Buffalo Bills Training Camp with TE Charles Clay!

Thursday, August 3rd

Want to work out with Charles Clay? Catch him at the hot yoga studio!


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A man who was more than welcome and yeah. Elevators go for the thousand dollars needs uncooked. John how. I get a body with a bad but it by joining us of the pledges he hides the tide had just play as good. I'm feeling good are we get a good deal on an unpleasantness out of the way when well we had the the Shawn McCoy charity softball game dance. Jimmie and I were there and and and and be a home run derby because whether them but you know Charles your beat you would be the 65. Six. Yeah you could you sing again like you saw your ragged. Six have been so real attitude to Nazi on sixty OK you have. So when your pick out you're tight you're supposed to be vague so everybody's expecting you to go out there crush the softball. In three rounds and you hit a grand total of our whole run do a crested. Aha writing that an assessment of the things that nine. Who keep on Seymour awful of his corner who's like a foot 4980 pounds fourteen goals couple out of the park opens the Puyallup after Lagarde we're going to be here all day and the doors person ago where a slew of approach you weren't going to be good no matter who wins classroom who don't. The threats. Yeah it. After don't put it the second route it and it notable rise zero. To go under mostly because it integrates its humor one of the guys and analysts say is a few bad really upset that would not be no winners at home runs instead of making fun of them middle lighthearted fun way that Charles has lasted she eighty slanted a key ones left at one of the guys that really upset. We'll keep bullies cited locker room after it was now because it was not as easy looks silly this season very large man could do a terrible terrible awful things. We got really mad like this and it's funny because like. All the guys around. You guys because you guys are waiting for someone to be the pain and it's cool and nobody did this no one talked about it to the next time that happens could you please Billick. And yeah here we ago within the view and you were talking about Stewart won't. He's now on the current. Can I comment your fashion guy nobody knows that Charles clay join as a country through patsy. Just play as wearing sweatpants. Caught off at the nor could one day. Made I'll look at what they looked cut off Charles. That's the thing I don't like you to do here is a zone that look like. Does that answer is that a thing to lose at this. Cool yeah. Let us just don't understand right because. You read things about how Charles pleads B. The bigger part of the offense Charles ladies we do things on the field but the reality is you the only tight end in buffalo bills' history to have back to back fifty catch 500 yard seasons as a matter of fact it's. The team in receptions last year. We think this attitude comes from from people that we need more out of Charles. I guess when you look at tight ends around the league you Tennessee similar numbers in other it's sort of Indian you do the time Chica and it brings or conduct. You know expect racism when in reality it's not there's. Have to look at the tide in position as a guy who has to vehicle were multiple winners who hasn't given rose newsman was called as a real. So rumba has to do bucket. Sort of summoned a Condo. Coleman had a meaningless had something that a I continue to work London not to be one of its mobile unit to do all content so. We see some enormity we know they they wanna ceaseless. Things like that but in reality nothing. You have in the more worse in the office and things like that is used to have with. A lot of players and this is a playmaker we have positive note from one bald Eagles are just. Ownership Batman yeah. You can make you Wear your shorts anyway you want. It's you slice it it's funny the bigger the guy here the more Tommy and I'm like giggling he's a he's a snowy icy. It weren't sure it's your time but you would rush it this of course is not cool. Cool and yeah. We'll tell you bring up the balls got a dose that we got play makers all over the place to be honest with me. You did lead the team receptions this year did you do something for Tyrod to get a look you lately to buy anything you take them out to dinner things like that. Actually actually in this program. We'll put you got the most receptions list seasonally don't don't be greedy. Maybe doing now and I just looked like he is and has a little you you. It. Charles you bought the contract right and contracts and a couple years ago do you feel pressure from that contract. No actually. Don't think the senate and no doubt. It is some you can make it seem I'm on a few actually think it has no amounted to him who. Do on an absolute minimum I don't know. Charles going baffled as tight and hanging out with us in the country sweet hot seats a word on the street Charles Israeli secret Taylor. That you can draw. Yeah Oka and NASDAQ. Sketches. Part to our intro like cartoon but it final decisions are you pleased that we can grow as fast campy cartoon. It does he. You married and obviously that's your wife more impressed with the sixty yard touchdown catch or eat cartoon drawing you do for. Who. Probably a cartoon ideas for it is that you might student the more and get the soccer. It is important and push updates news is this this is a girl Charles who a couple of weeks do we have a discussion of what the minimum amount of money. Eight gift can be that you get from your husband or boyfriend Jimmy goes there is no minimum to another guy to root goes a minus 25 inch sheet audit. Laughs it is doesn't always been 25 dollar adjoining. OK. Just for other records then I Charles is very minimum gift amount for your wife. Like do you have I have to spend this bottom or she's going to be owns and. No I was not issues we're more about that all is what February and I used to be the type to just kind of the most expensive thing target did named after USC just I'm totally in and again so Susie as you've moved though some Lexus is something meaningful vision. But see she doesn't mean it it does it mean you. Just switch it up. Money aside you know it was they don't feel alone on an island your topic within this short break here. He's got a beautiful like I was sick and tired. The just play bills' tight and had an eyewitness here in the breaker on CM definitely. It is a lot of people in and out of the offense the last couple days due Chara Richie Anita gets an off day she equated to blood so. You're not getting the full offense but from what you've seen so far he got to feel pretty good about that. Yeah army and with who'd rather have been stood in the load the new office and then went ahead and give the two of the guard them places that's the biggest thing. Learn and everything you and coming artists they're guys have been working really hard throughout the offseason Hugo. Good. I mean definitely and the figure somewhere and in common to contain the bitter came machine and Felix who belong. So electrodes you do hot yo. You leave hesitate a little bit. Yeah. It's a way that split by Aaron has been more Ecuador whose. I put people don't think football please do hot yoga you're like the one guy that's like she'll lay back would be like yeah just played as a yoga but you brought a guy along with you last season who I would have never thought would be enough on yoga. Don't know you and Richie got ego to a hot yoga to get. Years ago. Ex army and part of you was. One what kind of rule and you going to review behemoth dudes. I guess it's an airplane hangar but you would almost have to race could be put this guy's shoulder who show today. But what does little fruity yoga studios like my wife goes through these guys show that would be politically to the floor portico. But it's a 120 degrees and dollars its its like. Its rate of you know nobody's. Yeah obviously 8599. A block one and it's. Witness the there with Charles Hugh Hewitt how she grew opening yeah it's a beautiful thing. The one who started doing the security guy that was first via okay so you knew only there are are there. What sort of looking for lake rules and things how do you need to know to did you have to drive leverage on the way over explain to him like this is what you have to do we can't say this kid do this shift to where these ants. No what are probably suited to legacy was expecting he saw in the just like really of assistant and I mean you got to take O'Connell waters you might take Coca. Extended code isn't is brutal ma'am I defer some audio ahead disturb us forcing. We Wimbledon bulletin on their way to Charles like like your wife does not. Yet there are women there are women that this show to do my yoga you are an NFL football player you can't leave the hot yoga studio head wind energy and I had to step. Outside the use for their first timeout but I did feel baker who collectors of the people who do you OK Elvis I liked him and motivated who is Christian. And as an. So. Embassies in Rome is always you wouldn't regular folk I tell you guys wrote to and is without radar is shall open you're there. And trainees there are you and intact neither is there anyway. Your wife yeah shields that's got to be this that's gonna look hysterical oh you. Don't you why when you look in the you have to do some of them and not vote most of me and I can tell I'm a football and on the table most people don't know who Erickson who want him to. We give him some. It's Hollywood when he could do new things Mitchell could you please there'll be those people that go out of their way to the only got to do it like it's it's entirely up to that did you have people that are like you know go to their business jobs every day are working at wegmans come and pay professional athlete this is how you work out. And and I mean does it. Rod walker and it's still like the lead. Yeah I use videos to. Those editorials play you kind of joke or two characters can't handle high yield you can't get over that they do it again today Charles. You look at if you want is what you so late banking like southern chill. What she angry because you figure it out about this about receipt Richie intact it is sweaty as senior yeah. NATO bruises that. Other that Richie guy needlessly behind like is that pet peeve that you see like for me it's with somebody doesn't hold adorn front Amir does say thank you just get. It reads for no reason I don't know line and sync job. While the outlook crazy and I sex in the Latin thinking they can get to. Accidentally. On it and that was at the moment. Postseason and we do look like right by our notebooks were from it over to implement so it's not really most of my point well then she knows right. Chemical. You bring up the life would normally relationships Tommy Candela there's a GE. Secretly baked and I'm I'm actually the more calmly and sanctuaries like if we go to a restaurant. My 4% in the area causes you know coming from Ramallah was told oh you stats but. But they have and it just became like CC won't start out daily but you snooze you lose. But did you like when you play in any situation matters I was at the those bad issues or freaking out like him only we cannot help but right now like. Which do you sit that over here and you just going obligate correlate that humanities council thinks he's the reason why I'm like they'll whose exit before mr. Zoellick you saw her due date it's an Olympian and house Basanova. It's acute. I chose that point let's go to things real quick one but your mom and what you spiral notebooks were about to talk about spanking kids and how it as he ridiculously horrible effect. According to study winds above spanky growing up. Oh yeah in Korea and enough look at the means to be fair we only know you with a microphone on and baseball mania and zone. I gotta I gotta Thomas Lincoln and addresses Luke and mark how's the open. But like viewed your big dude you got big fast help hull told your mother. Scenes probably. A welcome Cilic once you hit 58 and seems to look at who. And they're receiving care have be. Just before we let it go finish his sentence woman success for media sees it is defined by eight. The thing you deploy though none is probably the most important. Short sweet you know Charles clay but little tight end to lead the country IT takes the time they really appreciate I appreciate now.