Thursday, March 15th

A woman who wrote The Break Room was so creeped out by what she saw in a man's house, she never went back for another date.


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You do not realize are creepy thing until you see them happen Erica and I think this is one of those things was to see it from one might see anything but she describes we. Should have been sexually count with a got it Tuesday aren't which was put. Off sheets he stopped it which is such aversion like yeah inside his hold and I guess if I want to know guy's house mid thirties never married and he had these in his house. Yeah how often put it but I didn't realize standings. That would be ascribing well well yeah. The breaker match to classic rock many 65 the BC maps of the email reads as this 35 finalize my divorce in obligated guy. We were going on our third date these are the same page never been married no kids. I go to his house for him to make dinners August apparent early in the right did you bright their database you should be some Mac show house is really nice and I are. Are planning on having sex with a because it's the third day teams that she subscribes to you were there. Food was great. I left after dinner because I was creeped out by the fact that he had pictures of himself as a child all over the house. He's not talking fifteen to 28 yeah I'm talking toddler age. Of himself yet she says like Bibi to age seven. She goes all the email the sake. I could see Atlantic he was impressive people by having pictures of him in. Utley high school basketball or graduated. Or something like them there's like to see grannies house yet she says why would you surround yourself with pictures of your younger self I'm not trying to be picky too judgmental as my therapist says that might have contributed to my divorce. But I need someone to give me an opinion so I don't feel crazy and potentially lose a great guy. Should I be uncomfortable about big. Pictures. Yeah that's weird right I guess I used to those attach your toddler self. You whack. And China like to give a reason why you led he's a whack have baby pictures. Other then I'll tell anyone I might be a fetish of cell cell phone receipt go upstairs and next thing you know a key slips into a diaper sign. I'm unexpectedly put on the bed and I doubters as like Shealy tipped his hand young. Fetish. Like with his grandparents or something eat ID like whether Stanley hammers pitchers don't but if it's just like. Like here. He's like US a toddlers that there by yourself yet and there's certain tells so we know chip you dead dated this guy. She goes over to his house in print but dubbed duke rape yet but. Apparently his parents died. And I and I guess he got older furniture and stuff so his house even know he's a young younger single guy. Looked like a grandmother's house would like to Whaley is an old furniture and lamps and pictures of the family but look like an old person's house and she got creeped out. I may start to get into it she looked around and zipped up and was pulled up recruit Sheehan got added there. Who did you 6001 and for women if this would stop sex if you thought witty guys how single guy no cute pictures themselves a baby in as he and two new pictures house is listless at. You bet my house my wife loves pictures now we have like a hundred pictures which are fairly that's that's normal what I realized last night as I was you know going through this email here. I never Hong op picture in a house ever. Might signals apartment did what you were Bowman. I've never contributed to our picture collection we have not every picture that we have -- somewhere there are pictures of me when I was younger with my family but I would put all of the mop. Yeah right as it should assuage ago okay Ryan. I kicks all but it's even work for me when I was stating so merit a one chick I told you about. Nice girl and we had had we kind of you know gotten into Arabia some sex trade and so I go or her place. And I see a pitcher her family. Oh yeah I like yeah I suck I mean meet in this favorably man I goes so it. After this pork and I was done I can edit cut it right Dennis I don't think he's beatable collected from the early eighteen hundreds. But I mean everybody well. See you media people as like good looking families. Not good looking dispelling the X Gary. Like anybody play they've eaten raw stuff. OK I they taste like I don't know late they would likely yes yes it did look like. Really scary frontier people from the eighteen hundreds. Then and I was like I got a 'cause I. You know I thought it was one of those novelty pitcher should take to make yourself look like that that would also have a photo amended ponds park man. It's amazing what. You may have leaked pictures tell what you're just how about you when they're easy to lose that ought to get to 6000 calls a company and woman and it's a sexual encounter with the the guy because even his mid thirties and never married no kids has pictures of himself as a toddler all over the house bills on CM FA built boy buddy. Eight on. What they could be it you wanna know be it singles I'll pick and adds a little but another thing it. Parents at the Wayne pitchers or they're out and it ought to tournament but it yet Aaron like an output up on the wall that we. But I wouldn't it but now some people might. So why o'clock that went up a lot. OK so. So he inherited text or maybe it's so I ringers they lets him have a chicken are my house that the company gets to match OK did are gonna dual power sweep through my house to kind of I guess there's some questionable suffered just a putter went way sure is always are just gonna get leads and I admit I don't care what she thinks of my age you know. My motif in the room I just wanna get into her little mufti. But Daiei that he may have done this on purpose thinking shall think it's cute to think I'm in touch up like a dog Houston. Gotten in touch and way bigger now. And in touch with a softer side or somebody may he did it on purpose that it might actually work and it's pressure during an Allen all that nobody wants to see that the machine we do. You know our dollars up. You don't know who Alan all the is are all marred. All gone Ali I would understand what you're saying QB if it was like pictures of nieces and nephews yet but they're looking at yourself. I don't look at myself. Yeah I've seen me it's disgusting and enemies know how to decorate delegate base listen their parents passage figured that's the norm for house I don't know you know whats hot about this as you guys are serious and hold their 226000. It's totally different rules for FaceBook right guys out these pictures himself as a child freaks me out but today's Thursday and a social media if you do this thing to hash takes throwback third rarer guys on FaceBook will put pictures of them beat five years old old fish in every single gets fired a good idea to visit to. And now it's not because it does goes a ways and it's a one in nine. You hang a pitcher on a wall it's like hanging herald you walked past that all the time but FaceBook easy Walters a peaceful. All those pictures of the wrestler by I had to go seek out. OK but if I'm in your house there it is all the time it's on the mantle over the fire personally build I'd like seek a lot of tickets we ordered that you put on FaceBook because like. Only a certain amount of people. Will seat in what's your had a very DM but everybody will see his picture view as a toddler on FaceBook like that's a little weird but that seems to be socially acceptable at my apartment and Terry's on CMF talk about this weird first with thirty counter Terry L aria. I I adore. I heard as stranger our I would bet that fire at a party. At all. I don't I didn't stay at parties called and I invite you over without Audi was the firemen you went to Sharon is not it. In the firemen right now and my goal but there and we found a better. And he started proposing to me the first day I just not on. And he was showing me the diamond. Said he wanted to put into a ring or me per engagement ring. I'm like. Wow I'm out of here. Yet I stats really. Nice considering how you sound. Straight day at a you could call I appreciate it did reader product it's real money anybody I don't do an associated to SharePoint dull. Glad they got have a diamonds like that deal off what kind of a song that's special items bonus was examined at special I don't know that it can be reason to have it may be it was you that first day I forget even about even saying republic yes the proposing is weird but like. Forgot to say IKEA the dot an action diamond lying around testing kids. That could've been also in pictures handed down apparently like it diamond but I wouldn't help people I had it. Now nobody's gonna also be a disk in it's weird guy who thinks that we've entering this kind of thing I would look at look at this history and I pick I'd like you're already in. Let's Seton get married. He's a pleasant company to do is get us either BC enough for the break from FaceBook page I have a single guy in my forties I've been divorced I have several pictures of myself as a child. In frames on my wall around my house it makes me feel happy to remember the simpler times you should judge people. For shouldn't it's. Why take it to feel good about the place that they would elect. Think people say you shouldn't judge that's exactly what you want me to do. Rate that's two point good or bad luck to you you you're looking for a reaction I mean that's why you as we displayed things like. It's to show off and but I can also have opinion at that pitcher weird would you say this is anybody else it's for me makes happy looking at these pictures does that that's weird. Just like sit dad can have me when us to deal which is self I don't know lecture again he gets his fetish they cannot the banking cucumbers there will. We're doughboy. Alcides if I did detection at the Walt beach and a season and you smile to mature pitcher and a family. It's different for you right now are made and Europe and your family lives in tone and very and I can see Evan a couple of pitchers of you know some special moment but to just standard as photos of famine how many of those a partner who was a look at two ugly as family anyway. I like he'd go with the SEC folks and hold six I can be 180 seconds because I didn't realize until this discussion. How old pictures. That hang in your home or aren't your FaceBook page. People beautiful way to tell. What are your weakness picks you've ever seen at someone's home and is that there as there had to have any picture you took Dow because like let's say your divorce and you have kids. If your ex wife is a picture. Can I hang. I think certain pages you get a pass our country segues right back into it next to break replied he's tied the BCF.