Buffalo Bills sideline reporter Sal Capaccio Talks Bills Win Over Raiders

Monday, October 30th

 Are you ready to buy into the "process"? It certainly seems like things are going in the right direction for Coach Sean McDermott and this Buffalo Bills team!


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For fourteen your Buffalo Bills are five into with a great group can't believe it nobody can believe. It is a visit this. I have on one of the biggest bill guys I know among born deep watched all of our boys stop Peyton he's a boy or ball boys. He has what every snap for the Buffalo Bills from training camps start up until now and to bring into bills out of reported set by GO cell. There is no way any of us saw this coming when camp opened in July. No period. Ivins to. I mean I would I would've been really really excite utility before it 30 that's pretty go to port through the game at the jets on a Thursday night whether. Pitching answer there but some. Yet I didn't see that coming I think they did. Is it maybe I don't know if you would and undoubtedly give your part to record yet that seven years but. This is a group regime the coaching staff that locker room I think believe that they could win pretty much every game in front of them on their schedule. Buddy that's just sale is based on the way they played and looking at the schedule moving forward with the exception of the patriots games which had been a matter how good the bills are about the patriots are just a demon that we have been exercising. When a year and sale. All of these remaining games are winnable games for the Buffalo Bills which is crazy not only considering where the bills before what we thought this schedule was going to be able for the see it start. That's right I mean. This is why we do that every single year I color but he. It's a year to year league and it's a week to week league even more so on top of that schedule is determine when it came now. Oliver was all these tendencies are quarterbacks they got a place there are all my gosh so are Orleans and you look at the roster obviously just the schedule itself. That changed me and I get hurt in this league. Everybody every inactivity Oakland Raiders aren't nearly that team. The people thought they would be this year until the Buccaneers are the team. People thought they'd be that you're the falcons are struggling readers are at a operate they're right in her top and it obviously new England and issues look at somebody got a team they played it. You know where they are in the city at this point you know I didn't know that they really are so you're right. I hear that they are now more challenging going on the road and urged the united rejecting the better than we thought that you have. You do have the saints were playing better come account and you do have to have that huge chargers chiefs. Patriots. You know trio and their so look they can win every game also was every game of the they're playing the way to repairing the later coached. I mean this team right now that I think we. Acquisition that we can buy into that you know we can circuit a little excited about. Our boy so much of the outside port at all damp yesterday at the stadium. Thirty board thirteen bills week topping it all on the tip could your calling them your bills got a little too driving FE increase that's why do when you sat. Down watch his game did you think the bills at any chance to witness mr. No because even rice are watching all the pre games that nobody respect in the bills. And Alex did you have a the first drive sailed. And they got a fourth down but the raiders just cut through this deepens like butter and you can't help but satirical dear lord this is going to be a long day Ed. That was hit the raiders once did all the. Yeah let me take that point your second your first point about you know now expecting you know and why people think that built it with the unit no nobody watched the raiders play like an amateur it's funny because I don't think I really have the police and I might be wrong. That the majority of fans people like talk to people on Twitter whatever. That they really only watch the Buffalo Bills they don't pay attention what's going around probably suddenly all the readers are company must be great it would play out last year. Know they've been pretty bad this year actually I think I fit the bill to get to thirty points yesterday when the game I thought our moderator seat that was negative. So if you're paying attention to delete part of the bigger picture to paint occasionally you're paying tragedy ASC. Singh is wide open and there is no team out there to work. It'll work or are against them through the air last night they only lost because Detroit couldn't call plays of the goal line in her Erica. You that you are now the other seasons. Let's OPEC output I was watching at that pregame they catch saint Michael Oakland just beat Kansas City. That's what they kept focus and where it right at daycare right so they're selling so you're asking like why people think this way. I'm that a deep sportsmen so buy sit down and I see four guys that are supposed to be in you know telling me what I'm supposed to think with these pre games they're they're all gone. Oakland just destroy Kansas City so they're gonna beat the hell out of the bills is kind of how they sold it to me yesterday on national Taliban that. Right and I and I understand that but first of all they want them. The very last play of the game and they also had thirty points scored against them plus this good news. Is that it is day week to week league. Again in eighty haven't looked. It's not just because of one game and in the milk but it actually the box and they can the buffalo they look topic that they called. All all it can't there's one point to losing but ultimately your point about the opening drive I agree with you at the Argo like. To be like that was not that was not hard for that putt. You know they did convert 23 downs to convert a fourth down by inches. And then they wanna scoring I was mad about that a lot of an innocent act as well you know they didn't play all that terribly on the first drive what they. It was interesting there were no adjustments made they just played better they said yeah we we we saw some things that we just tightened up there was no. X.s and o.s adjustment may after that first ride. When they went to over two on third down and one to one and pour down get this the rest of the game. The Oakland Raiders went one for eight on third down against the bills. Saw X what's the preset about joining that this. Sale is defense is succeeding not only because they're bending and breaking but I mean these turnovers and other four takeaways yesterday. Are these turnovers sustainable. Throughout the rest of the season so much. You know I don't think I can't see you at the server aggression in the mean right but I look at it or not. I get a lot of I wasn't so lucky to get server market preparing for these first ball if you want summit turnovers. They they. Punch the ball well lake. You wanna get the ball what they're doing it in the under the peanut crunch it's all because Charles peanut Tillman actually came Katrina hit it talk them out of punch them all out accusing them of his technique. We do to get ahead or that specializes in that name peanut Tillman. Never got absolutely yet. 44. Forced fumble in his career think about that. And he played or John McDermott is last year he played for Bob that the way it goes to Chicago and he came to training given he. Show the idea that they're doing that and even even count it got. Caught in the act but the other thing it he's got them all product of it's also a product of preparation and opportunity and reaper Preston brown almost had wanted to go hand in any another one that was intercepted because. He is. In the right spot because he trusts what he's done well at what he prepares for apple on Micah Hyde they're near the ball because. There in the right spot so I agree with you I think it at some point elect while Iraq to get three or regain of course not right. But they're putting themselves in position to give themselves an opportunity to get those turnovers and that's why. Might not be sustainable at the rate they're doing it but I don't think they'll compute at all. I'd say it was super lake is arguing about the new top gun movement before we're talking you apologize for that but it's a quick turnaround for the bills haven't wait Thursday night gate which are tough. No matter who you're playing the jets look like they are a better team then they were weak want to play teams for the wealth Sal all right amen to go back to old typical bills fan right. Lake yeah you beat these monster teams at home you played really well everyone is shocked. If we're gonna go by traditional buffalo bills' season this is the one you drop on Thursday is it sale. I don't know I mean it and maybe maybe that everything went project partners and pick up your coat rack. They won that game maybe I don't think it's one at home like yesterday immediate. Unless we get the bucks but yet at some point you know you figure that you know that it would all right there's a couple under GAAP but they are better than the Jack there'd be don't want. They are favorite in the game I would be surprised if they lost this game but I don't think it's because of all sable built I think its properties that it. Jets are actually better than people think of her home in primetime and you know they're gonna wanna play ardently well in front of their own hands so if they do lose the metal they get because of people bills I think it because that you know it's up to that in that situation and we talk and Friday morning that'll. I would say oh well don't feel we will rebuke shopping and you got a flight back late overnight with the team and we sucks for you we're apple might do you square stuff you know but he. Excel sports on Twitter get him there and you're gonna be out of SG on TV today right. I well yet and twelve extra point show I'm and last year on the radio programs you know the country if you want I'll apps and the public and I'm like. I'm national and we internationally. Fiscally if you don't bring us. Remind you yeah. It's eleven video but it takes the Devin have a good as of today. I think it's gotten but he'll still silent report.