Competing with your Son at Work

Friday, June 15th

If you're someone who has had the chance to work with your kid, is it better to show them up or let them have the spotlight?

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I got the break much to classic rock many 65 WC about LeBron James this season is written but what Lester going on he was asked about when he was going to Bartoli. And the brunt said he would like to play long announced. To play in the NBA if we're happen for his oldest son with pro. Is there a good job Robby is his name meets LeBron James K here he's like thirteen right now. Well entertainers. I like so he's like five or six years away from playing in the NBA if it were to happen and everyone's all that's really cool. Father and son sharing the same court acting to be the first time in the NBA that that would happen. If you think about it healing left for him Jeremy he's won championships and multiple teams Ameen has to be lake. Daring l.s so yeah it's on his rights remained holed Bryant I turned fourteen in the fall under their doctrine but chances are you wouldn't be playing on the same team is your kid into a pretty good right to be playing against yourself. What's the story. Percent guys that takes a little fun out of it. Other guys begin now of duplicates so that we can eaten direct competition when I saw the old man still got their like that that smirk office space. There are two things here nobody is thinking about. One. It down to normal as people level adds. Would you be able to work against your son eight job where you're a success. Directly contributed to the failure of your child because of LeBron played against dissent in the NBA that's what that would Britain right if LeBron was successful is can be a failure. This happens it really have no. QB in the MBA OK so you're failing at a higher level of registered member of the big dog is in the room Q you've you've got a kid. But Junichiro man I would bet you have the world. But to that point that's a decade would get anyways like if you're really that good at something. And your kids already struggling because you're already known for that thing. And I think it happened in. NASCAR with the Earnhardt I think Dale Junior was running with the old man who was the greatest at that time last race when he tried to clear some space for his son win the race remember that. I'll echo. The I think he was finally though. That said I think at about. Ups 08 clipped the wall bladed it looks to let that last part out of the wall that I'm saying I I think. But I think the I thought the old man beat him alive he was had to let the kid in write yet and that you. That were seized in the bracket Letterman and he hit his head on the apologized. Jumps Ohio's on the back. I think he at some point you do kind of have to let your kids shine a little bit otherwise you're you're gonna add went and wrote that the kids. That kid's career is gonna be over before it even starts OK too that's just let let's bring it back down to reelect there are guys that any business comedians their son sure you want your kid to succeed but not be expensive view. And the same issue arises when you have a job with your son at the same place but it happens a lot in sales okay. Wearer. Let's say EDT goes in this does your organs cells in the Kagan seniors competing. You go to the same clients him yeah I've seen that I've seen it happen here in radio Ricky got in this has 'cause of the old man. And indicate goes across the street their bowl battling for clients so but it's doesn't. That's OK it's business but it's also your side let's say for example you working in the same business traveler care right. You're gonna lose on both sides of the point if your kid kid comes in all gangbusters and put to show it to the wheel out works everywhere you are a proud father you race that can write her results making you the rest your buddies. Really relieved that. So that's a prompt return. But. If your kid comes at like he'd set a big dog and you work your kids could know what's gonna take your dad spot aren't well that makes your kid looked like some kind of a tight Levy an eventual horrible father and it needs that you can't be trusted knowing what other people's work ethic are and now. That's a problem because. Every Aleman wanted to let the kid now that. Element still hasn't. Okay pitcher to do that the expense of success for I get real man does that period. In the backyard would basketball's of football's everything else like. Voiced eyes to be the best. It's different. But it's still the same thing like. It's still way. I gotta get one over on it I can get to see a bunch with your dad yet and to get home though it's Morse establishing like I'm still in charge here at home via an. Enough guys you know worse on it when monies and careers her vote that's a matter all about that's just make the argument you are ruining your kids for this career right. And I just dunked on them little bastard you kicked in the teeth a couple of times yeah good at this now you are Khalilzad deal junior Russo stretch nearest city boy I grade eight when you're dying due to look back at say I was better that you and your kids on welfare gives you kick the crap out of them early in his career extra dollar -- yeah whole lotion put that'd side of and I did a you know yeah. I did every reason Everett Dix there is no winning. We you would be competing against yourself right not. What is known when you do win. But you just say it was cost. 'cause as humiliating your child but that's more than just Hofstra advertising humiliated do with a loud music eleven at two dead shorts rate. And didn't think you fart jokes were funny there are who's laughing now. There are father and think. That how their kid turns out when is more important how the last deadly last part of their life how that turns out right. So it's going to be one or the other right you and your care or not work exactly the same dog's trust anybody like high five like the end of an eighty's movie so you will be losing something. So you're saying it's more important for a father to dominate his son. It was it it was exactly like this in my house and it was exactly and gets in the same way in your house. It has to admire my father. As a salesman in my brother one in the sales of my father though he's site. Crap on his sales insanity he was better and you talked about how great fathers your truck terrible act but I think that's how most men operate. They always wanna be number one area it's always an A Dong measuring contest. Rain but men yet always yes always is but the stakes are so much high your year. This is money this is a full beer and this is a potential future career I know but I'd I much traveled lebed dad is good has made. Plavix goes in the breaker Lindsay and after he opposes. And he figured oh yeah I got a great bird right. It started out I wrote about here are and Mike I was out there. Are. And candidates that aren't far and I'm inside pars. And I'd Ottawa would burn the snowmobile was birds are triggered outside. Through the smoke. Also mega during that moment with a straight street now Lamar almost dropped my bet our seasons and a and triggered a sitting outside the small. I'm Matt mapped boot w.'s hit it straight street there's no fire right god it did not write Romanov units Rupert. Also a metal cup partners let's honesty and or not. So you. Did you have a purpose to bust your balls it'd used to barrister debt produce a big audit and all of his coworkers. I couldn't see through all the smoke would often yell him good W that keeps it straight street. Also look up burgers I did matters to Sharia law I felt bad for. Rule sit out thirty years the Fortson and result ruin. But your big loud young guy out Joseph. Our largest was released to laugh about it and a decent young worker temporary site devoted data and. Updates all but it presented. Think about that too. As a I doubt it you know working with your son could immediate your study they career title back ambassador here we're talking jobs abroad gates says last week that he would like to play until he signed oldest son EP makes it is in the NBA. If you showed up by your kid yeah like Joseph did do his dad. It's a thousand times worse being showed up like some other dude it's the fact of life is this present we're all gonna get to a point we can't do our jobs right. But be unseated by some guy you don't know. Is a lot easier the beat out hustled by your kid because not only do you lose your spot it worked. You lose your spot in the Stanley hierarchy you are now the old lion it's been banished to the outer part of the journal to. You were killed the sort of sucked out I mean if you set yourself up for the success you might. You know Celtic pride that McDonald's like pride shifts from like career that we'll look at what I top envoy. Yeah as if she's right in the wegmans are great example of that Zimbabwe human you know his his father grandfather. You know it was you know it though. Cards in the street sure they turn it into the supermarket a stanza to Danny he takes it to a world class level ranked yes so every generation actually improved on the process so. Would Bob Blake men went down now in the kit obvious he's doing it as taken that. Brand almost national right. You take pride do you set the kid off the right direction but he's got out. Classic you. Okay if the attention on this shirt with a business to get beat but oil puts money about the family your shirt and a business like that the attention is to set the cat to be more successful than you are. Up top it is situation we used to that type of work left. And you work setting about what purpose it baby spit it wouldn't really wanted yet which are teachers and students what your president never have your child were I think that's the only way to do is let your kids strike out on their. This idea that it sent a follow my footsteps connection to help but I get a guy I got to show mobile but the what do you don't it's got a finds some. I see do Beecher Sutton let's say your son or your daughter they work with yet and Ebert image to show some. That's gonna these greens you think it is. Life is going to be it's too old unit letter around at all about leading kids a couple of talk about it he does and he's been blown out of proportion. It also makes you look like he raised a failure. That not a failure just that as good as may okay. You'll probably also tell you were all it is already so big on any other desert there aces it's something Aaron. OK let's say you're daughter was gone to stand up comedy okay. And also admits she's now. Lights. Daddy analysts say this is as a little joke of buddy boy. Found. You would hate that yes I don't which they do or do they seller now from me I'm would you hate it which if she was successful led courses you. Or how to take pride in the fact that like she did this isn't me and the reason why she she did not use one of his jokes that are his own material plant met pressure goes up and mocks him. But just the fact you could you can take pride just affect that she wouldn't have wanted to do comedy in the first place of debt didn't do it is a point there Donnie what horrible standup comic would get up on stage and make fun of that person's fault there for money. Horrible child would do that there are the tournament. You bring that up tight budget we had rain primary here and daughter of Richard and which wasn't the Rome all he did was talk about the only reason she's famous is going to collapse right. Would be upset might or at least eight Ali is there would be people Kazaa was still hurts us a push yourself and rules same level as did Richard. Breyer what I've decisions you have a black why what I'd say he is there would be people. Around my family who say the only reason she's doing this is because dad did it and another indecent and about usually ice at success at. This is not to do with what you would that have Cotchery did those come to clubs I think nepotism does have something to do with it. The James kid makes the leak even if he's really good are going to be those who say it's only because his dad as the prions right this kid could be great very above average but he wouldn't got a leg up is entirely while it didn't go exactly be LeBron. The same ticket had George gotten licked the place that you work probably gets multiple applicants debt and wager can't get picked. Reach resentment at another New York kid have to overcome which just set its own appointment can make his own life police are geared Cuban I'm the only idiot. Aren't.