Duffy Gives Tommy an Awkward Man Gift

Friday, February 2nd

There are some gifts that bros shouldn't give to other bros... but is this one of them?

Duffy didn't find it weird, until he got to the checkout counter..


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He just relationship was and what this wasn't an unknown there's been over there. That relationship Jolie get to this point in Key West on wedding day as well soul. Got on bulls right now I anywhere and again it's the worst invention ever does it at designed for men out of what the design we will break out what Tommy's weary but it comes to the beard and get the got something that meant wouldn't. Each other I don't shouldn't I've known if 5070 I don't. Care I was trying to help. And it's getting really Weirton and yet you breaker but she's class act and six by the BC and apps discussion about underwear men's underwear goodness. And you revealed that you Wear straight up old school block your daddy's standard Christian bock searchers say when Jesus you know when Jesus or cross said he has dvds. Might like changed when I started wearing experts yet he stuck. What movement. Sell it to be body musical guy trying to help you out I'd like Tom young. And I put a month and you don't like their tiny. Pinch. In my legs don't move rate signal into restrictive than he does disposed to be distraught at what restrictions. I would freedom I'm sorry that you don't enjoy the I want the freedom britches but here's a all guys an officer finding out that I but you wonder where she hit that that this Bill Kennedy and it was really weird how the sauce locked out like a pact of underwear yes. Gift from a male co worker. Panties I thought it was beat a good guy and I thought that we reach that look up which wasn't that big body suggest something to relate music man. But just knew he said Roberts yeah I am competent man and Tora Molly Lester I've tried this new rubber men get a check out what can go check out personal at the rubber Stewart. But if you go holy give me a Pat Roberts that I'm gonna use on my woman. That's weird it's weird house. I don't inappropriate. Since borderline Mo we've. Got guys to. You know do this is a suggestion to the mean you hadn't even more strange gift from your friend who gave me the ball spray all. Please remember and you had as a way more strange that a pair underwear he did give lease rate from Wall Street analyst at risk and a girl gone out of general apparel underwear bring authority China's. And yet I don't think that would be weird at all of Africa. Davida I was it's too intimate it's too close to it's it's right on my aide testicles it's all we talk bowls to each other again as it all day. And a half. Make fun of testicles but you shouldn't be and that. He should be invested in my testicles you've actually invested amendment passed all those testes are very important my paycheck ST investment to cupid tablets. Tickets are 6000 weird Maine gets beat up my body was that you got for buddy where people look to shoot like this is semi sexual it's not a state director from a sex organ but I tonight you're trying to. You know you actually thought. This would give comfort to you my sex organs. Do you think sexually attracted to you now so it's not sexual yet but you are involved in my sex organs. So actually I bought these two it became apparent how weird this might be 'cause what's his underwear anyway. Regulars small. On a small version numerous small or tell you what they'll Wear. I never met a man who were small underwear before. Talk and there are small man's right to find them between men's medium to eat kids larger than that line right there has demarcation between man and boy so I look at the -- and I and I am in the size small town or distort eighty's yeah she goes well sir. You know these are small Sheridan who was kind of Tesla yes I do ice cold enough for either from my cold of her older. And again I guess this is a little bit yes. I just a public would close an upright and each year there's certain things late. Apparel. Condoms like British couldn't say which Sharon who booed but I sure we got loop not a if I used it it was really good enough like don't you buy me as sticky K Elijah. I think that's why. What how banks can lightly doesn't come in order form that you don't mile square less tech we like it always been really take Procter. Our AG's lets it all goes back except on tables but. We assimilate any thing about sex or into the sea of what's cause of my testicles. No. I think again and Alec you just. Help and a guy out great Laker you're trying to change his life for that's the easy life changing their light do you drill but if you don't talk about that with the body than apology and others on the diner out there TI shape my joke that as it pretty close him out cropped up so. Would you want me to give you a demonstration how it shaped like it's not like it solves outs that you sit here and I'll whip it out out she gave Iran Syria had to do. See your penis is different that you buy actually monitored by reason that helped you get to race I would think like dawn Fraser might. Niro co electorate hungry just if you used to eat one I would not think that was going on your shaft man put it was under NI. And I've mistaken about she asked. That's weird. It's like bisexual. But. My boyfriend shaves his head. And yet another buddy will also us shave his head out certain. Harrison thank you so they had this whole conversation about raisers in the one guy bought my boyfriend the razor that he uses and like turned in my under the special kind a razor. I don't think that's. I guess disclose lie ahead as different then the editor still but it still let's sit that's an acceptable head conversation. Pat and I are having a nod their head conversation. We're having a below my hips head conversation is it different and it's that generation due to 86000. Tommy and so you are being comfortable their publisher of underdogs it. Whatever you can whatever man maintenance maintenance you have to deal I don't care about it I have no suggestions story is so who else are gonna talk about it with another guy I'm with Cammie. I'm with B if you have a. We're generation neighboring bisexual I felt comfortable I had to bang and each other way to. Like the signal to you haven't changed anything you've done since you were probably like what eighteen so a factor in this country was and yet and already owns I'll be there. You know sick as you've never had a conversation like that with a birdie note eight cylinders are. Privy to a six cylinder pizza the breaker let's see a map talk about weird gift saint Pete how light buddy. A guy got to ask your question no. Why did you get in the completes you should Obama Bob brought to. Next it would help some more domains zero a couple of it is an ammo he get a more underwear. We ask this question us you wouldn't I Wear for a guy that's your best friends beat bought you want to try to change elect would you put it. Really. Oh by the way up. App does an evil war is not great it's not even agree take I got put this on expert and make some. Miracle ball movement and it's a got worse to me I can't walk up the steps. See here's here's the thing doctor when you when guys. Later in boxers or light they won't change. Now now you know like a wild mustang on its hind legs man I got Irish free. Eight days ago but it is you're just feels like split. I'm Aaron McKinney and Jessica pulled hamstring. Is that guy going upstairs to take a squirt them slick are struggling Gupta stares at a public image of god damn underwear all all too tired to. The doors and habits and the second legs are under house arrest. It's just cotton material and it like Dallas or is it real quick mentality at that wick stuff that's what I do quick steps how do you know that doesn't give you like testicular cancer that's a thing. Testicular cancer is a thing to think yeah nobody you know this winking material is in direct talks that made him a bad Jones and marbles and we will from. He probably a bad match not to get too kids we can you got deputies are awareness. We discriminating it was two it is at the B cement frequent off ActiveX Patriot Act Tommy had asked it girls giving each other underwear was okay he should know that is how most lesbian porn starts what am I listening to me is correct. We're girls are super open about that kind of stuff. I mean so yanks but that's game I don't think it's weird at all it's just some golf suggesting something. Yards down I would I am I doubt at this knowing it would patter stake in with your commanding did you put that idea. Weirdo I touch those ads we've written by eight. It's never touched balls so you are we chunks of the breaker let's see evaporate Jackie toy. Good morning that all conversation this morning is checked out 1 thing or am I at. When it that little Dutch boy gonna start plans to. I don't know and it goes Jacqui face as is dominating you always get is that the BC about where the break and FaceBook page Tommy is overreacted. Buddy of mine got meat soup for Christmas a couple of years ago it's the best article of clothing like real quiet guy as sue was very kind of him I appreciated I have to do something for him similar and an upcoming holiday. Is that. That's one hurling a web but I simply fear buddy like just he'd had a suit that didn't fit them but it's only thing he has great so and may help mountain make them look at. Why do you care what he looks like. It fueled. The first to comment on what had a tire Wear it every single day right and it gives me great entertainment to see you. Looking so ugly so why would I want you got to look for a blue it would ruin my material. No you Natalie and why don't you dress up more quantities. On the I know you don't have any case. FaceBook is adamant that he today. And this is my hand and her mom issues. Not mom them here's she's a cheaper of the not mine and I. Get the pleasure of having Wesley pats ma czar needed now have on mom's shoes that's what I'm all we're gonna Bailey's twenty years ago until expected. That that's. A glance. But at least once dominant at a very good point. Duffy it seems that you're the one by district meal time did you buy him the OJ Simpson Jersey's mom and not just that. Yeah I got use the attic arson card and the eagle is Lee got cards from what I went to the convention in Cleveland a the elder burial so we need gift ever ever. I got east of the one thing. That much of boos onetime locate the negative bobbled Jim once this yes you did you lose. No it was Christmas I also streets of the back for you how. Oh that is you know what I didn't know I had to keep score and his friendship but it was about things like that it's generational thing that we eat you guys are more open to sharing things with their body and really share more and then. Back to reply and all over as soon and you budget bisexual bombs says the man wearing your where I bought him. And it's there on today this as soon as I got home this of this coming off these weird day Tommy yesterday was successful wanting to take his underwear off at. Work what is your time. And a should have tomato got a moment on backwards a little harder. I don't go to crowd affect the owners are gone now but there's no hole is there isn't a whole out of all the hype. Not only get kids seeming as you literally had to get again at of these things to take what little we've elected not pull it. That's the whole that's. Made it no European has said. It is a dynamite yeah. They don't hold it like a six shooter and weary yeah. You sure. And grown now holds we all. Like that don't always use. You know. And I'll let you need a refresher course you'd rent AJ Scott the last word resilient and as the East Asia alloy about it. They aria. So. They are a couple black started to go of me and my buddies are out shot them. Took them magic on your egos looks over this goes. Do those silk underwear on where right now I'm buying your repair they'll be amazing. I have four prayers where in every day. I'll look at that it's it was Serena you had of guys collect light silk panties. There are so good you can get ray's whereabouts are getting array of that tester is that you operate just throw your nine and Jess thank you for the call but it Prejean really get a bite you in the woods with those pennies stepped in your mouth put it up on the pole. The BC I've break would you Wear underwear your body block four never again never again. Try to be Alicia Arnold you worked at a budget gourmet tea don't work maybe you war and the right well I don't. Right way you can only put a monkey on a two way you're just said he thought they were on tags in the bag thing. It. Your body is a horror show but how towel or a show as regular as man body to.