Cancel Father's Day

Thursday, June 14th

Duffy wants all the dads out there to unite and be done with Father's Day for good.. But is it really as bad as he says it is??

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We're doing God's work today here in fighting for dad it was even as us and. He's right back Alex I don't understand you're just I I have to fight back if you're saying we all suck you Julie was guests. Did I love system knows. I don't you go on today tell your two daughters that they suck in their gifts their five and seven you're grown person that you still. They're debt let it out bitching about what their children and wives have gotten them to pay. The breaker matched his classic rack and 65 the BC about the state in his native father Dave Wright which won't happen and just abolish it and get rid of it. It becomes a pain in the ass for middle. Loaded two and world class a letter. Solution. And now you don't Wii's may never get anything accomplished what equipment are laughing just when it comes to things that they get added importance in society was it was because. We has been cannot stayed together we do not stick together solidarity and artist and there to see this is an opportunity to jump gonna be good to have voted. The genetic is it is up to me before Tuesday no tweets come editing is treated said that he's met great group. OD is so fitting that Duffy read this segment after its ways beater because he's acting like a little bit should not sorry. Sorry you meant its stayed up the causes would you say that tap tap other folks have fought for things which you call got beat a little bit. Mike and I have no idea it was tennis grinding to a Doctor King Italy which is as yet would you. More tweets coming in Europe helping guys at Andre dismissed I know I'm going against father code but I love candy she's cracking me up with their back talking SaaS or she'll nor should get sent no really flat and today Alec. Tommy's bitch about how fathers are depreciated Wiki. Every day. The Father's Day is a dream Father's Day for towel. You go home room nobody's home. You could do whatever you like it down let's hours of television and news and pour yourself a glass of Scotch and then you falsely at all and it again the next day. Let's all work related. Alcoholism in the 24 hour news cycle I will tabled and no way anybody would you like fathers today. I will take you just pissed me off and this is another reason my father's. Yet you always get better fathers they stuff that I do and that really makes me mad. Are very easy to buy it. I'm not. And you can we were to stuff. Site. Now I think this has taught us this is a problem stick to. Dates so weirdly didn't stop because surely your wife has gotten things that she would think you'd be interested in Mike jerseys like a doctor pearl why it took a bath I. Every sixty ideally jerseys and things like that you look at it knew going. Democratic Party have the time I would. Think it did think about that Kevin is I'd see that they can't tell you rather. Or two additional hot hot but it does have a little anecdote might. It was all eyes are other work while I give my kids and apparently she while I. Sox. At carton of cable ever read proper state. We also accept oops I alt slack. Our own and that that started what do you about it there on the cable polices towards. The usually don't. Actually like that you actually want it better than you expected at every peso just go away. I get a days ago but I appreciate and we do wanna be equal opportunity to what you were yelling your record Bobby got a call a guy named rich the last break key agrees the real man or he's not flipping like you Google brits sitting across from him or not he said he got a big fan of Bob. Others out there. I have two things that I do consistently. All the time they're my hobbies. There about passion and all that outside of my family you know my kids that are my kids are older kill him. Never lines today did any. Ingrid reed and my top. You do it all the talent you don't it's this hot yeah yeah. Well and didn't cure I mean. With the. Pointed out every year what what I did what money due date yeah. That one yeah. Richest port is mired out of the area bothers identifying him will be equal opportunity this is Kennedy is his Rich's daughter out and he says. Kennedy on CM half hour. All I'm articulate current. I don't dragging them remarked thank you at my at. I'm carrying out talking about I don't know what he's. Mean I'm not yet there are actually talking about what you get experts are here working. Even yeah pinch. I'll. I get hurt deadly physical and at. Oh. Only when I'm in. And found what I. I other women. Get a bottle. We devoted they don't you have voted. I don't know how do you EU. So why don't. Guess I'll. But it is she's going into his likes and interests. I don't care you're gonna be inserts be deleted due to a look at you can't he do it's great I don't teach okay. Going out a way to try and asking for but they can't get to that ticket and it's like I said. If you're not gonna do right and don't do it all that's all I'm saying Kennedy I appreciate the call to predict what he and his point just like yep Richard compensate my father besides its hockey east and might tire. Like fathers did sucked. We now have a way to kind of get inside his head as they can see what he's hosting and things that you like you just look at and ask him or you should know this already. I've been feeling of it is that easy would it doesn't. Right there guys get taken for granted loans by various expect you're just expected to do this and do that bring home the bacon and it is fair that you get taken for granted to just kill the bugs. Check out on the noises. A dangerous yes the stink bugs stink. It's no intention or you like mothers get taken for granted. No no no no you acted knowingly can't touch your life you are yet to be very delicate with the recent and creature and not not really. Cold blooded guy who I got no danger to this shot on most mothers would say like I do you ever admitted to. Realizing that while my wife does more than I thought she did yes do you feel you need to keep an even say it all the time to key sends there just wasn't meant. Have realized that there are times they thought my wife does more to I thought she did you know what you know. Woman has ever senate district and got my husband does more I thought he did yeah finally he's doing something yet. Thanks for. They rank so inaudible you so you don't know way too does interest Turkish don't pay attention at that you do is dead this light the lamp for the floor of the walls. They're just they're holed up the building yes he's right tell me more about how tough fathers haven't tried it relies so I jumped and of the gaming I kidding me and yeah you flipped on your side of the bridge to do I have big guys but people said don't look at it rookie of the year. They're saying out there. The other senator from there a percent I you step farther you get great stepfather gives us a complicated situation Michaels on CMF Michael. Yeah you know what I think that may have. Golden hurt here. But there has been fine. The urge your wife and I were together. In order to avoid a hole either pay you know. At the Bogut right up holiday anyway. It happened or her Wagner. So they're optical biter in all the crappy. And made. Did you is the moon's. Yeah yeah. The woman and I got a little quick here and I miss it last year. It worked out yet why don't broke up there they don't but other statement bureau. Michael face the caller to that point additive that fathers get a lot of they get the better tips because it's almost like kids are trying harder because he global model like each other when it Alex you're gonna more gotten a stepfather gift via. But you know how it. Homeless at this new president if I as a father get a tie in a mud. And the guide my kids are living with certain gates speaks to rule yes let's. Clean. Poll canisters were the pecking orders. Bright Red Sea about Brian alloy body. I got a great deal slip and what bothered me is. Is it Stanley day or another Mother's Day you wake up guys you'd yet to crack that you got it you ought. A bad sign my kid during that 28 now and then they were alive and well pretty and that bat they highlight. That's why it gave me probably they went out pork and divorce paper my niece is eight. Yeah all day they can't keep my life and let down every other week. They're 28. Oh well I hate my support I look like in here. See I don't know I. When you hear that dad did complexity and go what did you know this way lately about. It. Eight. Clean and simple two year old your body. Heal our. Thanks. Such a delight of has been helping him sort out the way he can worn down and use immunity. Of Nagin means and sass mouth that it can't smell that just kind of funny we had. Dad. After debt then governor why I would have glowing report. It. Cost. You bet 99% of our colors are just angry people in general why Tommy who's giving answers the phone. Because they're dead yes the men yes men are expendable. That's fine but I. That's what you missed this bad and the dramatic and listen we got to do all the hard stuff aren't we have to and we. You follow others we father that's our laws are dead. Well that what bowlers of young at a mine was a local boy bloody presumably because I know this man has the wisdom to wrap all the design but I'll idea but. But ultimately five minutes Donny I don't. Brother. Margaret. There's going straight out there today we greedy apple. Don't you wilderness I get stopped short putt just mean more work. Here's a new trilogy you've been out the order front door or Europe. Here's yours or growl. Well yeah I think grill cook yes exactly you look at just the fact. And most that is what we do bridge separates you. I ordered and so it is going to be I agree Mike each one for me after have to worry a threat once. And go from seeing increases so does point our topic race. Let somebody else in major ever attended worry about that. He called the opera. Yeah over and over. I don't undergo an old enemy but he takes it called an earlier version numbers could. OK so it wrapped up just don't do anything for your dad for Father's Day and then next year you'll hear him bitch about how nobody did anything form for father Xavier before. Minutes Indian never ending cycle what quarter chew him cooler joke you are families this. We haven't heard. Nobody hurt you you hurt me I would think the crew because enough.