The Death Gift

Tuesday, October 24th

There's a time and place to give someone a heartwarming gift, this probably isn't one of them


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State and feeling bad for somebody wanted to make them feel better after situation like this now but this is wildly inappropriate. Slightly his guide to push the I that is creepy but I don't know what he gave until it's not a creek and although I never I never heard what I tell you what he gave review ordered. Pretty close close to doing it. I know it's a great the treasury to causes situations he was going on there especially when you have an opinion does that my mind takes a cat like me to sit back and readily. Ciba it's happening you have a great group that's it guys activities expired at UC. That I you know how old. He won easily thirty garden she supports your father passed late case Terrell along that way at all for stood you know. At the weight whenever there's good friends pulls you aside I'm sorry I'll be doing okay anger and use that's trying to help. With it which prepare. He's got up worse. Heidi and it was coach purse and of them pants your neighbors like like thousand dollar per thousand dollars. I was dial that's exciting story for your who's a thousand dollar part yes zobel. She was grateful but also confused. Vision it took the lead guy. Insisted again what do you say it again I would feel we're not taking it at that point it's just awkward situation. He didn't have a bunch of people. Look at it look like it to me that's just it like I don't know two to 26000 I've never heard of them EV prize. And it's no arrests leave like this guy in front of a bunch of people to see which makes the journey which. I wondered two things I duck creepy but I'm wondering. As he still looks at it like a little girl yes so lake mom daddy died. Indicate doesn't understand is going I see you give them a present OK okay to kind of calm their fears of what's going on. And I wonder if he elected terrorism at the little girl which gross and creepy it's just saw little her rule. Now be your read I think sometimes kids do get. Not and when Kong gifts but like just something to distract them right and donate to look at her as that little kid OK in that case if that's the case and it's a noble thing that he did all the confusing is that it's inappropriate literature is in the right plaza like the last August I thought he was just giving this to work in front of everybody to say look what a good guy wanted to reveal little that two weeks which I'd usually take advantage of your good friend's death might keeping his daughter thousand dollar per veteran but the other I think it's bothered me -- to to to 6000. His they're such that they can seek re B gift you give someone who lost and never has such a give cards and flowers and it's that I rich we're bad at funerals night. EA might have family over for dinner the will be you know. Awake or whatever you wanna do but I've never heard of like here's a once in a mauling got you this. Think we've. We have this conversation before about somebody giving it shackled during a funeral that's kind of along the same lines is again. What you could do you give somebody willing to give garden restaurant go way you know things tougher and I picked up filming out for an iceman on main that is more modern Egypt casserole. Yes okay so that would be appropriate. Look at but late tee appointees and checked FaceBook message comedy what we were commercial break. Yeah I give 200 dollars to help pay for the funeral to every close friend I have a fair remember that without. So listeners that I can't afford to bury my family yeah well it's I mean and it. The way that item brokered in a foreign I'd put him on the ground elected newcomers who sit down some money. Did the service. It's such a deal. Isn't appropriate to I would and anybody money over the only shape euros that you get these networks tickets left on the Roger take us this game streak to run a fiery right now. I really hope this is the thinks I've never given anybody I've never seen that never seem like. Paid you go to the funeral parlor and there's a gift table. This one table using the earns on it yeah for the caskets on intensive. 2226000 exceed folks at nominal talk about this girl that I don't lower father passed away. Her father's friend gave her 8000 dollar coach purse is and I'm sorry is also an over the top thing but he did at the actual wake my question I guess is even if this car was in the right place and even if he was doing nothing inappropriate. How she's supposed to enjoy this present. Because the only reason she got it is caused her death Paul I didn't write it's loaded pause for senate stuff. Like it was like you know something that he gave to her before he died Reyes is my last memory but the only reason you have these high end date your possession because your father die I would think. Yeah right current. Sold. My dead who is notoriously. Selfish at his best friend a world drops dead of a heart attack of 42 years old. And guys have been jurors in my prayers from Florida. My father physically it will feel like going to the funeral. It's his best friend I they were caught there were so close Lisa called him uncle George I'll pick one of those friends is a femme. So it to smooth that over. He sends and his widow to wonder Bart. So simple that this so bad though illegally can you buy yourself out of a funeral called. If you haven't Gannett did he at least public an excuse ready to go early morning Elliott go to Europe and the guy had money it was a wake. The sky it was red and same circles by a man who's a business been demanding their money. It was a light and was that was set for life when he when he dropped even at 42 is going to bank. So my body just didn't like don't you'll mural disease lazy and myself but I'm sure what you're saying is adjusting myself listen to you as soon as you said the check because I'm trying to DK I. I wanna keep you buy your way out of what he is saying IDE right. I don't. I keep funerals despite so why you give me money you can't buy away Adam funerals especially here in town. They appear in town and you just hand overt act like black and you make the five minute drive here to go to ice we have busta buddies for a day it we have buzz about is akin afforded to all. A party at their house of another to right so let's say that guy's old man dropped pool and we know it is an the bank to bury him. You could you could go decades some money could you know he needs. So but you still show up. Well dollar buy my way out. Right to you do 6000 were talking about the grieving gets girl it's a dollar purse thousand hours after her father passes away from his best friend it's appropriate but I. I don't think your autism that Tommy with the whole he's still Caesars little girl sure it was distraction but I Juli said she's done this before eight Juli. He's gotten it right back grandmother died last year I did something that I he's. I had a necklace made with a picture other apps didn't do it and she loved it now actuary and every day. That's just a personal thing I coral do for each other did you attenuated for. That's a personal thing between you want her net that would make sense is for sure the girls. I mean I think that's cool. I asked the other thing I'd add a very close friend turns adequate diet over the summer and it's it's mind that I have money to bury them. I dictionary. Taking care of me. Where you pay for the whole idea of funeral. It's. It's still like it ranges to cook them. It. Do. You think the rain. Immediately you pay for all the. So these people don't have enough money that predicts it's just it's. Just. Also expand it now. I. Remember last name and numbers. So you'd have a boy for her husband. Easily EA get a husband is realizes that you cut a check report doesn't down. Yeah. As well Randy got family Kate. Courtside he's a boyfriends tell you you're still not. You can join an articulated that that was the case ever. Her friend and she's cover and I think for Erica come on the truly political entries you don't notice baggage thrown a few knowledge not afloat the whole ball when it. There's a whole family can contribute to this would you tell this way to go up furniture is yes I'll tell us which was to take purity since jerseys shoes. I'm really sure to schedule a pat. But it would template the conversation has to be said there is a 100%. In no way you keep you're white you're not paying your friends you. Chance it's so we pay for the whole funeral she says she is you happy now okay well. Yeah I don't. We bury most of the accounting corporate sister. From this experience. Well cookie sister when you think they knew she was cremated that's what's called nation they co Q secret agent consistently focused its ashes you idiot ice you know it's a degree temperature she was over cook like your mother's dinners. And that costs us we have to pay the counting. 500 blocks. Texas disrespectful. It's. That are in the nursing home and yet there's a lot of money right. Here's the tough eight to your sister's funeral only paying happily paid 500 baht snuff. Get the cardboard box. Which is sister it's my agent in. Hit oh well done only on my ego iron and we give it to the girl how insensitive if I geese don't ideals tele. That listed it's an olive and ended dead by she's got kids rat. But this is what they wish it would be creamy right okay so who cares who Cox it okay whether it's Pizza Hut or the accounting OK it's a knob in your cook it and it's done she you've got to. To pay 4000 dollars for one. I think it's Euro. We went what is pricked up its they have the people the Packard baked pizzas. Aces is almost go to every year. You order thing crust with Dick if I am one of her kids I'm livid with you livid did you eat for five. I finally can't be we can't be upset about that if they paid for it you can't hire. We did as the girls for India and saying we took care of the you know like sandy and all adults are all in her thirties and forties. And the three Brothers paid for the sister well while well all 370. Dollars. Just like beat Duke Lacrosse. 170. Dollars and then. That was during the energy crisis with Jack Nicklaus. He knows. That you point 6240. I'd pitch to Janet BJ you're gonna I got a box attempt ditched the jacket you're wearing cost lord what you need to all area creeks start that we as a barrier screen. Just paying for for LP gas. Which like I gallon of that site twelve books Abidjan like I beckoning goes spending more money on a free it's your oven to cook somebody that's beat got you to second PG against. A load. Ice and never shut their man Mayo illegally owner wrote on. His son. Also I've read of his family members were upset that they they wanted in a cheaper way they. What kind of offered to pay for it OK I don't think you can be upset if somebody's paying for the whole process out. So that to analysts that the city of the west from the age they did of forests and in in six Asian guy and a box from. It was basically just a small. Cardboard box with a bank inside of a cover remains you need to buy dinner whatever you want to do it needed because of course we give it to girls and said here's your mother do what you want to buy the ground. Jesus Christ these kids are forty years old is your mother let it go by there own just. I serve much. And they've probably read over it got game grave. Yeah I would tell you at least like. Made a presentation. Would you place. Face a box. And Cardwell a guy UPS guy drops of offerings Sebelius IP is the dear dead mother inning go I got up by the turn your Jesus Christ and how about W little skin in the game and your mother on sooner birthday I didn't. I don't think the lunch you knew you god damn. Privileged millennial. Oh very my mother pay for it give the earned the semi. Flowers you criticize your father for not attending a funeral a pay 200 dollars to his best friend and you'd get. That it is safe and bright aren't we just doing what you paid. Eight dollars it didn't buy currency you're dead sister not even celebrated her life with a few. About away. Know her five husbands ponied up a nickel. They know showed up at the funeral OK and then oh by the way we also. To a little something after hours and so the three of us but the food bought the boos. I've husband show up. Nothing so you'd give credit here literally dig your shovel and the salami sandwich is and you give money to your ex wife she Basilan. One of the two. From your lips to God's ears I will pay him pay we'll put you Seve did check.