Does Duffy Owe A Favor?

Friday, October 20th

A friend of Duffy's wife helped him out with something in his yard, now he's expecting something impossible in return!


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So you don't want to ever let someone to a fever for you. While mile if you need what not but that's okay. Unless desperate C giants in any Faber comes with a check that will eventually have to be can cause yet for something else on the road to get editors and it should not be cashed is at the center of all of us aren't so. My wife wanted some work done around like the your pocket and she's she's really into gardening which is needed to get like head start with her so she has a friend who as a husband that does and it's okay and it was the basic of the most. I insisted on paying for it because listen. We have a very unique job were people believe we have access to this stuff we don't have. Yeah right everybody thinks it would piles of concert tickets anywhere we don't get in everything's free yes we did we get them like backstage passes it back in the day we couldn't salt on it exploded doesn't exist any more people ask me I feel badly Cuomo there's nothing I can do for you so this guy who does this for my wife is one of these guys. Where they are doing some but it was an. And I. EE. It is the upfront about that in the beginning kind. So he does this work from Washington and it's like 200 bucks with the stuff they're very nice of him. He used to worry about I don't know I insist I cut checks and of cash on meet Jack Hanna and check in this was like three months ago. I got a phone call. Wednesday out there and he asks me for 2015. Yard line tickets to The Beatles box theme from the stations are. Can't get him. And you know we don't alum he doesn't believe me. What you don't feel like they'll try to be polite here you know I don't people who work with a you don't know anybody to be did this would be happening there long story short. He was like did it that your wife while. And oh yeah I page for that way you did pay I did I hit the project ahead a check that's just it. He never cashed president cashed a check he didn't go buy the tickets he didn't hatch did she act. And her such that he EU and caches and this again it he thought the favorite would be more valuable than money but he also has rejected but it easier to favor any against the Japanese rampant and again he says he ripped it up on the way home I could ever imagine taking money from you when your wife but this I mean there are people that are like that like they don't want to humanity adjusted free the kind of so there aren't going your Beasley didn't. And I know how well he was of tickets now. Did he rip up the check cannot tell me about it right he's now using this to try get substantial my wit comes home from work and went there and until it is sort of like he can't meet one once asked me. If he didn't cash the check we owe him a saver. Went euros on the wall. And one. Buy the tickets don't want to buying an idiot for tickets Whitmore spokesman to a box approach if DR white seeds the bulls are term I'd probably. If you look at their books we found a piece item one seat okay. I'm not giving this guy anything or nothing. I gave he would check that you ripped up. Yeah Haitian told you that because it. Idyllic alliger checked Buckley V -- know like these that are 200 dollars went missing out of this account fifteen years ago everything would have been completely screwed operating would have been on balanced out whatever I guess I just missed the fact that he didn't need the money all right. Oh. Way to Nazi about you tell these seats are foreigner around you know how much they are when he ripped up to 200 dollar check in the past before this is so it is hard to be mad at them though because he didn't do that thing Florio. We like he'd. She and it labor to take you can't really. Is Jimmy had to physically at their area you work has Sally. I keep I give you something nice you know like a lawnmower civilian area Schobel on me it's it's it's labor over eat him. I looked up what it cost to have these un and I eat him over that because we he's a friend of my wife's. Brent or ultimately Trent. Learn this and he was square. Everything was square eighty did this on purpose to try to get more out of meat which makes him FC east come back. But you're gonna look like the scum bag and don't do you really like a step on the street we seriously. Those amendments you still he ever settled up one of them. So no I didn't mind you did but then his hand appears that they like nobody's gonna listening. I don't listen this guy you know who's a working guy they shafted I can't go Gemma yeah they carry cash app PI. He's gonna go around telling people and that story is gonna get skewed in measured Taylor leading up and you try to get something for free ranking him Pam can you repair projects you're now about the 200. OK it's only justice if I paid in cash and money to the wind on the way home to pay cash again now. So no we have he didn't. He and chuck the money out the window you're right he actually physically. More up to check saying I couldn't take money for you which I did not. But it was out of my hands at that point he only did it for disfavor and its way to cold he just pitched exact article you're I think what he did was wrong and it sucks that he did it but unfortunately you're now in the spot where you don't really have a choice but NL east lead. These and I owe some money. You know that that would that would bother me because I was like I can't they think gum. I get a bill land over years that I impact I don't know him trying to do no I don't know it was no worse she human being in the world you don't even know like the tight knew what do dual action you would notice injured analyze I don't know landscaping like. If you went the extra mile and only charge you 200 maybe he gave your 400 dollar job here. Now. We are siding with this guy. Hey if this gives you didn't steal if somebody did this to you anticipating a favor you mr. no favors that you nick. I have in my office web with less favor gulp. Look exactly it was a favor there was a curse you want it. No this guy's a scum bag on a tree I was I was. Come bag he would like you always have bills fan. And Europe bills fan of the game we get to understand they. The day he loves the bills much as you do he lies the deals so much he ran a scam involving B I sliced a damn mean. As scale could be he took your money didn't do to war that's the scam. You got the labor done you have to pay so labor was done it was 200 dollars right. But he wants something worth more than 200 well roster after getting beat corner with that so I just can't. So Weiner should get him just tickets. That are worth 200 bucks because I'm not it's the principle of the thing and visit by the ways it be the cheapest to monitor just give the money in every use a guy you know. Never knew her know it's done repeatedly ripped it up done it's done you make a mistake it would be a project I'm white you would do that were done the if he checked and it came to me later and said I ripped up the check actually need the money I would pay him it's just don't know it's gonna do that though that is going to be on that it actually do need that might put it got to be honest did I I I try to do nicely for you I couldn't afford and need the money I am happy to give them and the money that they did is the draw advocate is southern saying that the ticket is sticking in my head. I know it's. Is it's sticks Democrat sticks Crawford he's affected he planned this whole time why we talked to on my saying man those tickets are lake. Almost four dollars with fees and it's 200 dollar jobs so we have any you know. Keeping the 200 dollars against you know scored the tickets because I don't have free tickets. I'm glad to go on trying to get him anyway so here's the conversation went IE we're talking about. Husband of my wife's friend that's another thing that's a statistic he's doing well that's my boys are you. Yeah I mean. But my boyfriend does 200 dollars worth of landscaping work our house months ago from one of these favor guys and make sure to pay him beat check they didn't cash so we wouldn't come back looking for a favor from we will keep toward that checked up without my knowledge and now wants like four dollars worth of bills tickets Turkey wants I think that he did say get for free from the station which I tolerate so we started off as a calm conversation because it was a hard time understanding what he was telling me. Odd situation. And so years ago in the AC the promise you can't win you can always just agrees that losing here two years ago. Chris Rock came to town us open up for Chris Rock here at the comedy club and and this guy doesn't it I just bought a house by a's second wife in this guy does some work and we would pay them. And he goes generally love Chris Rock of love to get some tickets. So I said sure I said you know ideally the late show. You know whatever I mean they tend to. Hold we've taken a whole block. You wanna ten tickets to a Chris Rock show you to know they don't exist so much yeah. But I had to explain till I said look man this I just can't do that I said that nobody gives only ten free tickets at most you're on jeopardy. Over suits do you didn't do you really want to do any good. Do it and I paid him and he took the money. And also what attend tickets are Chris rock and expect ice at the bra I can get you year old lady and deceit Chris Rock show and he. He kind of was pissed off of me let that it Sony goes. He says to me bullet that's a deal forget it. Yeah that's the deal to free tickets is to do free tickets it enough for you then we're done here at night but at least I gave him a chance to be an ass. I mean did I I think yeah I give them an offer and let him hang himself or not but don't don't cut him off at the knees give a guy an opportunity to. The promise to this guy in his head. Think that he did you two favors he thinks he did a landscaping job and then he ripped up the check so. He did you do favors by not letting you pay as good as out there there's a battery but again I've explained to him he doesn't believe I don't know what else can do on not questioning his value was a businessman considering everything gets paid because terrors at a. That priest Google's current I'm not a threat I don't know. Set to get your bank here's the other thing is as. Your wife and his wife were tight and yes the stuff that's gonna come bullet that's the blowback you've got to stop what that's fine if you as a Naseem maybe. The fifty yard line seats are worth the key to peace OK he's you don't need her come on home. Get all of me your you know where. Because you do now to skid. Spoke this is this a little further pull all the way out and wants to take you oh here comes legal thirteen inches North Korea. They want to the North Korea they want to America American tools for the Iraqi men in America could very easily give them tiny little things that would make three happy but they won't watch. Big cars and green don't like man. We are right they are wrong we are giving concessions to win Jewish bag only leads to more things they're gonna want to be a high of America he is North Korea at a fight give him his inch by item tickets are claiming that somewhere which apple able to skis now to use me for favors for ever and his wife knows my wife so I'm guessing if people's deuce bad move like this about the weight of bigamy friends after we to have this discussion after the lakers. Triples this tournament like this I can only expect. He's not above asking his wife to ask my wife to ask me for things Narnia. Traditionally it's called an Enron and OK so then if I squash here I'd have to worry about these for the rest. You say do here's how you do you if you really wanna Garrett this guy. Only had a doing cease fire is make up the story about him. That your wife of fine actually disgusting you and it shall know want anything to do with a couple of okay that would have worked edgy she sent it into. Phone. Burr over your second here this like that on DK acts. Same old schooled at noon. FaceBook is how many can we get is a to BC enough for the break and FaceBook page this guy is an idiot you only many say the more you give him the more he'll keep coming back like okay how. Only to a giving him anything yet because he taught to check like keep 200 dollars in it but it you don't have it yet. Don rate is that you keep getting stuck on Richard out out the 200 let me just as if I went out. Out and bought the tickets for the Eagles game he ripped those to get better seats from me. Without lets you view random yet you handle what you wanted if any did that then Iraq dark. And every you're gonna think of them every time you look at that landscaping though if you don't settle stop elected way better decide. And it and when he is invited over your house for the barbecue. If you're a man yep it's doing now has given literally get probably added a thousand dollars idea is easier to do that well and urinating on its front of family saying you know Lanka's amount above you don't very Haiti man. A fair process any differ from any other days.