The Creep Cap 6/16 PART ONE

Friday, June 16th

The streak continues... Tommy Mule's most disgusting moments were too great for one Creep Cap this week...


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It's been so great because I called my gift to treat it. Now what do you greet caps all the terrible things half of them it's obvious at this week streak to the second great gap and that it. Antsy about the. Yeah men and then. So hard to rent and load. There was that a good for was it quality meat you know now I like quality meat and bugs. I don't feel Billy Paula on half a mile fun and shaken and growth he looked like nickel bag. Did your mother was diploma unless they. And why I have I've what it sees a good coach. Treats it's exactly for guys like yes and I'd like to see ultimately. What snatched it Garland. Mr. victory over his. By the way if you want a good birthday hi Doug what a picnic area. And I would charges sixty I'll put this where it's gonna delicious I thought appeared to go to during a war. You get immediate negative is that you about. In deference to those. Hard hard hard hard. We sit we go to hospital a few feet. Very that would marvelous. Legal mine in new to pull it out terroristic men of Apple's. In July with my other catchy out its next hey you know it's weird I've possibly cause in line with your mother. Sometimes those like secure pretty early for you they said tonight to present off waivers everyday you have to watch your shipment. In the bedroom guest has some relief supposedly elements the timbers and office could deal. So good to be cleared decent to have agreed gap here on this yet.