Don't Mess With The Standards

Thursday, August 23rd

According to Tommy, a slice of cheese pizza should be left alone. Stop combining different foods and turning them into greatness.

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We have large Italian population greater roster certain that we looked at those people because not only other little large population at large tax. They're good people all the best episode has some off the foot note Tommy there you don't bash her eyes and there is some. There is she tell you that shows up deal of their culture and protected you people yes Tommy unseat you people are I low beam me people. Yet the breaker proxy classic rock pennies at five WC and that there is a pizza shop in Webster that is getting national attention national with the white fat ass thing about it but no baloney sandwich and cup it's called rhinos pizzeria and Delhi. Guy they've made ate pizza it's got over two point seven million shares on their FaceBook status is this it's actually not fans of all it's called the digital the deal pizza. It's an old guy you ready for us it looks delicious. Pickle it's me until Nichols garlic sauce and mozzarella cheese sounds like vomit. Sounds like they have what's a dill pickle on I think like you all went I didn't I don't. Oh and with I was at a gay you're earning a joke get up. Put optical him out now I don't like young girls but I pickles and amount. You're supposed. Critics of Pizza Hut pizza though he GDP it's almost I. Does the road. To. Spot so what is it is Christmas so what is the sausage there is a sausage not sausage did Carl Axel says Greg junk deal of garlic sauce achieve wonderful couple wanted to try to yeah awful couple it has nothing to code it's it's got pizza. It's nothing to rewards a peck on top hot cheese. Everybody. So you wanna be an optical. You while hot white she's election has seen this coming. I can help you canyon you know it is yet on where should ago. Yeah yeah. I'm doing a little. But all the odd going quickly you won them all right so today it's less I'd like it's it's if you could speak on this very well from there the only culture. Exists an update to its very defensive about their daily is it's art thing are the Italians we invented this so we we were generous and opted to give it to the world. And you wanna throw pickles in van Allen at. Apple knows he does he chipped in UNC either pizza culture right on FaceBook let's look at the speeds and all these Italians you know your. You any scruples bodies at his drive up alone at all is. You did you put predispose to beat us. A states right. That's right all met this policy mix it infusion trap you kids know ethnic group has the story your insides no other ethnic group gets upset when you improve on through which needed improvement by thrown a pickle on and it's not an amber Jimmie drives. And hangovers and now via the rulers the rule over time I'm gonna get technical I'm going to weaken towards pizza I'm very excited to try. It doesn't sound delicious and it is and I I'd never ate a pizza note how did this thing had some relish on the guess like you got. I'm sure people thought that about pine apple argued that I got to I have these little piece I don't why I. I don't need your Hawaiian. Of fruit. I don't like fruit all over my stuff. No I heard I like my high fruitless. Hawaiian pizza Ahmet I don't like got on top three pizza on mount a restaurant that that's sort of the gross people. People buy an apple but here's a bit about two Italians at their tune it has nothing to do with improvement on your food and Gigi it isn't need to be imprudent to the most perfect food there is even the food is prepared to be exposed to being passed to be from the right place. This my mother's face and do we get particular where you'll get the food is prepared yanks for that makes a difference or technology go to. Olive garden or. It was generally macaroni grill and rightly or preparing at the way that your mother parted just a chain still that's no good how dare you. You know it's it is being true our culture not pop place is just tell the people public as they don't do it the way up mama don't don't there I want my face and believe reiterated the goal is gore made delicious food from the old country. It's hard to accept your pineapple. Pickle crap all right I got some sad news. You must sauce sucks but the other reason you like it is his drop. You the sauces and it is special we shall external pickle you don't know anything different that's a 100% right it's so Julian an out. Down in the tropics Shia in the pineapple courses they get the basilica on the streets are called pineapple for an hour from. Why you're. Different guys. This is last summer they did like a big cook out and there is a little bit of miscommunication. As to who is close to bring the like the and the pennant Costa okay and then they'd bail. It's a two people made pasta with their own homemade mother's recipes off season and the whole time there. I felt like I was getting a ticket sales pitch. And that I had pressure and like which one I was gonna choose ended up having to have both of them to not offend one person or the other and through this and I think voters there OK it's exactly the same. So back in the old days amendment family whose sole ally via mail we get together ratio and everybody brought something and all they would do is compare each guest stuff that night. Why you should do it like dish should do like want known don't know ideal alike is so everybody who brought things to share and everybody sees their own stuff police and anybody else's. And as is the way it is it doesn't make any sense of our culture that you take a Mexican guy got off the boat Mexico on way to W compliant. Right off the Washington right up all these kids to read a place and tried every hour talk or whatever given its chance right if you find I don't know that's exactly I. With so we get a ticket for Mexico he's injured on the show for it go to garrido places all of Rochester by white guys anyone tried them. Is like. When you go down there and you re dead Dey even like in Texas like when you eat that Tex mex food that your it's so much it's amazing it is that I was raised on and any show me this stuff Abby got a Kitna just. To order a cup to make his. Other cultures are open to trying to stop or is Italians absolutely not this is my food is what I was raised on and how dare you Kirsten and is the greatest with that was ever invented like. Path. Really does good is good great it is a hole I'll dedicated to their culture at the garage historic. Know whether I'll there's no other culture has a hole while he genius. You think maybe there's a whole pile dedicated their culture in Rochester because like 60% of smell and every area so our hotel to tie it nobody. Hate Italian food quite a few. It's I did see that while Irish food Irish have terrible food are negative bit and I I think it's time critical beef again it's Germany when he got sauerkraut and a bottom shelf would rather filthy camp and you're gonna try and stand up to prop worsens it's no good. Crazy I broached viewing today. Depends on its abuse. Many new Nazi hot dogs are. Let this beat the unstoppable relish that is based Abbott Webster a rhinos pizzeria two point seven million shares on their FaceBook page where there. It's a pickle pizza dough pizza it's pickles garlic sauce mozzarella cheese on Pete's. And it looks delicious but for some reason all the Italians are angry and I don't like hot pickles if you mess with Hannity. Italian food from the get pissed off in a porcupine people as earnest now. 136. Thanks so porcupine. I was raised on these things so it's just ground beef with fellow despite some place and it's a really cheap thing to me. It erases that they hammered yet it's good he's tried. It sticks out looks like more coupons. Disaster that's that's as some poor people it is that eleven of Hamburg it's exactly what it was just was not the horror of what I stopped and stopping and I. So what you're supporting you couldn't afford Hamburger Helper. You get Chinese help bro there. Hot Mecca I have about Harbaugh ranks in port people let me ask is people keep meatballs were delicious like these things at rice I remember high school my Italian friends coming and getting legitimately upset there was rice you can. I don't like race at Miami but today I love these nylon Kong I love these things he did today and only because I was raised again like I it was I don't like anything in my hamburger. Don't it. This up and never goes on top. And you can't put rice on top of the hamburger and a put bread on it put bread on bread basically you ready to meet leaders meet meat balls are bread crumbs and it's all different approaches and think that's Italian bread crumbs and that is those are blessed by the Pope by all I think. I don't know find stale bread put in the people's genius. Lisa stupid to ordained by god. I'm gonna believe this beats and Ali it's easy to chill out series about the drug all the way to Webster for a hot pickle when I got a whole hot pickles that and amend your best buy every day there are people Chinese police had to drive all the way to gates agrees to go to their mom and pop right so they don't go there for a pickle. Sandwich halls of the break Muncie and I think Pauly how anybody. Think you're. Every bit of crutches. On. Our product. Throughout my a lot of eyes and my wife's got a photographer and she goes up and it would. And once a month every month you're talking. Every try and should be quite as they are like my mother's age doesn't need I was like any people or Italian never gonna like get. But I don't. All Europe our vision and by the way I've returned to you today. To get a more political. Boy do Polly ET we're Italian food get about. Motorcycle license because Tommy offered over there. While he'll. If the quality of life how long it right. And a boy there's an early director at a tree and Toronto well they get socialist health care respond like you with us. I. Figured out of the Auckland. And layers but it isn't. Oh but orders of the vote. Did agree. Holidays we call but I agree you have Paula pickles makes a lot of bad decisions motorcycles the break rules for how. Talking about right here is eighty MP ultimately get a note maple syrup and Ari kind of content can think yes it's a major it's a major national city so this year or so is buffalo here is the process that all you Italians are psyched look at international every town you go to Hilton whatever city is big or small has a little Italy you know god you know why as Italians can't give up what is food. It's a lot out that's all the food and having absolutely no Aziz Al igloo Visio. And. Number this is don't we didn't do you forces and these that I Italian work camps yeah I only came off the boats. Because you use this is why you people treated times. You know we had a four nasal communities could easily treated read that book for the U racial persecuting the Italian Roseanne. I am sure yeah.