Buffalo Bills - 12/31/17 Post-Game Hour 2

Sunday, December 31st

From the Buffalo Bills Radio Network: Hear from Coach McDermott and all the key players from the Buffalo Bills victory over the Miami Dolphins, enabling the Bills to advance to the Wild Card berth of the NFL Playoff next week.


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Buffalo Bills post game show continues in fact this portion of the bill's post game show along the bills radio network is brought in by independent health. From your every day to your unexpected in the kind of health's Red Shirts are here to help. I am hold on August the bills are in the playoffs. For the first time since 1999. They will play the Jacksonville Jaguars next Sunday at 1 PM they are the sixth seed in the AFC. Jacksonville. The three seed Kansas City in Tennessee will be the other AFC wildcard matchup the titans got in. By virtue of a win today over those jaguars. The only chargers. Despite a big win over the raiders are shut out they do not make the playoffs and we went in Pittsburgh the other two teams. In the AFC playoffs with the body's doing on the top seed Pittsburgh the number two seed. A win for the bills on wild card weekend would put them in New England to play the patriots. For the divisional round of playoffs. Like that of ourselves. There in. It was incredible. The way it happened the bang goals were down own. And looking at fourth down. I'm being told to go to sell gas sale can take us through this to sell I'm gonna guess maybe you were watching this. We've already some bills player of the world. It now not in those are probably greater being right. I was outside the locker room we go in they wouldn't let us then because a player or blocking the team in the locker room I was surrounded by reporters I was able to pull off an electoral I'm like oh. And we watched it live reporters were gathered around my own. And Bulldog you know how the apology notes hearing Alec at a stuff matter out of character about blocker from wherever it erupted reporters erupted. Everybody was happy to the game. It on the playoffs and then we went in a locker room I videotape that what it was like economic ourselves we're what are you I don't think you'll walking in the locker room by. The bills are watching the game and we heard there Rourke well it was it was it was a surreal at the moment. Now I'll bet I'll bet The Who what what stands out I've I'm imagining you as you major rounds and talk to some people. What what stands out from in there as far as reaction go sell. Allen had his kid in the locker room with Wendy at all. Privately now for the angles he got emotional at any effort the most what are not black and white he doesn't result in partly I think what the wallet. He was without he got choked up I can hear that sound right sent over to you guys we also talked with Kerry with a lot. It's sort out you know he was so happy with the city of buffalo are rated as well that would just recurring theme so happy. The city of buffalo people look up well everybody thought you had a cow Williams Ricky expert playoff game Eric would expect here for a long time so. Really that that was really the main theme of that locker room Lockheed. Hugging each other a lot emotion all locker room. It did how how much were you able to keep track of what was going on in Baltimore whose it was really. It was the Bengals game. Really the whole day until the fourth quarter the ravens could do so little lot of offense but then they they got a couple of club for tortoise we have to turn over a long play on special teams that gave them really great field position. And they got points off of those but then ultimately they got the touchdown they needed to take the lead. And it started to feel to be Celek it was all going to be for not the bills. You know did their job get a Kyle Williams touchdown on offense it was awesome to watch that celebration was so cool. And it felt like it was slipping away and in the bagels at the last minute pull that out. I want the whole game from my iPhone are updating what from the score app that I haven't been like that. Players were actually mean workaholic probably what the score would show them at a lot of held at a big wanna know they actually know how that stands behind. The bank would do what they were duplicate that. Eric Allen don't you were erupting because they all had followed the windshield escort that much on the scoreboard at once in awhile. Them do their plugged in it was crazy just watching the whole way and when it was 18720. Or they were dollar you thought the somber mood on the side like that people little. You know what at that were coming off thereafter it was blown out of what children and they kept saying there's still time there's still time. An innovative thinking what about overtime at a high out of the impact that it didn't matter what it would crazy weird you need incredible data that really what. Yeah I don't know that I'll Oliver forget it I mean I was I was in your reads are our show of course you know because the way it works. You don't post in school begins and right are just watching this and it's fourth down and it just feels like. Really this is how this is how the weekend and is is how the season ends and to have that play calmly that. Man what are what are we were animal my greatest fans to be brought Brandon. Let's bring an end of the they're gonna send Ehrlich are the front of the pilot or maybe he can call article and thank coming as early it would have. I'll let and I got to got to block it definitely didn't hear I don't mean time we're climb back and I am getting ready people at the airport for the party. All right so happy new year thanks for taking a minute to join me. Are you got to sell about geo in in Miami. Just getting ready to at the airport and head back with the team after the 22 to sixteen win. Over the dolphins for the bills coupled with the 3127. Victory by the bad angles over the ravens putting them in the playoffs for the first time. Since nineteen. 99. Markets next up on the bill's post game show I'm mark thanks for calling your on the air. Well but horror. Yeah now you are. Well doubt look man. But I could go on the wrong ball I got a fair bit. Look there's been no I think to be apple order of the next year whether it would say look I'm a team. And in a bill. And I'll say that I could mean that they put. But you know what I want a bigger boat on the radio because I and others. Not only market with a there's a hundred million families out there dig out there remember that cordoned heated moment. It could be that they wanted to want more layup gave her operated before they call or there's one more thing they wanted people ordered back. And they couldn't see your man. I know you know someone I know there everybody look that no somewhat and I know there's no one byte that would that lived in our privacy that wanted the heated moment. And that moment here on these tears could build. There are some cool up. My it you know I'd want to opt out there who's family members who could be there. Visit to back. Then in seven years for the rest I couldn't be more excited man did you Bulldog of a happy group here goblet dog radio that he meant now let Kobe get the. Happy new year to you to market thank you well said and done just like anyone out there that's a lifelong buffalo Meehan. Armed with family and friends yes I am also thinking of those who didn't make it to the next play off game. After seventeen years thank you well said. Tom is next up on no excuse me I hit the wrong one. Every go to Tom is on the bill's post game show hi Tom thanks for calling it. Scott how I was going to a pretty good steppingstone pretty good veteran who has been in. All of the different Eldred seventeen years based. That the let commercial private public you reestablished her great second delay which would he be on the day it would be okay. But anyway they're gonna do you think don't hang up on me first at all. Mr. Dalton finally won his first playoff games for the awful bill. Beautiful pat. And the guys scored with a and that's about all played in the playoffs yet. Secondly I don't know I don't know how many years he's got left. But when we we can swap Dalton or. Taylor and he can get our back up what we draft somebody. I don't know what it say how much when he left or what the differences but I think his contract is due to run out soon so I wouldn't call them. He's got a few years of a lot of money and just Gillis is key mover and what would LC dot. Did next we've got to. Take care Mitt third moreover. Who was sold annoying when he was here especially to you guys. So. Hopefully she didn't play next week we get take care of that that we get to go play the patriots. And even without losing hopefully on the way out we can knock out mister Purdy and stop history. There's no oil would all be awesome Bob thank you very much for the call that the new year to you I am I'm glad I'm glad you mentioned shady LeSean McCoy. Did suffer any injury that looked. Look awfully bad in this game actually for negative so that was good news yet again as his leg foot. Caught up underneath them and I tinkered terming it an ankle injury. X rays were negative drama German it would meeting with the media following the conclusion of the Bengals ravens game which obviously mattered. Two to weather the bills will be making playoffs or not said they'd know more hopefully within the next day or so about. His status but that is going to be if there's if there's a cloud hanging over. This party it's what is up what goes from McCoy and will he be. Healthy enough to take part in this playoff in the playoff have finally come in the bills meal ticket on offense. I I think his status I would predict is going to be up in the air. All weeklong leading up to next Sunday. But again the news was at least initially good. As far as the X ray goes it was negative so we'll find out just dumb. Just what his status is. Once we get into the week here with holiday of course coming up tomorrow. The bills beat the dolphins the ravens lose to the bad angles and the bills are in the playoffs it came true we got the help they needed they took care of their game. And did it 22 to sixteen worst score of the bills game the angles on a late 48 yard touchdown from Andy doll and the time aborted beat the ravens 31. To 27. We'll take a time out another half an hour your calls with me along the the network here this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. Saving you money on car insurance has bidding Geico is playbook for over 75 years so after the game get according Geico dot com Geico so easy a caveman can do it. Imagine getting everything. New service and hopes of we're if you look at. Earned jitters rewards everytime you. Enjoy dining spots called get shops. 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In Miami the bills got started early scoring a touchdown on the very first drive. Run play action now lofted into the Pentagon and he thought that's. A good job. Taylor had a pretty good day nineteen of 27 for 204 yards and a touchdown yet at 36 yards on the ground. The Shawn McCoy left the game and an injury in the third quarter he was carted off. And did not return McCord is having a tough state anyway just ten yards on eleven carries and show after reports that the X rays on the points ankle came back negative. Dolphins did make it close late getting an onside kick in the final two minutes they had the ball down six Bjorn employer sealed the deal. Second night at the local 48 yard line. The snap the field looks down a little blitzes what fires are right. That should do it here. That was lawyers fifth of the year at the end of the bills game the Bengals were still down three. To the ravens forced for the fourth and twelve on their own 48 in the final minute. Andy Dalton came through for buffalo. Are trying to. What's the. With that touchdown on the bagels took the lead the ravens were not able to get anything going on their next drive. Bengals beat the ravens so the bills will go to Jacksonville deeply dug Maroney Marcel Darius Paul Posluszny. And the Jacksonville Jaguars next Sunday at 1 PM. Elsewhere on the NFL the other scenario the bills could have made the playoffs and involved both the chargers and titans losing. That never got off the ground the chargers dominate the raiders thirty to ten and the titans edged up jaguars fifteen to ten. So the titans and bills are the two while care teams for the AFC. Buffalo streets he mentioned will play at Jacksonville the titans of the fight seed and they will go to Arum had to flee the Kansas City Chiefs. Elsewhere in the NFL today in the NFC playoff race Arizona police boiler and beat Seattle 26 24. So Atlanta secures the final wildcard spot in the NFC Atlanta took care of their business anyway beating the Carolina Panthers 22 to ten. Couple teams are not waiting for black Monday if you had coaches have already been fired tonight Jack Del Rio and Oakland there have been stories linking John route into the raiders. In the past 24 hours and chuck McDonnell is out in Indianapolis. World juniors going on today as well here in buffalo team USA it's a big win over team Finland five to four. Also a key banks that are right now Sweden and Russia are currently tied at two at the end of the first period. This update is brought to you by north tower automotive north tower automotive sales service and selection to the nth degree. For the Buffalo Bills radio network I'm Jody B Osce. This is the post game show which show that the bulldogs. What do you buy northwest make the switch to northwest fan get back to living. Are rolling along here on the Buffalo Bills post game show I am the bull blood in the bills beat. The dolphins 22 to sixteen coupled with the Bengals 3127 win over the ravens. And the drought is history the drought is dead the bills are in the playoffs they will play next. Sunday. 1 o'clock in Jacksonville. All we gets more reaction more phone calls on the air. Let's give these stations on the bubble will radio network ten seconds right now to identify themselves are indeed the bills and jaguars next Sunday and a wild card playoff game go figure that. Joining us right now before we get some more reaction now from fans is the usual cohost of this show as long as our regular Monday through Friday weekday show. Here on our flagship station in buffalo. Mike show groom. Had a scheduled day off today and you can you heard champ quality and. How are yeah. I told her I mean I feel like you where. Are you busy next Sunday by the way are we supposed to be available out of this or. All that I don't know my kids got hockey games I guess you can get it but I think I think they'll be your ideal car of all the time. You really botched the playoff bracket thing like is this so long barely got it I didn't know how it worked this. Oh I don't actually believe that there are playoffs. I think it's what we went up there on that podium about I don't even know yeah well. It's happening how do we haven't talked all week but. I think I have a vote is all week like I've been thinking about. Whether or not I should be their today yeah. And that you would I get these days off at the end of the year just how it is and all week have been thinking. I should work today just been it's been doing the playoff odds like 13%. Who. The only game to what you have to sit around and wait for this game and then make sure it stays sober and all the other. If there are any other consideration. Is a big one though right like I kind of wanted to be around people all and end. It looked like Baltimore would win and I would sort of a little bit of part of me felt vindicated like OK well. I thought all week that I could call it in media are going to date but. They're not gonna happen so. A minute did. And at play was incredible like that dangles plate glass all. All you want in your wildest imagination is eight tying field goal. And you get. More you get that touch it wrong I mean that played is the greatest bills play the decades. You can go and play of the drought that didn't do it. The not even. I know I'm gonna have to I don't I don't maybe you'd listen back to what we do I do as off the desire is I probably should. I'm gonna wanna hear what that's probably because I argue we ran a ready to show started to build David ended. And if it was pretty depressing you know watching it first down second down throw down like oh my gosh it's fourth and twelve at midfield like one's gonna happen here. And you know I'm all and I'm also thinking to do live play by play off the TV because like they're not supposed to do that. What what outlaw public what else am I supposed to say right so does is like there's like dead error but he's running he's clearly gonna score and I don't even know what I said now. Because I I just I blew my mind at that play actually happened waited oh. Were you talking when it happened to restore. No I was on we did we do you have any calls lined up it was just we were starting to show. And just sort of dealing going. And really that was the only thing that mattered was how was this game going to end as a good and right now in the bagels turtle on Donald's. Or they give you a field goal is critical Arnold play with overtime or whatever. So. I was just sort of killing time waiting for that end and again try not to just you don't say. Call you back to pass. And go. And and then it happened and job everything kind of went off the rails a bunch of people around here were jumping up and down and chest bumping and got the got routed to get really stupid. Oh yeah like I love that but the president can say all Haitian immigrant have aids. But you can't. All the angle ravens game because that's illegal. Right amount you can't expect I don't feel like you can't have it. Three seconds or something. Feel or else run in oh. Could not. Don't do it well I would sit up on two different places today and then. We're hosting tonight New Year's Eve right so I end up coming home and my wife has him like this little. Cute little like new years do you arrests and my kids are sitting at. At the table wit like a man on earth everybody in this era but I'm sort of wobbling all edit. First in time Cincinnati the okay. They work or don't go through this together and a fortnight or so improbable. Run. That I didn't even really know how to express it Adams opened goodness I didn't have to do that I know and however many hundred people in the post and. I gotta I got a text message from my son always and whose aren't going to be sixteen and a few days and it was just want to double waters. Great to select but I've never been through this before amended so much ours and season GE's and Beasley is Karbala it is. Quite. That's important but he did anybody not give it actual car but. Maybe it's all you can do right. I mean I this amazing results. And the fact that they're playing Jacksonville is really owning. I mean I don't know a whole loot we're going to be about as it was a drought that was the thing is all like sort of how smarting. And and you get a stupid Malone and Jacksonville what she's such a dom team. Like whatever we just what a cool thing is that they're playing and now I'm right. Difficult to really weird happening today this way. Yeah I I I think yeah especially the way the afternoon went in the early evening with a bang goals like being ahead for most of the day and then the ravens take in the lead late images. You know is a builds as the bills Vanderbilt observer it's very easy to settle in to. Oh well okay well I guess that was that was that I'm sure it was cool to Kyle Williams got to score a touchdown though like that was sort of how I was feeling starting the boats gave Joseph the men you don't. And all of a sudden there's this this thing that happened and you're right back to all my gosh I hope Osama cores ankle was okay. You know what that is that becomes the don't. It was also going to be at some point like Tuesday or Wednesday would we be sitting there going. What was the worst moment was it when you sought Cincinnati was up seventeen to agree. At halftime only thirty seconds left in the first half. And so you're getting a sudden you're allowed herself to get excited and then your body says no actually seventeen to time brutal and I've got it right here in my own page costs. Scored a notary in the call back IDR like wipe it out of bound Cincinnati. You're all mad at Cincinnati whatever the stupidest moment of the day what were never built moment that they were really never. Which like the first Miami game it was totally there are game. And it was never really. Because of the Bible factor is never the goal it was never interesting to me to back. Not no ice I stopped ID you had asked the guys. Think what happened with this Preston brown fumble return thing that got reviewed and other accounts for a mistake I was watching him. No I'm bowlers are double what it was important. Oh. Why he's celebrating earth. He didn't know he he thought what the referee was saying I I don't know I don't know walk I don't don't put that was that was a great moment. There is the fourth in three. Clutch down own the bagels are. Give up where they've got that guy the ravens running back forgive I don't they've they've got him that but that's on the list is no pearl like are you kidding me moments like. A team luck there'll toward reported time and Alice Collins is up. You broke open what did you think I sit there reporting four retired Portland three bright and Alice Collins who's running into a Beckham. Marcus Allen right and no. Well. None of it matters it's all good all right listen enjoy new year and enjoy your wife and a fancy dress she's got I'm. And dumb I will look forward to seeing you again on Tuesday. Utterly obvious that you're you're you're welcome thanks for joining us on the anterior everybody AT&T hotline might show everyone. Usual cohost of the bills. Radio post game show here on the network. Let's get some more of you folks in here as we roll along we have to commit to take a break we take a break okay. We'll take a timeout and then to some more your phone calls. Coming up after this this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. Rode along here on the Buffalo Bills post game show I am the bull by the bills beat the dolphins 22 to sixteen. And made. The playoffs. Don't adjust your sets for the first time since 1999. With some help from the bank goals and 31 to 27 win. For Cincinnati. Coming on fourth and twelve. From the ravens 48 yard line. 48 yard touchdown pass from Dalton to void. And that is how the drought and the ravens. Got the ball back. And we weren't able to move much at all the attorney David are close to a first down. On fourth down play but ended up having to turn it over on downs the day. Word. Not who they are not able to convert the ad about a yard. From a first down. Willow what do locker room interview with cal Williams coming up here in just a moment but when a squeeze it a couple more calls and only got less than ten minutes to go here. On the network portion of the post game show coverage locally is gonna continue on our flagship. Into the night here may Geary. Writing gates Jody B Ozzie dare Crable all paying an outdoor council will be I IP pool guys. Taking calls and getting reaction and giving you their reaction when all sort of we also went through this together here at the bagels Dumont a couple of computer monitors out in the in the newsroom and of course were watching the bills. Dolphins game but. I think most people who have access to it are gonna tell you that the Bengals game had most of their attention bills were. Forty comfortable right up until the end it got Dicey they've missed followed up an onside kick in the dolphins got the ball back. And only down by six but the bills were able to pick off. It's a guy's name again I forgot his memory fails David fails. He's a quarterback he plays for Miami he played today. Crazy today crazy crazy day. Bob his first appear the segment hi Bob thanks for calling your on the bill o's and show. Yeah but why it skill outside Albany angle was born and raised and I don't want to. Awesome until the difference in the area. Adjacent what you say or football team actually the bills. And they look at me and actually our electric bills nice I don't know I was born and raised there morning different. So I'd never have to say Danny and I hope. And I just wish all my friends and family and the bottler and have a good New Year's even join the celebration and it would be safe. All right amen to that Bob be safe is right I mean people are going to be feeling good and dom you don't usually meters he was a pretty wild eyed as it is I think there's bills. Victory coupled with the Bengals victory over the ravens and a playoff berth again for the first time it is. In seventeen years you have people. Really peaking let's. Let's digital locker room report now we've got a player interviewed is going to be with Kyle Williams itself about Joseph and a bunch of other media caught up with him in the locker room reported brought you by. Light storage it's your life store with care here is Kyle Williams. I'm excited our fans deserve as much as anybody band. I'm just you know I'm grateful and NN you know there's been so much hard work to get here and sticking it out in like I'm not I'm not even knows it down and that's right around. Havier there all together. That happened it was very quiet and somber you know. Mary locate now I mean everybody like raising the boys laden. In is this it's a great field. I mean I mean I'm 47 yard touchdown on fourth down play it for you to watch that it is again right away. No because I'm looking at the clock at thirty seconds left and three timeouts and their eyes open up and down and if I'm so optimistic comes in on it I was like you know I have to see this don't doubles heroes I've seen this let's. Like us you know kind of speechless I'm excited and I'm just happy for. All the Buffalo Bills fans and excited for our team and the. It's really only answer tonight they're probably going to be fans reporters people have you envisioned what that's gonna be like for you Kyle. You know I haven't thought about it you know it. I've been Iraq for about ten minutes fifteen minutes so you know what's a few more hours. Or carries in the offense now. I was telling them I'm starting my 101000 Kate's face and got 9909. On ago but you know once after the Tom will get there together right. Ridiculous the emotions that you have right now when you can really let it flow from that you realize your house the person I did a few minutes ago before you got got in here and I'm just excited I'm happy for everybody. There. Or. Moment that they didn't like them. Here you know it's it's not it's not for me it's not like the moment it's like the built in the Iranian you know. Surgeries and grinding and through hard times and you know it's just. As just it just feels good. Spills. It's bought and get the chains are touchdown. And that it's the game winning touchdown. Not to screw it up as calling in the past. I would rather it been like you know blow out lead let's try let's have some. You know the way it worked out it worked out we've worked on it this week and I'm glad it we executed in there boy there. Yeah they're they're. I want while Allen playoffs. Yeah. Yeah they're really excited. I don't on the Gatorade and snacks there. Have been here for the longest tenure bill let. What does it mean you'd see Eric would get a chance to do this and Lorenzo Alexander as well. You know blood. Who's been here a long time Richie who's been around the league for a long time never been the playoffs. Lorenzo you know this but there's there's so many guys in here there's undeserving because of the work they've done because of the heart that they showed in the perseverance they've shown. And and like I say I act like you've gone back communal organization and our fans they deserve it more than anybody where I'm just so happy and excited for them. I'm glad that could be a part of it. Yeah. You had a hard homeless defense and let us. In this playoffs what's your message to any who love it or hear these guys for a couple days of anything. Well you know I think it's what we talked about the with the team you know. And I think up don't you guys before you know Michael has never been answered go to the playoffs get to play and actually go home. Obviously we've got a long road to go on a tough road but you know. Next week's a star that's not a finished so you know we're gonna focus often in we're gonna go into work and we're gonna get ready go Foote play a playoff game and I couldn't be more excited. Prado that is cal Williams and you can just to configure and got to be able to feel the emotion. There from Kyle Williams. All this time with the bills he scores a touchdown rushing touchdown and again a we just talked about a with Mike here in in in in the first part of this the sour. Marshall called a mutual co host of the show but he has is the day off. To have. Seem all that most of the day the Eagles are in good shape. That we're gonna get the help we need to we do it and then it starts to slope away from them and ultimately the ravens are back in front. All are back in front in front for the first time all day and now I need Indy Dalton who I mean. Never comes or rule in a big moment right beneath him to do some thing to save myself from just. Relishing the fact that Kyle Williams in maybe his last game was a bill sort of rushing touchdown but it is good news good well great well that was that was school. Sure glad that happen and then lightning strikes you up. 48 yard touchdown on fourth and well from Andy Dalton the Tyler boarded. And just. Like that as simple as that. The ravens are dog and they got the ball back but it did not amount almost never really threatened. We were all nervous watching it of course because until the game's done you know how what is especially being a bills fan. You're not you're not in out of the garage until the biggest part from the doors closed but ultimately. The ravens. Turned it over on downs the bagels Neill without. And the bills' playoff berth once safely parked. In ba garage they will travel to Jacksonville play the jaguars next Sunday at 1 o'clock and we will be here with a post game show along. The bills radio network for that stay tuned our local station is gonna continue coverage throughout pick up on that I suggest you do that. But for now good night and happy new year the bills are in the playoffs the drought is dead. This is Buffalo Bills football.