Cincinnati Zoo Director Talks About Having to Kill Harambe the Gorilla

Tuesday, May 31st

Cincinnati Zoo Director talking about the decision to kill the gorilla. The gorilla's name was Harambe, and he was 17 years old.  There's been some protesting over his death, and a petition to hold the boy's parents responsible.


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Everybody does and feels lost there's no doubt about it. Nearly a thousand volunteers at the zoo of hundreds of thousands of people who are members of this do. And of course the entire community. Is very involved Cincinnati's so. It is a big loss that said we're very glad that the little boy is okay that that is one happy thing in a dangerous and this story. Naturally we did not take the shooting over Romney lightly. But that child's life was in danger. And people who question that. For our Monday morning quarterbacks. For second guess there's don't understand. That you can't take a risk lives the silverback gorilla they're very Big Three times bigger than a man. Six times stronger than that is a dangerous and I. In the real world you make difficult cults but you have to make him and say give that child is Paramount. I'm proud of our team that handled and I'm proud of our team that handled everything sense in tough times you know your friends are we've heard from. Thousands. Of people around the world colleagues all the way to change at all zoo directors from all over the world. With both sympathy I would support upper difficult decision. And even know gorillas well in the research and in the wild people who work for them captivity know exactly what decision we made him line.