Calling The Police For a Halloween Prank

Friday, October 27th

It's technically a crime, but how likely are you to get involved with this type of neighborhood prank?


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Call the police for this right. Carolina but I you'd think you know what happened was this time of the year. A ticket Elena it's a couple of kids we saw this crime happening in progress my wife one to be the one you're in the polls to vote at all. I want one for this crime was all about protecting my neighbor watch enough people. On the top through this a lot of crime. I'm guessing which used to know it is a crime it's technically crime negative and I would tell you what it is the the breaker rats glass rack and six by wc and adds archived on the other Dayton my daughter's soccer practice my wife's the passenger seat and weeks. Cried a. It was gone horribly to hijack and carjacked now. 7 o'clock just did start to. Aaron and might like witnesses the weekends ago and they are Smashing Pumpkins. And watching it happens I didn't see it. My wife saw it goes to. Or slam the brakes on it lowers its announced she pulls a phone out it's called police is going on this law. And always Smashing Pumpkins at that person's house. And I go OK button aged edged down I want. Mobile O. I went one for kids smashing pond get people to him. Frank. And the cops don't want you call and as a blessing a cop needs is to be pulled off of so to these Dylan. Who. Crime they can be completely. Fixed with a hole she. I'm sure she wasn't wasn't the only person that pulled out of found adult men and 100 yell they kid if your neighbor but that's about it. My wife he's insisting in a car at the time I did talk out calling them longer thank god but my wife is insisting these vandalism they are vandalized a proposed burst prob. Property that would window breaks and I don't know expendable pocket doctor. And what it cost to glean the footsteps of subway at. That added that a heat I think that she didn't feel like a massive Dick for not caring about about a lady idea let's listen you smashed apart. And you don't clean it up. There's certain. There's a thing that will come by Clinton for you. Which total squirrel today says the squirrels we'll take care of whatever damage you've done to sit just collector's. Extended on the white to wish what are you gonna say the cops. I'm witnessing and I'm like by the time the cops get their dispute it's a long gone. Yeah but I mean that you said handle your yell at kids yourself I don't think that's a good idea either like. I don't think people trying to handle a situation themselves when they see this happening like at their house is necessarily have a Smart move. She would be right to get out of hand quick tour India civil guy shortly in the face of the Tigger right out the the total let me talk you like. And it's you know I mean he had nobody wants their steps management. How much energy in my gonna put into the sites he would call the cops because kids do they try and our season. Your personal home your home stick your opening up a run at all accounts but delegate they're gone. And we've all done it. Let's every guy has. Grabbed a pumpkin belt wasn't stairs and smashed on a sidebar what every dude it's my life is like addiction was shocked when I told her I done it's like you want to be like it was like some kind of murderer. Like I remember trick or treating. And if somebody had Blake you block down to the end of their driveway and they had a Republicans will thing despite bush kept it. Your deck should serve food poised till we did this right we all did so. I wouldn't. Let's say you call it and right cop show a lot of kids are still there. It's all want to press charges brought these kids like you gonna charge 1213 years old smash owners Gordon UN noted Gordon. If you if you put out on gains like he did you kind of assume it can happen definitely. I mean we cut a deal like ten pumpkin sitting outside this building and every morning I command I'm surprised that there are not. Pumpkin scattered all over the railing with his two homeless guys live in an amendment through the joint. Just like shocked when people can't get a bit and that. I think just expected to happen. There are crimes deep pockets magic being one of them where if neighborhood NIC's going down I'm not. Now please look like way think that they're gonna toilet paper how I don't care I and that's a pain and he asked I would rather have one or two of my. Jack Leonard smashed and have to get up into trees and get all that wet paper route. That's opinion and yes I did anything involving kids I'm not calling the commonality conserved. Ask your dad he's got to be pissed if he's come a dual house 'cause it got T Peter there's too. Pumpkin smashed on the sidewalk what about you how's he technical job as candy just hose it off and I've egg haven't you aide to house. So I remember back in the day. They wouldn't sell you eggs and following it already know what I occasions breakfast after the event like of my mom wanted to buy things like Obama were to win Dixie. We would not sell aches anybody 121. On Halloween night no kidding because you know toured Deutsch you see apology kids come in in separate Lotta time. You know they're gonna whip it right right today. Just. It was very good kid. Anyway yeah she's one of those goodie two issues that hit the books that's when she's a doctor Thomas is like guys. We good news breaks on two when there's a cluster of them more of us that only a few doctors at ozone hole. When JD won't just there just isn't a great job doesn't mean your not. An idiot does reader and idiot idiot could have been a good kid you work and insult to. Every guy known. Had a job like mine one is that your. Were jerks. Andy skilled jerks who are jerks you cultural scale it's cut me was this deal. You guys have sympathy for these kids because it hasn't happened to your house like that big. What's a guy sees happening in his own yard. The rage I'll clean up this yeah I've picked it up the phone and call in the sheriff's department. To get the egg off from my window to deduce who's. With you but I don't want that headache I did QB is right if I keep all the iPhone could mailbox got smashed right I thought it was a bunch kids Marshall bill directs our mailbox gets smash Alicia we had what goes on for four people were on a guy. We districts that damn thing is we don't know it is okay. Did you 6000 public folks on hold my driving on the other white weakness is our expansion a prank at best especially should try to call. She stole its brakes on she wants good that's appropriate I think exhibited kids who wouldn't let them. But I could call that what what she's judging people for not only wanted to call the cops there but to repeat when these kids I was a kid what are those crimes where am. And able but look at a guy let's call when it is if you get a collar crime it's a soft crime at best but still saw. And you know soft on the breaker Lindsay and Donny how anybody. Mark in the Pacific nation continues plus vacation it is our right now history are you kidding me hate and anger. Thirteen years old in a dress up as a ghost to collapse it Katie Markus market we keep score. I doubt that being said the question hour be if it was you or front yard. You'd do to. A market for Croatia they. Part of America Barack. But I'm noticing something with guys over the age 45 or so icy pumpkins can BC pumpkin pumpkin fuel and die under. Puckett instructing them a bucket bucket comply you. So I'll the puck behind him now that I'm here. Audio you respect and remembers sure clean up the pocket or. How the swirls. Immediately but he did yeah and I. Out there who aren't sort of whatever it is he's got to the skin the kids. I'm bringing a little so open about it. IDB's apology. Nine and remains then it got tough but I. That's going to be on a greater Rochester. To Fisher farms it's Williams or JS on Rochester dot com can beat Tommy myself out last 2 o'clock tonight coming out and apparently done either member Donna. All right so. What is a lot. What is the do you have to see we call the cops is someone C play like smashed in windows smashing car window I mean I've yet to be breaking something or spray painting something very okay. I guess stuff like that speed in the deck what does he smashed a window we have the pumpkin now caller cups that's bad lately you're gonna do damage where I've got a call. My insurance agency yet but it and you I have no homeowners for toilet paper in my elementary. Aren't. Piggybacked every due to trouble for the stuff as a kid I don't I was that way with always got to where I did it looks like nick got in trouble for paid sick white brother. The other. All. Year older one rate and your world in a friend back out right now. And we were all I want all our friend Matt round pick in the I'll pick up people that went. And sure enough power on. 3 in the morning and start knocking on neighbors doors at all in and out tried net and the neighbors. In fact if they want charred. I did better. They did did they press charges. Oh I know that the one bad inning knock on the house they only problem. No let me go back and future. I think I will say this you 1890 and it's happened. Yeah IE you might deserve to have charges pressed again he gets no better you did tell that page that go get a girlfriend. Coming up. That's secure a low poll of. We consider mental well it's a plow poll addict thinking you plow poll liberal for a big stakes which Albany services. This is actually pretty good advice he'd just gotten a tweak just rolled on the window and say hey guys cut to going to be here a few minutes and drive away yet that'll work you. He got any time you make a threat and is certainly paid guys and how. I. Better watch out this caught trying to hire a guide you through. Okay should go global. Obama has about Bristol put the ball good good to good answer. We got we got time one more global forty bond until he got the last word at CMF brother 'cause I don't. Org. I hope you can make it disappear worries the girl that these Google cult so we take our so. And New York through Halloween time because you know you'd have cars drive around like with like on one side. Yeah. So far subtler. It would go audio or now we are equal we see all of effort they on people's windows and mostly songs it was. So dog gone basically collect Regis yeah. Sure slot ticket which should never do and they did not orphans it lapidus drawn so yes right there and it's so easy like. You could flunk art school everybody can. It would Dong in balls aren't. So meant more than others and. Yeah he used to treat cellular and how. What movies good don't.