Child Support Woes

Thursday, February 16th

There's a former athlete that found himself behind bars because of missing those monthly payments!

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Maybe what these guys. Is that maybe one of these guys it's a mayor to do is work and but you don't wanna divorce aren't is gonna cost you not just the alimony not just the settlement. But on my god that child support guy now I've told you I've worked for guys to get arrested right at work. For child support and it was always on a Friday night. Let's story of what former NFL star and then he lose his hands on the child support Alice trying to today kitty count what's actually got a Bible it's just the second in the breaker I'd see MF do you NFL wide receiver Robert Meachem. Now play the saints played the chargers in the first round pick I am a pretty good career what do Super Bowl with Portland's quicker Robert Meachem is currently in jail. If he's gonna spend the next thirty days in jail. Thirty days in the slam for. Failing to pay 400000. Dollars in child whole league righty all our heart rates to zero dollars. So you missed a few payments a couple to treat you and his habit that in his defense. I guess he's out playing anymore neither Azam income coming in and he has some. Incredibly large. Pay out. For her he may be tapped okay well that's exit the story's going with the late he followed half a 1000000580. Refused to slaughter house and what he paid 200000 of that parent each says they have two kids by the way that's just how to manage she's. At one hell of a lawyer. He could have been me to twenty million dollars OK so let me so beach says that he was content. Out of of dollars from the former business associate that's why he doesn't have the money like he could be right but does need to you know all the money re about editing about either thrown in jail doesn't mean you're gonna get your money that's I think I never understood. About thrown these guys in jail because some of these guys that. I draw they have fire from their jobs. I night I know guys who were paying on it but there organ they they would they could make it all right got it thrown in jail for you know thirty days during his letters out of work. So now woody get OK but the other side that if you don't do what he did you guys those idiots are gonna say okay don't you adamantly garnish the wages okay. The guys don't have jobs. Learn CEO look at your GPS I Michigan yeah I guess you could go rated their bank accounts. And have it have to remove your bank Allen tomorrow and connect to save the system ranked. Just cleared up on each of east side to launch a 25 point five million dollar deal between twelfth two that's probably half a million dollars in child support came from Aaron but again he said he was ripped off and doesn't have the cash. Listening right now we're Natalie stuck in marriages and cool wet back to their ex wives after seeing what the child to be a great soon. Code cheaper to keeper. But here's the thing broke that the that sucks the most and is. There are guys you ripped off the child support jokes but you don't pay child support you look at the biggest piece trashed the place re right there's no explaining why you did your child support because. Theoretically that money is for your ex wife it's for the kids read but what she gets its you do what you want with it. I don't do we had we had one can work he had three boys. And here is show me leg and he was our top seller for seem up listening and really good money. He should be what he had left at the end of the month when he had done. And you know divorce and she needed this she needed that he was he had nothing he'd literally had nothing. I got to know how he can exist and is of little that some money. That brings to this beach got children Lleyton I don't think I'm getting divorced in two dozen. He's living with your wife and your children or you spending more money child support your colon because. It added up the money that you spent your kids what you together it's astronomical. Right clothing and food or they are part of the mortgage whatever it is sports that they do know whatever they're called Jersey attitude to kits and a I wonder if you're still spending more money being married with two kids you are a child support what it all comes down to. Yet released. I needed to Forester dad and a miserable marriage in Iran about OK but when he said the deal would that you boy wouldn't said he's got nobody lives so now because his marriage to miserable I'm on my only can afford it. Korea Seoul which one's better. Women go away from a miserable woman. You can't risk though this isn't here because it it's the difference between. Hope and hopelessness. Like I I would rather be broke but has some hope. Them being hopeless situation and say I feel like him distracted and I mean it's it's and it's more about freedom OK as I can maybe it could turn it around broke out maybe I can turn things around. But of I'm stuck over here if like me and this is never gonna get a better in this sucks and you're gonna be depressed so always take hope over hopeless it's money equals three. Just outside of the Hokies are its potential. Rate of home by myself and the extent like I can move I can go do something. If something that a bomb anchored over here and I don't might disperse and you're gonna be so depressed. They you're better off getting out of it and pay and taken ahead early you can. My buddy who it was live and on like nothing is doing great now. Took him a couple of years but he turned it around and now he's in a better situation in an image I just ask you gotta tough it out to check sec of state like that forever. Getting here at the goatee and long term ideally I just I only played along here. If you complete the long game anymore bomb out of the I'm out of little league world mole man with. A lot that were talking about and Robert Meachem former NFL wide receiver for us how old is odd because kids still right in his third elite thirtieth deadly and they have 400000. Dollars kissed my hands he'll over half a million jobs forties paid 200000 of it he is in jail for thirty days or failed to pay 400000. Dollars to get. Live and die on all. Cited 25 point five million dollar deal to E'Twaun and that's where that came from the waves he's been ripped off by a business associate he has nobody to give his ex wife of minaret to be receiving these guys. All the time they may that'll documentary these guys again these bad business deals 'cause they're not businessmen are athletes and icing and I'll. Yet this is on that so trio still the money though it is I don't know it's weird that they put an angelic you did say that he pay he was starting to pay it so you have to pay according to were briefly as a percent of the only 5%. Up so deep pays a hundred Graham wasn't paying too yeah yeah he get out decently 400000 dollars left. Did you six cows it we're trying to figure is cheaper to stay in a bad marriage. And you pay more for the kids that marriage you need more child support John's at the break repaid Johnny away but it. And our guys. And so when it is not cheaper stay at like. It is cheaper to stay at it and and quite sure by wearing here I'll. It it crushes it seriously expects that your your support to also support argue there are support mark your act says it's dire. And in week she Kurdish state worker and port through it but it doesn't help you out errors at all. You have got divorced. Girls and what which each sport month. 840 in my playing. Doug Everett by the late Aaliyah and I are out there and you are. On top. Where are now. It isn't real it's they want to do sports and journalism you are and how it happened that we reached where all and I am mind you but my heart I didn't mean to the cleaners. You. Paul okay I'll think about. Release the relationship between beauty Rex White was a terrible relationship where everyone's civil. Now at its worst returns are not pay as secret that may be my good friend who partied at a super yeah. Coveted best buddy of enactment. Yeah I am back at Ari nuclear. Perry's. Work. Common article all over here how sweet Zandt fielder beat this year product they'll interpret it all it or general oral okay. It it was AT which went to your daughter's account. A dad and I just days of the cold weather appreciated. So there's a guy that we ago in such scum bag. The wage job sport is written written was if the kids went to college in front of 21. Again if they did not giants went eight pilots fear again he was tried to talkies hole finally to well oh and I am not at all. Burris about counting on no way we get a good trade college ain't going no where date. Always people with these degrees and they idiots who get yourself a good guys skilled labor it was. It was at its listen this is how much it cost me the if you did this this would help me and he was trying to beat college credits I missed its base I would do it a piece of garbage out piecing garbage. I guess I was a that they give us some potentially be some rocket science is maybe so but if it's the guy thinking. The positive rating now kids an idiot to. Digit days. For a wide receiver Robert Meachem in jail thirty days Betty to pay 400000. Dollars child's parents a king's ransom man 25 million dollar deal that allergies combined in Rochester for a hundred. Thousand now there's very few please could house Rochester nominated to the house you have the feeling a mansion there are only beaches that would. Exclude you from buying ultra right and I he says he got ripped up the business to try to figure out is it cheaper to stay hidden. And just paid for all you could stop the keeper or go to the child support and get out just to cavity cat boy brother. And guys I think it's cheaper to state because here in your state and at least for one child at 17% of your income weekly sports sections and they taken out ballots you take out of but that more tickets in the bank's number it's it's not a matter how many did you have you back shouted beacon twelve for twenty odd percent. So court hearing can be or tax that's on the net you're out there under that's and it's ultimately fuel the income tax on net net. On top of that. You stole it Youkilis taxable across. The bill you pay the taxes on the money you're handing her Rasheed on sale excites you you do it's the shaft it's a double shaft. The other part is though it's so that's why is were so high is because they looked at it in on the mandate that the percentage that and the urge state by state and ought to what age but here's the other thing when you lose your job. Or a lot of these guys skimming things were they quit their child or lose her job they get a job on the table you can actually apply for what's called a downward on vacation which tells them that there's. Does sex moral thing. Surely NCAA but I mean eighteen he Robert Meachem does that prove that he got scamming Bibi does but he's got the show you lost the money on your own it's not my fault Kevin basically called brother really appreciated. The way that at 40000 dollars again to kids. It was 588 to begin with you paid to autograph next to kids there I would take one gaga that's terrible blow. Was ordered and was it John is that he's paid 800 bucks a month in Eddie's wife was civil rent Bob was not so lucky hey Bob alight but it. I don't regret. Yeah I would create about two great and I would do it without pampering your other price yeah. Yeah. That come over here they can take you back every two years and she did on the dot every few year renegotiate the money. Yeah because it go by what you made every year including overtime. And they would readjust it. So I would not work. While war if I got to headed up by double overtime of identity if you're just gonna grab my money. I don't let him get ahead of the game to not only singles. The only good thing about are related eighteen it done period there's no you are even cadre beyond that I had nice party. Up to grant at how many kids. Connect still a ton a money man before tax bill pro in 01. About to ask at what you making ideally you'd take home what to take double monthly epic. A month I mean I'll make it about a 120 a year. Right and I but it's 124000 dollars now. I mean I don't get me wrong. Yet you know I don't have a problem with Alex what are you may be worse we're like a month afterward aren't you moving her boyfriend never got married so you know Robert money. Oh yeah. I. But they call buddy we do I take you know it is amazing how little guys are able laugh about this room and like Bob left about a just and well I yeah prop eight I got yeah. Publicly bridges to grab marks and going back to court every two years on top of that register every two years to get raked over the coals again. Stay stage sets bitches don't know we got only closure once I.