Thursday, March 15th

A woman who wrote The Break Room was so creeped out by what she saw in a man's house, she never went back for another date.


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Yeah it's amazing what pictures you are home about children and it all comes up this email from a woman she's in her mid thirties going through divorce third date with a guy he's making dinner at his home he's the same age and gets all know kids never married the sexual. Ask you pay that she thought was gonna happen she stopped to Jihad. Because she saw that he had several pictures of himself as a toddler hanky in his home and it freaked her more credit crunch out. Hey you know the break grew up on CN method in public reaction there are a lot of guys on FaceBook to receive this is completely fine to meet with themselves work. Pictures of themselves as a child and their whole how much though it won by the end and think. It fits in a mix of other pictures I think it's okay but if it's just give these are the only pictures you have around your house that's what makes it weird obviously this is like it was single guy in his thirties home that he has multiple pictures of anything. I'm a little weird doubt I'll ask Martina pictures right now. I thought what you think about this we just picture you've ever seen if somebody else's well Graham. The pick it had to take doubted our rules picks that should be taken down that you wanna keep because you have been talk about the great. Up pick that you had to mow my yeah delegate today the second Patricia has been on hold she's on CM FH racial about it. Richard there. I'm here I thought. I might indicate he had to have thought that this girl. Know that they were indeed pictures of that guy because what if he had a twin brother that died at age the only picture you're really reaching now. Help this guy out 600. I why are saying out there whatever needs to get dead Brothers pitcher if you wanna remember your brother more company grieves differently virulent know you are pictures of Bahrain I'll Wilbur. Its sister now. Now wondering pat there's even ocean looks like Alyssa she showed a picture he's actually right I did when Tommy was single I would house at four when I was a kid Tommy had no pictures which none. That yeah well that's coming but I just thought maybe. You know maybe at the twin brother who know. I dead twin brother that died Fred I suppose. Remember him and a thousand toddler I don't trust maybe you're right that's still creeping me out cultures they keep my call I appreciate it. It had relatives that creeps yeah yeah why I like white's grandmother she's dead there's a big picture popular that's like the major negative family. Ray I guess trying to get that and that's her thing but like if you were single let's say set that happening me and that pitch it was celebrity court house speaker to abort or go but he too you know it my diet might have a picture of my home is. You are a pitcher RA of of those bills moment you guys at bill gators. Yeah that's okay that's up to five in the idea you know you get a couple of passes. You know I had to questionable pictures in my house but it was taken him down. We'll get to that let's say because I do wanna talk to Sanderson he's on cnet's Sanderson is may be another reason why these picks her up what's up buddy. I don't want to go. Alan my name is Joseph I'd go by senators didn't do well against this. The law. I got a divorce from my wife I saw I kept I'll move now got a plate scored by. My mother in law was watching the kids my two boys while they were young and yes she was retired. So she would still come to my house. So he would hang up a wedding picture every time she came to the house and I had taken down and asked in the closet. All I'm beyond me I'd go up with my girlfriend and there would be the picture and try to explain that 12 hour and it wasn't I didn't hang out. So your mother in law which is Washington Greinke is from me divorce self. Would find that pitcher. And bring it out and hang it yacht that's we. Out why he was old school didn't believe in divorce. Even horse. Even lower divorce exactly. Hang in a pitcher was gonna change your mind are you know what you don't think it's slot now. Does this mean that they're you very he should do is alleged to have been overly crazed probably needed to babysit. Pre baby sit right that's right. On. Top of his of citizen advocate anybody any side. To this point it's got it again I wonder how many guys so let their mothers cumin and decorate for them because that would absolutely explain the baby picture I would my mom decorate my house Yemeni single gunnery as well I mean we. It's how well all the time all these semi. Like people who are mama's boys like you said you Brian and friends that'll go to their mom's house every Sunday for dinner and true attack could happen. If it's not on out of the question that a mom just stop by and start putting stuff up without your permission right. She does little to tied for second this Anderson brings up something interest and what's her divorce is what makes it complicated because you could have a home. A new a decorated his outlook photos all over the place and the divorce happens and you have to determine which ones stay and which ones dollar but for example if you have kids or if you have a great picture of you your ex wife and your kids any place that is unique program do you have to take a picture Dow. I think gay guy I think you get a pass on certain well I think purely say that because it played Q yes. I had a pitcher and to divorce. My ex and I do on a honeymoon was a special place never gone there again I only had a one pitcher. So I left it hanging up on a wall but it was out wall that ruined I didn't have any furniture and don't you just up there. So how all the women I dated found that pitcher late victims new putter around like dogs and they find that for Joyce who's that. I gauze my excellent and of what you have it up like a Walker's. I can for a competitor again it was a honeymoon they undergo back. Ben there so I go Lessig a tactic in the picture it's is gonna stay. And it would bother all of them and it was in a robe like he did he even had to go out of your way to fight it and they went out of their way to find out how to hanging up. Yes I did. You people see I just kind of left it there but it was late. It's stain and it stayed till I left really Malia. And it became an issue every once when any time a fight started winning these devastating. That picture was getting dragged into the argument again that gives its general wanna house you don't know what you care. You take it down it's something that says something it was a really cool vacation O'Keefe alienates sectors I had this woman what would you can understand how woman's head she would look at that and maybe it's that the camera gambling you know less than that there's a door. Good. Pictures stating you're go move it or lose it don't kick I really. This picture yeah. Well don't tell me how to do my own Al. Not like you're doing this guy with a toddler pictures of his eyes are now I got that thousand pages of my ex wife and. They getting person would be bothered if a picture of your significant other and acts was displayed in the home. Broker natural yet the issues you would demand that I take it down even Ewing in Lebanon. I'd dead meat if you want it if you if you were truly moved on mighty need a picture of your accept. I would use it as a negotiating tool well I would let that did you go to waste. To statistic I. I guess the art of the deal man's nobody you don't take it out of you know and yeah that'll hold you're. Such. My in addition I'm not gonna happen to let. Next week bitterly faster that you leave the picture. Did you 6000 pictures that your house what did it take down ones that creepy about it all comes off the story a woman who went to have sex with the guys debated saw in his home video pictures of himself as a toddler all over the place and never married no kids freaked her out she left. Andrews on C a math major white brother. Property geared my I got a good buddy of mine. He'd live in concert there is couple that there about a hundred years though that you saw that photo album inspectors on the law. Indeed actually data the letter that bill brought the Wear around and the law are covered up. All all the time out of the game. So you bought a house from no Kabul they don't live there anymore correct. Did it. As bad spot. And negated and. But there's still like his old people stuff in the hounds and these people relate to anyway it is the crowd why did you serial killer herself buried in his backyard. You don't touch in dogs got Lawrence and he's ferrying kids in the backyard that's a serial killer job I would think pictures of someone you don't know. It's the club and have quite as I said either as an editor as a buddy of his I wouldn't hang out with him anymore yeah pray. Like debtor at a creeps me out. Of your house. Why would they be at the my now ex cola has this happened my my cousin had a birthday on Sunday we can't senator. Jews pulls up the phone meant. And there was some elderly family members I only met as he may be dead people him hard to identify Debbie got that would be fine but. To that point there one which you. Ever go oh I get out this picture person ever met. And at my house Kate yet I guess your right India two did you 6000 Jerry's in the breaker mansi MF this is white white is this free Cuba Jerry. You're doing for a while construction and all ballots are working and caught it at bay pitchers. It's. Actually air. And you'll do recovered it now. Oh rate nude pregnant pitchers. Yeah. I will come would you be little tip I don't know if you know there's a right it's eat food to our yeah she is very. Brilliant technical product faced Keith I never thought it's a sexy. I kind of think well I mean I know some guys to fight with pregnant women sexy relate real haters there's there's porn there's. Pregnant or not that far in the predicament knocked up momma is selected molasses you know neck and a step but I never know. And those of their names and not. Just its successful what is. Pop and Mamas and F and pregnant yes but like. I aliases sound like guys that were that musical weird fetish re like they had some kind of like mommy issues are now it may be issues or something I but I got there at the league. The general public a man got pregnant. Women look sexy that I call I appreciate I. I think you're gonna start seeing more and more those pregnancy pictures to you but they had become very popular to get sexed up which are big. And you stretch marks and you you're you're him. Bloated body and you take sexy pitchers when my wife and I and I found her servers XW I was really in the month. Super broken and I guess that's at Danica and Erica that gene. I think it's more for the win ticket sexy pictures when the pregnant and it is for their husband when it feel like they're still beautifully and on and on it it's more like a reminder like hey this is one. I was dragged to the Pacific and naked C cal we'll take one more before a move on. Daughters. Tell you Dixie your house there's no better way to wrap this button to with a good buddy Don whose antsy about when you talk in sexy stuff yet thought hey daddy it's. You don't carry which really were to edit managers keep burglary but that are here at the stay at Oakmont and he's got to get pictures of those albums thing at all over the own blood. Man photo we're I don't have any exports photos all legit I look at that that he has that thing what they have. You do is take all your. Bill all your sports memorabilia that's probably you'll decorate your house for the iso subject comes over she may be a little off put by year. Waltz who walled. Devotion to their bills and sabres it. Any thoughts IE would kind of expect that out of like bachelor pad it vilify him in and this guy I'm always gonna take a backseat to do is weird as hobby is. If it's a single island and on his own in his house looks like a man came Titanic get it to. Got his son of a big. I'm with Donna. You were deployed just court here. So we shall we and our back. And not pitchers are packed my my daughter is not among the lulls W boon on one. My daughter gave us a pitcher. I liked but I expert Torrey for anniversaries. That bit nursery that looks good exit. Even my older edge trucks that are now. Issue what you put into our record I think it's weird. It's a bit more pictures in fact it looked at Bagram which is quite a week as she put us and so and then. Also the other relatives are all we are suppose all that's pretty cool I want I wish to send it yet but their luck. Looks like BP Adolf Hitler. That's my message actually view of one which there with the Armitage actually and you get a kick. I expect him to exit may be Taylor at the break I really got to keep up dead Dottie I feel. Applicant rats to put in there Richard Daley did on Tuesday.