Does Your Kid Know the REAL You? (Part 1)

Tuesday, August 21st

If you’re a parent you know you have to play two separate roles – there’s mom or dad and then there’s the people you REALLY are.

And for the rest of your life, if you have kids, you can never show them who you REALLY are.

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There's a mommy or daddy right and there's actually Q. Derek your parents her able to completely be themselves and sunny there we had to be an editor knew her like eighteen years you have to play the role. If you are can beat you are able to be that person you're either are horrible parent. Or your super link. And there's been joined up in the news lately up point of contention between old and new school parents aren't. I don't know what people listening to the show remember. The first time they saw their parents dropped. And are you ever. Ever met gauge your kid able to 100% beat yourself in front of remember you have a break from let's discuss Iraq and is it's not WC IMF so FaceBook the other gotten a woman we gotta be careful yeah. I she's going off about a relative of her program so apparently there was a family party. This woman whose relative has kids that are under ten at this party the relative apparently gets drunk. It is having a grand old time okay cut up in the original party. In the FaceBook post is leading. The horror up why doesn't specifically say what or relative was to win while drunk just kept saying over over that she was embarrassing herself from here. She passes judgment AG talks about others want his kids were asking what's wrong with mommy can I am going. In the what are you oppose. And is making herself the hero of the story when she insists on taking the kids for the night for us of people work so they'd be safe and what that woman I am and how dare us to do it. This it. And was drunk is he gonna read this Oreo rightly or do you just beat it not to whatever aren't typical family drama. This family drama there was a fight because there are two types of people who are fighting in the comments. The new school parent types who are applauding this woman for taking control of the situation and being a hero that these young children deserve. In the old school parent types chastising her for getting involved and someone else's business and making the argument that being drunk in front of your kids is no big deal because the rest of people that believe that. Game. These are the matter hit it no but I mean their family and her heart the missile can Oregon Drucker. Does it say our party is up party considers this woman talked to kids already drunk isolated decision drive kids and I guess I got even. I don't know what the situation was. Long story short again just making yourself that your I took easily as I put him in my home this woman whose truck in front of her children and how tearsheet to tertiary issue is drunk in front of the K that's what Hillary issue as actor Paul yes and we found out law Weisman of being drunk while taking care of kids is in fact a cry. Two drug apparent double murder there was a couple of stories where younger women today and yeah bust that out watching the kid gets police showed up game breathalyzer and arrested them. The sake of argument let's danger of that aren't. If there's someone else to make sure the kids are safe and if something goes wrong has a sober mind. That we reached a point where being drunk in front of your children is no longer socially acceptable. Yeah course any king that he can't do any adding to everybody's watching you now. And there's agencies they can call it a second and had via lit up ever really socially acceptable though. I I beat you one openly I my parents. I enjoyed it like it not necessarily to drink in front of your kids but it's like you sub her falling over drunk well again any time that would ban. Other people to judge due through as a kid I Kareem. I can remember. My our pool. Bit above ground pool in Jersey. No one in my desk class by the way Jersey above grateful that we rollback. And our neighbor asked about a guy's name Bob mouth for legitimate name. Broke the pool. Drunk things guys were running down the hill and our house and it jumping into the pulled the smaller pool right but. He got his knee hit this hit the seemed split open and a pool literally. Burst all over the backyard for drunk. I'd like and my parents when they you know they'd have cocktail parties and people over but they openly drank so I was always around I always that I thought that we are runners on an adult drinking a soda or glass of milk is that's what kids drink. Easy fault on drugs I don't wanna go that far yes if your fall out and hurting just doesn't tell a dirty jokes and all. All that stuff one on in tournament I have embassy that his kids when I never thought twice a button in today's world can't do that now there's no way you can do that even if there was somebody there to make sure my kids would be safe let's mother came over and she wasn't drinking the kids are gonna be say no matter what. I do that because I don't like the idea like kids watching B drink alcohol which is weird. I don't know why I just have disposable. But it's probably a good thing you've got that in new to do that I don't play aware but he is I. I. It's not like key personal thing. I think it's the social pressure that I don't I can't let somebody else know I was drunk in front of my charges that happens analysts say you do occasionally have a beer. Most apparent semi tech their I don't want him around my kids the united you know audit earlier is he drinks a frantic as. And you'll you'll you'll get branded that for just haven't been here the young people being now. Old. People Baywatch and then they're out they're saying in the doobie wants is innocent right Andy don't let that get around don't carry it. Here's another like parents don't drink like like like Super Bowl parties or at lake. Graduation parties and things like that is I still see that. God. I did get the kind of alcohol you're drinking is differently than whites have a glass of wine in front of the kids I don't. Dick that's a big deal all night I edit I anybody having a glass went from like it's fine I guess I had its classy here. Myriad Europe now what I love about European I wanna open a beer for my kids won't have a gin and tonic in front of my kids I don't know I just won't do it I don't think I quite a relief appearance on the kids either. Dad's drinking Beers. Judging anybody for doing it yet have a be I think you're saying like you don't get happens anymore I think it does still. I mean. In moderation a wrecked. It hears that they I guess as my thinking is I can't drink in my application so hole. I'm guessing you you have one bigger haven't for itself is about them having a drink them probably have before. EST is that right does the each of the kids matter because if you're always sick kids get not terror understands. That actually blush worse more dangerous. I think kids really young. It's not a member yet and have been that means it I would say it was by K it is of teen years. Are gonna have a drink it from. Not gonna get drunken from buy it I would hide it until that. But the seniors can be more dangerous Michele is dead the other one you see here of how open exposure to a freed me years OK you know little out Keon and looked but he's getting in a mile record. But if you're not getting drunk in front of them and that could normalize drinking you're able how words it would not go over the top let's compare. On the bag guy I don't want I I am not either minutes saying if you have wondered two Beers in front of your kids and their entire life like I never saw with -- old -- -- oilman gets a big duty he wouldn't when he would drink he would drink right now like other drank from the time you wanna own. I don't DiLeo went about so that's I thought drinking was only cigarettes and he dragged yeah exactly did you. The first time he saw your parents straw. Drunk. I never saw them on drug growing up in never like she never drink around us but my data. Mean should have appears but it is. Not every day may be like just purely chaotic. And innovative business. 'cause I I've I saw my mother drunk before or support auditor. It always goes well my mother rigid code tree for drink a mile man all of the you know women and men you know stiffer with the Al Goldman father wouldn't get lit up. And she was a bed drunk when she gets sensitive in Munich like she'd flip and a second. She had locked herself in the bathroom for hours. My sister Elise to calm a bathroom scenes are ready to knock on the door talker out. Particularly BO didn't go to the door exit modify other boys have a good latest. I love more folder in there. No I think it's more common do you see your mother drunk first before you see your file I was of the ghetto where around what but I think that father out of your dad let's keep this image I have everything under control even when he is intoxicated he's gonna make street is actually needed oxygen at the from the pulpit meet at the BC Matt breaker or did you see your mother or father drunk first. Because I've had my I remember seeing my mother drug for. A mild it was a main instructors so he always had a drinkers and enemies and he could have been buzz a whole time dad was dad Jamie and it's so easy to try to work don't forget he drank at lunch. The only guys who go out he had a bar in his office it was like that old school Micah TV show mad men or the cocktails roll over eyes shut up they got to the cut to that and. It's weird like how quickly this flip is like remember guys in my neighborhood when I was a kitten they would go outside and it would have Beers in and around three or four nights a week and I and lustrous are managed iced tea agonize. Florida have now senator Everett played softball team together and the reader wrote mad dogs. Really tough. Yeah all about it but after they were done it was years on date strikes that. And hours at a time and make it because it was such a normal thing it didn't bother me it's a shame you can't. I don't always it to. Nice and it's. Break from the family. I if I feel bad for your generation lines you should never gonna get a break from the kids say mile may get a break from his kids rent. You know I remember when we sit at my aunt's house. During your house it's your turn to watch him the go go get a drink I know my uncle dom maybe they watch the game and go outside in you know smoke and fart. That they don't regulate heat up your but your father's whole life was a break from a kid stabilize it in pretty much was but I. So we got from I had to do it god damn thing too late now. You're wrong call 24/7 jerk yeah you're right the first responder first responders and you get a B element actor. Yeah good luck to you did you toppled just coincidence to you can't you grabbed. By nature you're gonna fail I mean not perfect. Here's the interesting statistic of the debt behind money in education alcohol is what parents fight about the most when it comes their kids whether your spouse drinks too much too or they tell you hero doing in front of the kids because I'm guessing not a lot of guys would immediately think. If they were said if they were told hey you drink too much you know what you're right. You're right I should stop the rhetoric yeah. You're gonna get defensive pressure which is gonna cost more the problem. There is nobody knows what the answer is here. I mean everybody's answers well works or may yet or I can maintain it realized answers gonna be don't drink. At all scene you're getting defensive which argument carried out there I see a bite out that's coming down the pike with a lingering could show what you're doing it but. You're already decisions today S not even he can but I know it's common it's like I could see the storm on the weather channel commonly gallery goes out here. I think that fight right now as hang it out over Hawaii but his movement across and but it time industry for years you going to be temperature you've had a good run. Now but I I I wish I Rampage you can get a little slack you haven't. Quit drink gets right universe your kids show up I don't know I think it's a Graham Terry likens I can scale it back. I'm bigger cramp no I would think it's actually worse is grounds for supposed to be wise. He's sporting a duke hologram parent police go to had a drink from the get actual police defense though did I tell my can't. Okay I'll tell you likes the truck off pucks to step did it time and yeah. Yeah our grandparents it's like you know a second honorary mention rape and they're going to get those degrees beating go to college but to give it to robe. I see you guys and all the wanna keep going to need to get to the main point of this theater doctorate Jim Steve Allan Gregg I see that one phone line open if you wanna jump on. Ricky comes to beat yourself right you are most herself he got a drinking I am so delightful. But. Drinking is not just be yourself there are other parts of you that you have to hide from your kids there is this Hamas about and I I'm. Everything about your personality you have to hide from your great kids. Are my gets impossible pro through acting school most of all I personally I hide from my children daughters know with the meat when I am what your daughter or son knows of you listening to the show he's not view it that belief. Yeah and there's that subscribe to the idea that never Whitney York city's three years old or 43 years old should ever be yourself by them. At some point let ago why. Your father ever did. Not a satellite did that by Dickey faking just faking beads of gas or ever there are guys that have committed to it. That's terrible I would get a equity 180 seconds next to break revise its I'd be ups.