Duffy Fails At Spicing Up His Sex Life

Thursday, March 9th

It might be creative, but to her, you're still gross.

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As a man George job to inject life into your sex try to get your about and I get to see injection but now. That's how I know that you don't know which are talking about. It's a pleasure it's about the actual act it's about the excitement of atlas and how good do you art sex and how beautiful your wife is whenever. Sex in marriage to its board. Right there's so he positions that exist there's only so leaping she's comfortable room through silicon Borden. So I tried to fix to trade jazz it up and have been rebuffed this about yet you're trying to use you. So you can't use you do jazz things up. I had a plan and you're right I thought about. I'll tell you story to society and other equipment CMF so my wife and goes out of town last week Erica soul beat the girls elect is in Orlando Thursday this. Go to sleep at like 8 o'clock. Am and missed some merit you don't send in line battle. Nobody around would you do well I started texting brand. Some deny slow first Saddam legitimacy and others nine's a good shouldn't calm beautiful here. The next step in the game couple day ago but it isn't it. Sex like any urge people and so my idea was it might jazz it up with a little sexting. I Sanderson things maybe it's and that is back cities and a pitcher don't we just all or was Edwards for. A did you Utah Utah enemy you. Which is like let's say you know how to what are your guests are you. So at this point. I says they use is a hero or a little logo. Love him no more error was tendered on or was this little bow to start off tender as the messages kept going to get more sexual rather. And she kind of played along for secondly I hobble or something like that which should be taxed. The blue button I don't like this. She busy don't shoot I cannot hotel room to idol we immediately to choose not really sexy GQ I'm trying to pivot there might have been I think. I guys wanna hear women say dirty stuff. I don't think women when they hear the dirty things you'll do it wasn't getting very graphic. I mean especially it's just kind of out of the blue it's not expecting and you never data before. Little month Joan good ports. I really going way it was probably seen here today. It's nice scene on BUB a little more more romantic to get layered sounds like it one but several media picked it like I didn't let it alleys and solemnly yard. He may have taken it missed a stiff. Yet but yeah obviously that's ultimately. Where they keep saying that to you will be too keen to back winning here five meteorite because I don't lie got creepy that's why. Don't you you're you're saying never you don't have yet sure what that they creepy yeah yeah I can get tested there. I got help I'd out project go here's what bothered me yes maybe like so what did you use of what Saturday he says put all your bad ideas of in one text. Maybe you're right. Maybe my wife doesn't wanna hear me talk dirty sexy what we gotta do little innuendo there was no way to go no it's really anything at him with some innuendo you but it innuendo you know does it the best and you'll laugh country music and Kennedy. You cut off to far did it by fire. Pat it's it's taken a while you can down a country should maybe get a bonus once and I'm. Sell it. But like even country music that kind of dude and add awe shucks kind of oil like I wanna. Take Q out myopic notre a ship but that's not shaky for techniques and showed you know load Jesus that. God gave you some beautiful breasts or want to I like eight. Days. Yourself I figured you intrude into Detroit. Quarterback for us how slash country music star Trace did you. Crockett on the arch its album. Now they don't like but there's there's a subtle way of being sexy and maybe a little flirting and dirty. Went out gross in action again and I think he went down the rose wrote okay you. What are you about big fat pale Irish fingers it's likely to suck. Any other man in America gets it that share and say you went to creepy and I go maybe you're right. You can yes I'm the perfect guy to ask I don't dealing create like if you come to me. You don't go somewhere posted tilted like Secret Service are gonna help you paid by the hour all right. Maybe your baby was not a turnaround immediately went to see two way street re okay. Does she kind of owe it to be as her husband who is Paul wit to children while she's a way to give something to entertain me while lying and here's another mistake you just made. You wanna be rewarded for doing which she does every day take care to know why can't we don't you just say they'll you and I I have grown to get back. Put the actress teacher she leaked out just like she cheats and it wasn't she'd tell she is working attacks is on vacation but she was a hotel at this time just on their. Right why should I not get a little something. To what is she each and then in decades if she would have initiated sounds sexy talk that's fine but you'd have gone on yourself. Do you sexy talk in united sexy guy mimic certain guys have occur you don't have Corey left congress you have no game. It's just don't I don't have game means like again it Maggie just don't have to unite G zeal there discourage you married to a black. Woman one but I mean she allow I don't I'm not cheesy but I did and album the camp country did try and get populace that outrage. 26000 if we are blessed to sell their responsibility to take care meat and you have gone out to try something to reject something age sex. To close to you faced a right to be upset I sat in the guys take it too far and I don't know what to do and I mean. It's like for the rest of my life I just like every other can't sit in his or right. How are you signed up for a man what are you Q after you want out of backgammon board and rove old days spoken by a response office. But it ain't gonna happen and at least make an effort now but she's I believe 99%. Of the day. Your wife find you groups and I mean who ropes again. But this I don't one sliver of a what's the while she's gonna actually be in the mood to as she wanted to rein. Bet that she's doing she's faking it is. Little sliver and you gotta kinda little slow red district Ito by a thread the needle baby he got to be what you know you gotta be leg Tom Brady. You did anything wrong by trying to feel it out but when you saw it when you immediately saw that she was responding back proudly should just let. They say as as I try to throw passing news you're torn and and a triple covered when you're gonna get picked off man to to just picked up bad to Judy's itself apple calls coming trifecta and steady. I love watching him on it this time over with Joe Buck job look at Troy against rarely home journal quarterback and as a coach believes they get booked. Focus and I try to sex my wife what she was out of town sing and make you meek little more exciting no pictures just words right told me to stop was making aren't comfortable. Be a little bit as your husband give something. Something a little excited I'm like you're my bad alone with the kids asleep at the house let's talk to Jim AGB boy anybody. During your democratic out in there because it out you figure you are slender but my take is. Turning chicken copycat. Couldn't handle yours actually in you know her campaign between her lap at the same guy. Takes that Jim appreciate it. Please in your typical yeah. It's 30 January said Jim Kelly Sutton to rest. Put that your head. Funny about it. Audio. Good to see the news in its income and bites but you're right cute let's say yes situation. Tapped some radio day that you boyfriends at home he's lonely he misses he starts doing so did seem to get in like today's at C you have to do we hear she's Oreo. Look at photos and when he got out if he has no interest in. It's over the long distance relationship like egg that you have to do that here stooges you know like stay interested in each other but we like we are gone for the weekend like. Come back soon you have to remember Jimmy has never been generous and six ambulances she's filed with the boring sex. As it is series that's the noble and righteous wanna hear from her grows as boy for. I'll see when today's CNN. I can chew it up I love you wouldn't up I find so attractive that I want to see you now like I lost in translation that's compliments that's not be trying to be creepy. If they expect that plague. Women might can mean if they're so arrogant the did this think like well yeah you should always be missing me. You should always be what teammate. I completely get fed I don't think you who did anything wrong by trying to. The romantic against LA he was a romantic when he started out that way so like let's say your boy different sects to do each warrior. Mel says I'm now now let. My my wife is a bad person for rebuff that person for a helping to get out women who husbands husbands asked what it would be the middle of the day to what you like is what this is you thinking you're owed something I got this update thank you give my life is O would meet take care house and take care of the kids be as good as bad idea although it could picture wants. Did you have a two arrests were I didn't ask for anything I was hoping we get that awesome. Speak guys this into the shell in the old days you work your wife's engine would make a picture of where she is. With that beat you with these and operate that way why can't there not think any you all day like. They're worried about work they're worried about things are stressed out in early days of the announced. I know Lakeland and I don't mean it's for the young generation of kids like high school kids but. Women don't like any picture of themselves to be in okay right so now you want her to take him. Picture of her body parts. And she's going to be six slightly that fifty island to get on a you're never gonna get it like by the time she price of one it's suitable the same view. You'll hear your home. It is easy you're Levin is weird world we think these women think like that they don't think that way I just to just not gonna get what you want. Which you'll get we need. Oh. It took six. That followed the government tried dissect my wife while she was out of town. And she essentially you don't want it she rebuffed leak said no you that you that is your husband let's sucked in my Mikey boy about. They the company. What I'm orange or hears all my girlfriend living girlfriend the normal origins and the great pitchers all the time. AMA till we don't thanks. Thought so adopt an out. But you know talking dirty. Nation neglect. Its walked in the quarter over rule and just take. Or. I. Might elicit. Like I have I'll be with my wife running there is a romance to stringers of the thank you way far out are Mike for 200. Don't you know I'd be left alone for awhile. Might physical body to look at your garbage out that it is like Ian but Q when you and I used Dave bank today we use today a lot of disturbed. Said. Women yes located in having self confidence so they would do all these trashy things because I had no self confidence god bless them. There were great kids. No doubt but now that you data woman with confidence and something on the game she doesn't need you sloppy and us. Sex time. On the phone I don't think it's roast and I don't think sixty is grocer trashy picky when it's between these two male human beings each other one this is the other should just the other token I don't think it's gross appropriate. Well obviously should find you grows. Just feel it around and Asia just exhausted me she's miss in the kids initiatives on it. You know maybe shares enjoyed it's I'm not having to you she would never do it I don't Rochus but brick let's talk to Eric Eric solidly actually go and Victoria canceling its IR. It's up. And umbrella like bad my life besides Tuesday that result time. Called the right beside a bitch not been well below the hole it's as if I. Oh yeah yeah. Did you do it did it start. After you were married it was happening what you were dating as well. Body and also I mean it's it's our doors but it it's our relationship. OK so heavy so he went into marriage with this already back pocket my weight is never done this with the before we're done with my light so I'm trying to. Almost seven years and marriage to late in the trains are. Down just senator Specter are ordered. To do Jason. A needle myriad clues behind the bulls. To actually have a go get a. It is not a way to initiate it it takes away the small ball. I'd appreciate it take regular pick Mike on the make it look pretty good now you can't it's on you it's gross majority then from Maine the law why else. Growth especially journalists you disgusting Irish white. Hailed. Let's say some cadaver Dong. Take one more form Obama what was out of town last weekend tried to sexed her initiate something you could do solar home Kidder's Lieberman about alone. She's a hotel Malone and take an hour. Excitement for married couple here and she took his stop she rebuffed me really satin ball let's talk to ban Betty what's up but. But you're out. So you know totally you might apply here like that in the I would expect indirect language whoever. Auto market late yesterday yeah at the gate but I think it's like. I've been to Q for the call it.