Dads: Never Break the United Front!

Thursday, November 2nd

There's a father in trouble for how he chose to bond with his son!


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A mother edges of the sport from us and chase it from minus this time of year it's gonna happen every year with a kiss her World Series games start at 830 words over now Houston and yeah. But they're past midnight. They were going to spend night and her son is a huge sports fan near to she writes us this email is it about my son this was written after game five. Eight he's twelve years old he's in middle school he's staying up late watching the World Series with his bother we had discussions his father and I up previous to game five saying maybe this is the game because it's not elimination game. Where we make him go to bed early so. In the sixth inning around eleven there are 111130. I told it was time for him to go to bat. His father put him to bed I laid in bed with my husband for a second he went back downstairs to watch the game. It turns out he grabbed my son out of bed and walked him downstairs to let me know what you try to block block everybody's fund I thought that we were on the same page here. And he showed Lleyton disrespect for my authorities mother would never dream of body as a model. I would never dream of doing this to something that he asks all I got all women do it undermine your authority Iran now is actually got. Obfuscate every things she goes on. On the bills' game is on Thursday night myself busy very big bills fan I'd always the last stay up late for that. Is well all I was trying to do was think of his wellbeing and my husband has shown my son that my opinion does not matter. I don't think a bottle I'd say this and I wanna make sure that I'm not crazy making these statements please ask the female listeners you have and she's. Personal. They sound like they do this every week it's a special occasion like he's innocent of what time of the year re get the World Series. And the rare occasion where the pills are in prime time this hardly ever happens okay so sound like he's ruining this kid's life it's a couple of special nights. You think of all those great bonding moments you have Richard data mean. All your favorite memories of your daddy had a very rough childhood with your parents. Were these bonding moments where you guys were late having some fun together for her to like 12 o'clock. This is such a current move. The problem is so you'll party made the decision. Put in the that note she made the decision on the other way we handle also put him to debt ceiling because if you can block that you should have done it before you put the kid did she was run and god damn nag now. And now tape these so she wouldn't show up she wouldn't take no for an answer so. There was don't. Unified wall. This is what she wanted enjoyed you on board. That's like coming to a disease at Enron board they had due to shut her up camp with Canada you do what Enron with Jimmy took power so we if you want to put your foot down it's a noble for the moment came out I'm not putting him to that he would later because I wanna have that argument has been trying to actually. Never gonna let it go with a name like this is even worse than that illicit fuel you have to have these body it's your son who may not speak Spanish. Another step forward and I do expect the authority your wife but she's coming in ruining it can you imagine. If she one to do something special with your daughter. And you don't know you talked my way via HUS do this special I don't know what will happen this weekend and it was a discussion and it was over IIIA said I don't think we should do this they and we had a discussion a little bit of an argument but eventually we came to agreement and I've won. Did you just do it in and listen greeted win. Bonding moments are important to 226 now jets signed but not at the expense of your whites parental authority as well as the right. Already what is she blurted it department did just yeah. Opera dark dark guy. Parent you need to show united front side I just gonna tell you only to show that Mandy what delights can why can't shut it'll get. Get upstairs to shut again I don't have a little bit you can't because that in in your OJ in the house bro. Can I went on the way you and I were both great east. My point this woman's point one PG respectable but. Why. Refer to him. It. They might get this stuff all the time and don't tell you mother's death was mom does it had a dynamite my father lived like that all the time he'd. And a special occasion like this are trying to one prime time game a year. The second row in the keys like to figure in a mock. Pagel weed out problem burba and yes my parents could also be agree on it is my parents had not divorced and my marriage would be in shambles because that's what I thought but really I'll terror speech you're comparing it to a guy that once a ones. I NS season move your father and my father operated like this on a daily basis okay this guy wants to make a couple of special moments for his kid. And I think it's a big difference to compare our of our fathers to this guy. But in a way I think this data using this as an excuse to vomit I mean you play any of opportunities is a rare on every president bill behind your time do you. About the World Series game seven World Series game five I went up by the closest go to the game seven and the bills. In mind but a big nights that I. That's we could compromise on OK second stay up for game five can we please let him step for games and I actually what she says he election sediment the bills knew we'd be for the bills can we please put that advocates years old poets a couple of nights and talk about the little bit. Toledo's he goes to work with the Eagles is go to TV hang over the raw deal at a junior intelligent about listening. They occurred in various ticket tickets six personalize Saddam more TV hatred for the dads are color coded. Other rights are set to stay up watching the World Series game five got email she knew it was going to be up the bills game she asked her husband please put to bed tonight it's not a deciding game non. To get to bed who got it dead when his flight that got back up to watch rest gave its Nikes can dump station that's just cool little moment they had she'd pass like Marty said it undermine authority and she's right just break record I see a math Major Applewhite rather. Good value at those or. Well on the right but that's what are harmful circle and it will papers yet I would not say that. I did the old man did. Oh absolutely. Absolutely but it's gonna come back get a you know Mamas and install. Yeah I just mean. Do you you don't understand the undermining than rightly. Balloon race. It never ends on their children there's always Epoch. Like there was nothing more frustrated and yet it happens in every relationship if you have kids would you tell your kids something did you find out you're white or your husband said no the other way because. But you're making me look like a Dick my kid won't respect because they know they can go to you would get something else right Jeff. But when it's so no he felt. Exactly. So just to go body in the division I a junior had just get pushed around by abroad. Order respect women and two auditor marine well. I think it's okay to respect to mothers authority authority. Also come back to the secrets between you and your dad the one between you when your kid is different now I think it is different so let's say let's say you. Give junior beer and generally is against it. I inning and a garage Yang and I do little project. Is of unity at the enemy can appear I don't know. Now you had to do that the teller at a divided upbeat data out to attack I would do it wouldn't do that. Different man Camry for Richard can't fly you can't speak now. I had everything's gonna write rules and regulations. Silly thing is you know you know everything is turning into what's a public swimming pool we get a read a list of demands and in thinking for you jump in the god of war. You're saying the only way you can have fun with tears sign is if you break the rules now think that's being finally you'll hyper mobile went out to bow which is so what he's saying is that only we can bond with your son is by making it look like yeah. She does that honor and you're doing you know Weisel do that obstacle moms. Where fun goes to dialysis admit moms also know it's kind of best for you you you don't get it to ultimately sent hundreds are. Raising children there are times so what's the why you gotta let him bill brought this I don't. Hate this father for his kid to stay up I just think if you're gonna fight this fight teller before my foot is doubtful due out later but it's not even a 5050 relationship is basically you got to the you gotta basically follow rules kick it up for the first four games the World Series and in the most important game no game five. You keep it. Is. She knew he was going to be tonight for the bill and he's got sober it's all over okay boring year. Did you 6000 Bryant in the break room on CNN highlighted his life. How did you do it let's not ordinary working years what am I want my kids are now at one and 81 senior we're of course now. I learned so I'm working years creepy and cute and it is quite accurately eight shots here and I'll let your light on the show. I don't want to. A bridal. It could a worked out too well for you considered married anymore and he's got a city learned so maybe in on camera Vienna. And Hillary fought the good fight though. Suited to 6000 you can bond with your son just don't undermine don't tell your mother of your life and that's undermining lethal accumulate and listen the way you feel about women. And the way I felt about women until my parents split easy direct result of our fathers undermining our mothers authority it is so if you get caught blame you followed a kick you know a Hadi is the way I was raised baby. Revver is the break embassy about it read our our. Good morning guys ought Robbie nearly 90% he would probably but that the Pampers. The point you're arguing as well the kids be allowed to do that when the question and did that bothers a lot. Yes he did you kid agreed that your gonna do something you know on terms of your chins and then have one parent in their mind behind the back of another. You can't do. But when you're bound and you're dead agree the army for the discipline. It all out there today and has an article says OneCare undermine the other YouTube great down here in orders are Europe purple guys. Bremer basic nobody ever present that he's right he's not hold it right here is right united front is the most necessary take it a quality relationship with a child. I'll learn how to pull moose he knew which 10 that's a little about or just talk the way you do about women until your year mid fifties. Every without a for country I mean your kids never gonna hunt was the women should. If you if you are on the same page at you your wife having your kids never gonna understand Knoll. Because if mom says no I'm going to debt that does not gonna go to mom and ask her how we how we you Laver. You know except that you can't be used up and make sense that he spoiled brat who got a when he was ten would understand it's got to figure out how to work the system ranked that they get ahead. So when you start working assistance. So as a janitor oh. But mother writes as an email looking for support you make a dummy no percent save up for all four games of the World Series you wrote this I just after game 56 game five because the bill was coming up on Thursday she knew we'd be up ladies twelve years old to me please put it better it's not a deciding game debt puts the bat it's in bed with mom heated sneaks out the better if she votes on its way to get up Britain's nuts there's electricity and educate them Boston is that although she thought out the next day. Wind cute and I I I luckily I got rolled and rolled otter it was cool. As he got a toll can that be cool we are woman yet Betty will fix that situated. Danny. I am not an and app on. Trading eight I agree with army. Need to get off. The main. There aren't. Any any help. Did it right up sorry haven't addressed the littlest guy always does not look good system. Masai PowerPoint was so bad her foe decided itself work it as an educated you're talking about to a New York State. License educators to me on it it's amazing however tentacles disagrees with you one addiction but it is now a topic that's all we're consistent I don't know.