The Cookie Keeper

Wednesday, March 14th


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To accident near I feel bad about it even I did nothing wrong it's my spot where the needs anything produced IE. That's just it I don't know what stiff there's a line of too could get thirty people aren't people there Rampage. White wants me to fix it even though she made a mistake I'm the one school with a total that the immediate. Better step up parking and keep the goods when shut up just let this happen somebody stepped. I mean did you break guys practically 65 WC maps the Dayton one of the greatest things you can see your kitchen present a block that normally gets. And eagle scout cookie I scout cookies showed up which got boxes open up each sample each one of the cotton and I think to myself. Which helped him she loves me yeah she ordered me Girl Scout Cookies. Eight anger at exit ten boxes gross box and lots of low every time let's double of the ones and a I aren't so. The other nightly habit. And it looks mean she goes one of my ten bucks Girl Scout Cookies. And I echo. America. You've got to Costco cookies. Did you sign up an -- the government apparently got it and I just because it's a busy totally forgot it was a cookie somebody's side a begin tang boxes of cookies my wife tells me that the ten boxes of cookies were on the front step. When she got home that aren't. She opened them up seeking IA had bought it she didn't do it is. She didn't buy the by the by the boxes get there right now so it is group the order most of these cookies are neighbors I somebody might be I don't know. But we've half of these cookies all the boxes are opened we where somebody didn't get to them by the cookies yeah. And where it came from there's no receives a reporter on this stuff we'll take their shirt embarked up the cookie that's the guy so there's either a family with no coat Keaton support near us and our neighborhood or scout shortly box would just. I tried very good day and age. What we're gonna get her money I don't know what island supposed to duke is even if I gotta go ask around no no element. That's your only recourse to go ask around like maybe headed and that at sexton it was a miscommunication between you and wiped out keeps on these. Ports and realized had ignored these I'll take many it screwed up probably with the editor I mean that's going to confuse the most likely part rightly so if you got to fix this man what you think our next what are. Even if I find the cookies aren't. Which you pay and you. Could you pay for the cookies that you keep the cookies majority open on you. Pay for the cookies little girl moment and in you got to tighten up the guy who you could graduate so we gotta pay for the cookies. And he got the paper record because somebody paves the cut yet probably. You just pay your neighbor who has ever cookies they ride that he paid evidence of very simple facts Peterson got him lazy to duke is a full cooking here's why jacket cookie has surrounded do you do you due diligence here's what could I have. After the my suggestion is for you to not. Door that's your only option distorted due to get. Everybody picks to expect it to Klestil cookies. Cookies somebody now which are fastened on Oprah. But it was it was an accident. Guess the intermediate but it don't wilder slamming the door of god forbid somebody saw the girl scout what those cookies on your porch. And then bait and they know where those keys went missing an acrobat ruled Garland got confused I don't like a bull she's a loser bench. As you can grow up as you get beyond a street and we saw around because use different cookies. I don't wanna have to Muster a prostitute to see the street today sorted out his good girls got cigarettes stepped. The suburbs there's like fifty houses and connect to call the I didn't work to teach you are walked every day you know while ago. Argo. I'll go around and L no no. Is keeping quiet all girls at 2226000 I think you at least have to ask. The neighbors humble side you're so you want and what you clear those student acting too kinda safe just because that she would have been whale get a call you gotta go see buttoned up guy yep (%expletive) guy. And squirrel guys elis had a poster guys. She's hates. Scored we Google rose duplicates of what you think it has Bruce's world's biggest thing I mean I had like every exit out who the cookies because I know the people public health nuts and other people that spent money on anything so I don't think there's -- just it's clear that he daughters have friends around the neighborhood and your daughter's gonna talk about how they got ten boxes the Girl Scout Cookies delivered and then from there and tell their little friends his little friends again as their parents why we don't have girls get used. And how many but I would go children know how this works and you don't have a big deal not a big deal you'd like to know that you got and voting are other girls got cookies are cordoned. I eat. Tactical not and ordered it is the one who opened the. The cookies they usually have never opened those cookies and you know adored out. I. Should be knock on doors embarrassing her sell us or you're vice tonight sex. So. Which is partly. They'll film I'm not by accident. Here's that they may hear what he's busy she's a doctor Shahzad had to be jerked around the neighborhood you're likened to Europe like low man on the totem pole. You do you don't count this is your little job braid my stuff go to conducting audits. Tet box every single journalist can go to go to work in the creeped out what's the next part that we're gonna do debris grew to four bit. What's gonna happen though when that girl scout who delivered them to your door realizes Syria to validate and that she's gonna like oh point out bill that while this is the house we delivered to that was supposed to get and then. They're gonna come knocking on your door are if somebody shows up demanding money will happily pay them. But I'm not gotten out of my way to find that person and I think that's fair. As that her sizzle it's. Black kids agreements with somebody that's your kid you probably got paid either. Drop off cookies muddies it probably ripped off a neighbor yeah about it a neighbor probably OK with that. The people like my neighbors. Do you get do you automatic do you pay item on this for you pay when you get the could be Japan prime either way but I don't think they drop the cookies unless they have cash in hand Aaron. Did it to 6000 I'm my wife came home to find ten boxes grossed a cookie she thought I ordered them she'll accompany them I thought she ordered that they keep on jets beat the other night why did you buy as many cookies ice and I didn't. It became apparent that we stole someone else's cookies were on corporate stepped. I'm not knocking door to door my wife says I need to even the mistake Jim is in the breaker mansi MFA Jimmy away but it. Great good. And you want to acquire and you're epic from that area I can you. Bartlett saying and we have so few looser for fun. Does it. Order all Chevy baby's yours is as those like cookies in my neighborhood which would be deported or am I predictable it's gonna get slapped around by the organization. They were killing awaiting the glory Ted or they're just days ago but it doesn't Dave's CF Matt take polite about it. Are you ordinances were. We're going. Oh. And we're content which you were sick to her about so and so's you'd do it and it. Looked. Her dessert the other day here's somebody go to school app that you. It's the right thing to define. What girls out. It short and the bottom what are British group ordered or. And reverse some little broken hearted girl and it struck explained her parent that now she's short you do. That. Davis the other thing right and I go to order and this was just 8102 interaction at every door may be a concern Jim is currently knock on the door hey Steve cause ago so did. There's good. Clients can do. It's easy to get disgusted at every FOs like go to. I'm sure you've got in my Obama don't. It's called and it please use the stored in your thin mint Mel. I'm beyond that to the that we psychological effect this is Adam. Cookies don't taste as good. Against all over it. And these WW. Not because I you're worried about I don't think and so the deal to fix it taste buds to present right. Yeah cookie last night after no we stole the cookies on a flat like a wax equipment. Never actually before and character like me is that worth the money. Jarrett could see about Jerry rather. It two point our neighbors are in the door to door. Well established in your name. About it. There's probably twelve people in Asia right now at least. Our our crew it couldn't get around your your. Cap. One worry about going to door anyway because it worked it around only to go to eat there gonna come aptly. It'll all sort it felt about it not be a lot of top view you put the work out well figured out. After his as the will be taken quickly Jason I know who was recruited him. You look like I would look like dying each sport in. And that kind of situation. So it's not like it's taking on come out like you know they want the money that the curled up repeater whoever is you well. They should call. You can't use the healthy guy didn't get the cookies. Because I'm not a cook teetering and but I always but the Girl Scout Cookies and they came route that would just bring them to work and in the late game Billy in Europe that is. So given look. There worked. It is thinking about what was he noted your take you but I'm fine with the situation. You're problem let's I hear you out of sync was Hillary gets the people are hearing that Katrina totally know. Who shows of my dealer yeah as it's looking for money for money and a pre forty dollar or yen before you don't score so it got. That baby would you tip your ballet when he brings you caviar. What and other towns and national I don't Feller Orix. Good to catch up really isn't. A definitely I think what will our full board this guy as the unit many levels of take care it payloads up brother ally. I don't I was. At night your all at all at the error at all always when it turns. Out well certainly I believe the merit lovely. Heidi good girl got her what would label that would address given the economic confuse locked him. The parent should I hit it out in the first. This could be girls got to her selfless misdemeanors and no matter what you are rural. All your Mike got seventy miles because again at the twelve year old girl. A letter. It scare you let's go when you haven't been geared to cursing because. I could talk him politically parity is right these terms. I don't when it. I.