Caught Creepin' (& This Time it Wasn't Tommy Mule)

Monday, August 13th

Duffy is in some trouble with a girl at work, and he has his WIFE to blame for it!

With the click of a button, Duffy became the creepiest man in The Break Room.

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You know yet to be very careful as a man which during running office now. Right watch him well to eyes are ahead of what you said mouths of others is about what you wanna set things so what does a man he worked very hard to build reputations right and for years and years and years having to be fine 81 and the moment boom it's all gone. And thanks to my wife the way that when did you do broke the way women are looking Venus office not until I'm paranoid is how I do the talking about it they have to pay. You yeah the break remarks as classic rock many 65 to BC a map we live from the little training camp at saint John Fisher College in the country sweet hot seat pits thanks to look at everything with locations in Rochester back. Victor in Syracuse alright here's what happened right right so have a buddy of mine who works in another business and did he was you Linkedin is no. It's like FaceBook for professional I'll get to meet its spread request from a woman that works with us to is linked in profile annually of one picture only been in this girl is attractive. So he's my house last week and. The new news ocean looked. But she looked to call it. So my wife is there and and she is now features in this conversation so we go to Steve Boller and so immediately I think I've followers we bell toll to grant from the ground. It's when you post a picture and like unlike whatever it's pretty easy one and instruments like rice Graham to show my body the picture of this girl that we were right. So my wife it's heavily involved in this usually it's women will do so my body is due scanning and down weeks upon weeks upon weeks of pictures back in the past now we're like six months at zero the girls looked like Earl yes network at eight months back right. So it's a problem in my life goes I want a seat she takes a phone out of my buddy's hand in in doing so. Likes of picture of this girl from about eight months ago. What's that bad roll it makes it look like I was sitting in my house on a Saturday night going through all our pictures. Because I wanted to see. Ryan I know I'd other reason doesn't even matter the reason why you're doing it your Crete. Ought to particular elected. For eight months ago Hewitt in the NATO wants that it's like you had to go into her profile yeah turner server picking up. Exactly yes exactly I do exactly that role so that after he must of. Past. Forty pictures and my wife likes them so I EST she goes oh my god like I believe how what did you do it like it was all of like it like she's gonna get notification. It like a picture and and like you which makes keep encrypt your coach I realized I did it try to make it outlook creep right so. Ears ten years I've been in this building grip right. Always a pristine reputation when it came to dealing with a win and I could marry the whole time I bet here I never have any acts I get every data which is not as desirable also lower your favorite kitty yes or no I'm always pretty respectful to the women in the office. I mean from what I've seen okay guests an easy one moment he's you know what my wife did. Wiped out all of them heard your reputation so it's when you do I don't know because this girl hasn't said anything to be about you know each other oral that well we dispute she worked at a different area. Right so companies argue. I'm walk I find myself and maybe a paranoid if the public now walking by when it in the office and like there was Diana and at whispering to each other but they creep its walking through voluntary there's in the gay deadly cheats on his line. I'll bet it looks escalates to that point because now you just look like you're. Creep and girls the and here's a pig if it was my body that favored they pick in my weight wasn't ball might wipe would be pissed if she found out about. I'd say there's an easy way what's the oversell yourself would be market. So let's say you like that pitchers that are now there's other women in the autism awareness program. Sir like it all their stuff. Still think it's basically like liking page and they keep it does it right at the heat luckless creepy. Let's. So let's say ice ice say I call you who. Honey yeah he it's creepy. But as I say to you but if ice starts honey and everybody to replaces Tommy is he calls monies in the Marlins analyze them. Is he just likes exactly demean people. But like it's a blanket statement Souza directed to state you your image as a way I can't I talked down to women in general. Does it makes me hosts immediately and waters it down movement. Going major different type a terrible person is all the pretty girls and up lists are like other bikini pictures thinking is gonna think of these guys don't hold you so bad it is. April who's been here for 25 years with a pristine record of prestige records AB take away the three lawsuits. That. Christine. There. I would I would like like even like that like the old. Banks yup but don't like letter pitchers Linda bacon a pliers that's the problem I think it's only young girls managed to bring together. Who ran out. We lead the way and say hey look he's saying this but like there's guys it's a there's got it comes down and talks me some times via his that he beat. But I hate you I don't know he doesn't everybody on every shallow right and you'll in your mind like go go music creep really doesn't do go to receiver and another shows what he does he's just like friendly guy wants to you know running uneasy. Be careful. If we didn't DC nine point oh you don't ever want to run but. It does to everybody but you'll only see would you want to see. If you're not that pretty if we can work together yet you found out I did this you would judge you meet immediately that these are filthy wrote come. All unmarried with kids on LYEWL. I can't yes I know you're right you I don't unite that way. Was I thought okay. Well I I'd really like my idea. Is a couple no it's not a course you write it your idea. I mean I was fine like I would go their sights and fight like nine sexy pictures that this still make mundane things that like it like she's the popular dog when her boyfriend or some like that. They give you don't like things. Well my help if you like a picture of her met a guy rain makes illustrated. Does I don't know I'd have agreed to for anything here. I am I white. Accidentally likes is to grim photo of a girl we work with from like eight months ago it's a long story but my wife did I freaked out not look like a massive creep it happened last week and I. I think and tell me if I'm wrong you can because I was at. As old as time he is still not totally sure I was into granting work take its tablet premium for work right then should I talked to her about this should Michael. This story just explain the story. Yeah. Do you think there she broke no girl they care about this. I would notice what I find it very strange if somebody else and came across the picture for me like a year ago Catholic but redo and scroll through that far. But what I guess what I think it is better to have the conversational that you know you're gonna throw the. Are your body and a lot of good about that okay that's fine normally is a place like buddy I'll take my kids I'll just debt under the bus at sexually attracted to you. All right now this looks bad because I'm obviously not for you can't just say yeah is it would just sit out of you isolate that because of how she's supposed to take that that is the idea has an accountant knows it's weird somebody like some think for a long time ago had to go searching of cases now it's so spleen. Yes so if he goes and has a conversation that I noticed and it's creepy I didn't mean to do it I think that's gonna you know it's obvious things Amish as elegant revert Tommy's right if I acknowledging your creepy Eunice. Did you figure Knology. Creepy move that was not intended. And your explaining how it happened I guess this funny though how that's creepy. Do you dislike. You you give people you get these accounts in people look at him Europe creep with a one out you got a full woman probably he's creepy for me to be sitting on my couch at a Saturday just its for picks. Yeah. Yeah temple like his could be months ago these guys did you 200 guys have I used to use it's awkward. Through well I have. As much as possible under paperwork. Can be Tommy's right like Michael it's ignoring it kinda gives them no mind way of you becoming ill just don't like eight. Like that in my god that. His and it's gonna look like well pat lesbianism. Mayor's problems that he's if you tried you get here you like to her boyfriend that you might think it went three way. Ask you for the way Jon Stewart has room. Unit it's. Now. I think in that uses Twitter to say Hadi a sign up for that you go to the greater. You know use it though I'll watch stuff on its creepy. Creepy usable social media users like that don't translate to paper lately like this island browser you can you tweet which on it all that everything that's gone to us. You uses your spouse with Pia. Let's let's. Not social media think you're a social media particulate stares at his widow of the ninety do you see that. It now you. You guys that make this stuff that I entertain Dodi Julie and I'd say project grant. The book but you're at the about the club rather. It. Yeah I'm I'm here I'm I believe that FaceBook. Bonds are on and out of Asia. And I don't like the well I. Over all the lights. I what was the one above we get more information but what was the photo of. Outline I saw I am I'm much older. I am psychic and and in my shall balmy here and thought I post X ray and shoulder at. High on base. While they are. They are buying. Is that your idea or just let. It. You joke if you press like to that. I that is an overreaction that is an overreaction but couldn't blame it on the new shoulder they it was voluntary I I have no control over this thing. Well I can't go a lot of people. Are. Because it was on I don't know unwittingly. Or somewhat important. And now. Well I don't know I'd like that. So much weight in the world. You're you're right I mean it is shocking that you for the call relief region next up all the time against these things. Yeah. Oh yeah well. You act like realize that somebody could see that you were looking you know those live videos. Dress and you're watching them heated realize what I Tommy was watching all of us who like video of the radio show we're funded if you didn't know that people could see what happens again until somebody wrote the student program. And Letterman and now it was shocking that was an IOR I wanna take a break I see you guys on hold the FaceBook messages we have coming in from guys that are completely clueless about how this works is astonishing because there and arguing that this is how you pick up women. And there is actually only one way disputes blown over and it's with the shame of another man in the office explained that I exit rate of 96 but BBC about. The amount of guys that are rated with what they think are good ideas and social media and got separated you from now linked. How are we so bad at this. How easy and so bad at this I was nobody believes ideally stop your face how these things you have a break much to class Brockman six by the BC and if you're just joining us my wife accidentally lights. And Easter Graham post from AQ young girl that I work with from like eight months ago my body was interest it is very gusty follower he's going to Wear pictures he goes to forty pictures look at all the right but what was I wanna see she grabs the phone lakes the picture which means it this conceit who work with me out to just like something everybody in here for in Erfurt that likes something. Champion big deal but now the other generation started a charity that click says a lot about what you do your generation me like a dirty work. Many. Okay like subdued do. You know where are the ones that some dikes to believe deeply gets the light things that his country. We've gotten a lot of bad ideas on how to make this better there's only one way to solve this week FaceBook messages for men who were trying to tell us that not only is this not a big deal at this is part of their weapon repertoire is it's imminent I do this all the time when I know that I'm interest it by the picture from a few months or a year ago and like it so you stay and how he doesn't. It doesn't give a creepy it makes you look like you have a plan in the remember you. Yeah a plan like murder her carrier body the he spent eight get your bowler in the door great is that they'll always Elster great to put the doors and you get your motor in the door a toll Dolan didn't do anything else when it. Which is ship owner can he can round adored taken all the looks QBs the closest thing we have a girl. Candy Tommy someone point it definitely says Ali tells a girl and interest right there and I don't you start but Tommy Boehner. And without saying you know tiptoed around to Teradata donor if it's along what it. Pretty comfortable Hughes. If guys like eight FaceBook or incident photo we've a year ago wouldn't be flattering that creep you that you know that he went through earlier pitchers. Trying to buy something of that. Here's you know creeps me out more of the fact that he's oblivious to how creepy now. I would be not enters and because he made the decision to go back and like it actually throw with this guy doesn't know social media addict it. Okay why keep all the pictures of their you know way to look it's like a photo album. Here's the previous one and I carefully look at guy writes if a woman noticed me on FaceBook all of bind her best picture and write beautiful sexy in the Carol that's a Clinton is that you could no reason why isn't quite sexy or everybody is as CA. Everybody is watching you. Hit Ottawa who sell with a bad hand by the way broad these girls of the. The attention but it tonight that yeah they like with a man look you make a lot of guys doing that but I tell the women do like him. That this too much to put you Mike Tyson hit that. Well you wouldn't do it right why did you know how great Felix which had a what do get lit up looking a weirdo payment but. But that's exactly exactly it's it's your generation makes six everything's. I would feel weird if it do you think it's weird not because of our generation made it weird you'd that is that it's weird. We at least going to be able to solve this problem maybe it is from geo says and he beat. It'll make things better by having Tommy like some of her pictures from eight months ago to. The just overwhelm her with men got. Oh surrounded him man. The connection. The things he uses for Monterey at like Tommy they did dilute a little social media creep in as with lots more social media creek Venus. Without well what are the odds that would go wrong. He speaks now and then that'd be able to see the light up. And it and an end of the market with Greta says everyone else creeps people need to get over being creek. That's the whole thing like I like you know women's preakness and the bands compliment I think it's hard to know where to line is the most profound that you so I'm gonna go home could retire you about that we'll dude dude yes it's all designed for is that we give everybody else's life you have to -- right you can't Hackett caught creeping onto a little while. We've all those pictures up there of the hit it's no like you obviously want people to go to that your your pathetic like that likes to actually know meets that chance that he was staying at the hottest thing in those pictures disappear to 24 hours of may be they're finding that these people don't want their pictures on one time what good does that help you right now appreciate that the older pictures of during that mr. Ford very moderate vote -- to argue are your father what happened you. How what he called again it's a Graham and know Seattle won the when he got no I got caught on Israel and I quite did it can. Change it narrative story that I am an actual creek. I understand they give your buddy was look at who's he would district look yes yes okay size that are. And what degree do is not to think I think that we to look at. Everybody's pictures dressed whether to even challenge. A clerk or yet chosen but really online connect. I immediately had a girl. And some girls at the likeness. Dating sites in the first single news that they zippers and they go to alt a social media to even look particularly stools Syria. But I used the. And being sent like as a man if a woman like an Easter grim picture of my months ago a great game let's do this thing I would assume that means you're ready to jump. The they say it hold it out though which. There is only one thing that will solve this problem. And it's time and it's slip up from another guy in the office because the only thing. That will make people forget about my creepy this is some other guy in the office two weeks of the creepy year matter time before that happens but waiting for that happens sucks and I do feel guilty prayed for as someone else in mankind this group were similar she could do like by DO bugs that situation. Asking icky like whatever pitchers to ask him although he had no that'll be good at when he gets up and asking other dudes to do that to make you a screen like Cecil the guy when he botched it Bakersfield I'm gonna pay a guy go like a girl space yes and that's not getting it out I feel very comfortable as a girl elves and all these guys mr. liking the scene yeah why not paid you know. They are interested. I think what am I missing in this picture that's like weird attracting people. Maybe yours you mean this well. And the hunt putts at old he's worked. It is an eskimo boy later that's my point how you work and I very rarely see here if I know it's weird because like last week look suspicious now a year lightly. What do you do in a year so that blows over nobody if you avoid you look like some kind of no bull leader is not going on my way to say oh low rate now. The more you try to fix the board damaged due look at look at the week tuchman on the radio then yes the it. At that rate.