu present his budget. Rule you both had different ideas of what's important even if you can't agree on what the important stuff to spend money on used you actually have to be able to stick to that budget. My eighth. I decided that there is something I don't need to spend money on this week and after something that happened last year liver damage and what she thinks is a normal thing to do then is absolutely ridiculous it's slap in the face and there's no way does this happen it's embarrassing which you did lashing amid a fully you're joking that. Bro you made a fool you. I don't see myself all the Phillies out. The breaker putts I cracked his father slowdown born to BC about her that be particularly a big show you normally waste money around. Do you drinking a wise money away. She's old bus RS down there that the purple clinic here you are booze hound you. Are gonna look at me. And make a statement. That I'm spending all of my wife's money on gluten okay yeah that's nonsense so last year to nudity show on we are Roxy repressed which kicks off this Friday. Gonna be hanging out all weekend garnered by humans feel the BC NASDAQ companies agree yes it was great I shall we. IE span. Between 30350. Dollars to sing on beer over forty's or Roxy reference let's breakdown really and you need to really realize that the until after it was over that he was drunk yet. Oh it's a drink and you on the job by the ways to part of the job mean I don't see anywhere in my car. Have they encouraged me to drink on the job I've never break the liquor while working. On mr. your users organize lips. Dry when I'm on a radio fuel used to speak booze on the radio gets spinach throughout. There's always in the cabinet sitting right next to you and another drink. It's so you could tell though 350. Bucks press insane amount of money we. With the F seven a failure ten won't blow that read that we were there for four days ten hours a day that's like forty dollar despite tricks for somebody called on all. Like you lowered their snow is it I want. Is kiddie. You referral we think ten hours it to Sunday. We had a stalker somebody had to do it did so you for a while but nobody was forcing the dodger now. So I reason we had to be there ten hours a day with the red guys' goal all rectory. So my life over the weekend where she was (%expletive) and spent us I would be true she tells me that she thinks it's good idea. If I gave her my debit card starting on Thursday night. Just listen here's our idea on his right. She says I'd you can take a hundred dollars for beer which is Tom Beaumont and budget your money over the weekend published at a hundred dollars -- she also says that I don't of the self control stop buying beer when they get past the limit that she ones don't and when she brought it Sutton I thought she was kidding so light laughter her face which was the appropriate reaction is not a grown ass man. TT might debit card away. Relation to how well she's handing you a hundred dollars and telling you budget your money right you don't do and got to look at. And it's that's a big Q did your daughters like here's ten dollars. CB you can pilot had dollars and then after that it's done this what is slapping me every face Jose beat Cuba to brought this on yourself. You know we you'll admitted last year are sure it yet that it use you let it get away from you Ed you just argued that it. Didn't trust yourself boy he ended up just like the dead again like all the things are criticizing you for argue. Giving did you see me at the beer tent. Soak it up the sides old weakened mom blow all my money. A little bit you're there I mean a couple of Beers yeah Buhner was about it on about a lovely time that I went to mass on Sunday you're such an alcoholic you didn't 120 would buy fifteen year old comedian spears drinks alcohol. And you're gonna pull itself. Arteries it you have a drinking problem could make that argument yet not your father. Would drive a mile manager Lou we're of legally never used to say Nikes and down a case. Every week we eat drink during football Israel never saw it casually drink all day yeah ya crazy and drink all thing look at you man and hold a drinker. You and all night streaker I'd just the evening. The bottom line is this. I am not giving my debit card to might wait on Thursday night and the fact she even thinks this is an option knees slap across the face right. That's right by my media because you think beer is not eight spend money at how not allowed to spend my old money. Because your part of the family now that okay. In you have to moderates and responsibility to Celek got shaky food from the pantry selling it to my dear Rick it's like it'll literally you can go to way you're going you'll be telling. Letting the lights turned off because I spent little money on alcohol I very rarely triple wanna do let's Drake right now. Well hello so shut up. How also worry it'll limit yourself. And myself. We hear you thinking it's it's a good thing for you to go back to this professed blow another. Hundreds of dollars on alcohol. Even if you let's say you spent a hundred dollars let's and he did last year you're still expected to ordered it to which isn't it nice hand amount of money would be completely safe Mubarak lift existed under. We'd get a ride home right it's more than money you're spending now comply with safety and that's so funny right. The job. All working my entire time where Iraq's capacity it is technically. And guy and I work walked in around a record as saying the whole. Truth yet to be shaped thing is being a dermatologist. Literally holding people's lives in your hands the responsibility all day. And you jerk husband clown melt on radio is down there at at the boos says. This oil your money my body my way she makes my thoroughly still money probably barely make any money. Yet they let me tell you is selling if you had never met drive and you'll with Tina white glad you used to be revealed she was buses again so let's get out you wouldn't have that 300 dollars ago booze and away matter regularly that gas when to get the rim says. And again and again. You are talking about yourself yet if this happened. Do you look at the face if you like Candela ticket your debit card I don't trust with frilly shirts and Scotch you do like her coach or approve or you know what. Keep the peace and an adjustment yeah Europe. Maybe she's right maybe start Albert. This might actually be good thing for you think you're seeing is in the wrong light. And because I mean you probably bring bloodier tuna red dress straight and you probably by that body appeared to jerk which could lead to more and more. Okay now the you'll only have a hundred dollars to spend comments are your have to grant county. No money for beer or the C is a funny thing it's draft beer what do you try to get out of buying. Rounds of Beers. He's right with three big show was thrown goalies money or Ryan bigamy is under review what is the funny thing about the things as citizens of this news I won't be spending on adults to shake my debit card and Dominique don't have a good time. You can watch it opposes the regular frail sober here's the issue reduced to a two GT 6000 yes jury we don't anchor the U. White has decided who controls the money she always know what the public what happened what cited that women know best when it comes to how money should be spent my wife is not a financial planner. Might want to spend money on things that she wants for example I told jump all about the party for the whale wedding she threw last weekend and the list of things I had to go byte for her for friends occasionally rather earn separate OK why. What I've got to. Uttered a break what is it can break when Brent what's your read counter intuitive to demand caused any good that means you'll. You automatically like a little bridge surrendered to Roy admitted she deserves a break you're that huge bag that she works with who went she's complaining about her husband Jeff act like this should be the right way are you T shirt that aren't hobby I talked like this is. Actually this week say the same thing format under the spin was taught me is full of crap. If the listener called saying their wife wanted to take their debit card Tommy would say that's a horrible woman dumped her yet on a not about who does she think she. OK. And then he is correct you can't but I know the back story. Okay McCain I know the history has changed your tune in bright but like. You're embarrassed. And play. Like that which you do for limit was it the pushing a stroller fine she's a professional. Person okay so like when you go to those parties trade. Jessica of those foo foo parts of the country club with the doctors or she walks in which you you look like. You know they. They dress up to apes biking in the extreme close that you funny things that you look like a G. But she loves you so you're telling me you're you're embarrassed so based on example you guys switch this morning to wives that are teachers there and embarrassment elderly does help you make a full body yourself on a radio Utah up foolishness all day she didn't even speak on that radio station you spin your wheels. And you do as black about crap all day. And you get to Putin. Think she can go well you. It's. Known and all I am an award winning professional broadcast I. I it kind of gave you that that was like the rookies and I got I got the established foundation a broadcaster awards way. Did we decide that I wife has all the financial power and why did we didn't I didn't store what did you did you mean it was really blew a chance to think I'm the one that say no they shouldn't have. Your city your ultimate tough god please don't back to David. Man has the power by the way here's what money you could take it I still talk like this for some reason I tell you that. Tour to tour 6000. Getting your financial Holler back as a man did you make a decision can't if you would really. Heritage its quit work out okay. You weren't divorced yeah believable but you just. A fight broke but what. You repent at if you had a legitimate thing you want to spend money on you just making a fool out of yourself. While at war. You've you've you've you have your two or try to break brought up. You go. There is is proud break room and you make a statement we also have standards here in the is that your flag yes it was a huge double standard here and a relationship of proof of I see you guys on hold guilty. It makes more money than I do and it sucks that he agreed feel right it's not. People decided that because she is a primary breadwinner can jeez let me tell me how to spend all war Al a lot of money all of IA. Check the closing the account that money goes into I also make money. Yet if the roles are and I made all the money and she made what I Dayton and I told her this is how we're gonna spend our money I would be the biggest piece of garbage on the planet you guys who make more money that otherwise you'll like today if you tell your wife your outlook. I dispense. X on why didn't seek and you tell me how that goes tell me how many people would side with few of them which gonna lose my take on that fine she's necessarily don't like to make it work you cannot condone wings can't quite take on a fight you're gonna get pummeled you're gonna get pummeled this weekend. Mr. we talked. A week ago. About never give up never know what equipment. And you're you're quitting odd men this unlike. And it got a challenge of extra difficult. What is that number. If you're gonna spend tax what is the number that you have to call your wife before you can spend. God does not and myself does is it like a luxury let you know what let's say it's for example let's say it's a guard you look to garden because you're completely normal. Middle aged man pilot winners yes the record it's called manager pharma. Let's say you were at Lowe's or Home Depot or whatever amount of pop lacy goatee when you saw something that you want it for the garden that would help you as a white how much. Does it have to be at what would you agree all white Erika Ford this it's his money whatever it is 2226000 we'll get into next the breaker basics back to BC left.