Does Your Kid Know the REAL You? (part 2)

Tuesday, August 21st

If you’re a parent you know you have to play two separate roles – there’s mom or dad and then there’s the people you REALLY are.

And for the rest of your life, if you have kids, you can never show them who you REALLY are.

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The dead mask press that's what it's all coming down to here in the -- at the break commenced a class act and is excited to be seen him Abdullah drinking if your kid now which are allowed to do it would when not to get down to the person you pinch yourself to beaten in front of your little ones vs the person that you actually are there's no one listening to the show right now. If you have young kids that he's themselves in front of their true campaign. If you are you probably feel horrible error. Yeah you because I don't hang out for your kid in the early in jail. By easy thing about having got a morning united then on multiple Macs aren't. Yet they had amassed for your wife okay I'm. Yet they had the when he gets put on for workers came to say which one worker and jerk get the one on crickets like. You connect your switch in these Mets at all today along if you gonna do right. It's obvious with so many mask his face looks awful what happened in your face you're putting somebody mess ugly kids kids that this the so there's an article he found the other day and it's called dad Matt Stevens is doctor he works for MIT which is weird and only goodness a Jose. He talks about how not only should you have these debt mascot would your kids are young premier. Even when your child is an adult now you can't you create in their diet you give us an idea why that's when you can finally stop faking right. It Taylor really premature stupidest this doctor says that now becoming your child's friend or. Is a huge mistake that it causes lack or loss of respect from your child orgy was a father that it makes your child worst parent in the long run and that it cost you the leadership of you were fan I. How are we use can I I think at some point. I should be able to treat their kid like an adult. I have adult conversations with that with that child treated like an adult and being yourself are two very different things you treat them like an adult which get exposure Celtic kick it. And not in that way Larry growth. I say that out that is sailor goal Politico I raise you done so now to be frank. My Riviera and it's going to be our guy on your father but. You're okay don't you watch your father go from your dad and two mile Manhattan on amass about getting it think Divx to terribly bad. I mean they didn't care like I had never opinion that a demo Boe rate. This Robert donor's ovaries or resort OK no my dad was actually two but then got to a certain point when it became a teenager where my dad I became like parties look at light ever had that relationship. That's what I need to kind of agree with this after having experience with my dad is. There was loss of respect because like we were friends now and right. Key yeah it may be worst error we see yet you guys became buddies I never had that experience what I was in my father. Love Maybin didn't like. That makes cents a guy like I was his college I did that this is out. He was obligated apparently yeah and I think that's a Leo is approached it with a with my is my siblings so sure they none of us had a closer relationship with my parents. I know I would argue that. My dad finally kinda like letting loose a little bit stop trying to like you know and beat the Boston of us. I mean it's saved saved my relationship with my dad my brother's relationship because we'd always. But heads to the point relate. We can't even communicate here you just temporary. You be every miserable forever and I guess the argument in this article loser should always be a level of respect to pull over your children even in their thirties 40s50s your children again and he guidance we're gonna come USA and when you get rid of that when you act. Act like your total self just like yourself and your kids that they no longer Philly can come do you think secret so big goal. Obama Joker pay the bills fathers and influences how I my caddie going to be can't do it more sort of like a 5060 years on various about a play this QB roll which you'll still have an influence are still their parent or were they don't. That's the argument is from this article you won't be that when you become friends with them once you breakdown that I'm a dead and become friends with a not to listen to you like they did when you were their fault not gonna let us. I think there's just a better understanding I wouldn't say that you lose all respect for the person agrees deal says the girl who was dead shaved his fu man you know he's got tight at apparently back you don't. Notice it at all notices financial and Ericsson CM FA Erica Roy about it. They're guys brother Joseph man you. I made history with everything you're saying. I still respect my father you know we still have our level you know all electric kind of friendship thing because it is my father because he is all that. If you lose respect your current because of that and it just makes you addict person I would think. Our whole idea is are hiding out from your kids. Why you why I lied your kids so that when when they grow up they can figure out that he just lied to on the whole life. It's a couple things here Eric cultural man. He's probably 62 and I'm thirty. I'd say you're confident your dad is exactly the person he always is around you when he's not around you. Yelp which you know the because I. My dad also. Wrote it easy for you drink the Kool Aid suckers and grown and you're you're actually. You're that guy you're that guy that your old man is none of that. He's nobody's awesome all the time he's at to act. I did you know why is below my doubt that rebuilt he's are giving tickets cousins your first it would be today horrible job Eric. She called. You can. I can't I don't care what. I bet I guess I could the collective might get lots. Are gonna be land. They're they're big they're gonna hear on the bars. They're gonna hear from other kids sick person prior to their parents why are you I had to play my language from them this is our talk. Hi guys I thought did you get lit up as a parent nowadays if you kick goes in his. Who serves me at all until the matter I'm not in Israel might hit an I don't feel that they or anyone else. Erik tell the kids. Our our evidence. I just I. I don't sit doses I try to hit the people know little square but you have to look like that that static in people are people they accused the book. Do you want to be why we ought to say they're square. OK but what if he goes other parents don't want their kids to be what your kids war. I don't care. What was the drive but they don't have to put on a great output and I'll be the same. What happens a unique unique people I mean. I mean I just live my peers loyalists facility you swear Freddie are cadre Edinger kick goes to school and news has set and to a teacher. Kinect can get slid up the words you hear from my father with a and I look like an idiot. As I said this kid in school run a dirty Malcolm from the teacher nominee trouble. My kids just aren't opera that I explained this is my every apparently. It's fair to those guys bother and toss you know don't fail like you have you have it. In the doctor it. And a Portillo the kids yet explained over and over and over and over and over and over and over and that's what a good parent is it's been consistent. Did I use the F word on funeral and. Yeah. It takes like other body but they critical egregious that it as is comedy you know is get a said that BC enough with a break from FaceBook page op. Quite the opposite here from Steve Ortiz Duffy I have relationship but my doubt a lot like yours we became friends we became drinking buddies and then things went really south IT this my dad did establish that friendship when I was a teenager but it would have respected him or. And not snot and see all the mistakes that he made because we were just talking man to man I agree with this article that you have to stable distant and not be yourself and your kids. All the way through to the grave to job and it's like what he worked at a job thirty years in Hollywood they just change your job description well. Yet you need to retire noise it feel like retiring from my job is still putting ailment were close every day and and sitting down at night. Doing the job you write as you did the job that's a group that's what the kids leave you. You get you prepare them for life now you're an adult I think you should be able to have a normal adult relationship. I always find it weird when. Parents like stole. Parent their kids like to twelve even when they're adults is it doesn't work. I think we're going to extremes here right like there's this idea that. Shouldn't talk to your kids at all and just be you know tell what's dual I'm and it's what -- and its other ideally you're gonna be free basing cocaine raised her crack whatever my kid like it both of those are back Andre and I guess what these guys say here is he spent time with your children but still to maintain that Arabs respect you cannot completely exposed yourself as to what you are we did you. It was a little respect as that. Person is becoming an Dolan doesn't need you anymore as much right okay is now on the dad I got a house you know he's got to work on equal par here at some point because. Let's gimme becomes of a mom and owns a house. She's gonna feel more right or non dealer it's all right you know. I would there's a reason why the grandparents house always the fun house because. Yeah they're not that they're not apparent anymore it grandparent a fun person make the argument that you would need your father the most when you're buying houses starting a family disease something I'd never done both what you're. But but to establish yourself fear in the groove right now you've dedicated and you got a house and you get the jobs and you get the responsibility. I I still respect him but now we're kind of on the same playing field. I don't know man like there are things keep coming up like my I wish I had that guy to go to to talk to about that kind of stuff like you know Stanley stunned and how stuff and I'm really happy that my dad was never go with a house and I toast a crypto family truly I. Have that person to go to for advice I wish I didn't have that. We you do here obviously were made. You. Fortunately radio father second you've been divorced twice third you don't house what am I getting patio where I got it. Canada and stock to Tony's atlas wouldn't see an FA Tony brother. What's up. Although I'd totally disagree with everything that they got it and call it sounds like it all kinds. He's run red robot Gordon scoop. He is in Taekwondo aboard our youth and adult as one of the role models all in most that you are holidays he's at least where one of them. Everything. Idol and Tony agreed to stop at stop the trade went like how old George. Spot but got. Up and Popeye and why why you couldn't not used. To wait he yeah he does eat he owns about the Santa Claus. You monster so much fun you're having that house break imports and has. Oh yeah we brought out on every week every you know decades gonna really repellent you Ortiz fifty. Well I don't. I I don't know I've got to horrors these guys future I don't know much Tony but I know this the guys are big they're good parents. Are actually bad parent to tell you forgot six apiece to assure yourself you should. Quit your good parent no matter what you're doing. Mike your niche market that behaved like it would troublemaker out of doubt. Other than doing something right he's sorry look for a little while. Let's say your bad father I'm just saying you should have a little doubt in your parenting abilities everybody should. Lucked into nothing I don't buy. It is highly populated acting now that you're going to be worse later on a life. Brian I I just see that I can knock it up in Japanese Forte. That is a guy that's kind of been I've seen these guys before they say the U the other you talked a lot of five year olds well. Well how. However they usually do you think that. But they don't do not object not abnormally short any particular jet. Guys all fourteen year old can well he's like that he presents I guess deemed paper out of put his kids got. Don't votes I got it going to what did it do I Tony basically comment I really appreciated. But I know these guys ahead dads like that know what to those Christian schools they when those kids get at a school man. It was pedal to the medal. They read everything that they were told not to do in like crazy when it. I doubt yourself a little doubt as to. Right now. Did you eat a little doubt makes it examine what the hell you're doing to yourself I think Taekwondo Arafat figure puts a little option it judge for skits like one day at five I can't play hockey five what's the difference five. I get that you break.