Cool Kid Success

Wednesday, December 20th

The popular kids in high school don't always turn out to be the most successful, but if you believe this study, it doesn't end well for them.


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Think you want your kid to be and not want to to debate on could be an okay and your parents failed miserably. At that that go. Back. What year you want short kid to be this yet if your kid is not this thing you take it we ought to be just thinks could be touched. These studies all the time I have one in front of us that shoots well if your kid is just an that'd be a failure. But I feel like you say that people say that because they were able to beat this thing out Khannouchi yet. The breaker boxes classic rock many 65 WC a method used to be the cool kid in high school. Everybody is cool yeah. And it's just I guess he can't always be cool though and I promptly ending free based on its. Are you need a character that always going to be cool 83 baseball would be no Rosie. Or that he. But it's addictive as any different base error and it sounds though like real that we kind of blew test it and where you don't have. Did you look at sure yeah well all four. And you look at the new list of the cities you see before that being a quote cool kids school we come back to blatantly ghastly reminder for you because you were paying attention at school leaders spoke of cigarettes. And editorially OK some of that sum of its that they also found teens who quote acted cool and high school were far more likely to struggle as an adult were at higher risk of alcohol and drugs more likely to have taken part in criminal activity overall. Teens who tried to act cool early adolescents were more likely than their peers who didn't act cool to experience a range of problems the funds if you. I saw fun. Heroine of the funds he was kind of cool guys school who ended up being a drop out OK so late. He just kind of hung around school even know he looked about 35 years old still resorted to motorcycle ideals its banks tricky task Darrow. Okay I've been that was like the high point of that show. Was also high in our malt shop and underage children. Here's what I'm saying. I feel like these studies in a written. I people who were cool yes to justify. Not be cool Bordeaux or take a lame people let's get things done. I they cheat they go farther because. They practice they've pay attention right so I was always amazed at the first time I met in an radio business legitimately. Rock gods like the guys that ruling amazing guitar players and drummers in people yet so he's such they are just like he school kids school and right now. As have most of the time in my parents basement of my room. Playing music I didn't even date girls in high school. OK fine I get what you're seven that's that guy yes yes but late this idea that old Raleigh to cool graduate school with a guy and a induce banks. That's a 100% true because I think back to the guys into a high school record guys ever one to beat the halfway decently to just living normal last line of those oracle guys. They are a visit to. They were but he may have nabbed in the actual. Cool guys who can you were so far down the totem poll two young Soo cool so cool. The call list of what you they're probably began. An audience like the Pope of cool guys at school I had medical. Signal he'll have to attribute it to school with a dead so it doesn't awareness. Really didn't think the cool kids in high school yeah the what did you do I mean it once attempting at like. Mean nobody. You know is in jail or anything that I can't think of somebody that a popular kid that super super successful OK but see that's where the problem shows that there's because people look they're not super successful there waste which is not true because the overwhelming majority of people he went to school. Just average human being just right of the cell phone so they take these kids that were the popular kids who were older and a quarter punitive felt or been a roller reports but appropriate. And I tickets to make yourself feel better about kind of beatle loser at school and big right hand. Your right earn. But I will say though a lot of those super super success will be able I do know war the people who weren't popular kids OK but how many of them are there. Right wing joins it became super successful don't I'm saying look okay it says. There's this idea and I think this is a huge problem rightly give it if there's a kid that is not cool. In high school in the it's bothered they'd be big about it and their parents will go well you're gonna be more successful because you are not popular. That's necessarily true in fact it's rare that it happened this is some study. Sing with us and our only the only so many people that started businesses because we're successor but they tell all these kids that are popular what your gonna be that guy. It should not. But nobody is ruled out nobody has rolled out. This guy a built a business and he's a fortune 500 guy and mail is she cool and school play he was again and always had we need in booze they. So like I'll think about that who's that and dirty act which is donated all that money aren't they actually get it yet he's he graduated in 09. He's a billionaire OK but he looks like a nerdy kid that went to are a team that did nothing but focus on whatever now he developed. He said in his press conference of armor are rally cool you know he said I wasn't the best student which makes need to key was a guy Alter don't call it. See you know which are doing now what you're trying to like look at this. John balding. Mirrors this windowless letting go to know he was like Gus van he is cool well. Well I think it's more a reflection of how you were in high school and college kids colleges dislike them. Yeah everybody changes when they get apology is continue on being moderate or hot topic so if you're Smart enough to getting goods collect RET were probably heard where you came from. I'd imagine that I just say that the goal is successful people in government Madeleine they all seem to be really pork okay. Here's my guess what I'm saying with a study that you know all the cool kids end up beaten. Losers are criminals and drug addicts I have no problem crapping on the cool it's whatever that's fine I get that there's animosity. The problem I have is. Spike crapping on the cool kids you're telling every kid that is not cool you're gonna be a billionaire and he'd just be true because like listen for every that you won't suffer you we'll tell you why because there are there is always be prevalent table always beat heat in the house. Think of the jerks. Thought they were so goddamn funny you'd wanna pay attention Hammond add their way. Kinda get attention to themselves. I yeah let's do and I did and now we're we both of our dream jobs yeah which are failures. I thought we got to think about that. Eight UN it is draw attention to yourself mr. ha get a lot of mail original idea Tony it was a two didn't do your homework rate. Yeah here AR. And you idiots you microphones in a closet. You even talked about how you. Got these jobs because you are lucky. Yes it's not like I mean yours yet your successful and you have your dream job but not everybody your position would have. Can get it up I think that's what I'm getting it right that there's this thing UC's soon had. Problems with teens and depression and there's this public service thing it's called it gets better right tell these kids that it's gonna get better. Some news for and it could be depressing guy sometimes it does her get better true sometimes you're just destined for a life of. And when you go to these kids to go you're nerd and everything's gonna work out for the additional guarantee you that just because you're Smart does need to be successful just because your hard working doesn't mean you're gonna catch a break the fact that your telling these kids these days what do you tell I don't. No no hey kid it sucks after this sale. I mean you have to say. It gets better because you're going to a halt and look forward to OK as a hopeless and a terrible thing tell kids they're two different guys are so stupid but I even know your. There is a difference between giving hope them and using. It sure you keep you will be successful at the expense of this other kid who is your right successful right now because that's what they do school kid would be Dix put you Jirga could be possibly the mid. And manager of a small regional computer company that's a great you sure but it's not to kids hoping to stick he's gonna every. It every kid these are gonna be rich and retire at forty and are gonna have the super cool job but that's every kid things separate but. Real life sets in and you and you figure out things in these reality sets and I I I can't take hopefully for McCain it's not Tito he's sort of for rural I don't. Yes no I know I know analytical point McCain and it can't. I have no problem telling you keep your gonna be successful I just hate doing it at the expense of someone who they look at is successful not. Not to solicit where they think he's a bag can it be regular but it's not how you know he's doing dope. He's listen in to bed music he's he's Buckland down at the books what are you your dad yes. You automatically assuming that the popular kids are doing bad date yet that's why they're popular. Think it's that way I think it's a mix of kids out to get this could be a decade who's like the star football team or something like that night after a night this whole seat in June Jordan are already stirred sea jacked up buying guide them. Steroids. Did yeah he's he's not that that got him surely you're already doing and again we're assuming that they're the reason they're not stressful because they're into terrible things here is the fact the fact is this talk about the study another one all cool kids are gonna end of drug addict criminals on the earnings it's gonna and everybody makes FaceBook. Your kid who is hurting because he's not popular and I can separate the is the same age Andy's going to the same thing. As the prom king quarterback high school to go on through notes the same thing it's the same awkwardness when it's all about perspective every kid has problems that they did grunts all mobile. They have but I can only feel sorry for the captain of the football team lose and Elena head cheerleader but you know your daughter Perot. Did you know Huard effort that guy I mean you don't know what he but I don't care like Hewitt every bit closer to that guy but that's. How did you have any idea what problems he deals but I don't care. Because many advantages that's the that's what everybody wants yet he doesn't understand appreciated after you menu got it you don't appreciate what your problem okay but here's a bit. As he child as he teenager looking at him I gift that the problem I have is when parents go well also what my teenager c.s still. Stupid rich kids and it. Your kid false hope don't tell because when he's thirty that he doesn't event FaceBook what do you say don't go well you're an idiot would wanna tell. It's great to have trees. But if you don't buckle down. They're never gonna. I mean are you sit there at the battalion. Get the you can phone and in junior I think you're going to be the next FaceBook. It zillion things I can and giving a lecture it out and it gets its due to speak pinnacle of two was I say not exactly right how many lectures iron bird. The man times have hauled into. Teachers conferences by parents. Psychiatrists. And any other authority figure whole trip as a Brit I totally told Lloyd or psychiatrist rule but this latency anything guys like him. All guys like big only if you were just doing my belly you little nerd hobbies try to buckle down to get to our striving you know you you markers in news slack to is it news. Sure kids you know church. Trying to light me up and I'm just trying. Here's the other thing you need to think about. It is no guarantee that the popular it is gonna fall on its face in fact right at the kid is charismatic we've done mommy see multiple studies Joseph charismatic. At a people make it further than hard working people yes no answer certainly via okay so. What if that popular kid doesn't fall on his face what. It's popular it could end up being very successful and everything your kids thought was supposed to beat doesn't exist. Best with your little ten states head into adulthood just making it Beckett even mark. The team carried his animosity for the rest your light eight that they like the coolest school relative small private Christian school. So the cool this kid in my school. Wiped out his car okay cool is it a body cast for six months. And was dead by 27 in live fast die young good looking man and he does it have been a cool eight he's dead okay. School of 68 people yet medical care OK okay we have medical care as always I really. Handsome kid always will treachery can. And the girls love this guy it was Dennis. And to all the girls loved Dennis and leave enough artillery was a Christian and he used on knowledge stuffed chair. Well it's how Dennis who's gay okay that's why he'd dress so well I usually go with the girls but he never really wanted to go out integral. He is also dead a deep seeded you just go to ten coolest guys in my class. Did you kind of my point from earlier what problems could the popular good looking guy dressed. At the kids living with a secret at that time could ostracize him everywhere he never met before I guess that's the problem can't be done. Aides in the eighties and so this kind of a site faked we're talking about here he died of aids epidemic he always gotta phone I like. So that'll make your argument but to me. The cool kids oh I see too cool kids yet okay fine. Sixty art now is a small schools a high percentage. My point is that's. You need to give your kid hole. Would be needed talent. But don't do it at the expense of another teenager you're gonna be down just makes you even bigger Dick than that popular keep your kid takes is a 2% policy of that's what you parent though putting out other kids. I don't like decade or his parents and lunatics that are raised the lunatic did you meet appealing. To him it's just. You. Which should pay. The knuckle political prisoner should be dead.