Buffalo Bills Post-Game Hour 2: Week 7 v Bucs

Sunday, October 22nd

Hour two from the Buffalo Bills post-game show after their 30-27 home victory facing the Tampa Bay Bucs in week 7. Thoughts on the game are shared along with callers' takes and words from Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander at 27:00 in!


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Jays Axel yeah. They were drawn on their march opened Bobo but you've got to always being consistent. Hold it Margaret Thatcher are. You are just wanna give a shot out of the bills fans here late Wednesday I was bill's backers club and watched game enjoyed it a underwater port and a couple players a couple a coach. That needs to improve their game. Our runner brigade came through in the clutch. Drones. Made a couple good but he still has a long way to go Preston broken most government official release dues somewhat president. That we great need to call better defense. Other than that it was a great way in the bills just terrific thank you. Thank you. Boyd Jones. It was. It was. But an awkward moment in here when he he made his first catch of the day he got the standing ovation like me everybody knows right now that he's just not touch the ball drop earlier in this game. So hang in there. They it feels to me of something else that sort of stands out about this about the game ultimately. Is that. The bills got a thirty points crack. And their defense got. Torched today I mean picnic I. Let that you all want our team is Winston Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson and OJ Howard and but this is not. The script that I felt like the bills. Would be writing to win games. So far through the first the first five games this season it's you know him being going to be good enough on defense. I'm gonna play mistake free all that in and mean to M Campbell went a towel. On offense today in the passing game so. The bills being able to have to overcome that is. It's it's harder a really good sign that their offense was able to give them a win. Oracle scary that the strong part of the bills team was victimized as they were. I would think. And they're gonna have a hard time winning a lot of games of figure about 460 Archuleta or. Office just calls the I guess that the or 47. Dasher I guess so. Tampa man if there are my team and they were driving notes. Eight and Evans got his touchdown Edwards and got the crazy yardage number. But they have so many good skill position players they have so many good players. And there are certain things Winston does. And the date maybe play call wise that just don't make sense that they're throwing bombs and throw Bobby Charles Simms on a third down play were. Like five yards would have given him a field goal shot in the up and applauding on the plus forty. There was a plate of rate where again it's like third and fourth third and five something like that and just like they did. There are just so many that it's easy would you watch to think this way I know but. A Gillick Tampa Bay is a team. That would drive me may be crazier than any other team because their record isn't good they've got a lot of talent the quarterback is the big talent he's. Cool to watch because of what he can do. But I think this meat maybe it's like Carolina with too little bit where you Disco. Should I be getting more out of this that Carolina had that. Only had another good year before that but that amazing year two years ago. Newton is the MVP in the mechanical back they've been since they go back to a team were is just read it look at Carolina today. Mean they they play great they would into England David good game they lose the Eagles or close to a deal they go to the bears it's worth three points I mean. I've got to do so sidetracked by Tampa. That means they're losing and how there losing. This what would really really. Like them. I think. All right up about them and definitely it up about Carolina. Before the show and we've got out of Matt is next hello Matt. Both boys are all the crime and I give all the credit the brand in the I want all the updates on him really with a difference maker in the Internet. All of a sudden you update option to hold off at how we got the first one partner receiver of this you don't. All. That's right the US right amateur bit mention that it you know that that's Jones been here all all through my. He got here in the summer. I don't know if you can't open exactly but he he's been around. But look at eight. I don't mind here that point I said here on the air two Sundays ago wondering if any wrote about it after the Bengals game but it doing. At skill positions year. Mike Tolbert my backup running back I've got one guy that I can really count I'd be dangerous and make plays for me that's LeSean McCoy. And today I did I think the biggest offensive plays of the game. Out of those products Thompson who and what's on the eaten by day's goal. And Taiwan Jones coming out of the two minute warning gives me a first down that allows me to release assault we can always. Those are men's plays and poll but was he on this long pretty old he was pretty open on the walk on is whoever leads it on it to look at that thing on Twitter tomorrow or god Dionte Thompson Eddie Money. Running go right in Tyrod Taylor soared to running back all man yeah immunity if he had not thrown the ball to that guy in that spot. There'd be screen grab pole there would be an avalanche. Because he yeah he was you know he he gets hit sued and off after the ball given he's. He's opened. 44 yards on a minute play plus fifty download on the loss or let us via here's Greg excellent Greg. Quote I Greg on the radio go ahead please. Am I just wanted to say that I'm convinced that the Buffalo Bills are gonna go to the playoffs. Spectral Augusto. He's convinced that a good Carlos solo Carlos. Days I liked the part about. How important it. Is today. I mean you did. But down and and all it down he picked up you're in another thing you know all dogs multiple. Okay thanks. Who. I love ya I love this set up now I you can never discount that to touch rose is is at its intelligent is that anyone would. Right over there I gotta think a better thing to say yeah or I save my stupid thing I could tell it like a ball with here all of this week you guys you've got to realize you can discount. Two touchdowns and one game I I wanna public I disagree with that especially the game tying one was that big a deal. It's kind of a familiar you know you're ready to discount the at all I mean I have a full millimeter prime. Matter and I'm over here cut now touchdown coupons let me say art and discount diva. Let me say a thing. The level stammer for a couple of seconds and I'll get my stupid thing and you'll never see if I'm at. Tim is with us a load them. Then you get early actually Emma called me to close with a game. And muscle muted by mistake he's home cook. Nick wanted to sit salute to bill front office and make a real quick happen incorrectly and that is when the salute the front office. For making roster who you mean by that we triggered that. And by not being content with just laden keeps it is constantly see where I think you're gonna erupt a couple of years ago yes sir yes great. You faction of. Great try to patent won't. And it showed that was legal time but at the big arm that can stretch the field we really had to receive particular so he will be brought back a big play element. Turks had warned it emits loving child clients. And now you can tell the Bucs can't let no scouting report on him no you know Mario couldn't completely unaccounted for and it. Government be running back you got in the Taiwan job I have to believe he's going to be promoting and give more Turkey because. Your book talks plank he's a much better compliment to local bank hoping that October and good today. If you if you want the border architect besides McElroy. He's seen how don't be debt at linebacker. To be and number Tyrod mr. But that element here at little you don't have a whole lot of humor I think he can do want to try to corner a salute to beer. Coach acting prime topic for making an important roster move the ball to be offered during the brightly. And where quick apartment that's in a market each noted the intermountain Tammany happy teen the Buccaneers apple Bonaparte all. But he'll pitch at their playmakers step out trip debuted in the ball. And you look at how I RE draft picks to look at playmaker even if we don't shut your clothing often count. If we gave playmaker back backpack and the electric people who. You don't think you magical back. White all the guys here to talk about what he's really he's really fun to have him as really cool this is what this guy's tone for him. Bottom. Were were always so carefully watching the draft. And I think most people look at the draft is if the people drafting are supposed to really know what the future holds for these guys which is not. Fair but that's just cut out sportsman's do it like if a guy the bill's friend the guy doesn't work out you know we think the radiates for printing them by. Talking about a forty year old guy and there's never money before most schools and there's a Saudi things that you can't predict so. I I will be the guy that just pawns over the bill's choice. Because I'm not either the guy who kills them. Horror there graphics when they don't work out. But this is working out yet as a realist as they traded down seventeen spots and still apparently did very well be heat. I don't know if this is really true because two people who vote on defense of rookie of the year already doubled list through seven weeks of the season. But if you look at pro football focus you look at it as some others that the analysis out their white ranks really high among rookies in the league he's got Corey on. The city's running back but he's right there next elements of a rookie of value it. 47 right now so they have. They have this diaper was he picked 47. Is that white worst. It's I don't know I don't know Pete pass that he probably has missed this remote. What 127 because toward it his way it was reporters that I know in fact Shawmut Donna talked about Mormon couple weeks. Her children so yes. This guy's a cool play out and bullet. If fans remember media com. EE at a yet Roth game two weeks ago in Cincinnati. AJ green 10 the very best receivers in football. You know gave quite a pretty tough day. And following that game from what cell could watch you always told us this is is maybe pretty public knowledge now sell wrote about it. What was really hard on himself he was really upset I think there was some tears even if you want to talk to the media. And he wanted to get out of the room. Because he didn't want people to see him that emotional that upset about how he felt you collect his team down that day. So these self talk with him about that this week and wrote about it WT Arafat to do dot com that's our flagship here in buffalo that's a web site. And he he he. I don't burn isn't exactly right what he is the man on the scene on the Evans go ahead touchdown. But that's that is an animated. Great great receiver and it's a great role. I mean it's right on the edge. Evans was a great job to get the beat down to control the ball and complete the pads and all the all the nonsense he got a dude actually scored touchdowns now Appel bought. Once the guys there so. It would surprise me if he's pretty upset. About being victimized again on how to play that could cost his team the game and all he does is a few minutes later. Take the ball away himself. And give the bills and opportunity to win the game and that's pretty nice. Yes yours nevertheless I can. Guys called me from Grand Junction, Colorado it's seventy degrees outside I got onto route on the smoker and drinker but perhaps. What a game. Sinking and last year here's the deal calls in the ball this year are falling our way. That is the difference in this the this year and in years past. In our team is not falling apart when we we face adversity coming together we're staying strong. And I'm just I'm excited I'm cautiously optimistic for the team this year. Incidentally I am hopping on a plane next week to come up for the raiders game and I'm super excited them and hang up now just what you've got strength courage. All right. Well I'm not gonna try to talk you out of any of that. Calls. And drops and such we talk MO the other team that's lock most of that is locked. So it's that's on the that I would look at as like that means this year is different about an evil karma notion here I think there's a lot of luck in sports the level of life. So were they lucky today they were good today. You know Tampa made mistakes if you think about fumbles so you have at a Humphries fumbled what do we want a lot of credit previous flight animal about that. When LeSean McCoy fumbles. And the quantity David an excellent player who's been hurt for them back and strips McCoy recovered what are we wanna do. John McDermott wants to say that he talks to his coaches and it'll. He literally said decode the bills literally said about Shawn McCoy and a press conference next time with two hands all. But really. We think if that if there were really a conversation between McDermott him McCoy and McDermott so nobody in the next on to a two with a record does he quits the that you quit the sport. So. Where it's what it's a Tampa fumble it's like look at us where it's McCoy fumble oil well that's our mistake. They're great. Plays by defenders maybe aren't so good to strip the ball way and recover both guys did the same thing. The camper died scripted and recovering yup and boy did the exact same thing and sometimes I mean you know it's a football you don't play your. Nearly there fumbles that I think you can blame guys for being careless with the number of fumbles were you to say that I've made a really good if not every fumble as yeah. Revis hair. Thirty to 47 bills over the Buccaneers and out on giving him. Here it knew where a field much open the Bulldog on the post game show we'll have more for you coming up after a break. This is the Buffalo Bills radio network. All the all the bills defense give up a season high 27 points they forced three turnovers from the Buccaneers. Including this late forced fumble from treaties like to give the bills a chance for the win over the. It's 28 seconds on the clock a lot of time they pull this time around. In the shotgun they're CNET. Fires that he's like a musical line of scrimmage and cut the field and walk back. The 33. Don't recover. Recovered I got. The bills would end up getting a thirty yard field goal from Stephen how bush got about two minutes later and they walk away with a thirty to 27 win. And improved to four and two on the season Tyrod Taylor made some nice plays under center going twenty of 33 for 268 yards and a touchdown. Shawn McCoy led the way on the ground with 91 yards and his first two rushing touchdowns on the season. In the air it was Dionte Thompson with four catches fraud and in seven yards he was assigned to the team this past week Logan Thomas also catches his first career touchdown. In the wind up next for the bills the matchup with the Oakland Raiders at Muirfield next Sunday. The raiders getting eight thrilling win over the chiefs this past Thursday night. Kick off next week is at 1 o'clock right here on the Buffalo Bills RealNetworks and current scores going on in the NFL right now the cowboys with a twenty to three lead on the 49ers out on with two minutes off the plane second. The giants of the seven nothing lead over the Seahawks at 840 to go in the second quarter also in the second all things tied up between the Steelers in dangles from Pittsburgh fourteen. Fallen Al lady chargers on the fourteen nothing lead on the Broncos that one with 707 note in the second. Some scores have gone final today the bears getting to defensive touchdowns in the seventeen. To three win over the Carolina Panthers the saints getting a 26 to seventeen win over the Packers in. The green Bay's first game without Aaron Rodgers under center the jaguars getting its way seven nothing win over the colts while Carson Palmer breaks his arm and a 33 nothing lost. The LA rams. In London. This update is brought to you by north town automotive sales service and selection to the nth degree that's north town. Automotive I'm Briton Wilson for the Buffalo Bills radio network now with a look at traffic here's their Kremer. I got major congestion. Not just around the stadium itself but a lot of majors through ways heading out from Orchard Park today. My ouster road both east and west it has been backed up severely there near the stadium meanwhile at 219 to the ninety's. It's ninety's now backed up all the way pretty much Q routes going on southwestern boulevard there peachtree road also. Backed up in major ways as well. So to be pretty patient bribery as you're getting out from new air field today this traffic update brought you by group a collision make the right decision insisted on crude a collision. And dare Kramer for the Buffalo Bills radio network. And it's. Taiwan Jones on the end around Jones got into. It right. Great run by guys it's considered a pass. Little clip from Taylor to Taiwan Jones re run by guys didn't touch the ball all right all day nobody times total season. That his first play they get a complete it was intended receiver once. Is that his first thoughts of deceit I think that might have been a kick return and dome. Don't know maybe talk smack down that a touch is a touchback it's much. Back I don't know I don't know how that works anyway doesn't play a lot all that's right he's just been a guy on the roster really mostly. And read that is say. Huge play in the scheme of things in this game because that is right out of the two minute warning. And the bills are very. Field goal range what it's you know it it for how to use a ticket because that it would have been close to a fifty yarder BB fifty terminals and there are 31. So there right on the edge beat another fifty yard field goal try and 8120. Tiger medical record. Assuming he makes the long field goal you're looking at a minute fifteen left. When Tampa gets the ball again down three. And I think that's you know let's hold on tight that's that's the the series right before that if that's the situation Bulldog of that situation. So the Taiwan Jones play doesn't happen the bills get the feel going make the field goal and it's 145. When Tampa takes leaders of other expect there's 145. Tampa Bay ball it's 45 yard line persons and down by three I'd rather be Tampa Bay but buffalo. I would be bracing for at least overtime I don't go with them like the win probability Stahl would say that it was the paper written. Buffalo up three. Tampa's ball. First person that owns 45145. Laps. One timeout. I'd I'd rather be Tampa Bay in a game like this I know I know I'm nervous they they did at 460 yards of offense or wherever for 47. Just about the depth one on what they've come up with on that massive the end matter but either way. Are bracing for. At all just like on the search for former escort to sort of leave them time. And that it's making me nervous but Jones gives that first down and that is the difference between. Giving them the ball back down three. We're on it 458. Given the ball back with fourteen seconds yeah that is what that late game. And that is massive. Yeah there instead of maybe being 5052 in the game or it lasts they were probably 97%. 999%. Again the other way. And that was with a solo Adam. MI out. In the Obama. But a lot of verified that my son's birthday excuse Altman won a first game to go. On. But I can't say enough about the atmosphere in buffalo right now would not permit. A couple big thing the first thing is that after that miss upgrade for apps and the clock management com mom gets hot start up her stride after. It's huge. And now light that the fact that. With three minutes ago I would comment unless somebody were Fargo Lou can argue that that. But you know that he believed they were checking out you know what I am a little more speed yeah. Freeman it to go eat it putts are I think Iraq. I've not cannot be about yet here and Bob what do it or not you're not on the terrorist plot to an awful lot. Okay thanks. We'll see what happens mean there were foreign to last year. This team has fought an interest thing and and better than I thought it covered out of thought they were before into. I'd probably didn't think question team would before too but I attended the you know more negative or pessimistic about their seasons and often in the end all and appeal right. Foreign to write thousand. This is a farm win. Ends. Another it's a great team they beat I think it's a team like that that they beat. Yeah you know but it was to me we talked about this on our our show locally here. On our flagship on Friday it's just more of off is in tonight's winners and a bad loss. And I thought bad loss I think this is the kind of game if you wanna. You wanna. Proved to us and we are hardened skeptics a lot of us most of us may be even. After all these years and we need to really be shown you're gonna be different. So you know one way to do that is to win a game like this at home you wanna be a good team this year you wanna have a year where your. You've got a winning record the whole way or maybe even a couple of games above 500 most of the way it's at too much to ask. Then you win a game like this against a team like that at home is great duke is the raider game the same thing. I think it's close I mean the raiders exploding like that it on Thursday sort of slows me down some on that. But they shouldn't the way they've looked most of this year the raiders they got I don't have to be outclassed by them I. It is the same. I think most teams are these teams and raiders are definitely in that you know more there might meet wanna eat. Teams are more in the league that are about that the Cincinnati who they play it is Denver would they play it is. Carolina who they played is the jets or dolphins are but. The record what makes it look like they are the ravens but there shall we teams that are just like pretty close. And Oakland as that. Which rather have Oakland semen Tampa's team. Tampa has so many talented guys they can't figure out they can't win. But I like their roster. And his messy on defense but they've got Mac or whether they're and that I would love to have Barack they have a bad defense this team has a bad pass defense statistically. The Buccaneers may be there a lot of like the both pirate. For. That's right we've got to start upfront and recorded different style player of course not an edge guy like you know what matches but McCoy is one of the very best at his position in the sport I think. Seoul you've got some talent there to their linebackers are pretty nice to stamp the team I take Winston over car I take Marten over. Their running backs any album easily. I would take. Evans over Cooper. I would say. Crown victory over DeSean Jackson those two guys together all chemicals are all good in different ways. Anyway that that's next week to week. We'll see I mean I might feel the same way that way next week out like you you felt about this game and I kind of felt about this game that right. You read you figured it would kind of looked bad to lose in my I don't know the fact that Oakland won what twelve games last year that. That that doesn't matter what Oakland is right now. And what they've been this season public it's. Tampa was don't twelve win team last year you know that's. That just throw waves on yeah yeah I I feel you know that there's a temptation. With them again showing so well. On Thursday against Kansas City to take out walking into Oakland as they have just rediscovered Avis we are. We ought to throw for 400 yards member us. And that that. Makes me want to break them a little more dangerous than I would of Tampa. Picked Mike is whether a semi. Yeah I guess they aren't pony you guys that broke little Mac another guy that the bills were marked draft. I wanted to at staples and about Mike they. What do we picked it from like it could ever Alipay and during that trip like the bill deeper my cabin that we pick again. It's the same draft. I never thought they were drafting we'll Mac either and it took Sammy Watkins. All auto block it okay but it now going into that trap it was like it was like Mike evident OK or Womack like that was like the loch. For prominent players but they were never supposed to be bill's been. The bills and whatever the eleventh article whatever that was. I clearly have like that was like art all of the content that want the boat and take Mike out. It wasn't it it really wasn't Evans got talked about a lot there was a lot of talk about old receiver. They got traded up they would have had no shot at him right and the way it was expected to go once the draft that your got close. What happens is what was expected it. Watkins wasn't somebody that we talked a lot of baucus in that they have a shot at a man may have an up of course trading up paying double what do. Evans got talked about a lot you. So I understand why a lot of guys still GAAP rightly that talk about the draft goes on for months right. Lorenzo Alexander in the locker room was welcome pot yo in the media post game. It's awesome I'm gonna have been around a team that has done is well you know I think that's a testament to our. Our coaches ads for it aside and consistently and keeping it fresh in our minds in Gaza not some of the competition. You know whether we have brackets are and again as far as moving the ball out recovered because you know it's gonna help our team. In opportunism when I go an autopsy of young guys play. Who is very aware that plus the ball out there and and able to give us opportunity when again we capitalize on today you can. And many since 2004. They have three consecutive games of forcing I don't know what it bottom out and obviously I know I I get that you've been in this league along and I haven't figured out who. How did you know how to do this awhile ago but he is if you learn something even from this coaches have a technique must have been paid to that yet we have decided. You know Bob avatar are linebacker coach coach with the Chicago Bears for a long time of their filming without a master at that peanut much you know we got a coin a term. Educate me in one day talked about it we've medical staff so video to be Catholics don't opium. Why are blacker. And at the ditch and I miss a tackle because that it is. You know I'm always trying to get the book I'm trying to get the ball out we're you know it's a great job with their own image and have them at least try to get out each and every time. There's the you know having to return takeaways today three in your last week. Those kinds of numbers came in any way allow you to. You know the fact that make makes it less painful that a quarterback throws for three to. I hope we want to gang's all guests on. I'm happy with that obviously are we wanna go back. And they hit us what a couple of things that he is it's hard to play like that it played out how we're really on me. But the boom in in eighty on the fronts honestly can now. From the front are coming out got to have better odds vision on which you worked on that play. Nominated a great job execute in you know him damn thing like you guys have played its corners so they hit the bat. About one I'm responsible for number that we must not the back it's going to be like a plant rough. I'm coming down he'll. And he's away from sneaking out and I'm born and just behind me out of my vision loss traffic BA is this is a high place that is that we call the oh. Felt if you. Let's call you know. I don't know if I face you this is rookie year but I know that he would do you come away from the scheme that really healthy respect for the young quarterback Ali have a lot of respect for mop up our normal little Vietnam prior evening being in the league and he's a competitor. We have an AC join up and just trying to play. You know decently trauma pole vault you know give he would give out. On these shows a lot about his character and the didn't wanna come out compete with force team. Even if it's that the cost of his body so he's a great quarterback in his league will continue to rise to be at least that's. Enough in the future. Lorenzo Alexander. After the bills thirty to 47 win over Tampa Bay. Comeback win would have been for Tampa Bay to. The votes were when I was a state that really who would get this comeback win bills for into the raiders here next week. The locker room report live from the locker room with cell brought you by life storage in your life story with care that was recorded. We'll be back to doer a feel for more of the post game show next much over the bulldogs this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. I. On kids and wife writes I didn't like about tonight's after the war the 31 seconds that uses an. Winston that's it pointers down the middle and it's not quite complete the tri lateral play. Matter of a couple of times now Mike Evans hit it miles and across the field to a big offensive lineman rumbling up the thirty this will be the last play of the game there's still thrown around. It's a circus right now my image at that on the parts and still alive on this plate Evans makes the throw wires to back the Humphreys Humphreys labels that back. Good running back somebody's got to stop them here let's play the game and don't act now in the backwards got back of the ten yard line with John Jackson runs across the field he collateral to back the Mike Evans Evans moved down the sideline they kind of get tired. Now the plan expected back still on the run here is that John Jackson finally got the they're still look. Let's go up there yet who makes the tackle. In real life it's longer. Fantasy players just a nightmare when. Your. Your guy especially it's like a Monday night game seven in the coming weeks go to read Colin. It's above and I gave towards the end of the week it's getting your match. And there's going to be that play with the stupid liberals have a lot of backwards yards and maybe bubbles to hurt your guys stat lines. I don't know what this habit of being for Evans and Humphreys Jackson and all the Buccaneers who touched the ball of play. Our group called the vet the past BB ready mature. But you know kind of fun like the old game. Bills thirty Buccaneers 27 which opened the Bulldog on post game for a few more minutes. Here is Jason next hi Jason. Say hi guys doing today. You know Mikey you talk about Augmon and you know it definitely bought stressful nail biting. But definitely on you know one thing got to do is with the guys up or else they may now do you believe not playoff round. Let's also not forget you know we have one heck of a seven game stretch coming up with the saying geez patriot twice the ball than. I mean it's going to be a tough stretch and I'm I'm not drinking the Kool Aid I'm not he can shot the coup they might be hit an equally just the little. The one thing we got take away from this game is our offense actually pulled our defense out you know the defense of the planes sold out this year. That he offered finally found a way people's point on the board. And you don't pay a bit cute Beagle from Chicago and currently promised the most stupid comment from Chicago popping up all that. But I will say hey thank you Chicago review it. OK hey we gotta thank you embryo earlier talking about. But. It was a fun game and what you wanna look at the playoff thing which is always on the new look at the whole conference. It's a different league every year for a two was in the same record here at a certain sense. So you wanna look at what's going on around you and the AFC east at least a of strutting Beers actually writer possible at least. In terms of the jets and dolphins looks like you can and new media figure better than those teams. The AFC north is the Steelers and may be the angles but it's mostly just kind of the same. The AFC south is that too. And the AFC west of the chiefs of look great they've now lost two games you've beaten Denver. Bid bit the bills don't look. You know really behind right in in that talk context. I mean. You know. The caller opener with it you know play opera ounces pronouncements and we believe you know and arguably what went out and I know this much you use you get a game like this. Bond that you come out the other side of it it you'd get some plays that maybe you were counting on getting. They were bracing for the gut punch you know all we do with them just the way the game was unfolding there and instead. You can you give the place you need and you when he game and eager to go home tonight and the patriots on. And the other around a lot the plane Atlanta and I don't know I'm I'm in to this enough to be really interested. In what they look like me so and not just assume that they have to run away with this division as fallible as they've what's so far this year so. Gold fell us. Jerks that are one and Rachel absolutely Goldberg and slogans don't look at what point lead to deport them get 18. A favor if Atlanta which was in the soup pebble beach New England not crazy though it three and a half point underdog. Then New England in third place and next week is week eight. Like. Yeah I mean. It might sound ridiculous to talk like that but. I'm still tempted to do so inclined to do it because the patriots defense league of what terrible so far. In the season's coming up on half over it. We are out of time thanks to all our guys here for helping us at the at the stadium newer field. We're back with post game of course next Sunday as the bills host the raiders. Here on WGR buffalo more. A discussion on today's game is coming up so stay tuned the the theory might be in that spot. Stay tuned in them enjoy that much open the Bulldog here signing off this is Buffalo Bills football.