Buffalo Bills - 12/24/17 Post-Game Hour 2

Sunday, December 24th

Buffalo Bills Radio Network post game show. Hour 2


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This is the post game show which she opened the bulldogs. Brought to you by northwest made the switch to northwest and get back to living. This portion of the bill's post game show here on the bills radio network is brought to you by independent health. From your every day it's your unexpected independent health Red Shirts are here to help. Happy holidays Merry Christmas I'm Mike show bull dog is off today he'll beyond. Next week and I'll be off. A part of me wants to commit and and ask him first that was our because like I got my own one here maybe he would want his own one but part of us command because. They all have a chance just like here's Joseph mention. Every game today that would've meet their chances next week batter of ending the drought went wrong for them all the favorites. Won their games have been saying maybe even last week on the post game show or maybe it was not until. During the week I thought of it like they're gonna need an upset here at some point from somebody else it might even be. The case that they're an underdog in Miami is not like. It's a given that she would win in Miami at all. But whether that's Cincinnati wedding in Baltimore core. All Oakland winning at the chargers or something else something like that is gonna have to happen for them. In addition to win for them to make it. What's affect your phone calls 8030550. Or 18550. To 550 is the number Bob is an actual robot. Hello Mike we're like yeah it for years to get older there will not be 41 year. Red zone. Or we're split out try to it was plant. What do I want you. And I totally agree with you about the decision the coach made all year secure if you quote absolutely. And politically the wrong Decision Day. Like an adult and there you go back to that. COLT game reported they want. But like my dog that you could border cross Sheridan drive with your eyes closed marketed by a car but to make a correct decision. He had ever politically made there decisions all year in going forward he's going to be your coach he's Japanese who like. He's got neck boy he's not a guy and instability. He's making decisions. Based on 1990s. Football. My earlier point replay it becomes perverted. Spoke to be clear and convincing. You watch it that the argument brushed off the course. Of course it was close. To that your so like I that it will not occur. Of course what which means you don't overturn it whether or older guys the bills. I don't care I don't watch at all hear the replay it just gotten out of control. The dominating the game right now and I think that the NFL has to do so about in the Nazi's and I really. I don't know what happens that makes it better as the I can't imagine were ever going to go back to. Sports pro sports without instant replay more sports are reading it baseball is edited now baseball has plays where. Guys steal second and and there's a tag play it safe route but now we have. Caught a way to the manager who comes up on the top step looking back over his shoulder is pitching coach Coles hooked. Replay guy to see if they should challenge it in the they do it turns out. The guy was actually safe but as he was getting he was standing up after sliding. For a split second his. Ford came off the bag in the globe was still a lot of so I'll. That's what we that's what it is perverted is pretty good way to put it. Hockey with all sides baseball with that football with all of these. Whoever wanted it whoever wanted anything more from. This this technology. Then. Grievous errors being fixed whoever wanted to be more than that but. You have this very high stakes these these guys are a lot of money on the line. And livelihoods. So the challenge and I think that makes it you know is to their advantage in the its. Obvious. And what were left with is these long delays that don't even really fix any thing often enough to make it worthwhile so what what what. Happens I don't know I just can't imagine sports turning away from now oh you're going to have you know if you imagine that there were no instant replay in the NFL. Then with the technology being so amazing and all the different angles in the way that they can freeze a play and then. Because are so many cameras sort of change your perspective on it. Today with a split screeners were Benjamin has possession there's worse photos when he doesn't have that five years ago. So word is gonna be sitting here tweeting and commenting to each other about this bad cold it was made. And nothing is gone and game well guess what that happens anyway. That happened that happens anyway but I don't see sports ever opting for that. So I don't know I think it's kind of depressing to think about how this has evolved and the B wearer work goes from here I don't see sports ever going you know we were actually better off without it I think there are plenty of people and sports don't even get the point they don't get the bigger point. Here's Tony excite Tony. Yeah on ya wanna call are you guys do that out however. All. I'm the daddy do. Years ago. No pressure for about all that drops. Fault but this year I predict that actually actually. They're eight archer war. But I come I was struck Ott. Same weight so it's annoying when. Eric course will reward at the jets. And it seems it. What happened with the jets in New England. Our church sports or start to sort our closest Jerry Jenkins that play barrier. There are are you do you think the league is fixed for only England I don't. Well we are not certain so what what are you salmon. Well I'm sure their problem. IR. There are directly if you check there's special are all false false or hair Alter. Are comparable false or that are completely. You know our in what was right. When I called. Searchers believe it. Shot like that. And and the past or. In the past. It's are extremely. Are against awful. So you don't think the league is thanks for New England in the league is fixed against the bills. Well you can't answer that it's what I'm asking you your opinion. Four hour and it sounds like you're saying these things that I may ask you about which you don't wanna own up to them tells what you do think the league is fixed for new England and he does what you do think. The league is fixed against the bills. Which I would say to that and why are you watching. But why would you ever bother with the league you thought it was prearranged. Well out of organ in the VCR. Static charters for the Mercer all package armed Austria. But gesture question me or hurt. My question I have one arm that from. The course shortened course had a direct federal for sure workers they're sure. I don't I don't know Tony I can't figure out what your position as it sounds like you're you think the games are fixed I don't. An era I don't know talk to somebody who thinks the games affects. If we had this conversation before I think you said we have had a lot of talk to somebody thinks the games affects why would anybody watch the game they thought it was faxed. Well hopefully for change are still entirely this year. Are our children were so sure we beat the rush and their case strip or or general there. Yeah well okay and it I don't look at I don't look at officiating is being for or against teams. I look at calls being good or bad gas but. I mean America was more like you are buddy Terry happy holidays here's Andrew next hi Andrew. They were gonna cut it. Just this. Yeah I've. That Benjamin touchdown. I think that was definitely something that. Sort of went back for us. And you'd see it happen again last week in this Steelers game. That same type of past and suddenly a little finger shipped or a little something tells you that it not for the slow it down to a thirty millimeter at second camera. Okay yeah thanks I remember that. Doing owns Milwaukee. Here is Allan next time Ellen. Hey I might Merry Christmas period thanks for different slant here. Since Brady's been in the eighth in the league and we've had the pleasure I think of watch and probably one of the top. Players unfortunately he's in the built division but that it's a whole attitude thing I think between new England and buffalo I just put it down as. There always expect to be in the play are actually pretty much the start the year expecting to win the division. Whereas buffalo hasn't been and I don't think they've been mentioned Brady's taken over in New England. And they hope that sneak into the last playoff spot and they need help all the time I mean it's just the whole. You know different. Way of thinking. New England because they're winning team always seems to have a stronger schedule in the bills. They draft lower. And the bills bills have higher draft picks. I have to say obviously that New England has our superior. Talent that sensors. And the bill and. They have Brady Ellen oh I understand that that's that they have Belichick and they have Brady and that's it good players are gonna wanna play there. They've got drafted better than the bill's little draft better than the average team. Millionaire I think they had such so the lower you know maybe have a higher draft higher rounds. Of course they do they always pick later than the bills because they finish better. Yeah I don't know draft better players. Yeah but I'm I'm just wondering if there's any way that we can change that attitude starting each season because. I don't think it's question of attitude you don't I don't know though that the the vet the value of the quarterback is high. Are about what I that they expect to make because they make it yeah at that they are good so. That's it held the bills have a bad attitude. No I'm well I'm just wondering. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think did they not passed on now Roethlisberger. Sitting on your incorrect the bill did not pass on Roethlisberger. OK okay sorry you'll two years ago. Yeah well I know and a let down yet you well I understand I see the value of the quarterback I wish you could take the heart of he's a small Hamlet Flutie and put Amendola. A big guy because I think that's what you got with Brady and raucous. I think Tyrod Taylor tries really hard on packed actually and I think he's a good player that tries really hardly they'll try really hard but what they lose. Ability. Preparation perhaps at times strategy bad coaching decisions that their coaches seem to have constantly make. That New England I would probably think makes less often. And so those reasons. Thanks for the call happy holidays to you here is Joseph and excite Joseph. Good afternoon Mike Merry Christmas happy holiday as long term care plan so I'm Colin. You know molecular content deployment of the good teams get the good call. The kind of a chicken like that in any event. You know what comes first etiquette because they get the cult now and I hit it particularly in his grave regardless of what happened on the veteran call by. Bit Obama up as they got the call because picker that is just what you error in analysis you have been here. Call. That were touchdowns. Feel that go to the league office and are questionable. Back that get over rule by the leak off that's a in the opposite. Where the entire league particularly entire national even looking at you call saying that it would hurt that they're overturn. Did this week in particular and I don't know how you look at that. And not if we get any credence to the idea that New England is getting some sort of pick the menu. I just think it's ridiculous I do I really have to explain that I think it's ridiculous. Why. I just do I think it's ridiculous and that the simplest. The simplest explanation is usually the right one. And that is that there are bad calls in the league all the time not just three. Not like the earlier caller settle this year has actually been a year where there weren't many bad calls why. It's the simplest explanation is usually right. Let me just say that. They get good they get the cult in their neighbor because they're good you like. I am just saying simply in sports that that is the case home team's good teams generally that is the case it is provable. So that is all reasonably controversial about that I don't I don't know I tended not think there's any correlation between these three calls they are all ones that are an argument can be made. Were corrected. As flimsy as argument. Might get I mean I'd their can be those arguments. I just don't buy this nonsense to me it's nonsense. That they are made that way because New England is one of the teams on the field I just I just don't. So. Sorry to disappoint you. Happy holidays here's Christian actual crash. He might nobody. Can. I don't everybody just seem to predict. New England just a better England and I mean they are up anarchy. They got a record quarter rep. Almost kind of murky at armed and and because set up a bit of course they have a better defense Google's. So so everybody's goal off an arms of how old are often called not doing well Margaret we need a quarterback. We need to get hurt a little bit better because there are currently are right but didn't he. No Coopers and Milan. Nobody looked. I don't know who's open arms a man I'm having some really weird conversations about officials and whatnot. I'm not I'm not open arms I never. Gave the bills a chance today. I'm not looking for credit I'm just telling you were uncommon for I never considered that they would win this game even when they were ahead in the came I just never thought. What this was going to be a win because nobody. Nobody beats them like nobody wins there. Ms. pretty rare so I just never got two arms and anything but open arms I'm dollar and arms are completely not open arms about it. My only hope for them to make the playoffs was to win next week can get the help. And they still put. Here's Steve next hi Steve. In my guy you don't today. They won't talk about the player Tyrod Taylor around. It seems like he does not like to take this back on many times they during the game. I didn't see him go backwards and throwing the ball away. You know he's he'll take the second he'll lose yards and one time it was a force down. He got took a fifteen yard lawful second 25. Again on the third down fumbled the ball we see that too many times night throughout the game but throughout the common bond holders like when what was I learned. Throw the ball away don't take us back. He I don't know I don't look at it that way really you don't know what he sees first of all taking the sack. There's one thing all a put this in terms of Tony Romo broadcast the game and like. Everybody I know I really like listening to Romo he's so different than most announcers since there's not that much jargon it's really it's really. Kind of Smart almost plate full I dig listening to rom I think you I think it's great. As a fan that we have him in broadcasting and hope he's in it for a long time and doesn't change. One thing about him when he evaluates Taylor though he's doing that from his own experience which is natural and to be expected. And road mall like most quarterbacks. Was not able to do what Taylor can do athletically. So when Taylor is. Breaking out of the pocket trying to but the one play where he got sacked like that. Romo wants him to throw the ball and you want him to throw the ball the more people to your romo's say that more people are repaired it and say throw the ball. Not knowing a thing about what is happening down the field you can't know that on TV. So Romo was that the game and rolled all I think has credibility so throw the ball OK great. Taylor part of his value is Ian running. And he's able to do that on a level that most guys can't including Tony Romo so I think. Tyrod you know he's trying to he's trying to make something happen in one of my first comments on the post game show today it was that was notable he really was not able to do that. It's not that I expected him or wanted him to throw the ball way more solid throwing always a good play. Anyway. But those runs were really not their for them there could have been a coaching thing. I trophy was injured during the I would assume it. But he he was not successful at that today that's that's my opinion about that. 8030550. Is a number happy holidays everybody more of the post game show coming up Kelvin Benjamin's post game comments. To him a look at the other scores. I'm like show much opened the Bulldog Bulldog is off will be here next week this is the Buffalo Bills radioed that. Work and the winner for the ship's best excellence award is a going well olive oil. That's friendly thing going olive oil I also like to thank the other brands in this category I need to know going has pulled that lever but we ever judge superior overall. Hey you meet his family fed cheese and chicken and reached for the stars and going on oil in the. Paid actors illustrating actual. Prior results do not guarantee similar outcome each case is unique after a motorcycle accidents we don't Barnes got me one point five million dollars. 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Muffled bells have a shot at the playoffs going into week seventeen no thanks to anything that happened today. The bills dropped their second game of the month to the New England Patriots this time by a score of 37 to sixteen. Bills offense didn't score a touchdown all game he did however foresee picks six from Tom Brady. Yeah it wasn't like he was glad he's got transport at the tent at the thought it. Toward employers scores his first touchdown of his career on its fourth interception. Of the season on the next drive the patriots drove down for Rob Gronkowski touchdown. Take their first lead of the game Brady and rocker and a fifth all time touchdowns between the quarterback and receiver duo. Tyrod Taylor and bills offense put together a great drive into the happen appeared and any four yard Kelvin Benjamin touchdown that cuts that would be controversial Weaver first. Two incomplete in the bills would settle for each point three yard Stephen house to field goal still tied thirteen to thirteen at the half. However the patriots would run away with it in the second half thanks in large part to. To Dion Lewis touchdowns before bill Mike Gil silly added touch sound of his own pride and emotion right side. That was killed at least for fifth touchdown of the season first time he's been active since week eight. Tyra Taylor in the bills' offense struggled mightily throughout the second half they failed to score office touchdown all game. John cord was a bright spot he carried the ball seventeen times for 71 yards and added five catches. For 76 yards through the air. Even with the loss the bills are still alive in the AFC playoff hunt to make the playoffs the bills need to win next week in Miami in the ivory lost by the ravens do Cincinnati Bengals. Or give both losses by the chargers to the raiders. And titans to the jaguars. Around the NFL the bills did not get help and out of town scoreboard the rams beat the titans 27 to 2.3 and chargers barely edge out the jets fourteen to seven. Other scores include the browns they clinch the first overall pick they fault always fifteen on the season with a loss to the bears. The Panthers getting late Cam Newton touchdown beat the Buccaneers and the redskins' top the Broncos by a score of 27 to eleven. Three NFL games and action right now 49ers still in the lead sixteen to nine over the jaguars forty seconds to go in the first half. Cardinal still up three nothing on the giants' six minutes to go in the second in with three minutes ago and second quarter of the cowboys are now up six and nothing on the Seahawks. This update is brought you by north tower automotive north tower automotive sales service and selection to the math degree. For the Buffalo Bills radio network I'm Jody B Osce. It's not that it did what they got it right he was let it got transport. At the tent at the putt. And buffalo. Picked up the ring. So toward employer ends up being the only bill scored a touchdown against the patriots this year. Three points on a field goal in the first meeting a man sixteen today three field goals and that. Interception return in the first half today. Happy holidays Merry Christmas and Mike show thanks for listening this is the bill's post game show 3716. Is the final. If you're just tuning in and wondering. Nothing else around the league went right for the bills today in terms of their odds of making the playoffs. Tennessee he lost its game there is a scenario where that could end up being beneficial but it would be better for their chances overall. Math wise had Tennessee one setting up a scenario where bills when. A titans' loss next week in and AFC game on like their game today. And a chargers win would get the bills into the playoffs that scenario. Is I guess debt because Tennessee did lose to the rams. So the best thing that could happen for the bills after their winning against Miami next week would be the bank goals. Winning in Baltimore if that happens it would open up. But that or Oakland upset win at the chargers and Oakland is eliminated now I believe. Are going to be either it needs somebody who's out of it to rise up against a team that's playing for some next week that's where the folks. 8030550. Is the number let's go to Michael next time Michael go ahead. Yes sir. It looked. I agree with what you outcome of the bad calls. Let me directly and assured the opposite coordinator but I still I don't think that we have a look at where this team is. Most people thought that he would have that feel like war and twelve. No that's not right. Most people thought they were six or seven the Mets that was reflected in the batting line. A bottom up people locally that I heard and. Well that's not what matters I don't know would that we that would be what met most people thought misty the right answer is they should have been a six or seven win team and I think. Bought for a couple of breaks they are mean their wrecked their eight and seven. That's not far I think the betting line was about right. It best four and twelve is what you say about the browns. That that what seemed would be at best for twelve that would be the browns. I still think there's been exceeded a lot of expectations this year. Okay. Mean I just don't think I I don't think they exceeded the the they did buy the ring total and that's what you're doing by the betting line in comparison and yes but. If I'm a small group of people says this team should go to a fourteen to doesn't mean that that's what. Really the consensus laws or if they thought the bill should have been. Twelve and four or something like that and talk to people every year who are optimists and fans and what this is our a year and one day maybe they'll be right. Thanks Michael O'Leary is terrain actual rate. Moreover not okay. All while we're part we're you know what happened there there there however are not. Alternate America. One thing I want and our status Tolbert he's gotten. As an operator that merited the one outright. Well as well so we re you know pretty humble like Richie are awful. Another angle he ran better off as a coordinator. Andy this court what all of our coaches so we note today weren't not expected it's. I'm the book report actually part thank you. Thank you. Here here is Eddie I had eight. Yeah I adore. I. One of the problems. That I have. Is resolved you know I don't know when we'll and I know that you know it came to go in there and they just stole it. But the bottom line is this team moved the ball. Until. I'm on two drives at all. Or they basically just literally all the all time consuming drives won't get right down. And they become away with three point. And our air on on the second prize. They they got a certain to add a fourth into. And they can get a first down and inside inside the water right right. Post play calling the balls in play calls. Or horrific. And and that they let the other are. Then nobody is well. Resist the drive eases the Kelvin Benjamin play. Or is a different place. Art had won because they could've gone the the dating goal for any of those first downs and that this includes even after the Benjamin catch that was not the end of the half think. George take a short field goal after that most coaches would have done the same thing. But this coach said after the game well we could only get field goals and I'm just the guy out here in the wilderness going you have four downs if you want him. You're a big underdog and teams that are big underdogs need to dive here I am saying this for the tenth or fifteenth you're in a row. Need to figure out ways other ways of winning these games and you know using all the downs is one idea. An end to what the other thing that's really frustrating to listen to the polls and our press conference. And and and using that term out and I know you talked about players he's not talking about coaches and general he's talking about how they're gonna they're gonna learn from. They're gonna call from this experience is that the people need to grow from this and learn from that coaches themselves they can't generate an opposite are starting to gain. Against this team I like it had been that's. New England. Thing this year it's not like. He's goal we got to find a way to generate ports here at a future point in its ruling on this thing you have to be able to stop that they had no answer. Be able stop the run. And they had no no way of getting the ball into the end. I think it depends on whether you're good the the dolphins had a nice night against them another game they didn't do much better than the bills did today. Good good teams can score against New England I guess blood that happened early in the season. Kansas City Carolina Houston had a day early in the season new England's defense was really bad. But it hasn't been bad cents. And Seoul leg thing and the raiders couldn't do anything against Norman thing and a Denver couldn't do anything against them a thing of the bills twice. Who couldn't do anything against them now it's really not right to say good if teams are gonna get their points against New England. Because. That stopped being true. Around week five I think. There is that all the moment I came that one off for the scored whatever that was 47. Couple weeks ago. Seattle has gotten into the end zone in Dallas. Wilson to Jimmy Graham Biehl one yard pass three arts. So it's 76 Seattle where Jacksonville has caught up. Their game with San Francisco is sixteen all at halftime and Arizona leads the giants still three nothing. Late in the first half there. Let's hear from Kelvin Benjamin he had his moments today including. That controversial one that tumbled like a touchdown in the wasn't yours Benjamin in the locker room. There really take you know send spaces score basically 00 he goes there's invisible to Comerica. You try to come from Bono and the support from the book. And we I mean we were those who knew about it. That was from moving from some gun locker room could easily could do about it if there's. University in places that we don't. It. Yes. So notable. They actually said apparently weren't until this at the they see you Bobble it after your first look at numbers for the second wonderful secret does that make you more for tree near that. Oh not in a bomb near future is putting me trying to secure for you to go. I mean. As they can do about it even soon. How different vehicles that Russia does that also Yugoslavia to rehab or walk on concrete evidence of you don't turn me. And that was enough if they can get to them about it you know just words of and the ball insisting that no officer touched on the two games against them. I mean it and make it they had good schemes you know. You do if you got to do better and we did under isn't prosecutors have. There's a somebody we're going to move before his team. Kelvin Benjamin in the locker room Celtic touch yo part of that. Our locker room report on the post game show brought you by life storage it's your life story with care. I'm glad to hear Benjamin say. A few times and that was only like a minute and a half remove government can't control it. It's another one of those times like it's just the I don't know a lot of things drive me crazy the probation for my own personal wealth but. We we try out here were always looking for the these bigger stories right. Romo on this games like what does Nantz asked them. Got this specific answer ask them. When you were a player canceling like this happened to your team did you rally everybody around. You know around getting past it is like well really wasn't that hard to mean you just dead right now these guys are nothing and about the color management play. Here in the third quarter the thing about were disposed to block on this play when your player. In the moment just playing. And like that that sounds right to me that's a player who would know it's over right to me so it's always this. Did you guys get past it. What would bring guys talking about what was the distraction and really you just do we just keep quiet and it was. Tough. But that it's over and the bills came out in the third quarter and drove the ball ends kicked a field goal and had the lead so. Be wrong to think there was any sort of hang over here none of the players would tell you assume. That the the players wouldn't tell you that there was there was evidence that there wasn't just you know these guys the pros they keep going. How many times over Benjamin have to say guys. If we just kept going and we just went to the next thing that that's how. That's how Otis and I I like it when players say that because of the media really forces these other things. Com the week that might not even be real that. Are needed. More the post game show coming up here on Christmas Eve I'm Mike show this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. I really enjoy yourself. Mean tune. That are you gonna bring your pet buffalo every time we go out. All hounds when and the people on huge it was time well you could get one of these new world view the bills have a carton duke got an anti tank oh okay consoles. I'm glad I promised the big guy he could see them to. Show your fan anytime anywhere with the exclusive bills debit card from an anti tank. 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Up to fifteen dollars off booze these special open package care Merry Christmas to wall to wall couldn't. We'd love. The couple bill's post game show was. Being brought you by northwest. Make the switch to northwest and get back delivered quite Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance Seyfried Mack sixty PH a top 100 largest CPA firm in the nation quite Eminem for. Western New York's premiere destination for abused her truck parts you pull hook parts you'd save money by easy MC gold with a bill go and. By Selena when guards injured don't wait call or text me. Cats loses others they always find a way to get it right for the patriots have found a reason why we lost that option sure we're gonna go. And in the game whether we go to our blog about joblessness. We finished well in making plays when it comes to us. New England is a winning over LeSean McCoy the bills like when he won the day they were in the first meeting by its money. After all these years there are still. The sizable gap. I'm Mike show happy holidays Merry Christmas thanks for listening to our post game coverage today and all year old have one more at least. Next week bills and dolphins for a silly 1 o'clock kickoff halftime Dallas in nine Seattle seven. Jags in 49 are still sixteen all path. The cardinals lead the giants three nothing there in tight looking for more with a minute seven to go in the second quarter. Here is run next time around. Well Iran. Date and rob are concerned. Not my problem I'm good day I wanna get your perspective. And that the use of technology now whether to move forward. Although backers could become truly great iron. The beginning of law and our questioning technology. And you know we have like Hawkeye and president as we are the loan. On the way out to be. And that it just seemed as though if there was a better view it. Without. Officials involved they talk I have like pictures and cameras involved and it just technology base. They were admiral vessel involved and it's just that and dog like map it's either black is it is done so sure that the review go back. To be of this so anyways so it can be by your. And friends of these campaign buyers in currencies so that are hoping they bring out so it's played. You know under review and edit go to whoever. But it still bias toward that person and away. I'm Hawkeye is is it computer age and there is no human opinion. The locker bought from that and there aren't enough earned that conjure up. Well I have I have no I'm not Smart enough I have knows I have no idea how you could. Do this in football in a comparable way for tennis is pretty straightforward. The ball at the line or doesn't mean you're right in your observation is is right. That who's playing in the Mets as a matter who's playing in the game can matter but. That was it last week. Or every week her. It was last week talking about the steeler game the patriots in the Steelers OK so. There was a really weird called it seems like it was against common sense at the end of that game and patriots want instead of the Steelers. But are we sure no one was holding on that play are we sure no one moved even the slightest bit for the snapped the rules don't tell you. You can move the slightest bit they tell you can't move at all. Was it detectable was it not detectable does that. What what are we trying to strive for was anybody off site may be on that place so that the Steelers could have gotten half the distance on the next play and then on the ball Bibi is that have thrown a pass at the clock stopped. Just football is so. Inherently. Riddled with these sort of I don't know what to call them and his judgment everywhere. And that is. VD the biggest reason why replay stinks is that. Did that this simple premise that you think an exodus for ever mean the the simple idea you think. You can fix a game I mean corrects a game to fix the big calls. They don't look at holding they don't look at fastener for just a huge pass interference call in this game there were one or two last night that were big. Replay has no time for pass interference. But those are big plays so I thought we were trying to get Gator right I thought we're. No we're not we're only trying to do this to listen to a certain point. And you have challenges in this stop it's just nonsense. He doesn't work you don't get what you want you never will. Which you want is the fair how calm every time you can't have that there is no way to have that in football. And replay. Really. Isn't never never going to do that never has. So what you want. You want this you wide. Delays and super high scrutiny of tolls on the sideline and bubbles and is Egypt is he bobbled the ball he's changing hands. If I have the ball in the left in my left hand and I go to reported in my right hand if I'd not had possession all time. Replay can't determine that like it's just it never ends. And now at a point where the idea seemed to be passed to be obvious Vernon changes. No not only was it totally not obvious today it took a really long time what what we do what are we don't want. I don't know other sense I feel like. The league could go away before replay goes away I mean just. I don't think there's an easy easy solution. And I don't really like saying that because I wanna just do better than telling you what the problem is I want to tell you what I think they should do about it. When I guess I would say is get rid of instant replay but they never well were too far pin. With with sports on TV were too far and that's ever gonna happen. And they'll probably make some. Logistic change it logistical changes or whatever in the off season and know all this one. Mistake that happened last time more happen again because we've made this year and yes well. Clear incontrovertible. Were I'd never heard before football. Was what I thought we needed on replays to change calls and I guess not because they change as well today hit a saying all that about this game just to wrap like I just never expected bill to win this game. I don't think that players why they lost this game they end up losing by three touchdowns for the second time in less than a month. To a team that has awarded over them for going on two decades. And that's to be really not much of a story you have a chance to make we'll see what happens next week then get the breaks today around the league. Maybe next week there will. Once again I wish everybody listening Merry Christmas happy holidays thanks for spending part of your Christmas weekend here with me. Here in buffalo he Gary will have more post game conversation for you in about five minutes I'm Mike show this is Buffalo Bills football.