Buffalo Bills Safety Micah Hyde Joins the Break Room

Friday, October 20th

It's Football Friday! We get you ready for Sunday's Bills vs Bucs match up!


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Joining us to break a man who despite being pretty anonymous what was he started here he leads the NFL with interceptions. And he's done it with a week off. He's still in per dollar first place them ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for what are the newest buffalo bills' safety Micah Hyde Micah thanks to time and we appreciated our. I'd say there are those Micah us not being one of them. Let's say interceptions the NFL Ari total stroke of luck you leave the NFL right now interceptions what do you say to those misinformed people Mike. Get some very lucky right now. I'm very lucky. Yeah believe. He presenting positions to have to make those plays and and you know be a part of most of you know those and then you know it is that it I guess I would say. I'll look you're anything but best unity that the so studying and and take covered in. On to some of those. About my need to be honest with us just us talking you know no big deal with like there has to be a point like on the third fourth one where it's falling in your hands you're going to got to be cute to be right out. You know it I'll always been the commitments is that the past. What do you go back to high school college. Even in the in Canada well whatever select our Q on or somebody of my team gets on. You know they come in bunches and you know. Look that we had a are we could not only last could be another. We. Are we so you guys and always make the batteries Siebert because that high you've got to catch the ball. As the senate natural that you're easy bent out of position or your reach in a way out you're stretched all the way out. Horry it's a surprise that you gotta think in your feet in the last second goes oh my god becomes a ball where those other guys are planet for you're not. Yet you know that well no part of your BP. You know you do you put awkward positions but that would affect. You know the ball mayor your purify it and make a play on yoga Wear it now like they just have positions. It's always fun to watch you guys to catch the ball like that. It's funny you're one of fact I've picks up the ball on restaurant was facilitator. I'm looking a little bit and show that the couple linemen are you about the linebacker. You know interception or fumble recovery whatever a mile pitches into. They've ever noon those coaches epic that other coaches in saint seek justice all you can buy it straight. In and start grown grey hairs but. You know that's that's what the look of the BP's do about an aspect I used to play that. Give us unfair asking. For the moment only government does a fact I need to touch the ball effect I have his moment like. You know whichever piece. You know. Is aware that it has got to go all the and run fifty yards in zone most of time did you know tackle. We just have legs chopped up and it and so all notions on defense than it is about to support could be you. All they get in the zone and bill and put. My guide bill safety hanging out with us this morning in a breaker on CM at his defense is playing out of its mind but almost half of it is brand new this season in fact. All of the defense of backs brand new this season to the bills how do you explain his defense jelling as fast as you guys did. But he always communicate. And because of a good job of when a position to make plays. On communicate with us and and Clinton put them on our plate that we can handle. Not accessible today announced Thursday we got here you know back in April. You know we knew we hear all coming from different places being overlooked and whatnot so it was just decided to to make this opportunity. Even the coaches you know to dissolve the decrepit and and pleasant crystal ball and you know will go to places. And both looked to do that. You know speaking of being every every would be new Micah you're a guy whom when the bill signed you a lot of fans were like who the hell is Micah Hyde but let's say that anymore. Did that lack of respect motivate you this offseason like. The other Molex. To be honest that's not the about the last six months. Somalis so those those allies. I go out there and play on kind of the chip on my shoulder all. No I have respect remembered I have been have been overlooked though isn't it via. The little Scottish soccer player playing. Playing oh well it's you know it is that it. I think it is. Hired by respected and what it. And having Hillary. What did you bring up you know you said little scrawny soccer player like they're our guys on the team Kyle Williams my sub arias Preston brown to mentor Alexander they look like NFL players. Do people mean when they find out you play other guys in the know really what you do what you do for them. He went the exact you know it's in the restaurant and and a not to bother I walk the mall and I get other. A look at them a moment on the smaller guy. I can kind of get around Natalie put it I'm sure more so than they had in those other guys can go to original book imported so you know I think there's a blessing. My idol safety and about this oh Mike Mike Alastair Tommy he's got two very successful Brothers and then he easier just like take it it's a but might get you and your brother both play major division a cultural all your brother played at Michigan State you played at Iowa butcher brother went to Michigan State's first. Did you do not want to play football with your brother Michigan State. You know and I who isn't in his college ball in use. Reducing other freshmen aren't so yes because it slides it and you know missions they don't know template two times and you've got to go there without but it was one of my turn. You know I. I would I would city in and so yeah cool uncle Gordon I don't wanna go to this Tuesday in August was does beat ticker in my own. You know 20 against them to a vote on this so I'm cool with that. Are you to be the only Micah. In Iowa for miles. That is what we are trying to figure it out yesterday where you Mike it's a biblical name right you told you. I didn't know Tommy John it's a Joey biblical things where yeah I mean I don't like him. It. It's. Somebody tell me when you go home to some easy when your brother are spending Summers at home I'm assuming how does that driver replay would you rooms are breaking down the hall from each. Oh boy you know it's the last the most Mya hamas'. And San Diego and so I do give back home. Or when the when Ireland this is that they're fickle systems they want so it kind of district court would text like you know. You know he says ghost or the year I'll take all. Let you know he he knows that on to Eliot. You know sports in the next ten years. When you understand them too little against and so. I that's all that matters. Unlike that bucks this week at 1 o'clock live via new airfield it was like here 1 o'clock and CMF also Jeanne as we sit right dispatcher and right now we don't know which quarterback doesn't start extremists is little bit hurt. These are guys that love to take chances chopped the ball up for grabs and see what happened. Is that exciting for a guy like you or are you more cautious because you know that one big plate can burn you guys bad. Calm waters you do vote crosses and weapons they have. I got outside it in. Economic big plays second ticket coupled with decent about a quarter of expected. They get it on. But there's not a look when they get so good thinker mentality quarterbacks just because and other info that all armed without the phone bill covers. About the bunker spots and that's where you when you get those that you know those so that. You know we're lucky. Look at him like that. You know. Bill's fans are fans were when they find a guy that they love we love him forever right to patch a perfect example would exit returns. We wasn't angry when he was with okay well lol lol lol lol the only fluid in the OK okay. It's a lot of my dates in high school. Kicks off with. It's seeing it. It's fits in alleys like Obama believes that the Chicago Cubs a quarterback okay Gary. Various external alienating its that there are more. But I can be cured now after these first couple weeks have bills fans embraced you you've consistency Micah Hyde jerseys walking round. Cool I knew where did I ask you a personal question it's my question do you mind. Okay whit somebody buys or Jersey or goes on a public comment personally exit how much money do you see mergers. Who I don't know I don't expect. In two. As my note you know the political PA had as it is Roland. Or. People go on and put our common agents are like so what is it comes back to the players overdosed experimental period. I don't know exactly. The Jersey of the price that you received so. What does it say like right now Mike in all seriousness. Folks love sell us stuff outside the Ralph there's a whole little like shantytown of shops if I'm you I'm running off like a 150 my own jerseys and haven't won like always sell them outside. The go out there were four through. Like I bills say Dick Foley let's go Mike that we ask everybody. Every everything we talked to every week this question so you don't wanna be the one god and not answer this question Oden who register. US assistant Mike. Are there you do OK. Could we got in trouble last week how old is your sister if you might be asking. Ohio or system that is where these seven and I got the sort of 128 in. The younger sister that is. Or OK so let's go to the twenty year old mica of all the bills players on this team the guy that you would least all want to teach your sister. Oh really least there. Are owed wherever ordered. Everyone to answer this question yes. Homeland these. Please please. Awful. Your tennis and are accurate and appellate. Oh boy here you know. We did because. Of what sort of sport because he's his life's game and he speaks you know unless you're gonna think they're all ago. Q it would not enough I'll I don't want to hear democratic values you know statements as of that the last marijuana here so they do report. Jordan met my wife my license plates did you make it accurately say you to do I don't know what to say. About it keeping it pretty well well I also tell you she's pretty Rehman a whole though much throttle. Very. Might just days of the die they really appreciate it don't get in this league and I or or or your but it resident. Bills safety Micah Hyde didn't lead me to break group a seat in the man oh man. I connect. We'll wrap up a conversation. That's like let's say what you are as cool as we are people become pale in the book.