A Creepy Mother-In-Law Request

Thursday, January 11th

If your mother in law doesn't like you, it can make your life hell... but for this guy that doesn't seem to be the case!

In fact, he has a great relationship with his mother-in-law, which seems to be contributing to the problem!

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Our seats this matter I know you're gonna reacts of trying to maintain. My new trailer we don't know how we act make big. If you're at Lott had this Johnston would you let her do this TU Syria to me this sounds like. And some about it exactly eighth state library done. If he's friend has an issue Obama and he wanted it is quite happy less because my hat because if you say no to this you have to explain why at the. I don't you heads automate a system why not. This gross what would you grow my brother borderline okay we'll be yeah great group that is X five WC IMF I did it give you a friend that he is it one. Held a pickle that he has he has slipped so you married for a few years now and yet like. Great relationship with his in laws are getting they've helped him out a lot like buying a house that's why these things like that when it's great that he's never had an issue. Until recently when he said that his mother in line has it she's embassies Mike's as well thoughtful well. And I guess like she's opening up her own like. A business hours she transferred business Aaron what the story is but long story short she's looking for new clients. And she's been suggesting to him recently able why don't you come and get a massage them a run you out you can reckon. Meant to me to your friends and and you know like I I'll do it for free like she takes. Doing a favor for this guy right so is the impression of brush it off well I recently like over the holidays and he's seen his family. She's almost like pushing him to schedule an appointment and it's it's it's getting a point where he can't push it off and your red. Such idea so you gotta get down. Bare ass. You laid down on the one of them things you stick your face that donut hole did and then he had a talent and sheer sitting your mother in law's gonna come into the mute room. And put her plate they rub oil on you and start rubbing your. What if you get a job market lets all of that could happen that could happen naturally just because it's apparent hand rubbing your back Uga Uga Uga gets sprung we will get there I have questions. Kennedy got a choppy and your mother in law in this situation via his his wife. Feel it's only two she wanted it to other Jimmy she wants him she doesn't see why would be they are right up your leg and right up to your balls like he's got like a Fuld I don't know what kind of size is what it's associated recycling and laid down in a rub your entire. Back and legs yeah right up your balls that she goes right at decides you. You put your mother on count down around your region sounds like everybody else in the family has done their favor this are so Seaver and credit beer. Someplace and finally the last you'd like support for business but it sounds like you've magic. Your mother like your mother in law. My ex mother in law blanch. I got Hoya sure Barack declared a plane down. Save one I don't forever. And she's now rubbing my legs back and and it then you roll over they do like your chest and your arms yeah what what what if you got sprung what did you get sprung from your bus and it's and it's up because you even find her attractive it is. This feels good on your body and your and actually get a boat matter. Put your mother not the amount of line. I'd love my mother in law. To detect 2000. Before move forward we have to establish or know where you stand. I mean it's obvious why the three men don't mail when it's their mother in law's hands on number oil is getting a massage from your mother at all weird and it's professional and that's it. If they tell you you're at best giving each of rubbing your shoulders at saint she's a licensed professional masseuse went cynics here. I get six sanctioned by the State of New York yeah. Development of its touch it but everybody like this is a text event except make. All but he's gonna get some money from this rub out what she's professionally debt church. Bro. Bodily sense mr. Joseph job and soups. I don't shoulders and let these it's a guy I don't think she's somebody who's ever had a works is is just something that she still doesn't disease passes just passionate about I bet she's passionate about Robin routers sort of law I'm willing to bet there now. Who would be pretty pumped their mother in law at its job and got he's got sick because you sexually when your mother lava and they because. You vitamin law. That's your mother in law Banca that's the other as much lecture it's issue let's solicit touches to see this situation. He likes boy did you tell it exactly what you just told that you lose touch it. Now. How was she gonna take that title can't help Vicky insane I can carry guy yes then how I met my body if she could be likable quietly you know you're not getting the this is a thing like you don't trust your hands on me. It mob body. It's like saying I know you guys have helped us out a lot but I can't help you out here further than that the Erisa money that'll keep their hands up familiar creep European short sighted sort of course and shortsighted to think about this. Let's eat your wife Noelle I don't want your mother touched. It's because you're too attracted to our pitcher where you're you're gonna it's creepy what lots of the what's the big deal if you're sexually attracted to my mom why can't she give you massage because it's inappropriate behavior wise up preaches a licensed masseuse gross my mom's gross yes I'm activists say that I had a if you. I don't her bony hands all creepy old lady hands. On my body do you feel like get a massage from snapping turtle hooked. Could repeat Nestle would you could try to act fear that he here on democratic gonna take it didn't drink up a cigarette I'd beat most men. The Smart move what your mother liked to not want it to get you have to take it. Up like that you. Well it Willy can't award Mike it's spring and she sees it. And by the way. It's like it's like among allowing you to molest me just to keep peace in the chemical and I don't wanna massage it and doing it appease everybody is like come to us. It's a program molested notes this it is that's it that's the definition being molested. Unwanted touching is molesting an about it when she tortured me but I feel like being blackmailed into it took us like rape. Is one of our break. Oh or. You bite the bullet and you take the massage because say no makes it a thousand times I don't care what you. Object Alley got the American from the some pony as ugly as. For ugly mother love putter god damn hands in my beautiful temple of the well. I'll send you like it Null this Davey Allison she's ugly when you just double what you're checked tiller while CDs. An ugly ass mother in law and your words why would you afterward I don't know you're. The only civic and get rubbed up well but my mother in law would take much money were Appalachian. Of hillbilly family crap Dick how much you would say that she just decides it's three hours worth of work that you would be paid any money for she's she's on my Iraq. At one point it's brought directly in our. You have to assist jobs lost half mile Q comparable let's talent just that's just it medically. Light as gynecologists. Has this policy that she she's in dermatology will deal with family and it's like Sean when she sic your fitness. If you if you if you broke it'll medical records whose skin disease it seems like Shonn had the same issue shot yachts have buddy has ago. Hey guys. I was I don't worry about how many explicit we're gonna be at least an epic aired out I think I'm okay. Still be careful you wanna still be club professional. Absolutely absolutely go yeah I don't want our ad that what I'm not yours it. Yet so I. There's just one point where Alli Oracle's healing am. And we thought that they blood vessel actually blown out and it's really nasty bruise yeah. Don't from the screwed all laid down. Athlete on my knee. Him. So. Nature everything that China is okay. My mother in law who happened to work in nursing for awhile decided it would be a good idea for her it a look at it. So yet to drop Trout. And eat junk hang out pretty among law. Yeah and she's like chicken you out but just professional yet. Dogging your mother in the eighties at the nursing their family debit it happens all the time that you want. As as a wife if you're scared for your life that I would say doesn't millionaires is out there man it's your heart take a week ago we Nee in a doctor's offices as a woman you wanna know that your husband's. Junk was in your mother's face into his looking straight at his dog do we huge. Nick oil right out. He's creep me out a man like us sexually stunted Tommy asks actually. Put on the second little Steffi. Not as you think you're gonna die so. By the way says the woman who's ever had a Boehner. You know and I. Guess they get builders slowed it. Well I got on their debt they can get death that pulls on a couple of more days and were you uncomfortable situation while Tennessee was. Very few seconds yes but I thought about it in all I got nothing to worry about it. She's ever done an icy chosen not gonna knock you Sean. She's that was downed her like she did not view. I thought OK you know I mean my I know I'm pretty low and out of my view army like. I really have not to worry about. Shot takes the cult but it really precise it is imagines you get married. And your dad. Is gynecologist a and he can give your wife a better deal on the day of princess Isabel all it is yeah he doesn't even like no Coke today. I take heed as even charge or insurance for a he gives. You give the exam because it's family can't tell me that is some creepy and steel and I don't think doctor. I don't get the god give diploma wall. But he still staring in two year old ladies BB Cano because you're picking up all bothers your idiot idiot father not a guy who went to my father would have been equality gynecology. My doctor Mike Mueller a your screen examinations. He was and it is a female bodies Specter freer I think you'll like I cure all man is rode around in her in her it may be wound. Like it's a jar of Peta put. I think if you grow up around a professional like Patton. Gives you with different. It still hasn't thought. We get asked doubled to quit calling about this which is very weird and creativity to be on my side. And get their hands up my man except for this woman who wants her husband get a massage for mother actually got let's see MF Isaac. LV. RE. EE. And I would. Are out. On the I don't like you're. Our Jessica I ask you a couple of personal questions do you mind. How much does it cost to go to the gynecologist for a woman on average a year. A couple Eric. Did your father at all like Tommy's and was eight license gynecologist really good. Brady's don't make through the Ares a good number wind guiding gash and town was a charge you would you go to law and let him check out your little clamp. Your little partially shave tight little clan here it's always your boy and her husband. Adult OL. But. Actually held you can. Other guys and her class Celine titans still in good shape. And it changes when they agree with you yes she's she's in shape rate. Jerk and I. That's a big vertical sprint titles that data. I invite you to get out as sizzle snap that it is that is in fact Stupak told. Terrible on the a conversation that got to count against hound whose only other day I actually was it today she's looking good. Google they'd still like to type into the media should all you can get aid to pain don't let it. I don't what she's like one of the goodie two shoes would you notice of sloppy as old man gynecologist. Come itself as a couple months Katie Couric. It is at that but it's not believe it's a. The only show when he got himself laughed so hard he can't do did you teach trying to bring him. Or you know they've got to count who's doing things only got it all just. He died and digging. The bones. Are you OK all. Greg and me.