Buffalo Bills - 9/24/17 Post-Game Hour 1

Sunday, September 24th

Hour one from the Buffalo Bills Radio Network post-game show following week 3's 26-16 victory over the Denver Broncos on Sunday 9/24/2017. 


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This is the post game show which she opened the bulldogs. What do you buy northwest make the switch in northwest and get back to living. Welcome back to new airfield where the bills. The Denver bronco. Here in week 326. To sixteen Mike show with a Bulldog here we'll give you the stats some of the stats anyway in a moment. And then. Pretty soon get to bills coach Sean McDermott the state started. With a lot of rob off. Intrigue. What would happen during the National Anthem. And you had players on bowl teams taking in the I don't remember any bills players doing that before. But you have that today if I'm wrong about that okay if it happened before it was isolated. Today you had. As you pedal around the NFL. Players responding to the president's comments from. Last night. And that feels like a long time ago right now advocates say that to diminish the importance. Or the the events of earlier today. But the bills did a nice job today they played a pretty even game with Denver in the did a couple of things that they needed to do. They made their field goals. They've hit their field goals they made their field goals from way out to from way out 53 loss for outstanding 53 and 55 of the distances on. The two long ones and yeah I mean it took him to me it's an impressive win. I was more taken I think that you were with Denver's performance last week at home. In throttling Dallas shutting down the Dallas running game. The thing that's interesting about this team today is that they they did a very good job Denver did on Buffalo's running game. LeSean McCoy was not really a factor in this game at least running the ball he year it made some plays out of the backfield. That it turned out to be significant plays and keeps drives alive to get them into a situation where they got the field goals but. There's no way I would have expected. The Broncos to handle the bills running game like they did it still have wanted to be a pretty comfortable win for buffalo. And that's because Tyrod Taylor was maybe like in the opener. Trust really efficient mean there's not a lot of numbers there are bought. There's no bad place and there's public really nice throws that got the lead for good. Was a very quick drive that's what happens when you make it throws you'd have like a minute it happened you've driven the field when you're in the end zone like well well. So what happened there it's it's three plays from down 1613. To walk Morita sixty. You have. O'Leary for over many yards that lost 45 or so yards on the left sideline. They were in the press box we concede some of this developed. And as he's throwing to was left. I've never seen before threw the ball this going to be a tough row. And O'Leary makes that catch nice catch to on the sideline and you have Matthews. Overrun the right to get the gets them. Near the end zone and then Taylor rolling right stops those left to the millions over Charles clay that puts the bills ahead. Seuss day the express mark stance of the game check it out express mark not your average convenience store. Taylor 2426213. Yards two touchdowns. And no interceptions the first one he was thrown to see Jones it was caught by a hundred homes. You know you got a little lucky there worked out OK and then McCoy in this game seventeen perks when he won. Is all rushing but seven for 48 receiving that's the most catches on the bills clay six for 39 in the score threes in the end zone again. Jordan Matthews three for 6100 homes two for six. And a touchdown that won early past I think almost definitely intended for Jones and tie in through his hands and Holmes is behind him and makes that catch. So the bills go to sue and won here. And will get to Sean McDermott who we should take a break we just Leo really quick. New England has gone ahead of Houston in the final seconds. 36. To 33. On Tom Brady's fifth touchdown pass the day and third to rein in coach Houston was up 33 to 48. We led the along with about a minute have to go and patriots have found the end zone there he is not over. But there are three notes 43 seconds ago would have been very exciting way. Still cool though a happy crowd. At the end of it. Much over the bulldogs here will have Sean McDermott coming up but take a quick break first this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. Only AT&T gives you entertainment to your way so here's our message in a more entertaining way I look at action movie. I think he would I want to us your best friend's dad's idea to get just get what he wants back what you want to rattle I want an unlimited data and he's been more than just talk text insert whatever I want I TV too well is that I can watch a screen again like I owed but. But I tablet my home TV it's the. 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Of the Denver Broncos a fourteen yard scramble retirement. Spoiled by home. Good Tyrod Taylor is at that. The the passing yards I thought 200 yards that they would be a good day he did pass to order yards to thirteen. Is his total please like that they were just so used to that. That's that's a play that if I'm watching the bills a fan of their team went well. That's really good minutes that you're your best running backs make runs like in the league in runs like that McCoy. And so. Taylor. That play a good passing day and the bills get this win here over Denver thank you Von Miller. Four. On third down incompletion. With the bill's leading by six and 738 left. Protect it is basically what you you see kids do it like fifth grade sonic the site. That's what that's called that's the psych handshake. He wanted to help he hit Taylor is Taylor threw that pass. And you know clean you know hit them you know close enough to have. Following table delivering the ball but that didn't itself generate a flag for. You don't roughness on the quarterback or anything but he acted like he was gonna help Taylor often and pull the hand away. And that got flagged for for unsportsmanlike conduct I feel like I've seen it all beat up I I am. I don't know all that I've ever seen that exactly call the wee bit there icing taunting. But not exactly like that. But if I guess it is I could give meets the literal low of taunting he was taunting Taylor. You know so like is upon site is a tall it is it's on kids learn that at an early age site visits on it is a talks so from there. The bills only down a field goal. What they'd let another four minutes off the clock right at first down at that that was starting to really I you know I'm sitting there watching the game. And sort of think about what we're gonna talk about it and how this all this post game show me goal. After the eating out of the ball there. What if what if disputes don't meet the next time I notice the clock. How much more time on all. While the rules just you know only the I don't like him on the float down I think it's for field goal. Like the great job leading clock down and left him in no time to come back and score. What they with the did there a couple of plays is the kind of thing that Sean McDermott is talking about has been talking about a lot which is just. Them not beating themselves and so you see these guys staying in bounds is that a pretty good showing of awareness or there and a few plays there. After that. Von Miller penalty and they also didn't take the popular penalty which is kinda thing mean procedure he was doing something like that the got a late hit. Who goes up in the past for some educated tell you know what it is are calling but he got a roughing the passer call in this game whatever but it was Von Miller the Super Bowl MVP. For two years ago did that. And the ref saw the ref had to see it and he did Miller than. Oblivious. Apparently too bad being peddled exerts a runoff in the light here Sean McDermott. Start up with questions. Victories wrote. Which. Through. A whole other groups play. You know it they've done a great job in their plan well had a couple plays their get away from us. But there you a resilient bunch they really are if it's not this front and after the quarterback somebody else's. You know make it big playoff play play for us in the accident so. You know they play as a team which that's how you play good defense in football you play as a team and they do the job of feeding off one another. He really just doing their job be 111 of the defense. Got off to a going after they wheels but for Philly you could turn it around the second half is you know for repeatedly that. A brief press. It is I mean you know he's he's done a great job he's got a great mentors on the team in in the ways of Mike Jordan Hoyer Lorenzo Alexander these guys take it taken tray and their wing and then. You match that with his work ethic and Tammy puts into the film room during the week and and results of taking care of themselves and that from me from a young corner. This early to do what he's done is is is good to see still a lot of work to do. But I know is working extremely hard and I'm happy for. Her. Well really is it was you know us with carrying him and players coaches staff on coming together and have a conversation. That was very productive and you know the statement and we stand by the statement. And you know speaks of unity and equality and love and that's and that's that's. You know what we came up with the Nittany. It. We just felt like it was the right thing to do. What was your reaction players that need. And wireless. Prominent I'd like to keep most of what went on that meeting other than the statement. Those things are our team. Deals right there's not like to keep them amongst the team. It was a it was a productive me like I said and done. And not a cut their conversation. And they came from. Kyra tailor your it would get him well and sometimes so. Get a little bit more space a little bit more time when he's done those things he can be far more effective than than not are you looking for ways that you can. To give him a little bit more time little bit more space. Well I thought he played pretty good game today you know and I thought he knew Rick Rick call a good game good game plan and and spread the ball around extremely well we ran the ball we needed to run it kinds. You know that's a good defense and give them credit to. But I liked I liked the style of offense we would play today and and you know we possess the ball we need to possess the ball in the points before half from a human standpoint I think we're critical. In the outcome of the game. The series there where he rolled his left through earlier that was a good play thrown against his body there. That he hit a Jordan Matthews and crossing pattern and a little flip for the touchdown those all kind of like three played a role in the one of okay. These get Taylor in those situations that maybe he can be. Among a much more productive got you see. Plus all the red zone tears to your point a solar you know great red zone. Production efficiency you know in terms of what we would do in the red zone. You came up short in the fourth quarter there were trying to obviously worked the clock a little bit and then take points which is what we have to do. On the yet but you know they Rick did a great job against the game plan. And you know we're able to do some things offensively that. That we felt like during the week would be open and and again spread the ball around and goes ski well. This winning thing do for your team psychologically though was that the more there than people expected to be better than you. We were favored in the game you guys ended up proving. Well that's a good team that moment again and get credited to the Denver Broncos they're off to two of those started. And you know I like our football team accident last week after the game and and I'll say again I like this football team these guys play together they work hard during the week. And and there's no. There's no surprise and a mistaken I should say for. The results that that they that they got you earn it you know so you can witness that you get those guys are. You. First what. He's done a good week one that. Is it good for you to see it and football. That was the question. What what forces Saturday was our plan today if you are believable that. Is that what you saw happen. Some of that in Hanigan does us getting back to playing our style football. Came away from the game last week. Wanting you know to reestablish who we were as an offense and how we play. And not know good defense is challenge that. That's that was Carolina's defense did that Denver's defense to good solid defenses and they're gonna challenge of that and that was important that we stick with who we are. And how we play and and I thought we did that effectively. Today. Bills coach Sean McDermott bills over the Broncos today 24616. To improve to two and one. New England escaped. The last minute touchdown pass Brady to coax their third. Connection for a touchdown in the game fifth touchdown pass the date for Brady New England 36 and Houston with a shoulder lots of a quarterback 33. Scaring the patriots a fourteen point underdog but ultimately losing the jets were one play away from a shot out of the dolphins. Mine with a touchdown at the end but the jets win at twenty to six. Scored by my happier. Sometimes they change leader like you have at a couple country but anyway that's what I've got so hopefully it's right. Bill Stewart once it would go in the conference at Atlanta. Next week Atlanta beat Detroit thirty to 46. When Golden Tate alliance was ruled inches short of a game winning touchdown on the last play. So the falcons win there and again if the app is right. The Eagles beat the giants at the dawn on a 61 yard field goal 4744. This week was boring two days ago. If that's right and I've got game after game here that were NC quoting the Bayer's winning in overtime over Pittsburgh. At home. So yeah that. I did not have not I did not have that I did not have that a denial of this. I'm grateful. For well I guess a couple of results here although Watson may be performing. I'm assuming he'd performed well if you scored 33 points and were within a matter who offsetting New England. In New England but I assume that the quarterback probably had a had a good day there. If it if that it happened literal lose and I have a day here where this game goal is maybe the way I want we thought it would in the bills lose maybe like. By the saints are scored with 616 that just. You don't just Denver's just too good form. I think we might be spending some time this week talking about this on Washington. You know he had a bit of all really big day. Against the patriots but instead I've got out of wood one buffalo bills' team and what we talked about during the week might get it sort of feels like yet. Always I think. To pay attention to the season before a few weeks here and copy may be obsessed with what's gonna happen next people tell like the only way to win one. Makes Koreans who. What are your realistic sounding now going into the buying and that feels like a season. As opposed to one in three or even 14. With a loss today and in a puff game in Atlanta and an old for Cincinnati but winning this game. It sets you up to. It'll keep in the April while yet yes it means a lot meet you never know one martialed and I'm thinking we won't hear a lot of people talk about new computer this time. Because you have a season and if they end up. Falling out of contention eventually like is dampened most of the seventeen years all of them eventually if that happens Halloween or Thanksgiving that it does by. Atlanta and the you're at Cincinnati. Cincinnati's at a very rough start we'll see what that looks like in two weeks now that the bills have nothing to lose in Atlanta. Then the of the game and that buys an actual games with the Buccaneers. Who were won't now. In Minnesota today without Sam Bradford playing for Minnesota. And then the raiders here and that looks on paper with this this was a pivotal game for me in that sense psychologically. With this in the bank now looks like all the support a good chance you get. At least two that a ball from now. With a look at it and just like why is true the whole summer when when analyzing this and I think. When the bills made their moves in the summer the should have indeed take this into consideration. What are the patriots. The patriots have been such a shore thing. For so long. One day they won't be right the world won't end first. One day they won't be and you've got a forty year old quarterback there he did throw for five today had a huge game last week to a Nazi like he's showing. Certain signs. Necessarily NC game today but on either explicitly or cabinet today against him right. You know. Although they'll place them off of teams you for what he's. Saying. So law on in Houston would not have been one of them I would have expected Houston. To be and what they. Sold you know what what. What do you make the patriots. Well aren't they the favorite of course. Are they too good for the league it'll look like yet and so. Pardo as a as a should be. Figuring out what you have here what you were to do with you run this organization. OK we play for second place going to a season and it was reasonable. We've talked about a lot. To me it was reasonable for them to think that way. It's not like you're trying to win the games are and it's just picked him being there there'll were under twelve half minus six anathema. I'm in this division. But that's old done traded Watkins you did that you've got a player. For Watkins in EJ Gaines who was apart of meat beat the best story about this teams are and that is that that secondary is all that. Two new veterans say these gains from the rams and straight white. And that was her. That was the the coolest thing about this game for me was those guys now. Date they were perfect and you you can't expect them to be can expect any secondary to be mean you've got great receivers on Denver. The way the rules are like you've you've got to give them. You allow for so auction from your team's passing game really is any. But is he got interceptions again today. And that's a really solid job. As from the secondary at the heels of. Put together your brand new yell for this year those those two corners of our the interceptors today after they were on opening day it was the two safeties right. Lawyer and Hyde had interceptions that's that's apples the new secondary they're the safety part of it today the corners. Came down with picks on who don't Brady. Throws easily the quarterback wouldn't like it I think it's worked ill advised that it is are you might refer to those throws by Symbian. Who was in all harassed by the bills in the making those throws was like he just. Voluntarily through them up for grabs during the coverage he was he was running fourth and you know destructive. I can see why they like him. Or why someone would like him Beattie he. Ease interest thing but man there were some misses you like they're there or more misses on his side than on our side it in this game so that the ball Sanders. Were were the bills challenged wait for a strong McDermott he's signaling completely away officials gave say here's the catch challenge and reversed that Plavix have been ninety right. And just. No easy for me to say but you is the good quarterbacks that's night tonight the touchdown. And in this game a little bit off. There're there're. A few examples of that. The bills went 26 to sixteen Volcker calls after. The next break at 8030550. Locally or toll free 1888550. To 550. Much over the Bulldog here at new airfield let's check traffic. That's. Traffic light heavyweight now all around the stadium you've got heavy congestion. One victory evidence southwestern all those avenues jammed up pretty well. Victory is slow until you get up until South Park the 219 mile strip that's extremely slow. 219 can be full go all the way to the nineties there. McKinley you're looking at some heavy traffic there as well. North founded until you get past mile stretch traffic being brought to you by Cooper collision make the right decision insist on route with collusion behind you with friends on the Buffalo Bills football network. Thank you deal again the final bill 26 Broncos sixteen both teams now two and one. Much over the bulldogs back with more of the official fills post game show next. This is Buffalo Bills football. Team. The lead with a twelve yard touchdown run from Jamaal Charles that happened and though with three field goals two from buffalo one from Denver and both teams are good halftime tied at thirteen. The Broncos took the lead early in the third quarter with another bill Wolff from McManus but the bills went back up for good after this secure touchdown pass from Taylor to Charles play. They Jones lined up type upside Jordan Matthews over there as well. Double tight ends. JD in the backfield first and goal from the six are gonna throw again I'll play action to articulate. That capped off a four play 69 yard drive that the bills' defense came up big would this interception from. EG deemed. The information. To receivers right side when. Smith former Iraq's cities except the program. Looks downfield players now feel. Buffalo didn't get anything out of that play but the bills did get a big stop late in the third quarter as the Broncos try to fake punt on fourth and two from their own 31. It was the only CU came up with a huge stop the forced to turn over on downs bubble added another field goal to extend the lead by seven than Trevor Ximian throws another interception this time Richard AV is white. And the bills went on a sixteen play drive that chewed off seven minutes off the clock to over seven minutes they added another field goal on the bills and came up with a big fourth down stop. It's come away with their second win of the season up next for the bills is meeting with the three NL Atlanta Falcons after they beat the lions today. That humbled come from Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta kick off is that 1 o'clock next week on the Buffalo Bills radio network now here's a look at the express card stats of the game. Express mark check it out not your average convenience store Tyrod Taylor twenty of 26230. Yards two touchdowns Trevor ceemea. 2440 for 25559. Yards and two picks on the ground it was Mike Tolbert leading the way with 41 yards loving carries while for the Broncos it was Jamaal Charles 56 yards nine carries and one touchdown. Through the air Jordan Matthews three receptions 61 yards the show on the point seven receptions for 48 yards. And here for Denver it was the Marius Thomas was six receptions for 98 yards a look around the NFL scoreboard right now currently in action it's a scoreless game between the titans and Seahawks that went in the first quarter number one of the first quarter as the Bengals and Packers are both even up at seven. In seeing it in Los Angeles excuse me the chiefs having fourteen nothing lead on the chargers that one was about five minutes left to go in the first. Some finals from earlier today the jaguars with a big 447. Win over the ravens in. London the the prayers come away with a surprise winner in overtime for the Steelers when he threw to thirteen. The colts get a 3128 win over the browns while the vikings they get 3417 win over the box and a late one for the patriots is they get in late touchdown to go up. 36 to 33 they come away with a win over the Houston Texans. This game recap is brought to you by independent health from Europe every day to your unexpected independent health Red Shirts are here to help. Vibrate Wilson for the Buffalo Bills radio network. They need defensively now let's see what Brandon Tate can do with this rightly Dixon might. Anderson stopped. Little people there is celebrating its specialty. I had to fight out to young at least she was. The baby that's what John recruitment by of all people as it's set up a personal issue there I don't know I don't know about. TI at least he out of western Alabama. Our we've made it 44 B investment protection and what was the ball people Smart Smart. A good sign to me that's just. During the a couple of interceptions the second half and then that one. The few plays or the difference even in a ten point game. I wonder if maybe we can make him make a mental mode I'll make medal altered due to ask McDermott. So all McDermott about this tomorrow when he joins us on shall on the flagship here in buffalo. Whether or not Denver tipped them off. By the they were sort of hesitant that are. Before the punt team came on the punt took him out by himself and the rest of the players sort of stayed over on the sideline. What I felt that I was thinking. Or. And then they came out I wonder if that was something that had them thinking about a fake field goal mean it could've been just. Just curiosity that I have because. I I know I you know I'm not the most exuberant person sometimes appease its but I I noticed. So a lot about what Denver's doing what cassette enough to make me think mechanical for a duke during their own and you want some more. And I had no inkling at all there mean their their own 32 yard line. Down by. Four. I mean I about couldn't criticize it because I like stuff like that you know usually with football you take a risk and it doesn't work people hammer. On you forever if it does work they forgot about it so with Denver had gotten a yard there are two yards whatever it was they needed. I don't know if we'd ever really talk about that play what doesn't work though look out of luck to you. So bills 46 Broncos sixteen bills to add one the Atlanta. Next week which opened the Bulldog here from the stadium where field take your calls at 8030550. Series might with a us I'm like. Hey yeah. Often gains are gain in hey I've. Properly talk in one of the more skeptical build fans over the last however many years ago. Want to go outlet and secure to. Or disciplined club. Particular in just that type Turkey you know not make in some of the mistakes on Iraq and you know that he. Took. You know she and the not a team that put up 44. Against the cowboys. Not to get these guys that saw him in. Can figure out while. I don't think anything can happen any element of what you think about next week obviously color of the cops to tasks. For return unit helped he's going to Atlanta but yet they're jamming up the Broncos like they did and they got a chance. I think I think there's a big difference. Atlanta might be the best and their whole their so oh. The single least it's a huge test for. Last week. Their defense got a lot of credit last week for the game in Carolina that they lost 93 rightly. And we're one well thought that I had was okay. This team will be interesting. If their defense is like top five in the league if it's great. You've got to compared the rest of the league and one storyline in the league the first two weeks was where's the office today it looks like. I mean you've got high scores if not high yardage all over the place. 3633343134. It 44 from Jacksonville this morning 4139. Was the Thursday night game. So we that changed a little bit to that nice job here. I also think this is the NFL there's a reason why the bill's role we have three point underdog is because. People who do this professionally or not ready. To call the Broncos are great team they are not the falcons. So next week's different and harder but its interest. In PL I think it definitely is that is it is in my mind. Definitely a step up and claws. You know the the quarterback you're talking about theirs is a proven. Great player in the league Julio Jones is at the broad of a fairy tale too deep league receiving corps. They've got to running backs or dynamite. Soul and to have. And it's on the road I mean to me it is it is may be a big step. In class as far as the reputation. Over the team the Denver has all week in the bag where. They're offense is pretty impressive there's a touchdown. An exception and it last week. Against males that helps them Bible points to. I think Atlanta is a proven commodity. And I am. I'm impressed enough with what the bills have done so far. On defense through three games to two touchdowns in three games I don't what the jets and Cam Newton doesn't look right in Carolina might be a match. And out the Broncos so we disclaim however you want to touchdowns in three games in the NFL is impressive and the fact that the they're standing there with this record and that performance on defense. There's really piqued my interest about what next week but if they can go in there. And hold it wanted to now married and win the game hold them down. I don't be rate. Let's go to who will next I will. Hey guys no deal and really. As you can hear that we lost my voice to that game. Diplomatic lines they actually love this show. The longtime listener. Then it became actually let art el op board under the network that ought to build when. Got a lot of bad calls by the arrests in the beginning but it seems like emit outboard in the end you'd like they paid it back a little bit. But I'll learn that just what they love these guys on the show and not double eagle belt. Thanks well. Well the the most interesting called the scheme might have been that Bob Miller penalty and it was a huge play the bills are pointing there. Fourth and 6738. Left leading by seven. Instead they keep possession that you fifteen yards they go about another forty yards in kick a field goal bit. Mean they speak some boos from their Europe tied with for edits it like a lot of clock there too that was really important so. I'm not I'm not your guy if you want to. It sounds like a hockey conversation a mile talk about whether what Bob Miller did deserved a penalty. Mean I can't keep up and it's liquid what do we about the hockey point is some point. So number years ago after hearing all the fiftieth or 500 argument about whether a slash was worthy of a suspension but you know what. It's just so erratic when consistent you guys knock themselves out to slow Beano. It's like playing golf just let me know what I know what the end of the day let me know what happens and with this mean roughing the passer is like this there are a lot of these. Things in in the NFL in sports so. I remember seeing a guy. Poll the fourth grade site that he handshake either in the NFL I think if you what I Iran in Denver. It's like really exists for all we don't win right yeah right but. I I got it I mean it's I think he's an unsportsmanlike conduct I think I think so it probably meets the letter of the low of taunting. Mean you you know your your your taunting Tyrod Taylor well it is sort laughing at a before he received the flag these sort of toppling if Miller. And ready to walk off the field and here comes the flight line and there's so. Yet they were probably. You know maybe losing our minds if if we are doing Denver broncos' schedule about that penalty. And player to a lot of reputation management believes it's a superstar in the week and to have that call this. Maybe it would be very surprising but. The Eagles like it did in the Broncos still would have had the right drive tied the game going item in this sort of battle the a lot of work to do. That you don't want to assume it done idle 2616 the bills when Mike show the Bulldog here here's Neil McManus again with a look at traffic. Our hope that air conditioning units fully functional things are crawling around. Yours all along southwestern and all the way past California. Big trees and just at all away from southwestern if Taylor wrote the 219 slow all the way up until the ninety emerged that you're gonna jam up again until you have the 400. You might. See if things loosened up a little bit after the four under for the ninety. We'll slowed you down once again when you get near that 190 interchange and that will last all the way into Walden avenue looks like about that right now superior head north. Take from five over the skyway. Traffic being brought to you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance you know the fans of the Buffalo Bills football network. Thank you deal or the post game show expect another hour's worth next Mike show with a Bulldog here 2616. Bills win. This is Buffalo Bills football.