The Dad GIF

Wednesday, November 22nd

Kimmy is happy her dad is getting better with technology, but he has gone overboard with his smartphone


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If we are anything in the break room thing we are public service. We are here it got for you guys guys and find themselves lost in a changing world through we do well. If your father that has adult children and don't even children thirteenth trip. You chemical and he probably does seem to probably go back and forth of them beat text message about what's happening for the Collins it's Thanksgiving or Christmas. Don't do what he's dad has done is it because he's embarrassing themselves and yeah it is funny at first but now it's like. Part of the normal conversation. Brought you pay the breaker rutz is glad to crack but it's expired BC at that time is already on high alert an underage users know what her dad did. Crowd for work here and back sell your daddy told us a year ago you dig it is for iPhone yet made it took my dad awhile to get on the Smartphone train. He held onto his flip phone as long as possible impact. The Benin got a Smartphone. And then a little bit later on he discovered texting you know he's got a lot better at that turn. Which is nice because I don't get like two minute long messages left on my answering machine. If it. Jefferson together range a game like they have nothing you can't give him to miss is the. I doubt I know you called a see you missed call I okay let's talk let's get aids or other you know it says. It's your mother. So we used to greet people back at it yeah well I titles and we're proud to Steve talked about both. And it's doing your mother with that he is a gift and then she obviously Brodeur. These could. And if you discovered via the little. No geez like a happy face and I don't know against them yes I noted Moujan. Shouldn't go and re here for a huge number one much it was a double. I noted but would follow that Iran and now OK so now he knows how to do the group chats oh right so yeah add a bunch people in the air and everybody's texting back and forth thing your phone goes off like ten times in a minute but the problem. I got a fan of that of that particular techno until you're you know dead because the it happens in my house and an omelet. A night in the united I just look at but only for a guy like I don't really have an opinion on this right now. For no electrician there. The problem has reared its ugly thing now. So there's a feature on your phone where you can send my little video clips almost don't like chips shipped us an idea so it's like somebody like a cartoon or seen from the movies are going to hear that. So now every time he tech some thing. Yes defined did that shift to go with it so. I get. I why do I looked at my phone I had five notification to all the same tax just different images to go with. Each thing he's saying boy he's retired. At that time. So. I don't know how to deal AK dad does not normal text chains don't. Contain those things five straight by adjacent chips public aliens dancing in sponge Bob square pants. Bit like. I know you guys. Got so. It's like I can't get I hate I hate the group texting. So they the other day is this happened because. Of my stepson was in Chicago. Step daughters here wife is here obviously. Watching the bills game on Sunday and irises game sucks. So on group text. They start talking about a game sucks well okay we kind of went down that road but then there's that other conversations that the phone just keeps going up public. Conversation is in the Dow it's like at of people talking on the script at that that duke may. Russell getting being picky but that the talk of him it. That's. I'm from me and it's such a bitch yes. They judging your phone did you look at it does happen you would sake of that. I later you know clearly conversation Bennett of the delegates up for many. The year that it for Thanksgiving get that there is listen to you pulled off gym I'm easy group tax disk lyrics yeah to develop boatman but. That guy. Nobody actually does that in the real were not provided us keep it so like Cutler get sent it straight I don't need the pictures to go along there for thirteen year old girls. That's an air your dad is peak of thirteen year old girl. What's allowed usually the whiskey glass is that it was that at their favorite. We are getting guy you army for drinks the night Rehman drinks I'm on was OK you're not a but it's not because of normal human bella and nobody responds to use remote user chips like legit but does how can do whiskey now because it. There are only two people like oh geez from on my phone and to my seven year old daughter when she gets a hold my phone. And my dad but those piles approved with a face that would be my dad and superintendent I could really. Really funny every single time and we to have a second day unfunny ones. It should be apart of year regular top persecution. My dad does deceit the data suggests he easily and you do it a party or are you all are propels whiskey and caddies yeah. You look at his face to face it I mean. He's a lady just I know this is not common knowledge and that's sharing this with you gentlemen who have kids over to exit. So like I think it I think asserted on MySpace. So you were put on MySpace hey I can see the weekend from here. And be hot chick who knows Brett with a big wreck and a topless shape. With some binoculars Republican outrage. So like guys put that kind of stuff or at our hump day in initial hot chicks like that kind of start with that support Goldman. But the hot chick or Campbell. You have it's not of a no it was a seeing camels as hump day in day out how optimistic. Number I can continue competence are a corrected itself like it's had a start like guys have passed that kind of stuff browser that was pretty remote G. Was that stuff but now it's a lot easier 'cause now everything's on my phone I discuss the little poop phase that shark glanced. You have the unity the unicorn hub and of the unicorn you luckily QB. The divorce part astute he's also like if you text back without one you'll text you one to go along with what you said. Like that's an correct picks I mean pizza and then you're counted budget for the pizza. Real slice of pepperoni. It's a waste of time please entertain yourself on my followers are like I say it's somebody's Bartoli my knees anyway happy birthday. Wasn't I've been happy birthday also might. A little primer to present shows up. And lake. News like fireworks are sucked and any packages and that till it yeah that is that tiller out. Okay is there that's voluntary don't report public your not a pleasant human. Don't put a memo geez. I don't like the idea frozen up its old weird to see I raised it did hit a chip that you guys high fly to. And I five chips. Was like my nieces live at a town. So they're not really aware what I do for a living like what I actually do what I actually sound like in this microphone to. So that's so they don't know that on this horrible. As away. Am. You'd be so I don't get away with the birthday present and the little exploding four. What's he can't because Tuesday in a matter whether you're pleasant and doesn't matter whether your but do show whatever if you read your fifties. You should never do any of this because they're laughing at you. The get this. What that makes you shallow. That makes your generation very shallow. In my generation likes to have fun and have a good time in LA that mark people. And judge he says and if you have this morning Cree drinks well that's it differently treated at four men who sends birthday cake about Aggies is calling manager odd digits yes and that's natural but I don't judge did you 6000 just out you can eased attitude if he's discovered chips and bogeys as well particularly shifting by the way look at video. The outlets it's a Camilo technically a quick video and it kind of made it to that goes on to other ways because that was saying wrong it is that I Twitter they would up -- a lightly. They would what I did. It Kiev is graphics interchange format. That's not a daughter that'll listen okay. Andy grab it automation formatted paying you or record thank you for listening from church entered. Are not right it's basically telling us solid state capital and I'm yeah I'd already had an innocent. It gets easy that was I said it initially and then yelled at me over the wage HB's I it's I figured you'd really excited about. Earlier both a couple of gifts that he says the man who says protecting I am gifted. Episode did you do is 6000 if you will have adult children of your teenage children don't send it tomorrow. Let's get up and I don't take any money when you needed either three Jerry goddamn holiday poorly in depth and little to do all these dog girl is the breaker let's take a lawyer. Yet I note that the remote these. I'm my own I don't use it when someone sent me something like that I send a black man running back so like I'm running away from. The black. Well your present in the white collar. The blanket assesses and awakened to keep. Your bet on it. A dike you can get up at it's thank you. The dirty a mode geez I think they got the poop like the download separate geez it's a house on. Is it to yourself youthful. Elders like he was it's a relate I'd John Boehner Boehner easily and that's. I don't know is a joke and other guys. Excess as a joke is due. Like that. Just joke loser it. Saturday motor voter voter. Like data buddy five voter funny phone related Khartoum Boehner. A dinosaur bone very well owner. Fish Boehner ought to blow earn that million bonus every analyze a Boehner to face a. President dominating can always get is that the BC MF four to break through FaceBook page up my kids are bunch of ungrateful dinners Fred Taylor spent Steve. Padres vote less vague theory they don't pull me aside Toby I should stop using MO he's a Texan I was embarrassing. I only stepped up my game since then they find it funny that they don't. If I can. Listen it's hard to bring this up I'm just TBB a heads up. Up until this fielded more accepting and open minded like our generation. Your generation is very close minded smug did he. And it's assess Mal. I should all these fifty guys that kids come out Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow Saturday what you keep that in mind which some attack got to do with Elmo GB open minded. About those electronics yes. I do feel backs are encouraged as we all encouraged my debt to learn about these things any updated annually it. Yeah we heard it. And LA. Yeah all are gonna turn into the single thing lessons but that was. Now I'll earliest he'll Ali is gonna turn in to what. Dealer try to gonna get away from you you get older and your kids are gonna be fired as your market you know. They act like it's so much junior I mean I'm not kidding ups you'll you will say. You'll hot martyr guerrilla. Our top Madden for the like you OGB so obviously you are innocent or go to porn site. A senior Boehner.