A Chance For Revenge

Monday, May 14th

You finally have the chance to seek revenge on the old cranky guy in the neighborhood, but are you bold enough to follow through?

There's a man who once made a buddy of Kimmy's life hell, and now the kid has this man's career in his hands!


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Revenge. Tummy orange. Allegedly back to when you were kitten this guy would you neighborhood old guy who diligently to an all continent or maybe was a teacher that you had to bust your balls would never be a break baby was managing had a job in high school all got it guys. But how would you like it now 203040. Years later if you had the opportunity. To screw that guy and his credit kiddies had that opportunity now. And he needs to take a breath before he does anything drastic this up an old buddy of mine in the mail me good business okay. Always some. He ate up the breaker let's just let's crack basics back to BC about a modest is that we look forward to be most important week of the year. At a 65 to BC admits it's all right kitty. Try to be yours Chia pet experiences a child most of us have had. Day yet everybody has like that. The grumpy old guy in the neighborhood that you don't want those guys even if you don't really do anything you still HEK you're young punk kid but isn't this particular. It is this guy called cops on hand she is yeah I see did call the cops on to the neighbor out especially by buddy I guess that would of his friends arrested at some point for being too loud at night. And yet just you know normal kid neighborhoods deaths but 1520 years later your friend who's grown up yet. Just. Not to get anybody in trouble so he works in the HR department for come be its. Pretty Bailey big enough free don't know everybody that works there and and he key I guess he kind of runs his program for people who. Didn't trouble whether it's you know saying something inappropriate or you know trading for you know what's what's races with not a sexual press created it's not good actually for example somebody gets in trouble that would have to sit through a class that he would run. Get pretty much its top you know what a lot of there's an. Suppose he runs his program and I guess he was kind of going through like the next group of people that have to go through this program. Couple of them in particular were forced to go through this program so it's filling out paperwork for one of the guys in a and a group and he's looking at it he's like. Dressed in the sky is like right where I grew up. And he's kind of like thinking about it and he pulled up like Google Maps so Mike goes and looks and sees what how to house that is. The public got this is the guy that got my buddy rested like. Fifteen years ago whole bowl and used to call the cops and I feel. And yeah like they just they hated this guy growing up. So so I don't think that they've gone through a class yet but he has to sign off. On the skies paperwork saying he pass the class and he can go back into the workforce. And if he doesn't pass that I don't know if he's gonna get fired or what the story as you said yes that this guy it's up to his interpretation yeah Fred whether it's on my on my buddy are key to hold this guy's future of his career and his hand. So my buddy and I started a cut meet together a soul. We have both at the same boss we hated it. Hated this brick vicious of that summit and always Ryanair has over impossible please direct. Sohn. His boss of Boris would buy by an ample hated. He. His son. Hits for millions of dollars at the beginning of the tech industry self floor and just it's worth millions he was always tell us how is K was working with computer predators to generate your. Make it's gonna be rich well the cage hit. So this for a boss of bars. Retires. Kid says I got an up and money that even cut meat for thirty years or to do it anymore and also. He retires everybody's elated to despray cleaves. I quit my job ghosts are doing stand up my buddy is promoted to manager the meat department. Kampman deny he's my body lice and our economy is now the manager this meat department that is produced run Scott. In such an act money. The tech bubble voice to validate tech bubble place. Brick boss. Has to come back into his old job in that same place same place you save governing. In my buddy who he treated like crap. Is now run in the market. Oh yeah. And yet to your buddy take advantage you guys last a month. Could you might run I hired him Judy harder than some uttered Georgia mule all right I mean he just wrote his ass re out the door so here's the thing. I know we all have a grudge we've helped reverse singles group that happening is as much we wanna make fun would it for this meant really really bad at letting things go. But what makes this even better three tornado over there to shine. What makes it even better for your Fred activity. When you how much you hate the guy from holding a grudge go to hold a grudge against it takes you back to the age you were when it happened so your friend might be using twelve to fifteen year old logic you right looks up at between fifty to make. You finally have this guy right where you won. This your friend has to keep in mind him where you're messing with the ability for a man to me eat lifting. Yep but he putted an AV at Tucson and it's biblical OK you even have a Bible it's full of nothing but revenge thing. Playing Russian ass all replacing kick ass over here it's smack and act now you want it even I don't god wanted it even by caustic amend the appeal the TTE in patties were mentioned about. He's a drawer and let's be really shares that thing like there's a reason this guy's in this class of the first okay my natural step to violate my buddies that when he redneck guy out. As saying he couldn't take it that's a different creative well menace that he bad seed you got your body went out of his way to try to like all right we know we needed to meet your costs these guys keep the ball and whatever our. Should but to give jerk so here's a funniest part about this is what Jimmy's friend to not I just paperwork attorneys opinions. Every man should realize by now if you are over the age of thirty. That you eventually become that men that you hated the guy that you despises it get out of it what it yelled at you for being in a lot kid I Miguel and anybody teacher that busting your balls to create a slacker the boss that you had your summer job would never caught to break given enough time you become that nice guy all really you know what young kids all the time. What did you rom but up for no reason you don't judge kids get bad grades up and down. You gotta hit the books junior you know look at every punk kid restaurant wideout possibly if you would have restaurant you don't got it yells at the. You wanted to beat a perfect example of how you meet quite heal thy neighbor of public cranking this you. Or any god damn copy or move on it has the right change. Jesus Christ again good dig through your wallet just hit a I got Tommy Beck is you is it feels can OK ma'am does and it's a little power controlling you exercise over this jerk. It wouldn't cut to a break okay that you cut kids a break the same can't be right people bring I would run but the kid it was Bergen they're judged. Yes I think gave at least I was very nice that your immediate neighborhood it wrote his fight over your lawn. Quality that all by Joshua knew that was raised him. She irony here. We've eventually become this guy we all got neighborhood in no way you know that guy like if Miller looked. If you made a cut of meat that some kid like white with his blood. I know I would be furious desperate that I deserved it called cups man. Italy's best Hugh Grant. The election season and made you gotta they have some you know what. I'll worry about that down a road right now let me get my revenge because. That it's it's cleansing it feels good to stick it to somebody well he just stuck it to you should be over by now solidifying you know it's so easy to say that so let's say. You know and I'll get over that wanna get to stick it is that come over all right so a guy should lose his job. Because he yelled at you when you were a kid Demi and it does it really make you feel any better not leave you better. And eliminate I got to know I think like they're also might be seven deal there where it's like let's say a guy doesn't know who you are you do it like do you really feel satisfaction. During that if you didn't even know like why you're. Sticking it to on presumably to get to hug you like yeah out back. Another scary aspect of this keeping with the whole you become a guy eventually things. What if you meet these guys an adult whoever was a bust your balls. And it turns out you like to. No it would if you think he's cool you get along. He treats you differently because he now respect Susie humid it doesn't look it she was some Kindle reader one that's what I'm back. Guess it's like how much that messed with who you are as a human being that this guy did you realize you retire I would let it out. Are gonna how nice guys and stick Raton. This guy comes up do you make nice to meet you respectful looks you beyond maybe graduate gift tape let's go get a tree. That's about you know I got boos in my own house and a major booze or what he apologizes for Rudy Giuliani's. It day sorry I saw I didn't. We just whereas whereas misunderstanding Arianna blah. Well here's something you can understand really got to run in this class and you get a ship took us. I know I look like so if she look like a deck that in you quoted nick all the time. No but that's you. Somalia and I got a from oilman so. Growing have been jurors are so are some members look at where these X orders or some river the guy's name bode act so Boldak the neighbor. Had a pink fence you know pink. Picket fence around his house in my domain hated rate Aziz have made some remarks about voting your. Maybe poetic guy swings in the decided to play at did advocate so blood act had some issues with defense he took it down and then they had it. A pair item might that had to give Boldak permission you know yet at the neighbors here to put up a new fence here. Bode active defense down rate. Seoul. On it would put a new fence up here to take offense down Omega is now. Offense few product. You didn't want defense now he only does he was gonna put it another pink got their offense. And he had to walk it. So lately so I hit a my father's till late they Dave my own man moved. Which is makes staying guide each other on the governor monologue OK excellent in that story boat accident got a cute and at that Dick yeah homophobic remarks about a guy especially you guys are evident pink fans what is willing and Mary Kay cosmetics. Nerds you got a look at it. But there are we got a few stories yeah it was like Regina pink pants. They I. Weren't like that she's with your neighbor really just wouldn't affect and it's like you like the guy is gonna take this class you beat him right now on the expense sucks hated you would put. She delivered venues that food that would wanna take a look at Yahoo!. Whereupon I did did the photo you you don't go well Matt he's in the great okay fine fine but don't Sheridan knows yet. And yet you're the son of the jerk that he hated so. So I dig it out when you buddy bring that up face of this company regularly get a said the BC MF or the break through FaceBook page I worked at eight. That's who restaurant when I was in high school head a manager who was complete deuce bagged what you said nothing ever pleased. I am now a manager to grocery store. His son came midway an application all the years ago I gave the interview knowing that was gonna hire him a struggle all the way along told that he was on the top my list. I can give him the job. I don't what Alessio was talking about it CS Lewis played well against this act or tumor. I've used it doesn't matter either way if anybody knows how big a jerk that I that it probably is kid. Maybe Miriam advocates a jerk tarot. But really if your father payers some pink in the house and UN Miller can be dedicated. This house. Who would you have some standards. Gonna get stayed dead paint this room different color yes so just because there just takes her little girl. Take revenge on guy who busting your balls and you were engine because he doesn't he. Yet if anybody in my neighborhood does any say it's not what I considered normal and I am allowed to bust their balls and they should not take revenge on it yes OK Ali because I try to help the guy out day really keep Italy artisan pink fence guy who can airmen and maybe you don't care that's the problem with this country you don't care. Where they'll hold their country should be excellent. Did no better yeah. Manager got a bankrupt.