Buffalo Bills Reporter Sal Capaccio Talks Victory Over Patriots

Monday, October 3rd

Sal joins the Break Room after the Bills shut out the Patriots 16-0


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Matt it was obvious. Agencies have been you don't see here's a big you don't hear and this was happening on Sunday talk about you isn't a tough sell right body. I'm all right but I hope I'm not to do I that in their view based upon how this game at all robbery being their. Where I'll I'm Donna wood that got it sale dot. Here at what I do what I hear about with his beats fight that happened three game between Robert Blanton Jacoby Brusett. And a couple other I tried it yet get involved you are right right sell. I would on the sidelines as a on the opposite side the F. So why it was so I mean I heard Latin talk about a safety Robert what do by the way we talk to me camp near Notre Dame guy he is the most soft spoken quiet guy deliberately to Canadians he put a hockey stick and resonant period but we sell all the people started estate that was not the name I was expecting. Listen Dave bills CDs were warming up where they normally do mountain. And congress that in Malcolm Mitchell wide receiver will reenter their. Like pattern in jail down in that area and they kind of grew their derailed that career right. Through them as they were coming back into their thing so probably appreciate that much yet so more depressed that were urging keep what respect. Now commit to got involved what other DB table coaches got involved and yet that's pretty much what happened and then after the game you know guys were talking about it and of course everybody. Start the ball up a little bit like Mark Ellis that it says while I was on the field that you know what would happen. I know what that's not happened. Cal Roby Coleman said that a quote Emma. And it crops. I and that's kind of quiet days that's why they got they had a little instead it put the appeal and I want to make sure that on an accurate quote right crowd you out yet equipment. I love Mikhail ruby Coleman. You love Niko we don't we don't you just like you but a black -- you Wear a black guy you would be to cal ruby called. Get them to report he looked itself does he look just like Tommy with dreadlocks. I don't really. Think zones. Itself out let's talk about something you witness it like what made be feel it maybe too weird during the game. Is watching this patriots team kind of unravel and be Belichick is smashing tablets you got patriots players taken tick tack penalties they are getting jawed at me look like they gave up the middle the third inning sell you there live what was that feeling like watching that. It felt like a lot of those teams that I've been who watched over the last sixteen years to be quite honest. This was eighteen that had no answers knew they had no answer in just wanted to get a lot there and their opinions. They want to get a lot of their two and I wrote this morning in this morning also battling the people already on Twitter about it because it into an error when they come and anxious. Because I said I say it again. Spoiled. Fan base who has no appreciation. For how good they've had it in the air rookie third string QB who's injured at. After going three and no out there hoping to be and there are. Who don't prima series they're doing some theories into the game. We are getting hurt I TV copy. This poor kid sure you defeated without. I don't know about no no no we're going to play calling in and paper. Now screw you are spoiled. Put that could. Argue that point eight which have patriots fans at five suitable portables analyzed however I have different. Our world our world what is it generation built it. We have no idea of the playoffs are when this generation of those we can't let no ideal what editing of the championships. Have bills lives matter what he's right I mean listen to be a march. She's a 1000% right badly he's got. Patriots fans they are a 1000% spoiled like there are kids. Eighteen year old kids. They don't know life without Tom Brady New England right every season they tune in watch patriots expecting to win a Super Bowl on the Toyota made its human nature do you watch the probably the greatest coach quarterback combination in the history of football. And you had a front roasting to again you can rig it's boil furlough one in game two drives in your Ari blew it this poor kid. Our desk as is unnatural way was getting his ass kicked all Daniel. I don't use hounded it was it was. Those are really got after they get really without blitzing the those covered most they they put a little more press truck pass or shot and it happened in one dimensional. It start throwing but it used out of the whole game and biggest had no answers. Let's get about what those credit Ari they had a really good game plan despite who was quarterback didn't matter. We played really good football and the other side of the ball Palmer did not play defense Oaxaca to have a good defense. Our regular losing control that whole game the built in a very good game plan they threw the ball 39 times and they've really it's a nice thing. I didn't finish off a few drives of main economic things a little closer they would have liked to. But they didn't nice job at a Tyrod Taylor that was most in control it then it'll all types. Seven budget Bill Simon reporting about what they see in the break room talking about Hilton patriots fans below bitches and they're talking about tyra Taylor patrol and I gave yesterday I will say and it's an enterprise with them. Up Chris Hogan Kinney isn't OK oracle wouldn't the F former Buffalo Bills wide receiver signs with the patriots big deal the offseason Austin Bill Belichick has this way of taking guys that used to have Oden and making them hurt you over and over again administrator self Chris Hogan was visibly yesterday in fact if he wasn't on the field. You could make the argument the patriots are written that game all day. Oh yeah look I mean. It's your target no catches. Adamantly once activated it but in the while critical time he fumbled the ball it is that round chase them down because he changed now everybody adding that rally taking on the hot dog vendor listen. Twenty I mean he was all over the place W eighteen tackles. But it only yesterday they had no answer that they were on third down and sixteen it give Tom Brady on the ball gives Tyrod Taylor yet you're probably on Ollie might not inside but now. Which echo that it would be a way that it hit the ball opposite. Utley at nothing to do here and and that's just you know is it. What we watched in buffalo for many years and that was that my point here about. You know that was a good game plan by the bills but a very limited quarterback for the majors no doubt about it and think you're gonna be different when Brady back America to deny that split up. No one was an asterisk. Next to windows display you guys laughing about it parking nine. If you get that and wind honestly you look at the playoffs Noah gonna say how it goes into comedy and you've got. He's right the standings don't care about quarterbacks true so I sell. We're gonna Los Angeles on Sunday we start going to we get the two wins at and you lose that too we should one you win the Tunisian launched in already gotten here. Sell is it crazy to think that this team is a legitimately good football team and how much do we know before we play Los Angeles on Sunday. Well I think you know they dug into the big Ol and Q they finally got canceled at least back out that a little bit but you know the whole Lotta work to do and the rams are good defense and they're playing some pretty good football right now on the opposite side as well especially on yet if Todd early which we know it's a good running back but it. Would it involve the passing game as well eighteen and seven touchdowns or recession the six and two over the last eight games. But the bills have a better idea to build a more talented. I don't see a lot of other than anything about Austin a lot of big time play making weapons on their team and I bet in the Nikita next week but I don't know why are the that the those are good team they still have some limitations. Other depth is going to be packed in here without any luck and now who is on. And I are I think it's gonna. They can't really get a lot of injuries builder toll next actor often light as well according Glenn Healy played yesterday but you know it's in the big ethnically in there and I don't know that that that defense and going out west for its season in the east. After a big win at home it is. You know that you usually have some sort elect on those really really have to guard against letting that happen. It is and there was an old coach the the bounding all is the united defense recorded aren't there yet he has to do what are. It's pieces. Out while he is great I mean literally a sheet dates and clues. I don't I had no idea before that former bills and I think I was like I was a criminal. Operation where a war I'd say get that tiller for two Eagles coach or you know he'd love to stick it to his old team. Yes pat. It removed from and you know just totally crazy and now he's logical. Crazy crazy you know zoological. Itself states that somebody's. Got. To explode right. Did I tickets and watch him build sideline reporter.