Buffalo Bills Training Camp with DE Jake Metz!

Thursday, August 3rd

A guy who's had quite the journey getting to the NFL- including playing football in the Chinese Arena League!


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We're gonna live bubble district give Pittsburgh at the break room on CMF tabulate Jimmie joining us in the con. Country sweet hot seat time may yet but I bubble those defensive end Jake Mets and you have won the most interesting stories and ever hurt. Because we talk to guys who take a long way here right guys play in the re league you've done that with talk to those guys guys who have been and other training camps and a week you've done that we talk to those guys we've never had a guy of the show. Who played professional football. In China. If you did depth right so like Tommy was unaware the receiving professional football EG China. Yeah I mean I knew they made the footballs and no they knew what to do that man to death consequences at factories guys go. And that it that it sponsors on the you know guy. And he achieved them away easily just how does that happen how do you end up in China played a really football. Basically the owner for the fools who sold him the review team column started. Professional. We in China. Years ago that I introduce the sport and there. The first season started this year and I got an opportunity that drafted to a team so you're one so did they get it like. The Chinese people. They get now know that and get it at all but yeah. Fielded it and it did they understood they love football below Watson though they knew about it to see if firsthand and especially in Reno was different for them. They've been deathly intuitive that open and what the root of killing it LEQ you looked like him beaten it hades and the guy. To go to China it was foods get it be weird in that even what you would normally one for a dive for but right there they can like a bucket of fish beds and setting an addict and a right to negate. The work out. I antagonists of a sudden death of food was very different lost a couple pounds of this forums there is super XX so I look cute there. Yeah they show it instantly turns this guy. A mistake though the sort them. Well I haven't so people obviously listen every week we talked to guys who've made that trip before and they say like as an American walking through China people know you largely you must've been a celebrity just walk into town knowing what you did for Olympic. Yeah our whole team was there were we when we were you know put the first class everything in men that are shown like we were you know great athletes from America so we're deathly take care of crazy sports fans over there it yeah it yeah they were. To the bush here in Jake let's join us of the countries because he built the fence about some reading about this yesterday and from what I understand you were the only guy in the defense they lead you put middle linebacker even though your defense event because you were the only guy that spoke English. Down no. We had a translator that was the only guy that spoke English and every team's half American half an OK okay. Meat being a linebacker. I couldn't really communicate with my players so it into the drawn please much. That's I told them how to do it was it was it was pretty cool. Yeah. Definitely. It's a blast that looks like I hope on the backyard and over again that's really where was so this is at least two and so I I can't believe that it remembers this league is known Tom Eaton for its quick easy celebrations like he wanted to get the Chinese people involved and who wouldn't open at least a little fireworks. And as the day if we were going on in an arena today if I were to marine okay. But I'll let them where I mean where their meetings happening with you and your teammates Corey graphic which are gonna do something good. Area we've we've practice you know practice that was our big for us as Americans we wanted to have formed their you know soda that was a big deal for a split. News Jerusalem form. So you're gonna we're spike to ship Ensberg university's law school spent time in the eagles' training camp last season he played China really football it you're here in buffalo. Do this can make this team has there been a moment like are you now used to this NFL processor do you still show up at camp get a little bit starstruck we see these guys. I'm used to it you know I came out of college I want to Campbell the lines they're cut to the arena thing. What's he was obviously than China here so it's just the process it's it's and this is the beginning for me norms gonna keep climbing. To talk about the difference between arena league football treatment NFL treatment right click here you look around campus. We here in training camp for arena league team he got you know 8000 guys in Cleveland on a Friday night watching you play. To be a little bit of different spears yeah it's definitely different this is this is is the big time pitcher who. So before you globally China that you would tell you Finley was adamantly football China for a little while. Was there anybody that sits down and goes listen Jake. He had a good run and I think it's time to keep history. Now honestly my amongst them is so supportive and you know while I knew I belonged here so I just kept pushing and eventually that is close but that's that the zone beginning from. To Tommy we talked to guys weren't hunting yen to litigants or skeet shooting argument get a grip snakes yelled yes yeah via your culture. Yeah it's narrow it's. No idea I was. This Boehner that it. But you're used to being archer guy that you have a set up in your house back in Pennsylvania written right outside of Philadelphia. In the small forum there was you'll hunt. And Ronald those. So is he grow up with people who do that stuff or do you try and fight for UST due to build on our weekly. Basically grew up in the moment my dad's real and mountain among locals. Does that own them. It's see you up on a far this so did you do the fun stuff growing up on a farm we have a lot of farm animals grown. So you like it up you can accounts. That promise that to some small animals chickens goats okay. Jason LaRue surrounds your news. The it could take Iraqi. That that. Take nights though defenseman join an easier you don't. It's amazing that the life you've led Italy this year to have not only deeply thoughtful in China that only given it a couple of NFL training camps to try to do here. You're international commercial. This. Doubled for into art and Verizon commercials and I'm I'm reserve let's that you're playing for the Philadelphia soul the arena full fully tee it's somebody calls it team out of the blue and says that that looks like GG what we wanted to commercial. Yeah I think as its oh boy okay it's. It's whistle tumbles until like I had to try to get a phone call them the real vocal for me to detail but essentially put Johnny jet to fly out to Texas and they put two and JJ what uniform. If you were chopping fluid as JJ watt. For Verizon. Isn't I did honestly is a little bit insulting like they're not having JJ watt got the wood because they don't want to hurt himself expressed. Professional football player could you are also a professional football player. Yeah I don't look at his insult you at all I was pretty hard elected you want it goes to meet them and then at that time I was agreements that will do whatever zoo you we were you actually job but would that tomorrow bill. On will stand so they see it hails. Did he uses it as trailers those 800 degrees umps Whitman's. Yeah yeah. It's what does in the before so how many takes did you have to do before today. Just silently. But it was fun and cool new book will be. I accuse you need all the stuff you've got to television played football before. Were you that guy that when he got home made to families that are on the TB case the rise of commercial and I everywhere we. Reference is yeah. That's a lot of these guys if you go through this stage you don't have a lot to show for it like them deal they are minimum. You have your hand and Verizon commercially the stories. Traveled all over the world doing this sport. Having music YouTube globally QB well again I'm putting China yeah I'm kinda JJ watt just ahead on a full rosters like he didn't feel more of with the stuff. Then that you know and you on that's incredible my columns you should vote look like a citizen only beginning on stinky Carmen Denard or less than normal just you know weren't calling from a third you know America now it's. You. Julie's. Assailant when is that why he's married to eat go to HI collapse. It sure I don't know you that you like that there's a billion keep this is at least. 750 million chicks in giant okay what would you bring China by the way the U. It when you're going to check bill why would want to point out the fact the 750 million is not half of a billion do you now but I think I think they're more chicks that are imminent but it takes its bubble built the president hanging out with the stock. It's been hot the last couple days and even run that you guys hard like it's been two and a half two hour 45 minute practices. Tommy says he doesn't feel bad pretty good guys out there. Because you're young men advocates it's it is rising and you hit me yeah. I feel I don't have these guys from the cells. They've been playing this game since they were kids and you're young delegates and you get guys here did you water it immediately at the notion of personal helix disgusting is easy gag reflex satellite district that but it's brutal out there these last couple days went around it and it's at each other. It's hot but it's or is there is from the so the vote played football with their kids. He threw him. You know you which used it to me like he told he was right so now he's gonna like I walk around like yeah. Jake Jake. Still good enough eluded a good would you Bobo whether this wasn't the takes a technical I have to. Yeah. As it is an apparent by what you usually have good parents and a hero of the thinks mind. But honest question Jay yeah you're a nobody is 646666. Of that Tommy your with 37 disappointment like he's this type guy he's so small would you be nervous being on a bus next to him right click is to be moved one way he's stepping on out there crushing an honest fresh. I and so. You don't want relationships do not talking women talk with your friends and industry get your guys back home you hang out with but. You always travel with you always who would you pick it up people along the way you talk to about this kind of stuff you can't be just a low all the time with your thoughts to. You have. Latest set very supportive family so you know on like to stick to my roots in my go home with its so it's all found from me so we. Dead dead still a bit sold. Is he bright dad or is he gonna prove to meet yet. He's just proud he's pro he's not Bragman believes that we keep everything at its root is focused on the goals so over him. Easily go to in the and it mostly listened to the show like if my son. Even comes close to sniffing at being in an animal training camp I'm telling every. And I like demanding free food restaurants that. I would bring my son back he lowers helmet use the memory of one right now in humans again irony in well it is trying to think like our dads terrible phone call off this election. Might like if we did anything even close to something this exciting. Wouldn't it changed the words you know I don't know I don't know zero missile hate you yeah yeah I mean that I thought they should point out everything that's wrong. Maybe he would behave like everything right would appoint a veteran right but Libby doesn't know as you never did one thing Rego. So at the civic split half half half. The public does the president take bits you know in the country sweet hot seat so that discussion around 7 o'clock about. Spanking gate. Q we guided the you spank we were younger. Be taught a lesson you got. When it comes to football violent game you played your entire life. Was mom OK we shoot with their hands over eyes what was habitable to at least Schering or was she also just encouraging with the ghostly nobody's appeals. Just is encouraging you know I grew up aggressive in the Far East race they're put some stuff that's the my family was sold out everything I want to do wounds are supportive so it. It was all just go give it. OK the let me ask you this a year. You doing this you do a great job it is phenomenal he's god forbid god forbid Eden is here. Are you OK with what you've had so far we you'll be able to sleep at night of the rescue like no I gave it my best shot in this is how it ended up from. Now mound and keeping on the food I made it this far you know there's there's no reason for me to stumble. Jake that's buffalo defense of a best of luck man watch the out there and you got to beat scrimmage tomorrow night back at Orchard Park thank you deal place. A piece of their of the due to put you up I was wondered how that goes sells since the the the interval of scrimmage Italy been recently donated to see it on the second part of July and holiday it would is going there I'm. The car. Take it game as the data in an agent that is.