Does Bad Ink Still Exist?

Thursday, September 13th

Are tattoos SO common now that we don't even notice them anymore? Good OR bad?

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We reached at got a deciding where there is no such thing as bad Ted to any I would have to disagree I know you're gonna disagree can you mr. stuffed shirt even though you the most respectable and I know I have seen and out of bed at two but let me amend my statement if you are under the age of forty years old is no such thing as a bad debt to anymore and we have soccer moms to thank you do know based off the story of a company that thought they were making a great place to get some publicity and it cancel. Yet the break broads classical music's got WC IMF so. Earlier this week Domino's Pizza in York. All the promotion for fans they said if you got a tattoo of the dominoes logo any prominent place in your body and yeah he would get all hot pizzas a year. For a hundred years of rescue your likes to read heats up you gotta be so stupid for the rest of your learning I have to see it at all time it said quote a comedy place on their -- about it at two and they didn't they do it that comment plates and step but instead to him you gotta I guess so so now they originally advertised is to run for two months and months when she gets instead to. After five days they had to cancel why the outpouring of people who want I just ominous as add. That you would ruin your body between yourself and join NASCAR were a billboard for. Pizza you know hundred. By the way there are other companies out there that will pay people a lot of money detect you this company that you work Foreman has done yet. I don't and barrels coming to town. And we're Darian lake and we had this like fancy section if you got ASEAN math. Or a Van Halen tapped to. You got into this special area for one show one shell old Van Halen. How many believe that we had an especially area six try 300. And I kitty it was slammed into a great return of people awake is there were getting man Eldon WC met tattoo. That's what's so funny is they can't to fight aids and had to tell only the first 350 people to get the tattoos will be one of the special thing but here's I don't have a debt to. 800 free pizzas every year for the rest of my life I might get a dominant tonight Oscar gods relics think monetary value what's ailing got that locked around that it's meaningless OK it's a corporation by Dick Coca-Cola. I can't do that meaningless. I didn't die and that means something that dampers. They give them yeah maybe at first a lot of people now just think things will schools and Adam Aaron. I got this right let's say one of those pieces were ten bucks. Okay you get a hundred of those a year which is a thousand dollars for as long lived that if 5060000. Dollar promotion per person. You wouldn't take you get to two for 60000 dollars from. Yeah. It's as big as it's that the way it's going to be presented to your guest is having had a pilot cashed here. A cue up sixty grant has spent you want person bought. I can't spin on anything but pizza okay but surely you will you eat like a little bits like most men speak would keep his tattoo for free pizza for the rest of their life heads they had to cancel the promotion. I understand people are idiots. It goes further than I thanks to soccer moms now there is no such thing as a bad tattoo when he more now because there Fulham. But the worst one was as tramp stamp rate in the really sexy on you know it when he to rate it's now it looks like a wine stain on your lower back. But that's where everybody was getting them at the time when you look cute yet they're cute little shape when I you're asked political especially if you and it's clear dotted and outside Browning. Tennessee skin. Jimmy brought deliberately absolutely right you can tell old woman is based on where Lula they're Ted two it's like anyone over the woman over the age of 45 hesitate to right above ankle then from 35 to 45 they have the tramp stamp that women that are under the age of 35 had the tattoo on their foot and a the most recent one he's the tech to cameo like flick your wrist what is that aura that they're trainers sent in all it's like on paper you label like you could scanned them sexy people do get those tattoos the peace exhaustive program. Yes. That's the popular one right now on top of that everybody has won every week he only weak and we thought about this it'd be figured out where the only morning show in Rochester that has some of the does that tattoo. Not one person in his room as it totally exploit they have this won the species that your flight in my possession and grew she's like twelve. Gluten to see the replica of Taj earlier but the only show everybody has that it's it's shocking. So I've ever light my second wife she surrogate and detectors trade issues can't like. Cart moons and I like this today I go you gotta hate that stuff in ten years. Pain but it's not bad anymore because everybody has. Everybody is that nobody's Phat beat everybody has to nobody has been exciting on target but these people aren't thinking like you're gonna age. And that thing you think is cool with 22 is gonna look ridiculous on you when you're 354 illustrator professional woman at that point on gaining some cockamamie thing knowing your leg. And you're going to be in the office and a skirt and heels with that stupid thing on you can't. We are at the point now thing where corporate jobs will not be discriminating for tattoos and I I I my truth is this if you watch the news as much as we'd gotten there are a lot of girls women between the age of 2535 the workers reporters and anchors aren't they did to us. Visible tattoos you don't notice them. Well I get I get you don't notice that just that's how common they've become is that these women on television have ink that you don't even seen it by yeah sega's at a desk. Reporters stand up and hikers oracle Odom might take a little interest. And news reporting giving how many of your friends have tattoos. I gotten out. Eighty and 75% three out of four friends of on the front yeah. And your of that age you have anything. Yet again assume too scared to get much. But I Candiotti in because you know yelled show live there at the tattoo shop your. I could be in there that just that noise was like it cannot which I guess you're dental drill. It doesn't bother me I hear that tattoo needle it creeps me out. What's funny that the reason can be doesn't habitats in Iran and what she said she wanted to cleavage tonight or do you just joke no I didn't use inning and then they put our boyfriend. News Stan I've changed it yeah I did and government to do you think. There is no such thing as bad detailing what is a good thing right it makes mistakes the people in their forties and fifties not look so men and women everybody's doing it. Captaincy MFA dot how about a. They later. Erekat do. And I never will don't want pursuit. But this thank you it's how about the other when I'm out shoulder we're holding the woman with a one on the shoulder was shoulder to shoulder. But it does kind of seem to like the back of the neck shoulders. You got a hell hole today I don't know I'm pretty analogous scene about getting any backdoor action. Now we're a little old car up while. Yes we like extra headset only has got to bundle in back door now you get older what has a battery. Dress attire her days of the guy and I have a good reasons to to some others are rated it some little tag teams of moment can look sexy. Away circuit like full sleeves on soccer mom OC I disagree I think that the winds had to it turns me off if I see a woman with a full sleeve that I'd it doesn't matter who you try nobody in the circus world I like it I don't know why carry around fringe. Added to the state fairs when I see a woman completely chatted up. Hey they can pull it up to lead which are sick of pull off the subject it got to have the attitude they all can pull it off man amid. Big flabby and Marie on the west side it's all being done Sheila cited Joseph I also I would then it's like a Rose Bowl float. I was at duke but I am jealous of guys have this lease I think they look really cool I would love to have violated its only other guys that look at that can back it up. Well that's why don't have won if I had my shooting as normal pattern of a look like I had a I don't know burn victim to. To today's what does that skin graft. Did you do as it sounds there's knows that state is a bad debt to anymore you know a guy who knows about it twos is that don's see MS they got quite well yet. Mark and so I might get huge surge in person spot and into the attic gave me my kit to. Which sailor for a and the other thread up or however other. Matter per superlatives make today so you're allowed. We in the corners are on the server or its program and we won greet idea just to check super. Certain so. At first everything was cool you know stored at the doctor ordered treatment. Brought us applause and look at him leaner actress so. You which Apollo 151 rom underneath my nose or tickets or and you finish up. But yeah. They told it was 151. The hat. And I am and so I ordered sort of human race really jam on the streets that come. It could be 60000 dollars with a three foot on depending on how long you live. Well. Are you excuse but that streak so. You know I cloudy streets that are. Trying to picture roads now that the six holes I was like all else. Our area. You memories dumbing down more. So hang tight at the break room did you doesn't show on radio that's just. From our dodge days failures that. The races don't. Series it would still. I was holding a egg that was again if you site debt to lose because ago was at war by duty Marines -- up my dad but. And I was got a cool. And I can vary your motorcycle gang are sucked into Canada affiliation has some merit. But that would when your mock us Ted till it's over that's that's that's a lot of moms now yeah. Actually yes so like its act cool anymore that is that. Well maybe I would that is run of the mill. I wonder if kids Korea galloping get it it's their parents saying yeah so I don't know those who have to kind of ivory diving it's. You would thought that would phased out by now consider your mom doesn't it's not cool. But she's rightly did it's completely two generations now and kids keep still they still keep getting tattoos there's still the I don't know I mean it. What I know is it a million tattoo parlors in this town I don't know if that's the way I'm not sure I think down but I hate. They still way. They Samie driver a looker. I'm who live in Pittsburgh not a soccer moms really mad at you one Twitter client and Tisdale arrived at Susan you called them stakes big debt but you look like. You know even even said you don't even see him at the time coveted by it. It tells me like you're slut around of one point you still think you've got our could be attached to in memory of somebody here you know something that they were okay pretty rare. Dish. Towel soliciting your eyes and you dig at the stinky stuff is it thinker who isn't everybody can detect two thinks they're cool they're whether it. And yet it's it's cool and it tiger. It again. Have heard remotely fazed you're pretty cool are we getting it right of oil they appreciate the calls.