Does Rooting For A Bad Sports Franchise Make You A Better Person?

Wednesday, April 19th


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Professional sports and Michael Hayden sure especially your western although we as part of the fabric that's so cool. Like the bills and sabres if you're a fan eighty short job to take bits and pass down your children despite. The fact that he's passing it down to them you probably have a lifetime of pain and sadness that we as adults know all too well. That speaks. There is a person in this group who believes that he's good for your kid to cheer for our question is right and they get tougher job if you don't its office you don't it's spoil it. As much as it may make you tough and there is no way they cheering for a losing team makes a better person in fact. I think you're married to the opposite you're kind of into different arguments here. What do you say. I'm saying like it would make you better person than saudis who grew up with and her friend what do you mean when you say bella. Or just more well adjusted. Maria that's that's our auto theory to reality I. I hate to let light can you can handle you can handle losing rally in this bubble but I Wear life everything's good yeah coming up buddy negative what is suitable two week it's the secondary break rats is classic rock and execs got to BC FB BA playoffs and did you play after a near no sabres. I Sutton. Once seated the NBA's Eastern Conference the Boston Celtics and a third down to notables who made last two home games and yeah its it's bad news. After game London there's this adorable video of this little eight year old fan. Boston Celtics in there and he's how big what debt absent and thing. It shows oblivious Vietnam this Boston thing about this for a only knows winning right rightly so he's wore these are war boy had a patriot treads extraordinary saw appeals softy got foul mouth and diabetic as Smart mount. Any soft commiserate. So it's easy to feel good watching missile kids read our I've noticed smacked his mouth. Second day just moments ago artist for Ehrlich was that you Wednesday. Kitty pigs that this little eight year old has not giving me life lessons that he needs because his team always wins running only run a world PC. Major championships in every sport and this for a little fat and most of those teen is giving. I've had a terrible year rate. President you don't know what it's like to and I saw this play out first hand when I went to school so what schooled by Steelers fans would erode and I think that they they won their last championship I think 2008 so the year after they are in the playoffs. And I couldn't believe the reaction that they had to losing to the point where. They talk it out on their friends and they just became the dew quite decent good. We couldn't handle the lots of Kenny knows loss. I'd I'd I got some losses it was like a great guys like you know there's always next year for you guys at least have next year. You'll stick your state of the day and he's cheering for a bad sports teams make sure we better human BI did a two to 6000 all the meat bills and sabres fans is that she worries she's one that it will build care curtain. I won't make you a better person as a matter of fact. It's the complete opposite. Sports is an escape right into it with what's the bill's sponsor needs to escape all of the things were not happy with about in our pressure so when your team is quitting. Which likely is it great if something to feel good about. Keep doing that for eggs into it and how much my wife is bothered and job sucks I know that Tom Brady's gonna make a wicket that. He fixes it and it becomes the yin to your again. The good you can picture bill's key to skate. Just makes everything more personal as a bed this might might. My wife is nagging me my job sucks it right Taylor extra lead dollars just at the ball ten yards over at wide open borders the mighty still go Iverson and because still in a state whether they went to a he has a relationship it's very good out of it makes my life more depressing watching the Eagles exhibited an optimist I didn't know much of this you do I would never stopped loving every step but my season tickets. So old. You're saying lake. Bills thank you be enough to drive me crazy psychotic not can't be if your diet pills and you are psychopathic and I don't think he'll be. A psychopath when you've grown up your whole life with Tom Brady and then Tom Brady goes away you have no idea we haven't seen them play out here yes it's gonna have they'd probably all right so let me put it this way. I have a serious problem inside might near correct and it's not because the way I was raised damage that but this is rob. I can't be happy about anything. And I can't be proud of anything in my life. Cuts. Once I feel good about something. In my hat. My heavens it's totally do not going to play out yet what's gonna go like once thinks that what's it take pride in something it's gonna crashing to it's discussed it's all because the holidays like. These two eggs two eggs is at a daily I feel bad for you. Because on the casual fan you know particularly the channel scale that up for you. Let's say you win the the Super Bowl yeah. You were gonna hate occasion I don't know how to handle afraid of it the hardest thing really life is to manage success and we had no idea we don't know anything about that race so. You go blow it thereto lake you can even if you win it think you can't win out of a bad. My entire life and as soon as I started. To feel good about the bills and sabres and they went great. Went down and play as and it's a lesson I've learned from thirty years of cheering for losing teams we have had not gotten there for your whole life that's not think my mentality in light strictly from being a fan of losing teams is nothing is ever gonna work out and I know it's crazy and it doesn't make any sense but it's Bergen in my subconscious and I'm never gonna be able to shake it like personally but you've learned how to handle it how to cope as. Has the date McCadam. OK and you're beating or you can but look at a mile exodus. Let me put it this way he sounds so let me put it this Osama. I can't stand back there you know and look at my life ago I had a great wife and wonderful kids and I have my dream job and I'm happy gambled all that happened because the second I do. I haven't built proverbial J. P. Losman in my head will throw an eighty yard pick six and it's caught it all disappear and that's the sick stuff gets. I. All of complete basket case and it's all because adjourn for the bills and sabres all that I'm telling you. I don't even worse the meant listening to be right now and diet articles sabres fans slowly nodding their head going to work on I know I knew exactly if you don't you think. OK some. A little different because when you were coming up they were had those Super Bowl years here watch them lose on a great scale Celek let it kids now growing up and like. I don't know if there is invested in the team overall is you lark. OK maybe you always helps to. Whatever that's a different argument because who knows what's gone on a stoop low if you have a die hard Beatles secrecy and father did it die hard fans can just how well. You don't think so I don't know. I get the argument that it makes you tougher I guess the argument that it builds character but that doesn't necessarily make you better pray boy you're depressed. And you sent. Yeah convinced that. I hit it joyous thing nobody had a tailgate OK I enjoyed every listen. I like going to gain I don't and I like watching who you wouldn't and I like being a fan button. I have these things in my head that I cannot shake and it's all because my entire life I've cheer for team is the I just they don't just lose the bills and sabres don't just lose they bring you to a point where you are confident is gonna be OK Erica. I got to believe man deep low weight in amazing site where else would you rather be either break here right now. Knowing Bergen to blow everything that the the just as messed up part but. That's we're sure it happened to do to seize the most popular thing in Western New York own country aren't. Yeah. I. We thought it was like as we get to that point Ozzie folks on Poulter did to 6000 cubic believed that rooting for Lou. Losing teams makes a better person not only does that become a better person it makes it was like path. But you've said yourself you hate when to sound like Cleveland start winning and everybody turned into a giant each bag yes. Let those kids could cheer for the cavaliers won the championship will be better adjusted and I am right now 'cause they saw. It's a but they were kids that grow up with a team that lost and we'll let it Cleveland. You understand the cycle as living Cleve. Ohio and based on when Trumba connect a rock and roll hall of Famer at their total water eight they guided you shot that dude on FaceBook like where's he from. That he's the greater northern Ohio and dictate to fix that and let's talk to Tim page eight belabor the. And that's just what I was gonna bring up. That did that boot from Cleveland you know the Cleveland Indians and always do that. It's. I'll try to. And more like. It. Let's get out UT we teams but he. Are reported well. All right so you think you feel the pain that I feel you know what I'm talking about here. I edit rep there are other here. Draft preparation that you got up and then they might think gamer to look at the street and then destruction. But do you think you're a better person for being a fan of teams that lose perennially. All. It makes it play bridges. And advocate as the day. The most aft president. I've explained. I know that I am nuts because of this cheering for it. Ends meet this meet too. We grab our kids by the hand when they're born knowing the pain that we have been through royals who don't. We'll leave the our bases are guilty of it I take my girls to bills games what goes in together I take my girls the sabres games what sabres games together and I body. Jersey to where will I believe that we do this abyss. Give united. He had because of that because you didn't it's gonna turn around you buy into the today the program. Is this year's going to be great sure and we're gonna ended and the kids all have a new experience of the bills which never happened. So you just kick constant Euro Osaka. Your constant. All day and socket. It's. And it's got to do what all of the women who were may redeem you. Who what married you'd be Greg. Why did I ever do that at the end there exactly the way I am but the bills just would you like your wife is going to right now. Yeah but at least you get the final leg tailgate and I element could yet as the villains went on it it is six did you feel like your typical well adjusted human being because she for the bills. I got. Blaze that when I saw the way that those Steelers fans reacted after the outlaws I was like I'd I would I've never felt that way or treated people like that. After a losing team won my team's loss to big game really don't mind. Any bills game in an hour on anybody. You you've got a ring error. Life. Because your father was so invested in this sport and I keep drained his bank accounts to hang out and do this lacy that is weird life since birth. Enemy and I don't think. You were born into some dark sadness and you never from the light. Look who's taller in real women look who's talking who's talking. Truce to. It's hard to sadness that's his takitani that you never again please never colors of the truth the truth alters the truth about to retire here. I think most people when they grow up losing teams they become a little less invested in the team how maybe after awhile you just yet. Give up on an Olympic and they're not like noise elsewhere around. Where did your phantom just gets deeper into wherever you can't hear you given that rock bottom and asked for pen as a matter of fact I know you guys wrong I think it's exact opposite where if your team does really well you become less invested because it doesn't beat it's just fun anymore. That's an every woman he gets that says you don't get it banned. It was may. That undercut his favorite meals that I explain this it's my fault I'd hurt the pros let's say Presley hit main. 52008. Season tickets over the last two years sold every game is sold out. Can't explain that to me because if people that a bad teams artist invested why he'd actually is taking a shot in the deck. They bring in Rex Ryan papering and hide. High profile stars and Pamela is my. They you know they they big mix it up a little bit because it's an NFL team in football the biggest sports writer at just 20000 to grow every week bro. Is this is a very cold. Climate orbiter itself for seven months we sit and are this silly game in town picnic. I think there cheering for happens open Cleveland can't get a ticket to Cleveland has. All major sports again cavaliers you can't buy ticket to go see when it works you can only really five dollars let's see secondary market but also. I. Abused woman. Abused thing there aren't going out speaking of abuse women. I guess that wanna throw out that yeah Jimmy believes that cheering for a losing team your statement was makes a better person American Natalie is not a mixers like that. Of the major pro sports cities and Pete towns with the highest instances of domestic violence. A bottle it up from five to one. Buffalo's thought Kyra the alias for a Phillies this. Houston is three Erica Minneapolis is too wide domestic violent Cleveland is one do you notice a feed a multi nation exhibit I that I it will show you the article. Do you notice a feed a books those five cities. Well sporty in buffalo fairly well to pressure in his words yes. With the exception of the cavaliers winning a championship and the at least ten years ago when the World Series championships. And the Phillies that a team where they always look good on paper and encrypt the better it. You cannot tell me that's cool it's gonna anger and anger ME AI you're right you know. Everybody you know all these these fans eternally drunk irishman wanna get home. It's a frustration yes. He's got a wife and leisure abuse and abuse abuses. And they give EC guy that abuses is old lady raiders kid. He was probably abused as a kid himself right. You were abused. Your father was abused by the those are gonna hand that abused any children. Maybe you left and in bed than may be right iron left Tammy Columbia psychopath I don't feel I want you remember this is gonna happen to stick your head. Because there will be a week for game with the bills by the way the NFL schedule comes up Thursday night and claimed god am I gonna sleep there's there's a whole show and about networking I got a techno. You'll this statement you'll remember this break ahead week four if the bills dropped a close game when you're driving to work on Monday you feel like a piece of garbage you're gonna go all my guide. They don't underestimate. I have a psychopath because I cheered for losing to care all those kids you can hear all coherence you know. On Sunday and every snap pop. Wouldn't be irritated open till the point where if things go by what you say every year it's going to be disaster community votes of Africa. And royal. I don't know it's a guy gets so much fun watching you beer fan. There is some action more harassing in the game thanks. This next IE I opened my select their Beisel the business that's interesting to idolize you just like crumble the expense. Q and and you keep him back and asking for seconds it's amazing to 226 now this has their thing in my top alcohol just try to get it. I understand the deal without. How does seem to get the deal with the bill gives it I didn't Tommy knows what to expect us I don't and the alcohol never let you down it's gonna give this same thing a return particularly. I can't pay the bills can lead to slightly static kill you it's the same relations nets are much yes. There's a warning label on my alcohol. Saying. If you drink in his Q. When you get your ticket two bills giving Turkey government is gaining is gonna give us. Trying to like get the bills are giving birth defects. Well I mean maybe I still probably am looking out. Maybe you are avert a very because your father maybe use or lose games of bees are angry screwed up his sperm count. Jimmy you get the last word brother Kenny takes it being fed to lose exports to make you better human being go man. Well pretty good at it it's the portrait watched and listened to the shall. You know I've been littered instant there was a lot of Lou and Mike you thought you like allied. Well not he doesn't even go back to is even know that reference I've seen yet. So to let you know it's gonna to go. I let I let you know reporting even though the short horrible. You Geithner if you guys saw. A lot but you'd you'd keep I'd opened at one base just returned her own seat. You know an end here I turned out pretty good had a pretty good. It's about shows him to a better growth of our opinion a lot maybe a little don't tomorrow automobile lot federal parties. You're not well adjusted these college guys get radio show except what one of the audit. Two days ago there today acting Ike but they put the ball is cheering for using sports team make you a better person. Concede to hook it if you know when you I think to have a job with Communist countries are Smart that your when iced when I think toughness. The first image in my head office Hewlett. Route and my kitchen. Damn tough game or go pick our main guys take it frustrates that I made. Bad attitude abusers do you know what maybe maybe I'm abuse mission. You look abuse.